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and a lot is said about the renewal also a fury up not only of the franco german friendship because the value of this friendship between france and germany is also a friendship because other europeans you allow other europeans to share in this friendship without franco german friendship we will not be able to fulfill our mission and to rebuild the mission that history has given us namely to keep europe together in peace and freedom bring your object either in peace and freedom respecting all of the different colors all of the different sensitivities of europe all of the different realities of europe and pushing it in the same direction. in the franco german history quite often there have been well. conflicts this irritation. was one of the neighbors of the french and the german particularly the smaller ones suffer it
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a lot. but the prospect that this will never happen again gives the necessary karma. and rest from the continent for it to flourish and so on franco german french it is the guarantor of the peaceful future of europe and when the french and the germans share this friendship as they do with that. as long live franco german friendship thank you thank you very much of a b. . b. thank you younger european commission president praising the course work what it's been doing for people of europe are necessary as this is the there appears special coverage of the signing of the new treaty and as it's been called when france and germany deepening a friendship. the two countries and making for
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a number of new policy inroads in the areas especially security and foreign banks. and we have our correspondents on site there. and just in front of the town hall inside where the proceedings are underway let's bring our viewers up to date the leaders of france and germany have just signed a new friendship treaty and it is aimed at of course bringing these two countries closer and reenergizing the whole european project let's go now to max hoffman and michelle acuff were there for us you know two themes that stood out in the speeches of of both and. the threat to the project from within and outside europe and the need for a new impetus to push it forward as we just heard from john claude younger listening to on the macro how does she want to do that. under.
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specific. going forward a very typical i'm going to. will add something that is she talked about all the work that still needs to be done very unlike your mother in law call who was more about celebrating german french friendship she really stressed that there was so many things yet to be done stressed the importance of those things for example monetary union so you could already tell a small cultural difference here between the french and the germans with a different focus with both of course stressing the importance of this moment for french german unity but also for the european union yeah i mean it seems like in my room of course not afraid of thought of bracing moments like these and i'm going to machall immediately stressed that this now also was something that needed to be filled with life that without this being filled with concrete measures a concrete call. for
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a second this new treaty would not be able to leap off the paper the name once again that wasn't mentioned is donald trump but it's kind of feels like it was it was there throughout there's a new magazine absolutely that these are very different times and that now was also the moment to renew this commitment to also ensure the prosperity in europe for the future which is a theme that keeps coming through also and i'm good i'm ackles own c.d.u. party that these are the times to ensure prosperity in the future is also something . successes posse dita and potential successor sounds in the future and it could come on power seems to be pushing a very new theme and i don't know what your impression was a man on the call seemed to be a bit more about you know celebrating what is there what do you say well you know it's a very simple go you can tell the difference between the leaders of medical was part magic this is good but we still have a lot of work to do and then friends your money remark call somebody for the big
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vision in the european union somebody for the big words also very saying things like if i can't find the word in french i look for the word in german and sometimes the germans have something that's more poetic even something that was lost in the french language so very typical two very different personalities two very different styles but still both really trying to make this german french friendship work and i think that's something we felt very strongly axis not just about germany and france though it was a very somber moment when when i'm on the wall my call talking about him said that he's concerned about rising nationalism rising populism how important is this treaty right now not just for germany and france but for all of europe as pointed out as well in terms of deepening integration at this juncture in european history . and i've been. head of the studio in brussels now for four and
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a half years and there really isn't any discussion i've ever had about topics including the german french friendship where those things you just mentioned don't play a huge role they're like a shadow looming over everything at the moment especially brags of but believe me at the latest when we have the european elections at the end of may nationalism will take the big picture again as well and it's no coincidence of course that you of course you had to monitor a call and i'm going on that but then you have three officials of the european union the head of the european council. the reigning president acts here as the president the president of the european council for the rotating presidency and of course the head of the e.u. commission so in spite this being a german french treaty. took center stage with these european officials saying how important it was that the french and the germans get along how important was for
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europe and donald tusk of course saying that the simply franco german french to conquer place europe finding close a corporation in the future so i think this is also point that he's trying to push across that he's a testing time for the e.u. because as we see this renewal of the vows here between france and germany we see all different groupings in europe tarrying watch donald tusk would like to see which is more solidarity we have to visit proud states and we also have the scandinavians having more liberal ideas about market economy and we see a new potential axis between poland and it's really even questioning that that issue of solidarity that is so at the heart of this treaty but also particular on that european issue of migration and so on and the background music and of course.
