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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2019 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin renewing their vows the leaders of france and germany sign a new pact of friendship it seems to reenergize the european project at a time of crisis but doesn't go far enough also coming up the taliban launches one of its deadliest attacks in months insurgents detonate a car bomb at a military base in central afghanistan killing scores of socialist.
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hello and welcome i'm a touchy germany and france have signed a new treaty aimed a deepening cooperation between the two nations chancellor angela merkel and french president to monitor mccraw at their names to the pact at a ceremony in the western german city of and under the agreement the two countries will step up operation in a number of key areas including security and foreign policy magazine and such an accord was vital specially at a time when populists were gaining strength in europe. both leaders also said they hoped the pact for dream to greet the e.u. at a time of crisis between b. we live in very special times so that for the first time a country is actually leaving the european union the united kingdom well it multilateralism is on the pressure be it in climate issues be. trade to beat
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in the acceptance of international institutions all the way to acceptance of the united nations seventy four years a human life after the end of the second world war what seemed to great solich what seemed to be a matter of course is being put into question again unity solidarity cohesion these are the key words of the treaty was signed. and europe would not survive if we were no longer knighted if we don't work for the new french german responsibility for your business is to give it instruments for example when it comes to defense security case migration. and addressing environmental and digital transitions joining me now from our chief political editor. and our brussels bureau chief a max welcome to both of you and there was a lot of symbolism at the event in the has started town of auckland but both
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leaders had a very clear message as to why it was important for them to reaffirm the friendship of the two countries didn't their. yes i mean we heard the german chancellor say that these are very special times what she was talking about of course is that multi-lateralism is under attack the way of doing politics internationally of course with the united states who weren't mentioned here by name trump wasn't mentioned by name being very much at the core of these uncertain times and we also heard the german chancellor that say that it's now necessary to fill this agreement with life and also of course her call pointing towards what has already also been achieved between germany and france. pointed out the special responsibility that germany and france have towards the european union actually. specifically mentioned threats from the outside
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a changing world. nationalism in different countries also within the european union of course he also has to address the yellow back home that is extremely important for him as well and he's saying that a united europe could act as a shield towards all those threats that both emphasize the importance of the german franco relationship as a motor of the european union but as you were saying max it also talks about the way forward for the e.u. and what stood out for you that. first of all we have witnessed the signing of the german french treaty here but on top of it. you had three officials of the european union also speaking so everybody here very determined to make it clear that this was not only by international treaty but something that was supposed to be forward and by the way the president the european council made it
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very clear that he thought this was extremely important also mentioning countries of eastern europe german french and german absolutely crucial to the batsman of the european union everybody here said it everybody knows it but as i said we have the words sixteen pages but it will need to be filled with light. and we shall what can you add to that. well absolutely i mean we saw the german chancellor say it has to be filled with concrete projects and i think that's also why we see such a mixture here this goes from special funding for cross border cooperation we're talking about schools we're talking about education learning languages become completely by lingo all that's the region also whether german foreign minister actually incidentally comes from and then there's a lot of talk about taking european defense through this very agreement and they're the two countries in terms of their military traditions and the way they
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view their military strategically. hot so redy france and germany have to prove that they can master european integration also with a very very different. to lead the way for at least some more solidarity in europe because nobody here really has the illusion that there's a complete into gate europe that europe will actually find its feet in terms of defining joint foreign policy joint defense and joint solidarity migration any time soon and locksmithing you mentioned the eastern european nations how is this franco german or french or pretty going to go down with some of the smaller countries in that they often feel that their concerns on neglected by big countries like germany and france. absolutely and i mean it's always been the classic problem with france and germany doesn't work everybody complains because they're not giving enough energy enough roadmaps towards the european union but if it works all the small
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countries complain because they feel like they're being left out that will not change that is structurally within the european union much more dangerous is that eastern european perspective france and germany are perceived as a structurally different model especially when it comes to topics like migration and this will certainly not stop as long as we have those two leaders. and i'm going to back. so mark thought on a brothel spirochete for her for our chief political editor thank you both very much for talking to us from. there's me now bring you up to date some other stories making news right now a moscow court has ruled that a former u.s. marine detained on suspicion of spying will remain in custody pending trial full of reasons lawyer says his client was duped into taking possession of a flash drive containing russian state secrets. they have been violent protests in
