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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2019 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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up ahead we take you to davos where trade talks take center stage at the world economic forum full coverage from a business team coming in coming up from there shortly. as well as other business deals with get a standing but of that to save the day i'll be nice if you get. plenty . of. the music so long it gets an update. an extravagant venue. and to close and really know their stuff live.
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with a good building and still punished on. the thirty inch rescissions from around the world. lead. group starts february second d. double. the lead. going after it together at the world economic forum in davos political leaders make the case for more international cooperation at a time when growing isolationism threatens the very call of free trade. and also coming up are seen as meeting a group of scientists to endure freezing temperatures to raise a war. warming. business in berlin welcome the chief executive of. the plane maker could shift its
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u.k. manufacturing to continental europe in the event of a heartbreak is it mr enders said that the company's wing building operations could be moved out of the u.k. in case there's no smooth exit from the european union regs it minister steve buckley told the british parliament today that he took that very seriously. and this supported prime minister tourism a deal which parliament rejected last week. european union is apparently willing to postpone the date on which britain will leave the bloc austrian chancellor kohl said on thursday a quote there is an awareness in great britain that the e.u. is prepared to do everything to avoid also prepared if necessary to postpone the withdrawal date but of course great britain must also want that court said at the world economic forum in davos web bragg's it of course is one of the hottest topics
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followed by free trade and protectionism political leaders from germany japan and india said that global problems must be tackled multilaterally they are worried that the us china trade spat could harm the world economy germany and other countries have flourished global trade since the end of world war two protectionist measures put in place by more and more countries in danger their business model. and a doubles delegates are trying to rub their heads around the big topics of the future artificial intelligence is becoming a topic of growing importance ai is seen as shaping businesses of the future two for solving problems but there's also concern for example about all the jobs that the technology might make obsolete our reporter went to gauge the mood at the world economic forum. this little paper figure moves as if by magic it's the brainchild of pupils at a school in the swiss town of davos they programmed the small machines themselves
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and are showing visitors at the world economic forum what they can do artificial intelligence no not quite. the same thing again says for me for me artificial intelligence is somehow like a robot that can just really move things like a person. what we're doing here is more like creating little movements with robots or programming kalina be a vehicle limited. to me to program it in here. if you'd come. despite that modest assessment it's the young generation that will be carving out the new era of artificial intelligence. as a nonprofit organization so i think there's a lot of promise in artificial intelligence and there's also a lot of concerns one major concern is jobs according to one study in just a few years time robots and intelligent machines will be doing more work than human beings that's a thought that makes many people shatter others however take
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a more optimistic view i think it's going to create jobs i'm for for the developed countries it will help us position ourselves at a place where we haven't been for many many years if you take if you look at europe those are the any software industry after the small ones where it's an artificial intelligence we have a chance to really play big we just need some governments and some institutions together and agenda behind it and make it a bigger play than it is today. artificial intelligence is a major topic at the world economic forum many see it as the business of the future as a tool for solving problems but there is also concern over the potential for misuse some are calling for ethical guidelines to be produced and for the promotion of diversity and programming. say what we need to do so make sure that ai is. it is relevant to be in touch with the world is to make sure that the developments of algorithms all. come from around the bottles artificial intelligence is said to
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conquer ever more areas of our alliance in the years ahead these pupils are ahead of the curve by going. well for more on the topic let's cross over to davos where naturally intelligence correspondent john i'll do a lot of standing by with a guest who knows a thing or two about the risks and rewards of the fischel intelligence. interesting times that we live in gary hart and here i am joined by mr sivana sutil vonder on song he is heading up at the ai arm of the boston consulting group welcome sir thank you very much now my first question in that report we saw earlier the need for ethical guidelines was discussed how could those guidelines look like . basically there are several issues with ai which are becoming bigger issues with ai being spread out around the world the first one is of course privacy and we know
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for instance that seventy nine percent of german workers are very concerned about ai spying the more complaining than too much does another concern of course about you know destruction of jobs and that's something which is a concern for sixty eight percent of the german but now we are facing an even bigger issue which is sometimes a i go isms taking nonsense decision and taking nonsense actions and this is usually lead to the use of data sets to train i'll go his which are biased examples could be stupid pricing this season's where some might go is i'm with i don't see if i someone has quite is not too sensitive to pipes and then would increase price def today without ever stopping sometime it's pushing products that make no sense for some people sometime it's wrong decision in the way you manage fact or his or invent toys so yes that's a problem and the idea is to make sure that there are teams in company who make sure they value data go that check them and then make sure that they don't do wrong
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things now so algorithms of course not having any real world experience not being able to see things or people potentially leading us astray now what solutions do you see for preventing that happening i think that you need teams to make sure that the data are not biased take an example for instance gender inequality many people expect ai to be able to he juice the gender inequality gap why because this would be a way to take better decisions when you receive a few cation if it's skinned buy and i'll go this is an object of scanning. but if the go isms are trained on data for instance from a company with certain functions. mostly by mail the algo ism is going to be kate this bias in should decision so it's very important to check the data sets which are used to train the i'll go reasons but if you use not just smart ai then i think
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we can expect the gender inequality gap to be reduced very interesting now of course when we talk about ai the topic is also very often that china is leading the race that seems to make lots of people nervous does it make you nervous yes of course many people are nervous if you look at data we can assume that chinese companies use twice as much as european companies so yes we have to catch up then i think the good news is there are some decisions that we can take to help the catch up if you compare china and you look first thing is c.e.o.'s are much more forceful to push ai to their company and government to society this is something we can replicate then we need to change the mindset i think we need to invest big after some of the opportunities we need to think a bit more and less in the traditional you won't be an engineering mindset to build those tubes and we need to do less experimentation and more doing on that field thank you very much mr surround her on toe and it's back to you get hired thank you
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very much. in davos speaking of davos the town has around fifteen thousand hotel beds if you think that would be enough even when the world economic forum circus comes to town every year some prefer to camp out in tents just. a team of pole our researchers their aim is to draw attention about climate change issues replica of an arctic ice cap. most people in davos this week live in warm hotels but there are exceptions polar scientists the team of fifteen international researchers in crew have been camping here in subzero temperatures for the past few days and nights the worst part of sleeping in the tent is actually getting anything back in the morning then you actually back into the cold years you leave your warm little cocoon and into the cold. but the
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residents of this base count on not counting out just to cut costs from a science perspective we try to give the reality check we try to give the evidence which is without question worrying is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet that has changed the scene right across the arctic. the team up in setting up their replica of an arctic base count for three years now in davos using the space to host events about climate change and sustainability. according to the research is economic interest on protecting the environment do not have to be at all it's. the full cost of climate change is in the trillions of us dollars without question that if we continue business as usual it will be very expensive our data definitely shows from an economic perspective it makes sense to say the arctic sea ice. on the song just will keep camping out of the forum until the global c.e.o. is genuinely warm to the message. also losing the top job but.
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has now resigned as chairman and chief executive officer of friends can make a run of the embattled. is fight has called into question the future of the midsomer normatively she lives so says it will be appointed at a board meeting today. that's it for me and the business team here and thank you very much.
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starts january twenty ninth. on t.w. . hi everyone welcome to another exciting edition of your max i'm your host meghan lee from or those of noodles to wining and dining we've got lots and store on the show today here's a look at what's coming up.


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