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this is. global institutions speaking of the world economic forum in davos i'm going to. help. the fragmentation of the multilateral world also on the program to have serious growth was the. face of russian president vladimir putin. who should hold sway in syria's contested not. finding missing football. alive after his plane disappeared over the english channel. his family reveals he sent messages saying the aircraft was falling apart.
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welcome to the program. germany's chancellor has told the world economic forum the global institutions need to be reformed in order to avoid the fragmentation of the multilateral world she put it. told the meeting of political and business leaders in davos switzerland that institutions like the world bank and the international monetary fund must be ready to compromise but not be downgraded if we look at the history of mankind basic decisions for the order that we have today mom they were taken about seventy five seventy four years ago if you like is the age that the average had to leave so after the horrors of the second world war and the people who were then in power and the people who invest consequently
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had certain insights and they knew what they were doing so we shouldn't the states cast their decisions aside and the system and they set up and treated lightly because they did so against the wealth of it's by watching us raise who had made up his chief political correspondent melinda crane and general doom along in davos welcome to you both let's start with you a general did the delegates there in davos get what they were expecting from chancellor merkel. well first of all let me start by saying that this event was one of the most anticipated events here at the forum the hall where she was speaking was packed to the rafters with the world's media waiting inside for her to speak now. i have to say that the part the reactions i've heard from the participants so far have been that the speech was actually vintage merkel so this is a comment on merkel's consensus no so this was quite a comprehensive speech touching on many topics the defense of multilateralism as you said but also topics like digitization and germany's energy import policy now
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while the arc on multilateralism was quite expected by the participants i did hear some dissatisfaction from the sidelines that she didn't say nearly enough on bragg's it which many feel would of really belong to a full throated defense of the european project which is what they want to hear from are. not decrying this year's globalization of four point zero show me a new architecture in the age of the fourth industrial revolution kind of snobbery how do the charms of his message toying with that she basically said don't burn the house down don't rip that architecture to shreds simply because you have the feeling it isn't quite suited to the present day she said yes the balance of power in the world has changed we've seen countries like china and india rising and international institutions have to be adapted to reflect that change in the balance
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of power essentially she's saying it's not either or you don't have to rip the whole thing down or stay with the saps of status quo there's a middle way which is to find out a patients that suitably reflect changes in the world and she said if we don't do that the consequences will be misery and in a veiled reference directly to. the statements of inclinations of president donald trump and also of his secretary of state she said there seem to be some who believe that every. if everyone just puts his or her interest first then that is the best way to steer the world in the future she said she absolutely disagree even when he's not there he's there to know a duel with you've mentioned the chance of speech touched on many as including the state of the german economy. and it has to be mentioned that she made her speech on the back of the. an earlier presentation of
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the world economic outlook that saw germany's g.d.p. growth forecast downgraded by by several points in a twenty eight nineteen now so business leaders were keen to hear what she had to say about that and she said that germany is still a strong industrial power although of course there are risks ahead in terms of the automotive sector and in terms of the digital businesses and data ownership it's hard to imagine however that the business delegation was what was comforted by these words at the end of the day these were things that they already know and what they would have required from there was perhaps a plan. also switzerland and here in the studio with me melinda craig thank you both so much. and to some of the other stories making news around the world at least four people have been killed in violent protests in venezuela ahead of mass transit heads the government of president nicolas maduro hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters are protesting in towns and cities
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across the country their researchers say the year moved to a government is illegitimate. asylum requests in germany are declining the country's migration agency says it registered just under one hundred eighty six thousand applications last year down sixteen percent numbers have been falling since the twenty fifteen migration crisis when nearly ninety thousand people applied for asylum. in thailand the electoral commission has set a date for a general election march twenty fourth after perspiring it several times and prompting angry protests this will be the first election since the killed twenty fourteen when military ousted the government of you look shinawatra amidst allegations of corruption. thousands of mourners of attended the funeral in northern israel of an arab israeli student killed in australia twenty one year old i. was raped and murdered in melbourne on the way
