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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2019 2:00pm-2:30pm CET

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good group of. business news live from the u.s. files criminal charges against chinese telecom giant huawei and accuses the company of industrial has been it has been arjun violating sanctions against iran says the u.s. and china are trying to calm receptive trade tension. also coming up pakistan's supreme court upholding its acquittal of posse of b.c. the christian woman at the center of a high profile blasphemy case that decision to tentatively paving the way for her
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to leave pakistan where she still takes those threats to her life plus drugs it is bad that's the message one london restaurant is serving up to its customers as parliament prepares to vote once more on the government's plan to leave the union and the comeback story of one of the car racing's up and coming talents eighteen year old sophia loren who could have died with her formula three car went airborne in a race to once ago she's overcome that fractures and any doubts about her skills and she is back on track with every intention of winning. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program the u.s. justice department has charged chinese telecom giant huawei with violating sanctions against iran and industrial espionage the charges are linked to the
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arrest in china of why waste chief financial officer may sue the company comes at a time or the move rather it comes at a time of heightened tension between washington and beijing due to a simmering trade conflict. the announcement was a long time coming if you believe the rumor mill the u.s. has officially accused chinese telecom giant huawei of a bevy of crimes a grand jury in new york has returning indictment alleging thirteen additional crimes committed by wall way its c.f.o. its affiliate in iran and one of its subsidiaries here in the united states the criminal activity alleged in this indictment goes back at least ten years and goes all the way to the top of the company the u.s. justice department accuses wally's top brass of using a hong kong based shell company to funnel telecommunications equipment to iran in violation of international sanctions investigators also accuse wall ways engineers of stealing trade secrets from cell phone provider t.
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mobile including robotics plans using t. mobile cell phone testing. the u.s. is also seeking the extradition of hallway see a full main one for her role in the alleged sanction violations she was arrested in kenya late last year in connection with the u.s. investigation while we has long been suspected of having close ties to the chinese government. a cause for concern for some international observers. however both the company and the chinese government deny the accusations. will just as the foreign ministry said with no evidence they're using their state power to discredit and attack designated companies this sort of behavior is unfair and immoral really. the charges are likely to throw a fresh spanner in the works washington and beijing are set to reopen talks over their simmering trade conflict later this week. on this story he joins us
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now so i mean this u.s. indictment against weiwei it really has multiple parts aaron just break it down for us one of the main allegations well i mean the u.s. just department has leveled twenty three specific charges against huawei and i'm not going to go into all of them specifically but basically the crux of the matter is they accuse wall way of using a shell company that this supposedly sold in two thousand and seven to smuggle in illicit telecommunications technology to iran basically who always said they sold the company two thousand and seven they don't have a controlling interest so they can do what they want to u.s. justice department says they actually kept control of that company and were directing it specifically which would then be in violations of the iranian sanctions so that's on the one hand on the other hand they've accused them of industrial espionage specifically to an attempt to misappropriate technology from t. mobile and use it in the production of their or no cell phone technology in fact supposedly while we even put out a bounty within its own companies and people would get additional bonuses if they could steal context ology from two noble very serious charges and china's reaction
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well of course unsurprisingly china has denied it and while he has also denied the accusations as well as we heard there in the report at least one member of the chinese government said this was an illegal and immoral attempt to actually influence and put them at a disadvantage and also recently the. way said that he doesn't have any connections to the chinese government and wouldn't be passing on. technology information them which has been a long standing accusation and what does it mean for huawei in business terms well i mean you're really going to have to put this in context of what's going on globally yes just if it is a very very tricky matter but always under a lot of pressure from the u.s. government now who always trying to be in the leader in five g. technology which is basically the one help was established a new backbone of internet technology which will kind of fine how we do business and communicate moving forward well the u.s. government says huawei has a lot of connections to the chinese intelligence services and they're not comfortable with the fact that allowing huawei into this internet backbone would potentially give china a great military technological and business advantage moving forward that's why
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we're seeing the american government a lot of pressure on international partners and in this in the bud at an interesting time we have to mention because they're about to sit down for trade talks the u.s. and china yes they are and it's really kind of an open question in terms of how they actually hangs together now we know the initial rest of the chinese executive in canada came at a time when trump wasn't actually aware of it he supposed to have reacted quite angrily when he found out that in the midst of these trade talks the justice department was actively going they can swallow way now we've also seen a hallway and honestly why i mean china actually react by arresting several canadian citizens kind of in a tit for tat exchange so it really comes at a disadvantage disadvantages to just advantageous time for these talks between beijing and china. business thank you thank you. and we're heading to pakistan now where the supreme court has rejected a challenge to its acquittal of a christian woman charged with blasphemy this means that he will remain
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a free woman she has been in hiding since october when the court overturned her death row conviction and declared her not guilty that decision sparking widespread outrage among religious hardliners who have threatened her life today's verdict to lift the last legal hurdle between her and a possible asylum deal there's been speculation that she may seek refuge in canada where her daughters are reportedly now living apart a correspondent who is at the supreme court in islam about where that decision has just been reached so what has the reaction been so far. today when the court or now . if you could be. off your b.b. the large number of people. who are present in the courtroom joining us. now and can go. according to be our no.
