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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the philippines government balance revenge on those behind a deadly bombing at a cathedral at least twenty people were killed when twin blasts struck during sunday mass there is still no claim of responsibility for the attack on holo island which has long been plagued by islamist militants our correspondent as more also coming up venezuela's top military envoy to the u.s. breaks ranks with president nicolas maduro and urges the rest of the country's military to back off position leader won huge rallies are expected in caracas later
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today as any time when duro protesters ramp up their calls for fresh elections. and rescuers in brazil suspend their search for survivors of friday's dam disaster amid fears of another nearby barrier could also collapse at least thirty seven people have been confirmed dead but with hundreds still missing that number looks set to rise. i'm calling osman welcome to the program two bombs have exploded at a cathedral in the town of holo in the southern philippines at least twenty people were killed and more than one hundred wounded the first blast happened during sunday mass it sent churchgoer scrambling outside where a second bomb then detonated the attack on the island of holo comes less than a week after voters there rejected its inclusion. in
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a muslim autonomous area in other parts of the mindanao island group the referendum was overwhelmingly approved. our south east asia correspondent boston hartzog joins me now with more on what else do we know about this attack or we know karl that this wasn't the first time that this particular church was targeted we know as you said that there were two bombs one going off as the mass was going on and then the second one about a minute later near the entrance of the church as the people were fleeing the building and security for forces were coming in to secure the perimeter is now we understand that the majority of the victims are in fact civilians although there are some army personnel among the wounded as well most of the casualties were taken to the local hospital and holo some however were also airlifted out to zamboanga city which is on the neighboring island of mindanao which is the main island in the
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southern philippines karl presidency. is calling this an act of terrorism but what do we know about who might be behind the bombings. well so far there are no group has claimed responsibility for this attack the filipino authorities however are focusing on one group of several armed islamist groups who operate in that area and that is the. often they're saying that is there's a high probability that it was that group because they believe that it's the only group that has the capability and the means to carry out an attack like that and if that's in fact true then we're dealing with a group that is responsible for many bombings in the past mainly in the southern philippines but also in other parts of the country and they're also notorious for piracy and for kidnappings for ransom also targeting western travelers in that area and they're known to behead their hostages if the ransom they demand for them isn't
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paid karo could this attack be linked to last week's referendum on muslim autonomy in the southern philippines. it's a bit too early to tell but the authorities are definitely looking into that. the area where this attack happened province in the southern philippines rejected that autonomy law in that referendum last week and if it's in fact a group like the i would say off who is behind this attack they could benefit from sabotaging this autonomy law and sabotaging this peace deal because they draw their strength from the dissatisfaction among the muslim population in that area dissatisfaction that stems from perceived oppression and perceived injustices and those are exactly things that this autonomy law and that this peace deal aim to target carol. south east asia correspondent boston hard to thank you very much.
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now look at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.n. says more than fifty mass graves have been found in the democratic republic of congo after a string. killings there the graves in the west of the country are believed to be related to deadly violence between two ethnic groups that erupted in december investigation is now under way. under the thousands of pilgrims have gathered to attend pope francis world youth day mass in panama city on sunday the service marks the end of the pontiff first trip to central america. huge protests are expected today in the venezuelan capital caracas as demands are growing for fresh elections meanwhile the country's top military envoy to the united states has announced he's turning his back on president nicolas maduro government and recognizing opposition leader one as venezuela's in term president he's urging the rest of the military to follow his lead the european union is also
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calling for fresh elections but president maduro says his government will not be dictated to by foreign nations but if. the e.u. is all to meet him is another boost for one quite knows campaign to oust nicolas maduro brussels has given the incumbent a week to call fresh elections otherwise it will recognize his opponent as president that was going to be you know the first thing i want to do today is to recognize the european union's firm steps toward supporting venezuela firm steps in supporting and recognizing the democratic struggle in our country. i'm going ok i'm going to serve at a different rally majoris government pushed back in strong terms it's a lever you don't have what i don't know so the european union has given us eight days go to hell when it's something as well and just don't take orders from anyone
