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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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this is deja news live from berlin the philippines government values revenge on the attackers behind a dead think bombing at a cathedral at least twenty people were killed when twin blasts struck during sunday mass there's still no claim of responsibility for the attack on holo island which is long been plagued by islamist militants also coming up hopes are fading for more than three hundred people missing since friday's dam disaster in brazil at least forty people have been confirmed it.
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i'm carl kasell and welcome to the program two bombs have exploded at the cathedral in the town of holo in the southern philippines and these twenty people were killed more than one hundred wounded the first blast happened during sunday mass a censure to go were scrambling outside where a second bomb then detonated the attack on the island of holo comes less than a week after voters there were jetted its inclusion in a muslim autonomous area and other parts of the mindanao island group the referendum was overwhelmingly approved. our south east asia correspondent boston hartzog joins me now with more boston what else do we know about this attack . well we know karl that this wasn't the first time that this particular church was targeted we know as you said that there were two bombs one going off as the mass was going on and then the second one about
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a minute later near the entrance of the church as the people were fleeing the building and security for forces were coming in to secure the perimeter is now we understand that the majority of the victims are in fact civilians although there are some army personnel among the wounded as well most of the casualties were taken to the local hospital in holo some however were also airlifted out to zamboanga city which is on the neighboring island of mindanao which is the main island in the southern philippines karl. president. is calling this an act of terrorism but what do we know about who might be behind the bombings. well so far there are no group has claimed responsibility for this attack the filipino authorities however are focusing on one group of several armed islamist groups who operate in that area and that is the. often they're saying that
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is there's a high probability that it was that group because they believe that it's the only group that has the capability and the means to carry out an attack like that and if that's in fact true then we're dealing with a group that is responsible for many bombings in the past mainly in the southern philippines but also in other parts of the country and they're also notorious for piracy and for kidnappings for ransom also targeting western travelers in that area and they're known to behead their hostages if the ransom they demand for them isn't paid carl could this attack be linked to last week's referendum on the muslim autonomy in the southern philippines. it's a bit too early to tell but the authorities are definitely looking into that. the area where this attack happened sulu province in the southern philippines rejected that autonomy law in the referendum last week and if it's in fact
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a group like the abu sayyaf who is behind this attack they could benefit from sabotaging this autonomy law and sabotaging this peace deal because they draw their strength from the dissatisfaction among the muslim population in that area dissatisfaction that stems from perceived oppression and perceived injustices and those are exactly things that this autonomy law and that this peace deal aimed to target carol. all right our south east asia correspondent boston arctic thank you very much. a state court in brazil has blocked over a billion euros in assets belonging to the mining company bali in order to pay for damages from friday's burst dam disaster still over three hundred people are missing in the area with the death toll of at least forty people at the con. since of despair and a damn sight. for the families of the missing the wait for news about their loved
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ones has become simply am bearable. sorrow is also turning into anger this woman's husband is among the missing. but i don't have any news he's not i've seen his phone i'll give you his number and you call him i need an answer i was desperate my daughter is pregnant and isn't feeling well the police aren't letting me go there why if nobody tells me anything if he's not fine he has a family some residents accuse authorities in the area of negligence. the alarm didn't work the only alarm i heard came from my neighbors miles they were yelling. rescue teams have now been forced to suspend their search for survivors i meet fears yet another dam nearby in a breach of thor it is have been evacuating the area meanwhile dozens of people may still be buried under the mud and debris after friday's versed and hopes to find
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them alive are fading. it's still unclear what caused the dam to collapse it had passed safety tests just last year its owner brazil's largest mining company valley is still facing legal action for another dam burst in the same region in twenty fifteen. brazil's president gyre both an arrow who flew over the devastated area in a helicopter on saturday said you know tweeted that he was hard not to get emotional after seeing the scale of the devastation he said a full investigation will be carried out. now to some of the other stories making news around the world emergency services have recovered at least two injured people from the rubble of a collapsed house in the hague dutch police say a gas explosion may have caused the blast which just throwing the building rescuers are searching the wreckage for more possible casualties. thousands of people have
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marched in paris to condemn violence and vandalism during the yellow best protest and friends feel vest movement has been holding nationwide demonstrations since november exposing deeper discontent with the policies of president manual mccall but there have also been frequent clashes between protesters and police. pope francis has said mass to thousands of worshipers at world youth day in panama city and service marks the end of the pontiff first trip to central america he also commented on the recent upheaval in venezuela urging a peaceful solution to its political crisis. in venezuela itself huge protests are expected today in the capital caracas as demands grow for fresh elections meanwhile the country's top military envoy to the united states has announced he's turning his back on president nicolas maduro his government and recognizing opposition leader. as venezuela's interim president he's urging the rest of the military to follow his lead the european union is also calling for
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fresh elections but present madeira says his government will not be dictated to by foreign nations but if. the e.u. is ultimatum is another boost for one quite goes campaign to oust nicolas maduro brussels has given the incumbent a week to call fresh elections otherwise it will recognize his opponent as president very very right. you know i mean you know the first thing i want to do today is to recognize the european union's firm steps toward supporting venezuela firm steps in supporting and recognizing the democratic struggle in our country. had a different rally majoris government pushed back in strong terms it's a lever you don't have what i gather i don't know so the european union has given us eight days go to hell when it's something as well and just don't take orders from anyone yeah. yeah yeah yeah the others are doing
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yes while the military leadership continues to stand by president maduro a high level defection signaled that the army's unity may be fracturing that his way less military attache in washington announced he was switching sides. yet today i speak to the people of venezuela and especially to my brother was in the national forces with the goal of recognizing one guy doing it is the only legitimate president. one way to go so you know to vote through the crisis was hotly debated saturday at an emergency session of the u.n. security council called by the u.s. to force the world's powers to pick a side. no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or your leave with it is made i'm mature as defined growing international pressure and bold and by russia and china's continued support calling the crisis a u.s.
