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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2019 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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a government decision to triple the price of bread spock the on wrist. last week british lawmakers shot down her brakes at plan for taking the u.k. elves of the european union today to resume a return to parliament and presented her plan b. and like a badly ramped reed gifted christmas present is soon became clear to recently had practically nothing new to give to anyone i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. following last week's vote it is clear that the government's approach had to change just to be clear this is not a rerun of the draft to fight the agreement we have reached with the european union plus i would disappoint those candidates the type secure a second referendum i do not believe that there is a majority in this house for such of. this government will not
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reopen the belfast agreement i have never even considered doing so until now i think. it is government's responsibility to negotiate but it is also my response for this week to the listen to the judgment concerns of colleagues both those who believe i'm too great teacher may. also coming up tonight a referendum that can finally bring peace to the region of mindanao on the philippines and muslim fighter tells us that it's time for the years of fighting against the military to end yeah whatever i don't want my children to experience what i've been through all i want for them is to get a good education and to learn to read and write for fighters like me there is only violence and war i want my children to have a peaceful future. so to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a plan to take the u.k. out of the european union that looks and sounds awfully familiar today the british prime minister to resign may return to parliament with one task that she had been ordered to carry out present lawmakers with a new breaks it planned that a majority would be able to support a last week in an unprecedented defeat for a british prime minister to resign may watched as m.p.'s rejected her brakes it plan a in mass on today plan b. was supposed to fix that instead little was said to change what remains britain's broken bracks. we went on other mandate of the british people and leave the european union that is what the government is about that is what we're working on and that's what we will deliver this whole process is now turning our country into a laughing stock the prime minister must change our red lines because our current
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deal is undeliverable this government is a farce it's an embarrassment on the leadership of shambolic to take the deal off the table the right way to rule out some new deal is for this house to approve a deal with the european. parliament says it's a acknowledge the community more democratic in the fates that gives the entire country a final say on how to our duty is to implement the decision of the first one i hope and expect the government to listen to this house i've listened to colleagues across parliament from different parties and with different views while her door may have been opened her mind has remained closed we've been to basically two and a half years we could debate for another two in a healthy is this is because this really does feel a bit like groundhog day. groundhog day we've heard that before connected to
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bryce that have that we join me here in the studio now as my colleague news breaks it expert alex forrest whiting and standing by in our studios in brussels georg good evening to you both elephant me start with you i mean we don't want to say it but you know we told folks there was going to be this way right when we said here a week ago and predicted that we would be in this situation and that's what happened how did that happen yes she had three days three working days to come back with a plan b. and c. pretty much does not have a plan she's just repackaged plan a i mean there were a couple of bits of meat that she was able to surprise people so she has performed a massive utena by saying that there's enough. knows who want to settle in the u.k. when i no longer have to pay sixty five pounds to do that there's a lot of anger about the fact that they had imposed that fate and secondly she said two particular labor m.p.'s who could perhaps support in the future that we will do
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everything we can to guarantee workers' rights but really this message was for the brics it is in her own party and those ten a northern ireland unionist m.p.'s the d.p. they pop up the government she she has a minority government so it was trying to win them over particularly over northern ireland and this whole issue of the irish which i can explain to you if there is time but that is that is the crux of it right i mean it's complicated but you know basically it's an insurance policy to make sure that there's no hard border between northern ireland or the republic of ireland we're going to ask you did theresa may did she present anything new on the that backstop that the european union might be able to do offer some compromise on. from my own brush and today was really that she has been trying to run down the clock now the publisher of that exercise could be of course to convince her own party to accept the deal she has agreed to what
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she has worked out hammered out over two years together with the e.u. but it could also be to scare brussels that this cliff. that this puts more pressure on brussels to offer a compromise on this so-called back to stop now the concern in brussels is that that may actually not help at all because many here fear that the concerns about the backstops are just the pretext that the real concern is that the backs up would set the tracks for a soft pretzel many heartbreaks of tears into reason may's own ranks do not want to see that bracks it doesn't since the employed in approved we're seeing evidence that little has changed here maybe she is reaching out to the right of of her party but what about those conservatives who oppose a disorderly briggs or christian yell of bricks at a new deal bricks yet remember there are one hundred eighteen m.p.'s on her own sign which is against her last week fifty four also with a heartbreak to tears and others do not like a deal many of them
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a very concerned about the idea of a no deal brecht's it we're going to see them putting down changes to vote a motion next week which will be voted on and we know that many conservative m.p.'s will support that whichever party tables them and that is to rule out a no deal breck's it and perhaps even to delay bricks it maybe even take it off the table altogether but at the moment what we heard today is that she she doesn't want to do that however one of her own in her own company or rudd has warned her tonight that they could be up to forty ministers and government ministers who resign if she does not allow them to vote freely on this because it could be that the government says all conservative m.p.'s have to vote with. it's made an awful lot of coal this and that and this and i'm a raja saying no they have to be allowed a free vote because they can't support it so kind of putting it back to two ways of may reminding her that she does have to think of the other side as well yeah sounds