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country one hundred thirty minute. mark. and your. supreme court you have what you. are. ok so it seems that at least officially legally speaking that she now has the right to seek asylum how likely is that to happen i mean what is likely to happen to her now. she would hopefully be abroad in the coming days under the right security she is still under contract and she is in the protective custody of the security forces but we have no time for a wrench even country. and we have more on this story including an interview with pakistani lawyer and human rights activist tina jilani in about twenty minutes. now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world the u.s. has imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil firm curbing the country's crude
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exports it is the trumpet ministrations latest move in its effort to oust president nicolas maduro the embattled leader called the sanctions illegal accusing the u.s. of wanted to steal venice well as richest at its territory. pro-democracy activists in hong kong have rallied in support of in prison china's human rights lawyer wang sang wang was jailed on monday after a chinese court handed him a four and a half year sentence for states a version. crackdown continue today with the human rights website founder jailed on similar charges. police in the french capital paris have removed around three hundred migrants from an illegal makeshift camp in the north of the city authorities say that the migrants had been sent to local shelters on a voluntary basis france has cleared my brain camps in paris before only for new ones to spring up. to london now where later today the u.k. parliament is set to vote once again on a government's brags that plan in
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a vote just two weeks ago lawmakers rejected that deal but today they're supposed to decide what changes they want the prime minister to seek in order to win parliamentary support but the date for britain's exit from the e.u. is just two months away and signs that the country's division over the issue are everywhere including at a london restaurant run by immigrants and. it's lunch time for. his restaurant westminster kitchen he arrived in london from the kurdish region of turkey twenty five years ago the recent breaks that debates in parliament made him decide to do something. for the. system. to say. immigration makes britain great. but. him small act of protest in his restaurant didn't come without consequences overnight nasty messages started appearing on social media. treat those with an gallows in which
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basically it's given your message to gargle dealing with this so they are telling you what they might do to you how they're supposed to threatening to burn the place down or to demonstrate in front of the restaurant most of abraham's employees are from all over the world some arrived as refugees others to work like chef taric personally i'm not really feeling very good about the moment just you know things get in charge we can hear on the news all the time talking about the people been calling also hear them say and positive things about us and according to tar ex boss abraham there is one clear reason for this change. since the brits it was the divisions in our country have grown up so there's more division than before the brics that will took place so the fruits we are receiving in an acceptable unpleasant and it's becoming to the environment that the government would see created has been
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a bit hostile recent surveys show that around two thirds of the british think breaks it has made people angrier and the same amount believe their country isn't on a good path as the date of britain's exit from the e.u. draws ever closer. and let's get more on that joining us from london is our correspondent there good mass so an important day for brags that in the british parliament today walk us through what's at stake. for two reason may it's supposed to be a compromise day it looks like she has reached some sort of deal within her own party she's throwing her weight behind him and that seeks to actually go back to brussels and seek alternative arrangements to the so-called irish banks which is about the future of northern ireland in case that there is no trade. that that can be arranged in time so to reason the ones to you want parliament to move forward she has said she is willing to to go back to brussels and she's hoping that her and
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peace are going to get behind her deal so it is a huge day for the prime minister because we just don't know what the m.p.'s are going to vote and it's a process where the parliamentarians are supposed to tell the prime minister tell the government what they actually want to see do and what they are going to demand effectively from brussels and the clock is really taking because i mean bracks it is scheduled to occur in just two months and still there is no place to manage the transition no deal in order to do that how are the british people reacting to what . tempers are really high there is really a sense that there is not much time and people that feel very strongly on remain and leave sites are feeling that they have a child's to to to get this over the line in accordance to what they want to do sir just here outside parliament every day we have demonstrations from people who want
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a second referendum and all those who want no do you are told they want britain to to really crash out of the european union and we have just spoken to some today and here's what they what they had to say this is going to be a turning point in british history in european history and we think the way the government is trying to push it is the wrong way and not some of fed up with the government and all still austerity so many poor british people they thought leaving would mean a better life they didn't realise that leave it made for worthwhile because our economy was. when we had the referendum open campaign for a firm group for twenty years. we leave which. the four on the roofs are trying to do is completely. we leave on the twenty ninth of march and it's up to the to the politicians then to negotiate a free drew a free deal with europe. so