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orchestrated coup. but he defused an imminent showdown with washington over his demand for american diplomatic personnel to leave venezuela by sunday extending the window to allow negotiations with u.s. officials. to come in the final now today marks holocaust memorial day on this day in one nine hundred forty five soviet troops liberated thousands of prisoners in the auschwitz concentration camp former prisoners of placed flowers at an execution ball in the former nazi death camp where more than a million people were killed. since the end of world war two there's been a passionate debate in germany about how best to remember the holocaust and use. joins me now with more on that problem of course it's a painful subject but how is the holocaust dealt with here in germany well holocaust memorial day is being marked here in germany since one thousand nine hundred six in fact and there's for people like those who live in germany we know
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that this is a topic that does come up from time to time and in my experience it's never really been. avoided by any means that there's a heavy focus here in the education system at talk about world war one and particularly the nazis and world war two on the holocaust and of course as many concentration camps are many that are open to the public and in fact the recent figures are showing this has been an increase in the number of visitors to those concentration camps now we're just seeing here am an image of the berlin holocaust memorial of course which is right downtown here in berlin not too far actually from the parliament and you know the brandenburg gate in the tear garden so a lot of people have well passed by this on a daily basis now also there is a concern amongst. well. actually heikal masa german foreign minister and he wrote a column in today's developed saying. it's very important fear is a culture of remembrance on that it's not crumbling this is amid the pressure from
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the extreme right in germany said the schoolchildren needed new approaches that they not only remember the crimes of nazi germany but also learn present day lesson lessons from them and just yesterday german chancellor angela merkel said that it was germany's responsibility to show his ear zero tolerance towards an a phobia and all forms of anti semitism. what extent is anti-semitism is on the rise in germany and across europe what's going on there well just in the past several days in fact the german far right party alternative for germany the a.f.d. they staged a walkout from the bavarian parliament during a service to remember holocaust victims after they've been accused before of playing down the crimes of nazis and of course it comes as no surprise considering the parties co-leader said that the period was espec of who in more than one thousand years of successful german history so you know comments like that causes
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a lot of emotion and anger amongst many people and let's not forget that the f.t. is actually the third largest party here in germany that we're seeing an image here this was an attack on a jewish cemetery in france in fact and in a study carried out just several months ago seven countries in europe it was found that one in twenty of those people had never even heard of the holocaust which is quite shocking and this study revealed many other shocking things that you know one third of europeans said that they lived they knew actually little or nothing zero out all about the holocaust so of course this comes at a time when people are remembering the atrocities of the holocaust so bring information there. thank you very much. to tennis now in the world number one joke of each beat world number two raw field adult to win
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a record seventh australian open title it took the serbian just over two hours to complete his three set victory djokovic got off to a flying start winning thirteen of the first fourteen points the doll had cruised on his way into the final but struggled in this one the specially with djokovic has served in the end djokovic one six three six two six three it's his third straight run. slam title and the fifteenth of his career. i look now at the german soccer results so far this weekend i mean it had no trouble with stuttgart bremen frankfurt ended in a two two draw league leaders dortmund demolished on over five to one glove box to berg nothing hoffenheim took down freiburg mind over nuremberg beat fulford on friday had drew with shock a two to two and now underway do so doff against leipsic. and a reminder of the top story that we're following for you right now police in the
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philippines are hunting the bombers were attacked the catholic church in the country killing at least twenty people no one has claimed responsibility for the blast which happened in a region long plagued by in this violence. you're watching news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and for updated information around the clock head toward website that's deep dot com thanks watched. here's what's coming up for the book good to see you have plenty to talk i hear more details now is how to take a look at what all about means for the table of course. we're going to sleep go every weekend here on g.w. .


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