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like a mutiny on the bricks of bell do you there if you will now theresa may she mentioned a second referendum at least twice in her speech tonight in she repeated that she does not believe that there is a majority in favor of a second vote in parliament which particular listen to what opposition labor leader jeremy corbin what he had to say about this. we will as we said consist of them beginning back amendments that seek to rule out the disaster of no deal and as mayor said we will not rule out the option of a public vote a public vote so why do we not see mr corben pushing harder for that second referendum well it's significant that he did say that today and we know that he has not pushed harder for a second referendum he himself is a year a skeptic he's very concerned about alienating those labor supporters who voted to leave the e.u. so he's put that on the table saying we haven't taken supporting a second referendum off the table but tonight labor have actually tabled their own
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amendments of their own change to this this vote this motion next week where they are saying that they have to the government has to rule out a no jail and that they either are looking at a soft bricks it or a second referendum so it's kind of been forced now to narrow down the options at a possible for them there are many m.p.'s in the labor ranks who support a second vote there are some of course you don't as well so just remember that the labor party is almost its base is the conservative party led by a man who really doesn't like the e.u. that much himself yeah and you know when you hear all of that i mean it reminds you that the risk of a bad breath said it's a risk not just for the u.k. and the european union it's a risk for the whole world to listen to what we heard today this morning from b o m f. a no deal bricks it is one of the major
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risks to our focused and i think it is imperative for the leaders to resolve this uncertainty mediately. so when the leaders of the european union when they hear the i.m.f. saying that does it and change their calculus at all when they're sitting down to deal with a reason may and the brics she wants no it does not and the reason the simple the e.u. twenty seven have always taken the no deal scenario very real very serious and that is why they haven't gauged in these tedious negotiations with the u.k. that is why they've made contingency plans in order to prepare for the scenario but look i often read that this negotiation process was compared to a game of chicken breasts it is a game of chicken well i don't think it is a game of chicken because the e.u. really has no choice they calm just throw away all the red lines and say oh look here are all the kinds of concessions you will want because it in danger is the
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european project in danger's the integrity of the internal market it puts a threat to the whole project of the e.u. and so it's not up for negotiations and what is the sense in in brussels what are we more likely to see a good three georges already more likely to see it with no deal a second brite set referendum or are we more likely to get a request from the u.k. to delay or exit. ok so if the deal itself that is on the table is not on the table then i would say a delay is the most likely option of those three different scenarios but then where we are where it will take us to that's of course it puts us back into square one and sometimes i have the feeling that the e.u. is really not a member in this game it's the u.k. that is negotiating with itself and brussels is watching well it is like groundhog day you know what are you there if that's true what do you think what's what's most
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likely to have that the to fall to still a no deal bracks in the u.k. by acts of parliament is going to leave in the twenty ninth of march that one less that is changing that's parliament votes that down that is what's going to happen but i do still believe the m.p.'s will come together that reason may well reach out more and that that will be a soft break that i still have an effect it is going to happen a softer brick sit for a kinder gentler future but i have to wait and see alex forrest white here at the big table with me and in brussels our very own georg motus to both of you thank you . for the hope is that the vote will be a vote for peace muslims in the southern philippines of cast ballots in a referendum that could grant them more autonomy about two point eight million
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people in the volatile mindanao region were asked if they backed a plan by muslim separatists and the government to create a new self administered area now that could end decades of separatist violence between muslim militants and the military our correspondent busted hard to travel to the region he has this report. abdul aziz. has been a muslim rebel for half his life. for him like for so many other men in this part of the country not becoming a fighter was never an option. join the rebels because of my religion but it's more than that i also saw the injustices and the oppression against my community that's why i decided to join. he and his comrades are part of an armed struggle between muslim insurgents and the
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philippine army that has marred this part of the country for fifty years. as in many areas of southern mindanao here in the village of two can only powell the majority of the population is muslim in a country that otherwise is almost completely catholic. the main reason for the conflict is oppression we're defending our rights our land we feel that we're being occupied by outsiders nothing is ours they're taking away what's ours and they're not giving it back we always lose out this is our home and we have nothing. now many here have real hope that could finally change. in a referendum the people of muslim in the now are voting to ratify
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a law that would grant them more autonomy in return the rebels have to give up their fight. like these two gentlemen here many in this rebel camp have been fighters for all their lives often it's the only thing they learned how to do but if the autonomy law gets passed they'll have to take off their uniforms lay down their arms and start a new life as civilians the deal has been in the making for decades but in the end it took this man to make it happen internationally president to a tree go to tear to is notorious for his draconian war on drugs and his verbal outbreaks but he has been pushing hard for enhance the autonomy for the country's muslims. to many here in mindanao he's a beacon of hope for. we take him by his word we
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trust him on television we see how he handles the drug problem in the philippines offenders are either killed or in prison that shows that he really means what he says. but all money. but success is not only in the hands of the president the new law for seems that muslim mindanao will be governed by the rebel leadership but feuds between powerful family clans rampant corruption and islamic terrorist groups could undermine the fragile peace deal a peace many of abdul's comrades have sacrificed their lives for. yeah i don't want my children to experience what i've been through all i want for them is to get a good education to learn to read and write for fighters like me there is only violence and war i want my children to have a peaceful future. but abdul is also wary if