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home from a comedy show. protests against violence against women. to zimbabwe which is facing fresh unrest after government employees said they would go on strike from friday the council representing off a million civil servants announced the action after pay negotiations failed it follows president gore's pledge to investigate what he called unacceptable violence by security forces during a crackdown on protests against an increase in fuel tax twelve people were killed and hundreds injured but medical sources say the published death toll may be just a fraction of the real figure. victims of the army crackdown are being treated in hospitals in the capital harare. this man was shot in the leg. he says he doesn't want to show his face because he's
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afraid of being targeted again he will. be in a hurry resident fire i'm a posse also suffered injuries after being attacked by the security forces. started beating me with metal rods logs and barbed wire my hand was broken twice and i have a crack on my left leg after beating me they left in a hurry. to violence erupted just over a week ago after the government dramatically increased the price of fuel. the army and police were deployed in harare and other cities to disperse protesters and prevent looting. but the security forces were accused by zimbabwe's human rights commission of using extreme violence and in some cases torture. they seem to resort to use of brute excessive and disproportionate force in most
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circumstances thereby causing upgradable loss of life and also always in this situation. the opposition m.d.c. is also accused the government of deploying the military and its heavy handed tactics to intimidate and silence its critics. it is very unfortunate and very tragic that we are back to the past what is clear is that is part of victimization on the basis of freedom of conscience or we are having these m.d.c. members m.p.'s being victimized. the president cut short a trip abroad to deal with the crisis he's promised a national dialogue and an investigation into the alleged abuses that mistrust and tension in zimbabwe remain high. two of the major players in the syrian conflict have begun talks that could have significant implications for the
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country russian president vladimir putin is hosting his turkish counterpart rajiv type two on top of their agenda is the future of syria's kurdish controlled areas of kurdish militias control much of northern syria seen here in yellow after pushing out so-called islamic state i asked as lost almost all of its territory in the country that's marked there and read this has led the u.s. president donald trump to say that he'll withdraw the two thousand american troops supporting the kurds president regards the kurdish militias as terrorists and seize their presence along turkish border as a threat to national security in discussions with president trump the proposed a turkish controlled safe zone along the border a scene there and a shaded one turkey is also seeking control of a man beach a city the kurds captured from i asked him twenty sixteen so with the united states poised to withdraw the kurds to try to avoid an all out military assault and have
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turned to russia for diplomatic help. thomas region northern syria but strategically the position of kurdish forces has become preparedness in the wake of washington's planned withdrawal. this was the scene in northeast syria two days ago when a convoy of u.s. and kurdish led troops was bombed in an attack claimed by islamic state. i think. and exactly one week ago in kurdish held man bitch near the turkish border . with another apparent i-s. attack that killed four americans despite the ongoing fighting washington remains committed to withdrawing its troops meaning syria's kurds are about to lose a powerful ally then there's the issue of a safe zone along the border with turkey
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a u.s. proposal. but who should create it and who should police it for russia which backs syria's government forces the answer is clear. to me we are convinced of the best and only solution because the transfer of these territories to the control of the syrian government of syrian security forces on the ministers of functions. but turkey equally wants control of this buffer zone to protect against what it sees as the kurdish threat. if you are a liberal you think proposal for a safe so comes with the goal of keeping terrorists and terror organizations away from our border. on camera and says syrian kurdish fighters are linked to the kurdish rebel group the p.k. k. widely branded a terrorist organization it doesn't want syrian kurdish militia gaining power on
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its borders fearing that might encourage the kurdish insurgency inside turkey. this time last year turkey launched its military operation on the former kurdish enclave of a freen in northern syria kurds marked the anniversary with protests they have reason to fear that turkey will strike again that's why kurdish fighters are now reaching out to syrian government troops for protection. so what is likely to come out of today's talks between russia and turkey the only show in joins us from moscow of those talks are taking place dorian jones is in istanbul welcome both let's start with you i want to show in moscow how does the kremlin want to fill the space that the balance of power that will be shifted by the withdrawal of u.s. troops. well of course the announcement that the u.s. was withdrawing its troops was absolutely music to russia's ears on the one hand