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the background music is great that you have to be right about that but i was going to add to it michel i had to say that how difficult it is with all these different forces tearing apart your at the moment to find the right of the right path between this because we have huge criticism for this treaty from one side saying it's goes much too far especially right wing populist say this is an intrusion and national sovereignty basically that's the message that they're sending and the other side for example the greens not only in germany you but also in other countries in europe saying it doesn't go far enough so finding in these times that fine line between these two two forces is extremely difficult. fonts and many who have very far apart on one issue that's been put here at the center which is that issue of defense a very different traditions very different definitions of what sovereignty means and then you have the german chancellor who has to get the parliament to greta any
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military move that is made by german troops and you have a french president with how is. that are quite incredible really he's the commander in chief so these traditions want to somehow find a new strategic a common outlook and i think the symbol here is also if france and germany can do it the rest of europe should be able to do it ok shouldn't it i think that's that's the message that both leaders and everyone today talking has got going to want to go out from this location today michelle acosta and often thanks very much bring us up to date live from the store signing of this treaty in and thanks very much. well getting up to date now the leaders of france and germany have signed a new friendship treaty aimed at strengthening the relationship and reenergizing the european union american president patrol signing that act of a ceremony in the western city of aachen under the agreement the two countries will
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step up cooperation on a range of issues including security and foreign policy. on to some other news now an attack on a military base in central afghanistan has killed scores of people the taliban is claiming responsibility for the latest high casualty strike on afghan forces are conflicting reports right now about the death toll ranging from at least sixty five to well over one hundred the violence in mind on charlotte's and wardak province comes despite increased efforts by the u.s. to negotiate an end to the country's seventeen year old war. part flattened after a car loaded with explosives past three military checkpoint data needed inside the compound and officials say several gunmen then stormed the base opening fire at soldiers before being gunned down in themselves. it was around six o'clock there was a very big explosion and i thought they had been an earthquake was very strong. it's
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the latest and want to speak come near daily assaults by the taliban who have been stepping up their attacks on government facilities in recent months on to terror to by the harsh winter. this time the taliban were able to breach the compound security barriers by using a vehicle they had captured from the afghan military some of the injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment more serious cases were sent some fifty kilometers away to the capital capital. the government is facing accusations that it's hiding the truth. so as to avoid further worsening morale among afghanistan's already shattered security forces. or earlier i spoke with all the lity for he's a journalist in kabul about this attack he told me that despite its severity it's unlikely to derail the u.s. initiated peace talks with the taliban the one thing is this peace process is still led by the united states in the united states has made it very clear that they want
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out of this war at any cost at this point the other thing we have to remember is that this is not unfortunately uncommon in this war we have seen you know the government three years has been talking about trying to get peace and talk peace with the taliban and they continue their talks on the call on targets and at the same time in two thousand and thirteen when the taleban briefly opened their office in doha they made a very clear statement they said you know we will consider peace talks at that time i wouldn't go anywhere but they said we will consider peace talks and we will keep fighting so that in eventually what we're seeing is a continuation of that war where both sides say that they want peace you cannot become much more official at this point from the taleban side and yet they will continue to attack each other was there in kabul some of the other stories making news right now zimbabwe's president emerson. arrived back in harare after breaking off a foreign tour he's been under growing pressure to return home after
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a brutal security crackdown authorities killed as many as twelve protesters and arrested hundreds more. there have been violent protests in the venezuelan capital caracas that after authorities arrested a group of soldiers hoping to spark a coup against venezuelan president nicolas maduro protesters took to the streets to back their demands for the door to step down police responding with tear gas. mexico started burying the victims of friday's explosion at an illegally tap pipeline in the state of it all go the death toll has risen to ninety one after a number of other people have died in hospital authorities of open investigation into the ins. in the u.s. two pilots have been killed when their plane crashed into the front yard of rural home state of ohio. the plane it just taken off a private airfield nearby local officials say initial reports suggest it had engine
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trouble. or has some news from the football world now a plane carrying the new card of city signing a mil yano sala is missing that according to media reports in britain and france the twenty year old argentinian became the premier league sides record transfer last year when he left the french club police sources say there is an ongoing search for a private plane which disappeared from radar over the english channel last night on route from la to cardiff sawlog didn't show up for tuesday's training session at cardiff the club fears he was on board. this is the interview news still to come on the show as experts try tackling the immediate risk to global economic growth are threats of trade war greenpeace says leaders are forgetting about the even bigger challenge of climate change while full coverage of the world economic forum in davos. this is the interview news live from berlin we have more of
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course straight ahead. after. my first boss was a sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by the social tools and then something as simple as learning how to write them by saying goes isn't. since i was in the doing good i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to been made. finally in the game bob invention buying on bicycles and returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more afro create for girls than writing advice.


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