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the agreement fails he says everyone here is ready to go back to war. so earlier we spoke with boston hard to our correspondent in the philippines and we asked him why this referendum is so important for the first time in a long time in this area there's real hope for peace in a conflict that's lasted for fifty years and also the leader of the biggest rebel group in this area said today he said if this works out then it's going to be a move away from a revolution towards a democratic process if it actually works out because then it could be a blueprint that might also be applied in other parts of the country and then move forward to change the political system of the philippines towards a more federal a federal state and that of course is one of the key political project that president to tend to has put forward and one of the strategies that he's following
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and one of the main election promises which on the grounds of which he was elected back in two thousand and sixteen. well it is a country in central asia which does not generate headlines often but that doesn't mean it was back in stone is not worthy of the world's attention and that is the message of the president who is because don who is in berlin at the moment for talks with chancellor ongo americal a president chavez can't here's your yes wants to deepen ties with germany his visit comes at a time of change for his country the president assumed power two years ago after the death of fickle storms long term autocratic leader chancellor merkel commended the president on seeing through recent political reform. on the big table by steve sward lo he is with human rights watch he's there of
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central asia researcher he investigates and advocates on a wide range of issues in a stand in post soviet region it's good to have you on the show varying from washington we don't get that every day how genuine do you think this is to do this process of opening up and change is in effect is done well as beckon stand for the first time in a quarter century is really a dynamic place on the map it's over thirty million people as you said not a lot of people follow his back a stamp but it's what happens there matters because it's in the middle of asia and it had one of the worst human rights records in the world for many many years and now we are seeing some people call it in his back spring some people call it a thaw some people say it's just the green shoots of grass that are starting to grow we've had political prisoners released about forty we've seen a reduction in the forced labor of children and adults to to pick cotton and it all
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because of this man all because of the president you know that's what happens in dictatorships and it's back to stand still and authoritarian country so that's the paradox we have some good things happening on the human rights front but it is back to stand still very much a one man show. we don't see competitive elections yet and the free press is not really free and we're going to touch on the in just a moment i want to listen to how german chancellor angela merkel today how she assessed the development in was focused on take a look. here how to initiate substantial political reforms and country well discard all and we have seen progress in your human rights situation as well as in the relations with your neighboring countries. hearing this visit we very much encourage you to continue on this powerful to further strengthen civil society and pakistan dimension of you to view. steve what do you make of that statement i mean what was going through the president's minded youth and well again this is not
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something that we've seen we haven't seen is back to stand being praised it wasn't very long ago in fact just a little more than a decade ago when germany was voting for sanctions against his back a stand because his back stand had was the site of a massacre of its own civilians hundreds of civilians in germany sanction the country at that time and now we really are seeing a sort of feel good moment and i think chancellor merkel hit the no hit the nail on the head by saying that we need to see more reforms we need to see a free internet you need to see journalists and human rights activists able to do their job you see these political prisoners released but they haven't be really really haven't been rehabilitated we have a report on that in the first half hour words tonight about a journalist who was imprisoned for at least a decade i mean is that still commonplace well in terms of journalists luckily i can report the happy fact that there are no journalists in prison but we do still have hundreds if not thousands of people that need to be released need to have
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their cases read sam and those that are religious believers and other activists that are still in prison and we are trying to visit with them in prison and now we have access that we never had before so there are good things happening but we want to see you. or perhaps and is it really we're talking about germany getting involved with these bags and is it with a carrot stick kind of approach here mean do we have to invest about economic aid before we get improvements and human rights is that how it works well i think goes back to stan and the president most likely would like it to be all carrots and lots of trade and deals being signed we've heard of that happening this week but we think it's really important that germany in particular since it's such an important player in central asia make sure that there are conditions and that there are verifiable improvements and you can check whether or not the internet is blocked you can check whether or not people been released from prison in those are the sorts of things that i think need to happen first before we see full scale investment gen german businesses won't be able to remember that we have i remember
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we have to mention before going out of time to its biggest one is right beside afghanistan right and that makes it strategically important particularly for germany indeed that was the place where germany first had a military base after world war two the term as military base and if things go a pace in the relationship you'll probably see closer military cooperation again between germany and his back as to well steve sword low with human rights watch we appreciate you coming in and sharing your insights like i said about a country that doesn't make it in the news that often but maybe that's going to change for all the right reasons thank you thank you. well the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online you'll find us at the dot com on twitter at w news or you can follow me at brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and finally tonight millions of stargazers they got a treat overnight thanks to a rare lunar eclipse it's called the super blood wolf moon and while there have
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been no reports of werewolves filming the streets the spectacle it did bring out plenty of amateur astronomers we're going to leave you with images of that tonight and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. quote. it's neither the mole. just saw a. lot longer. to talk talk.
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