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a lot of feelings there on full display so bear get tell us. what are the next steps after the vote this evening it's. a pass so apparently we've lost the connection with our forests on a mass. let's just move on now to some more news because we also have the european viewpoint here chief political editor there caught up with manfred webb who is the man hoping to become the next a new commission president she asked him about the likelihood of seeing a clear signal coming out of london today. because nobody can predict that for the moment. of the votes but i welcome the votes that we have a chance to get clarity about to the ideas of the parliament again i think it's a historic moment for the for the country to get the come an understanding among the party political families to get
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a common understanding about the long term relationship towards european friends we are still friends we want to work together but we need a clear idea of wants to achieve now there are also mixed signals out of brussels and leaders say this you go to ten says that this breaks that deal can't be reopened others are saying let's talk so how much room for maneuver is this still to make any kind of concessions towards london there is no room of mine over for the legally binding treaty it is on the table so the commission will bunny has a full support of the european parliament on this if somebody has an idea to reopen this treaty then everything is again reopened then we talk again about the protests we talk again about the fisheries polities we talk again about how much great britain must pay when they are leaving the european union so it is a balanced agreement for the need is a tariff occasion on the long term relationship we have in london the big problem of the backstop on the table that is a domestic discussion the biggest problem for for the ratification and everybody
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knows we can't avoid a backstop because it's only a fallback position we can avoid a backstop if we have a clear idea on the long term relationship if we know what we want to achieve we can make it in the next two or four years and centuries transitional period that let's clarify the long term relationship and then we have a good perspective for the future now your the conservative candidates in these upcoming e.u. elections of course it will have an impact there either way particular also on those populist parties you've reached already across the aisle calling on all parties to basically join forces again. the rise of populist from the right how do you want to avoid these elections becoming a de facto referendum for or against europe or for against migration we're discussing the european elections not brecht's it and not the yes or no to europe we discuss the direction of this continent and in democratic elections people show
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up and tell us as politicians in which direction we should go with the majority decision what we have to put on the table as democratic parties is to give people an idea about the direction for example i'm a candidate who tells the people very clearly if i become commission president stops enlargement talks towards turkey i don't think that turkey can become a member of the european union and you say vote for one of the p.p. parties in europe they will get a commission president who who says is very clearly and will do this off the votes so we have to be concrete we have to be clear what are we offering to the citizens and to have a lively debate during the election campaign one could be about thank you very much . and now we are heading to brazil where the death toll after last week's down collapse has risen to sixty five but that number expected to rise further as authorities estimate hundreds more people are still missing under the debris as rescuers continue their search anger is now taking the mining company responsible for the down. the search for
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a sign of life in devastated burma. here rescuers located a bus that was filled with passengers when the flood of mud and mining waste hit no one could be saved but they had to try. this year. in this type of event any loss of life that we have is enormous so it doesn't matter if they are one two dozens or hundreds of victims we are doing our best to see what's possible to provide some relief to the families and we're always working with the hope of finding someone alive. for the families of the missing the past days have been a nightmare would. be. my son my brother in law the husband of my niece my friends if they were all there and we have no news of any of them. i think the stories give interviews and talk of
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numbers but nothing else really. and it's not just the families who are demanding answers in sao paolo environmentalist's staged protests outside the headquarters of the mines owner the company is already facing legal action over another similar collapse in twenty fifteen. we're seeing more and more such disasters every time the environmental impact is worse and so is the economic impact because post disaster the municipality becomes poor it destroys agriculture it destroys fishing it affects commerce and resource this move this with them. it's not clear yet what caused the damming brandy new to burst it had passed safety inspections just last year meanwhile hopes to find any more survivors birds under the mud are fading. meantime in the semifinals of football's asian cup
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japan came away with a shocking three nil victory over iran the forward to yet asako who also plays for bremen in the bundesliga scored twice for japan before this game iran had not given up a single goal in the tournament japan will now either play guitar or the united arab emirates in the final. the world's top golfer britain justin rose is preparing for the first appearance at the saudi international tournament which is part of the european golf tour the big money event in saudi arabia will include all of the top three golfers in the world but the european tour has come under scrutiny for scheduling the event especially in light of the death of the journalist jamal khashoggi here's what rose had to say about that scrutiny. politics among politicians provoked for he has all the reasons to go play a. good field if you know the world ranking points to play for one account it's a good goal to be you know to be an experience to experience in arabia. well now it
