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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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this is news line from berlin the philippines government about was revenge on the attackers behind a deadly bombing at a cathedral at least twenty people were killed when twin blasts struck during sunday mass there's still no claim of responsibility for the attack on the island which is long been plagued by islamist militants also coming up rescuers in brazil suspend their search for survivors of friday's dam disaster amid fears another nearby barrier could also collapse these thirty seven people have been confirmed dead but with hundreds still missing that number of looks set to rock.
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i'm carl kasell and welcome to the program two bombs have exploded at a cathedral in the town of holo in the southern philippines at least twenty people were killed and more than one hundred wounded the first blast happened during sunday mass it sent churchgoers scrambling outside for a second bomb then detonated the attack on the island of holo comes less than a week after voters there projected its inclusion in a muslim autonomous area in other parts of the mindanao island group the referendum was overwhelmingly approved. our south east asia correspondent boston hadzic joins me now with more boston what else do we know about this attack. well we know karl that this wasn't the first time that this particular church was targeted we know as you said that there were two bombs one going off as the mass was going on and then the second one about a minute later near the entrance of the church as the people were fleeing the
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building and security for forces were coming in to secure the perimeter is now we understand that the majority of the victims are in fact civilians although there are some army personnel among the wounded as well most of the casualties were taken to the local hospital in holo some however were also airlifted out to zamboanga city which is on the neighboring island of mindanao which is the main island in the southern philippines karl. president. is calling this an act of terrorism but what do we know about who might be behind the bombings. well so far there are no group has claimed responsibility for this attack the filipino authorities however are focusing on one group of several armed islamist groups who operate in that area and that is the. often they're saying that
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is there's a high probability that it was that group because they believe that it's the only group that has the capability and the means to carry out an attack like that and if that's in fact true then we're dealing with a group that is responsible for many bombings in the past mainly in the southern philippines but also in other parts of the country and they're also notorious for piracy and for kidnappings for ransom also targeting western travelers in that area and they're known to behead their hostages if the ransom they demand for them isn't paid carl could this attack be linked to last week's referendum on the muslim autonomy in the southern philippines. it's a bit too early to tell but the authorities are definitely. looking into that. area where this attack happened sulu province in the southern philippines rejected that autonomy law in the referendum last week and if it's in fact
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a group like the abu sayyaf was behind this attack they could benefit from sabotaging this autonomy law and sabotaging this peace deal because they draw their strength from the dissatisfaction among the muslim population in that area dissatisfaction that stems from perceived oppression and perceived injustices and those are exactly things that this autonomy law and that this peace deal aim to target carl all right our south east asia correspondent boston hard to thank you very much. rescue workers in brazil southeast are warning that another mining dam is at risk of rupturing just two days after a deadly dam collapse in the same area killed at least thirty seven three hundred people are still missing after that disaster but hopes of finding survivors are fading. scenes of despair and a damn sight. for the families of the missing the wait for news about their loved ones has become simply am bearable. sorrow is also turning
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into anger this woman's husband is among the missing. but i don't have any news he's not i've seen his phone i'll give you his number and you call him i need an answer i was desperate my daughter is pregnant and isn't feeling well the police aren't letting me go there why if nobody tells me anything so if he's not find he has a family some residents accuse authorities in the area of negligence. the alarm didn't work the only alarm i heard came from my neighbors miles they were yelling. rescue teams have now been forced to suspend their search for survivors i meet fears yet another dam nearby in a breach of thor it is have been evacuating the area meanwhile dozens of people may still be buried under the mud and debris after friday's burst and hopes to find
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them alive are fading. it's still unclear what caused a dam to collapse it had passed safety tests just last year it's owner brazil's largest mining company valley is still facing legal action for another dam burst in the same region in twenty fifteen. brazil's president gyre both an arrow who flew over the devastated area in a helicopter on saturday said you know tweeted that he was hard not to get emotional after seeing the scale of the devastation he said a full investigation will be carried out. now look at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.n. says more than fifty mass graves have been found in the democratic republic of congo after a string of killings there the graves in the west of the country are believed to be related to deadly violence between two ethnic groups that erupted in december investigation is now underway. hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have gathered for
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pope francis his world youth day mass in panama city the service marks the end of the pontiff first trip to central america. huge protests are expected today in the venezuelan capital caracas as demands are growing for fresh elections meanwhile the country's top military envoy to the united states has announced he's turning his back on president nicolas maduro government and recognizing opposition leader one as venezuela's in term president he's urging the rest of the military to follow his lead the european union is also calling for fresh elections the president says his government will not be dictated to by foreign nations but. the e.u. is ultimatum is another boost for one quite knows campaign to oust nicolas maduro brussels has given the incumbent a week to call fresh elections otherwise it will recognize his opponent as president. you're going to be going to the first thing i want to do today
