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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CET

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it's good to have you with us it's been called the united states is the longest wall the war in afghanistan now entering its. varying estimates put the cost of the war between nine hundred thirty two billion us dollars and two trillion dollars more than thirty eight thousand civilians have been killed there are other statistics as well they mostly speak of death but is the u.s. close to ending all that at least for itself in talks with the taliban it appears a so-called agreement in principle has been reached between both sides they. will not be used as a platform for international terrorism and
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a commitment that u.s. forces will pull out of the country but it's the afghans that are missing at the talks table the taliban refuses to speak to them still the president of afghanistan made his position. our commitment is to provide peace and to prevent any possible disaster but there are values that are not disputable such as national unity national sovereignty territorial integrity and a strong central government yet. the. i call on the taliban not to be a part of the evil plans of foreigners. to accept the demands of afghans. and to stop the talks seriously with the afghan government and afghanistan so will the taleban enter into talks with the afghan government the answer to that question will impact the lives of some sixty percent of our nation that's under the age of
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twenty five. sign us my name is hussein i am nineteen years old and i work at a hairdressing salon in kabul. i want peace with the taliban so that our country can become stable. when there is peace people can go about their business girls can go to school and boys can style their hair any way they like. and when i. know my name. and sixteen years old and i play piano at the afghan national music institute. it would be great if the government and the taliban reached a peace deal. if that happens everyone should still have access to music the study and rights to be upheld.
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cows have shifts other many miss cusser start i'm seventeen and i'm on afghanistan national youth team the one that was the stuff. and women have achieved so much in sports and i'm optimistic and i hope the taliban will accept these achievements. to. my name is sultan. i'm eighteen years old and i'm an afghan model. it off of here that if the taliban come we won't be able to hold our fashion shows in kabul or anywhere and i hate the taliban because of their violence and fighting atrocities and that vision of war. joining me for more from kabul is a. researcher with the organization of promise and i miss that must hold so for me from afghan department. i like to come to you first how do young people do not
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gonna stand feel about a possible deal between the taliban and the united states thank you so much for giving this opportunity as our young afghan. and as grow up and leave. in war i believe every at no matter from we are they are our blogs to which political or economic groups they are the lives that they're. asking for a peaceful afghanistan. even it's a small one that support after its chill achieved its goals is it highly welcomed by afghans including afghan young generation. so far what happened to the taliban and to you as that i saw that going to what's likely still get so i. do i get to believe that these wars that and prop meant iraq speaking to us and all
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that talk about it is that to achieve that unfortunately the afghans weist was not on the table. and there are any and i thought i'd voice that as on let me just bring in muscle from a bit of news of gondor bob and i must have only heard what asm is saying and you've altered in a lot about these talks of your voting do on a volatile situation in afghanistan as well a long time does it look likely that the interests of the afghan people will be addressed in any possible deal between the us and the taliban. son was very right to point point out that indy's talks the afghan people who are not represented we have to remember the current round of talks is between the americans and taliban still both trying to get something go for not for an instant the taliban continue to refuse to talk to the afghan government which will represent afghanistan and
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scope people in these talks so whatever comes from these talks which is still in their first phases whatever comes of it will be a deal between the united season taliban the taliban will have to assure the united says that their soil will be going somewhere not used to be not used against americans but government runs and mechanisms for this do not exist which is not written see what the final agreement eventually looks like if i can just ask you're at the end as on your thirty two years of age and you've already alluded to there's most of your life you have seen of goddess on war what does of god is the need for peace very briefly if possible. i think. it's really important a national consensus should be and everyone should be agree on how we can use how to deal with the taliban and just. sort of selected what does mean again the talk
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because between the taliban and the us i think it's so for what happened to be those two parties actually are divided and the part in the conflict the taliban. acting like a government and they use us also each of them as a government which i think increases giving international legitimacy to the taliban which are not the government of a father son and would take lauding the afghan government actually you put the afghan police to afghan government which is legit nationally and i think it's really important for afghans including young to be involved in all the process and the talks should not be really have to understand people have to know the truth of what are have i think about the effect and they have to to be involved in the at and they have to be monitoring everything and that why should be on the table privatized and hopefully that up in the morning into the future as uncommon from
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kabul muscled so from the governors of god to bob thank you both very much for joining us. we have to bangkok next to where this is what the looks like over the city today here and it's been like this for weeks authorities that are struggling to manage a worsening pollution crisis today they took the unprecedented step of fronting around four hundred fifty schools throughout the city as one official said to prevent c.t.s. health problems among the schoolchildren of bangkok correspond of boston hot it was more. for weeks now bangkok has been covered in thick toxic smog down in the streets more and more people are wearing these so much so that face masks have become hard to come by the people are growing increasingly frustrated with the situation also because the authorities don't seem to be able to get a grip on the problem they have been trying different things spraying water into
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the air and even seeding clouds in an attempt to make it rain but so far to little avail the newest plan now is to use drones to sprinkle the air with sugarcane juice to trap the dust but until something works it's all down to damage control more than four hundred public schools around the city will remain closed until friday in the faint hope that by monday the air will have cleared at least a little bit to the philippines next where these jeepneys virtually a global symbol of the country but they're living on borrowed time for decades they've been cheap transportation for millions but many g.p.'s are highly polluting and highly unsafe now a modernization program before old of eight goes off the road by next year for jeepney are to some bookshops it's the end of a way of life and a unique piece of filipino culture. in the traffic clogged streets of the philippines there was
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a splash of character and color. these are more than just a mode of transport these rolling works of sparkle with chrome and covered with paint jobs many filipinos consider them a national treasure. looking at a jeepney design. watching a canvas at an art studio designer. jeepneys might be a breath of fresh air to the monday mini bus but the reality is this. big polluters now a new clean air laws are set to force most older vehicles off the road. that's bad news for g.p. workshops like this and the artists who work here. all the producers here in san pablo are gone where the only ones left. this has been.
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forty five years they used to be hundreds of painters like him now he's a dying breed. in a month he and his colleagues used to paint dozens of jeepneys today it's just. been doing this for a long time and now it may just disappear something i do every day could suddenly be gone it will be a huge change. for passengers the jeepney success is being billed as a big improvement. the modern minibuses will be safe. with individual seats and conditioning but will filipinos be gaining comfort and losing a quintessential piece of their culture. and don't forget to check out the news on facebook as well. as the u.s.
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seeks to end its involvement in the warden of. a small reminder of the bombers the conflict has caused in the last seventeen does your next time. i'm secure in that of my work. and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliance of the what's your story. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are
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trying always to understand this new culture. you are not even a turn out again you want to become a citizen. in four migrants your platform for reliable information. american and chinese trade officials are set to resume talks today the negotiations are overshadowed by newly unsealed criminal charges against chinese telecoms giant huawei and by a slumping chinese economy. also on the show money for nothing opposition candidate pro gundy wants to give poor in the end so universal basic income sounds like a good idea but can india afford it. this is. business asia. as in berlin welcome american and chinese officials are set to begin
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a new round of trade talks in washington today the latest efforts to resolve the dispute that has disrupted business across the globe the stakes are high u.s. president donald trump a stretch to raise further tariffs on chinese goods if no deal is reached by march that would hit an already slumping chinese economy and then there's the issue of why way will they won't they that's the question in washington as the world's two biggest economies sit down to work out their differences and subtle their open trade conflict since u.s. president donald trump took office beijing and washington have taken turns slapping each other with ever higher punitive tariffs. the u.s. government argues that china is taking advantage of existing trade regulations using a combination of state subsidy.


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