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russia will be able to essentially control the skies over syria and also the only non regional as it were a power deciding syria's future plus of course with a powerful ally of the kurdish representatives basically leaving the scene russia will have much much more sway and much more leverage which of course places it in an important mediator role and now what russia wants overall is to have syrian government consolidate its control over the whole country in order for russia itself to be able to get a foothold in the country and a foothold in the middle east including militarily so these this is really an important reshuffle of the balance of power after the u.s. announced its withdrawal and i think these meetings are important for both turkey
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and russia today a dorian jones and tell us about this in northern syria what does present one have in mind. who poses a. deep really give control of most of the key towns and cities in the. east part of syria president also said the presence of the syrian turkish. considers as a terrorist organization linked to an insurgency in turkey interestingly turkey. also said that he wouldn't tolerate the presence of this militia the. people who could be the key. so i really show him is russia on board with this. well not really it's much more of
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a turkish plan russia certainly as i said wants to keep the territorial integrity of syria as they keep repeating they want the syrian government to consolidate its control over the whole country and a kind of turkish controlled safe zone certainly doesn't work out with that plan what they've been pushing is the idea of syrian government forces controlling a safe zone and there have already been talks between syrian government representatives and representatives of the kurds. the foreign minister sergey lavrov said this month he encouraged those talks so that's really where we're at at the moment and russia will be kind of mediating between the turkish side the kurdish side and the syrian side to kind of get the country back under syrian control which is in its interest to final. jordan jones turkish troops massing of
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the border with syria how likely is on assaults on kurdish held territory and how would that affect russian interests prisoner one hundred thirty of the already to wait and see how developments play out following the u.s. his announcement that he is with tori and his proposal of the save so. they are looking forward to keenly things with u.s. military officials in the first week of february most of the talk you've seen is key because despite all this rhetoric coming from. the presence of this kurdish militia it is seen by most people that. they're both challenge putin putin resisted this military zone and the washington at the same time so in court the moment is putting its time holding these talks and using more the threat of a military operation as leverage to extract concessions from both damascus russia and the u.s. tour in jones and. then in moscow. apologies for some
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of the sound quality that the search for missing footballer a millionaire salah has so far failed to find any definite trace of his plane in the english channel though an identified debris is being examined authorities say there is little hope of finding him or the plane's pilot alive the argentinian strike was on his way to join his new team cardiff city when the plane disappeared his family has revealed that in his last message he said the plane looked like it was about to fall apart. amelia no salo only signed as a cardiff player from moment on saturday he said he couldn't wait to get started now his new clothes are in shock i mean what can i just describe. the look on his face. very. brave he met us and we walked him around the grounds and. he was absolutely ready to give it a go. and renewable when you hear.
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we really feel as. subtle as goals in the french league maybe my favorite was non-fans joining in two thousand and fifteen he quickly established himself as one of the team's most reliable players. he had returned to france to say farewell to his teammates he posted this message on twitter the ultimate chow the final goodbye the aircraft of salah and the pilot on board took off from norm's on monday evening headed for cardiff but the plane disappeared from radar close to the channel islands the search is ongoing but media reports of revealed the last what's app messages sent to friends and family i'm on the plane it looks like it's falling apart if in an hour and a half you do not hear from me i do not know if there will send someone to pick me up because they will not find me i'm scared rescuers do not expect to find anyone alive. very much whether they were wearing survival gear
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on the water temperatures just above ten degrees of the moment doesn't give you very long before you start to freeze up. thousands of fans have held a vigil for twenty eight year old salah in what's become his adopted city while back home in argentina solace father was devastated. i spoke to him on sunday. he was very happy that he was moving to cardiff to an even bigger club that he liked he was doing well he was playing well and this news. when these things happen there are no words sol is the most expensive play at cardiff have a bought he's never kicked a ball for them his premier league dream looks after the cruellest twist of fate. this is now we're back. from the international monetary fund. the global
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economic slowdown is coming faster than expected phil that's the message from the i.m.f. deputy managing director david lipton speaking at the world economic forum in davos earlier today he's warning comes a day after the i.m.f. had already lowered its forecast for world growth this year and next among the issues putting pressure on the global economy britain's imminent departure from the new weakness in emerging markets and the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and china. to avoid possible disruptions caused by briggs it sony is moving its european headquarters from london to amsterdam the company said the move would help avoid customs issues tied to britain's exit from the e.u. . despite the move. from existing u.k. operations it's the latest japanese company to relocate to the continent in response to last year. also moved its headquarters to the netherlands due to potential tax