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is to recognize the european union's firm steps toward supporting venezuela firm steps in supporting and recognizing the democratic struggle in our country. i don't think i'm going to serve at a different rally government pushed back in strong terms it's. lever you don't have what i gather i don't know so the european union has given us eight days you go to hell when it's all open as well and don't take orders from anyone. yeah yeah the other thing. is while the military leadership continues to stand by president maduro a high level defection signaled that the army's unity may be fracturing that his way less military attache in washington announced he was switching sides. yet today i speak to the people of venezuela and especially to my brothers in the
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national armed forces with the goal of recognizing one guy do as the only legitimate president. one way to go. so in order to go through the crisis was hotly debated saturday at an emergency session of the u.n. security council called by the u.s. to force the world's powers to pick a side the more delays in the war games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with material and is made i'm mature as defined growing international pressure and pulled in by russia and china's continued support calling the crisis a u.s. orchestrated coup. but he defused an imminent showdown with washington over his demand for american diplomatic personnel to leave venezuela by sunday extending the window to allow negotiations with u.s. officials. now today marks holocaust memorial day on this day in one nine hundred forty five soviet troops liberated thousands of prisoners in the auschwitz
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concentration camp former auschwitz prisoners have placed flowers at an execution wall in the former nazi death camp of more than a million people were killed. since the end of world war two there's been a passionate debate in germany about how best to remember the holocaust and. joins me with more on that pablo of course it's a painful subject how is the holocaust dealt with and well the holocaust memorial day has been marked here in germany since one thousand nine hundred six and there's a heavy focus in germany first to live in germany it's stephanie a topic that comes up from time to time and i have to say that in my experience germans don't tend to shy away from the topic at they're quite open about talking about and this goes back of course the education system which focuses very much. the atrocities of the second world war and of the nazis and of course you can visit many of the concentration camps in germany they're open to the public and in fact
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figures of people visiting those concentration camps actually has increased and here in berlin this image that we're seeing here at the berlin holocaust memorial of course. many people go and visitors. but you might also be surprised to hear that for around twenty twenty five years after the second world war of the topic that really wasn't touched here in germany and the over the years obviously it's become a bigger and bigger topic within german society to discuss but there's also a huge concern that the younger generations are losing that connection or that understanding of what happened and in fact the german foreign minister. wrote in the veil today and he said that he's noted well there's been a culture of remember and study is crumbling amid the pressure from the extreme right and he also said the school children need new approaches of the can not only remember the crimes of nazi germany but also learn present day lessons from them and just yesterday we heard from the german chancellor angela merkel she said
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germany's responsibility was to show zero tolerance towards and a phobia and all forms of anti-semitism well speaking of anti-semitism we've heard reports that is on the rise in germany and europe as well well just several days ago in fact germany's third largest party of course turned to for germany they have walked out of the bavarian parliament during a service to remember holocaust victims they have a long history will say of inflammatory comments regarding the actions of the nazis and in fact in two thousand and eighteen the party's leader dismissed the period as quote a speck of bird who in more than one thousand years of successful german history it's not very. nice comments to hear from the party and of course in europe a study was carried out several months ago which revealed quite shocking figures which is that about one in twenty europeans have never even heard the word holocaust which is remarkable considering you know. we're marking about day
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to day shocking numbers there for sure. thank you very much. sports now bundesliga leaders dortmund continue their winning ways after narrow victories in their previous two matches dortmund went on a rampage on saturday against hapless and over. dortmund welcomed thomas mann marco roy's back to the starting line up and the forward was kings are not his first goal since the winter break first he lifted his charge just over the pa my. then in the twenty third minute he went even closer only the post the night him until the other goal. but just a minute later the hosts did take the lead ashraf kimi played a one two with rafael quero before powering it into the corner. by the left
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but was given far too much time to pick the spots left keeper michael s. across being thin air. canada were the architects of their own downfall the californias allowed kimi to still position and find royce to know royce had his goal ahead of his hopes of an upset but fading. in the sixty third minute mario good added a third goal for dortmund and four minutes later it was for neil. from an almost identical sport where zero converted royce's paused to wipe out any hopes of a comeback by kind of a didn't throw in the towel i deflected most of it back a look shot gave hand over some consolation. but with the last kick of the game axel vince will complete the route five one the final score. runs title charge continues. you're watching news from berlin we've got more news at the top of the
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hour and for updated information around the clock you can head to our web site that's d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter at deep w. news thanks for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked at all ministry took many cantors and they had problems are almost the same color to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption we got on the floor to stay silent.


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