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has been two months since a horrifying crash that could have taken the life of an up and coming term and racecar driver eighteen year old sophia flush crashed in a formula three race in the cow suffering fractures to her neck but now she's on the mend with every intention of getting back on track deb you met her in her hometown you nic. life goes on for sophia flourish the images of the crash that changed her life follow her wherever she goes but reliving that moment has helped her move on. i watched as so many times it's ok now and also i think talking about it helps us hopeful to watch because because the crash was just horrible looks horrible but you crash of course you're angry and you're upset then you you wait for the wall to come it's quite strange but it happened so fast moving it. before i saw the video i didn't know that i was flying for me it
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didn't feel that bad m m the pain so the kicking in doctors managed to repair two broken bones and flesh his neck without damaging her spinal cord the chin not be able to continue when i started doing some training and i really had to start from the beginning so this is kind of depressing at some stage but i think i managed to quite get it and i'm back kind of back where i was before four five weeks later i can be back in the car so i've never been not trying for such a long time so i'm really i'm here to have you back. is back in a driver's seat of sorts having recently turned eighteen and passed her driving test but for a born race there it's just not the same as being out on the track. driving the highway was so it's boring compared to what i have to you and i race cars so here i'm just driving as every other person as well there are no rivals who once you do
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your sport you just go you know your mind just. and you try to be there when of course i know the risks but i also already knew the risk before the crash so. i was four years old and i always left the speed even in a go cart flourish was always faster than the boy for success helped her to move up the rankings very quickly all the way to formula three one of her toughest opponents over the past few years mick the son of michael schumacher. i know makes things a long time but always like fighting with each other we were fighting for many years to do if i have the same facilities as him i will show beaches. based terror her accident has brought her a lot of attention recently more than most drivers but she'd much rather people focused on her driving skills even at her favorite restaurant the spotlight is always on her health. i never really wanted to be christopher crush i wanted this
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because of success everyone is not all you all you know you but i think once i step into the car and perform there i hope everyone will see me again as they go racing and to go racing fost. of those drivers and not to go with the crush sophia flourishes ready to put her crash in the past she's setting her sights on the formula three european championships in may. of the sunday the new england patriots face the los angeles rams in the super bowl but if you like your sporting events with a bit more bite than the puppy bowl it's the greatest show on earth this game with . team ruff and team fluff facing off with both teams hoping to get their paws on what is known as the barky trophy the event aims to find homes for the dogs all of whom are up for adoption from some shelters so
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a very serious cost here and the organizers say that they have a one hundred percent adoption record in the previous fourteen events. her commented on the top stories we're following for you here in the united states has announced criminal charges against huawei the chinese telecoms giant is accused of espionage and violating sanctions against iran huawei denies the charges and calls the indictment unfair and immoral. you're watching t.v. news coming up in d.w. asia more on the acquittal of osseous b.v. of the christian pakistani woman at the center of a high profile blasphemy case is leaving the country the price that she will have to pay for frayed out and china's dairy delivery man who braved the icy roads on the highest mountain passes of that we will find out what it takes to drive the groups like this one. all that more coming up in just
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a few minutes on news asia but in the meantime i'm sara kelley in berlet thank you so much for joining us have a birthday. to
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be. getting ready for something new e.w. news asia bringing you stories from across the region stories the truth join us for the new show the good news a ship. crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses for their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. digital investigators combed through the flood of images. online sources to try to reconstruct what happened to. truth dish soap stars feb fifteenth
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on t.w. . much. much much. much. much much. all we can be the generation that ends it for good malaria. so millions can live.
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you know. this is. coming up at the program choose free but not if you stays in pakistan that's the choice facing. after being of blasphemy where does that leave the rule of law in pakistan but freedom could still mean death plus. he's one of the few intrepid souls on this i wish to meet a chinese delivery man who braved these icy roads and all that he did and then just . handed the victims of the photos to show him.


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