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the venezuelan captive caracas that's after authorities arrested a group of soldiers hoping to spark a coup against ben is that president nicolas maduro protesters took to the streets to back to moscow more due to step down police responded with tear gas. zimbabwe's president emma cinnamon got one has a ride back in harare up to breaking off a foreign tour to be under growing pressure to return home after a brutal security crackdown authorities killed as many as trust protest says and arrested hundreds more. turning out of gonna start where a military base has come under attack and be it scores of people have been kids the taliban has claimed responsibility for this latest high casualty strike on afghan forces there are conflicting reports about the death still ranging from likely sixty five to well over one hundred the violence in a mad don shot and province comes despite increased efforts by the united states to
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negotiate an end to the country's seventeen year conflict. part flattered after a car loaded with explosives past three a military checkpoint and data needed inside the compound and officials say several gunmen then stormed the base opening fire at soldiers before being gunned down in themselves. it was around six o'clock there was a very big explosion on. thought there had been enough quiet was very strong. it's the latest and want to speak come near daily assaults by the taliban who have been stepping up their attacks on government facilities in recent months under terror by the harsh winter this time the taliban were able to breach the compound security barriers by using a vehicle they had captured from the afghan military some of the injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment more serious cases were sent some fifty kilometers
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away to the capital capital. the government is facing accusations that it's hiding the truth death toll so as to avoid further worsening morale among afghanistan's already shattered security forces. joining me now from kabul is gentleness ali and left the fee early what is the latest on this attack and why did the taliban dog this particular intelligence base. well the intelligence agency just put out a statement on the east where you say. members of their forces were killed in this attack. and again that's going against all of the other numbers what we've been hearing so for instance last night when i was asking people i have heard from different sources to her numbers fifty i've heard eighty i had heard more than one hundred twenty i had heard all within a few hours span so we're still not entirely certain looked exactly as tall as obviously we know what the government is saying but there are other sources saying
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that it's higher as to why the intelligence unit would be the most likely to be targeted it's because the intelligence agency has a very bad reputation amongst the top of on there have been numerous reports by my rights organization saying that you know in intelligence prisons people are. taken in imprisoned without proper evidence that they are that they are tortured that there are many many issues with the way that the intelligence units operate and the way that their jails and particularly treat people dead that they are exactly basically detaining. intelligence unit has always had a very sort of negative connotation to the top. and i do want to implications does this attack have the u.s. in the seat it pushed on the stilts for the on the taliban representatives have been meeting u.s. media it is in cut that. so the u.s.
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is very adamant you know that they're very determined to get out of almost on it seems if you look at what trump has been saying i mean since two thousand and eleven he's made no secret that he has no interest in this war that he doesn't like this war that he wants out of this war you know the information about leaked about a month ago about you know to us wanting to withdraw at least half of its troops all of this shows that the u.s. is preparing to leave in one form or another so i think that the talks will continue as long as the taliban are really just talk to the u.s. i think the u.s. will continue to talk to them because of the fact that they just want out of this war and we've seen in the past with the exception of the three day ceasefire this has always been the situation of the war where one side usually the government will say that they want peace but they continue you know to attack taliban targets and go after targets you know they continue with the war just as they harbor and the
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taleban when they briefly open their their office in doha in two thousand and thirteen did the same thing they said outright they said we would be willing to discuss peace but that doesn't mean that we're going to stop fighting and i am the thief a journalist in kabul thank you very much for that update you. said news from the football one now a plane carrying a new cardiff city signing emiliano sana is missing that's according to media reports in britain and france the twenty eight argentinian became the premier league sides record transfer last week but he left french club no want police also say that there is an ongoing search for a private plane which disappeared from the radar over the english channel last night a route from not to cardiff sunnah didn't show up for tuesday's training session at cardiff and the club finesse he was on board. and football great casino
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ronaldo has pleaded guilty to spanish tax fraud the u. ventus and portugal for what signed autographs off to leaving court in madrid the thirty two year old agreed to settle the case wiping a nineteen million euro fine and accepting a suspended sheen sentence for one ciancia strong his time playing for riyadh madrid he's also been accused of rape in the united states and on occasion he denies. you're watching the news coming to you live from bunn and here's a recap of our top story the leaders of france and germany have signed a new friendship easy to strengthen their relationship and its role within europe the two countries will step up cooperation on security and foreign honesty among other issues. that's it for me i'm just dutch you know but to save a d w news because we have business news coming up shortly as first as that you
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have the latest on the was economic forum in davos and remember you can always check out our web site for more than c.w. dot com but it's enough. to. sleep. carefully.


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