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. yet here you have you know they are doing. yes while the military leadership continues to stand by president maduro a high level defections signaled that the army's unity may be fracturing venezuela's military attache in washington announced he was switching sides. today i speak to the people. and especially to my brothers in the national armed forces with the goal of recognizing one guy doing as the only legitimate president . there. would go so in order to go through the crisis was hotly debated saturday at an emergency session of the u.n. security council called by the u.s. to force the world's powers to pick a side the more delays no more games if you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with merger and has made i'm mature as defined growing international pressure and building by russia and china's continued support order
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calling the crisis a us orchestrated coup. but he defused an imminent showdown with washington over his demand for american diplomatic personnel to leave venezuela by sunday extending the window to allow negotiations with u.s. officials. rescue teams have suspended their search for survivors of friday's mining dam collapse amid fears that get another nearby dam could burst brazil's southeast the death toll from the collapsed dam has risen to at least thirty seven with around three hundred people still missing firefighters have been digging through the debris trying to find survivors but hopes of finding more people alive are fading it's still unclear what caused the dam to burst. correspondent about is in the town of burma denio that's near the site of friday's dam collapse but here's the first off what can you tell us about this risk of get another breach at
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a nearby mine. it happened this morning around for free for five o'clock early when all people were sleeping here when alarm signal was heard and many people many many people here went out on the streets they looked for a position on top of the hills in order to be on the good position if a new month slide should appear this was the fee many people had this morning it was an alarm signal from the valley the mine company here they feared another dam could break but so far we didn't we can't say that this happened everything come today so no new catastrophic happened today but what we know is that the river behind me is now full of the mud full of chemicals from from the miner mining company so we see here that fish and so on so it is already a ecological catastrophe which is happening right now let's talk about what's the
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environmental impact here i mean this is this mud it's essentially mining ways i mean how dangerous is that. so we can say what is it exactly the content of the mud but the company said in the in the beginning it's only sand and war but now we see dead fish we see that the impact is right looks the same like mariana three years ago close by here another incident which happened another catastrophe which was the biggest one in brazil's history so we expect that there will be a lot of consequences in their member. surroundings of you and further down what's the river so we will see in the next days what indeed will be the content of the rivers now flooded what can you tell me about this company valley that's behind these dams and they've been involved in other mining catastrophes in the past right. you know well it was once of public
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company and then they turned private and since then the accusations from environmentalists don't stop. accusing. me of not respecting an environmental. obstacles and issues they should not care enough on these aspects this is what the mentalists say so the company has not the best reputation so far but they are really big iron ore exporter and with rising prices their production rose and this is a really big player here in brazil and worldwide and the markets yeah the shares are under pressure. there for us in brazil thank you very much prisoners in the auschwitz concentration camp former prisoners about have placed flowers at an execution wall in the former nazi death camp where more than a million people were killed. we spoke with one remarkable woman who
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managed to escape being sent to the concentration camps and then made it her mission to fight against the nazis as a spy. mosconi is ninety eight years old but still full of energy. tonight she'll be holding another talk as only her husband major accompanies her she says that in remembering the holocaust one thing is often overlooked. to know. to read. at the jewish museum in frankfurt she presents her biography and tells what seems like an unbelievable story she a jewish french woman spied on the nazis. in february one thousand nine hundred forty five paris was already liberated but fighting continued at the secret line on
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the front with her perfect german skills cohen was a lucky find for military intelligence she may have been just one and a half meters tall but she wasn't easily intimidated using a german alias she crossed the border and pretended to be looking for her fiance near the front the twenty five year old was often fearful but she kept her poise if arrested she planned to commit suicide with sleeping pills. take it. each. keeping. her mission was life threatening but she was inspired by her maiden name. or hope good luck she procured important information about positions on the front courageous actions like these were often insufficiently recognized says museum director miriam benson that's. very many were murdered but there was also
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resistance and jews as part of the allied forces defeated the germans that's both inspiring and important and was fifty years. despite losing loved ones cohen found the courage to carry out her mission. her sister was deported and murdered in auschwitz. see a resistance fighter was taken prisoner and shot dead. despite her agony mot completed her espionage mission. we need. to have the between. moscow and wants to tell her story to as many people as possible so this part of history is not forgotten. what a life you're watching news from berlin will have more at the top of the hour and for up and up but to politics we are this summer so this is. a month to shape the
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continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa charge. more.


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