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issues that might result from. not the only company announcing to abandon ship. who else. doesn't for example the maker of vacuum cleaners and probably in the future also electric cars it announced that it's going to transfer its headquarters from london to singapore now mr dyson the founder and owner of the company a big friend of brakes it he says that you hope to change the singapore has nothing to do with said but of course everyone here is seeing this in light of the uncertainty that british companies are facing you know after bracks it another company's not really transferring its headquarters but part of its legal status p. and o. the ferry operator of the ferries in the english channel the ones that take from
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cali to dover in the future they will be operating under the flag of cyprus is doing this in order to keep you tax benefits and to just underline how strange this story is let me just name a few names of those ferries the spirit of britain pride of kent the pride of canterbury all in future cypress ships. story trade relations between the u.s. and china our own eyes meanwhile german companies are doing good business with china. yesterday a couple of reports came out about interesting corp one of hyderabad hope machine and a large german printing machine maker is intensifying the corporation with its chinese anchor investor master work group boston burke is buying a large chunk of hyderabad that's what machine is shares they are going to have a large corporation in terms of sales worldwide and the news push title bag machine
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and the share price up nearly twenty percent today mark this is the german pharmaceutical company merck announced a corporation with ten cents the large high tech for in china they are going to work in order to have health services installed in china obviously what's not a problem there is that we're talking data business they're very sensitive but not a problem for merck and ten cent. good news for merck and how about holder's there from congo a boost. in frankfurt thank you. mexico's president has announced a series of social programs for poor communities which he says will stop people from stealing fuel fuel theft is a common problem in mexico and dozens of people were killed in a pipeline explosion last week. this was the aftermath of last week's deadly explosion in the state of pitt algo in central mexico. it occurred after hundreds
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of people rushed to collect gasoline gushing from a pipeline ruptured by suspected thieves thank you it's hard to imagine a more devastating representation of the country's fuel crisis. mexico's president lopez obrador swept to power on the promise to crack down on years of fuel theft which he says have cost the country billions of dollars in lost revenue. but his decision to close pipelines topped by criminals led to shortages and long lines at gas stations across the country. despite the crisis oprah door received a warm reception in the town of our company in the state of mexico where he announced an almost ten million dollar investment in social programs for locals. referring to the tragedy of go he said. that no mexican will have the need
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to take part in such an activity. because they will have work and support from the government their wellbeing will be secured. a few theft is over. that. gratitude from the crowd in our combat. but elsewhere in the country relatives have been laying their loved ones to rest for them the promise that fuel theft is over has come too late. before i let you go let me take you to the u.s. canadian border and the natural one. hour falls a winter storm that has taken temperatures down to minus twenty five degrees celsius and transformed the falls to an icy spectacle the majestic waterfalls partially frozen was providing a stunning sight of visitors. that's what i call
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a cool attraction and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you germany's chancellor has called for the reform of global institutions addressing the world economic forum in davos. almost help comes of what she called the fragmentation of the. russian leader vladimir putin is hosting his talk his counterpart of time out along for talks in moscow about the fate of kurdish fighters in northern syria. that's it you're up to date small. talk all the hour you're watching q. w. news for live from thanks very much for watching.
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a government i guess this week very young is going to jenkins and meeting breaks it down painted on the conservative m.p. how did breaking get into this crisis and how is it going to get out of it conflicts ofin sixty minutes long d.w. of. serial killers. paint posters. violent robber gangs. and ugly and omnipresent feature of life in one nine hundred twenty s. berlin. but the criminals don't reckon with him detective superintendent comes to cannot. be revolutionizes problems of procedures and establishes an extensive record system playing the foundations of modern police most.
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metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. calling t w. we need to talk about weapons they're a global business and a scojo of humanity yet there are regions in the world where weapons are part of everyday life.


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