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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin and america's midwest in the grip of a deadly deep freeze cities like chicago are experiencing the lowest temperatures in a decade but the blast of arctic air bringing daily life grinding to a halt. also coming up honoring the victims of the nazi regime an emotional ceremony in the german parliament with an address by holocaust survivor and historian saul presenta he says germans must remain vigilant against dangerous
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surgeons of anti semitism and waving flags and calling for free elections venice well as take to the streets to tell president nicolas maduro it is time to go they want the country's armed forces to draft his rival the self declared interim president won the lotto plus five years after the launch of the clean india campaign it is the government for filling its promise to install millions of working toilets our correspondent business several villages where people are still forced to relieve themselves in the open. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program as many as twelve people have died as a result of a deep freeze that is gripping the american midwest weather colder than antarctica has flights crippled infrastructure and brought life to a stand. still for tens of millions of people the polar vortex is
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a mass of freezing air that normally spins around the north pole in winter but it has slipped southward to the united states. chicago the windy city no stranger to wicked winter weather but this week's lows haven't been this brutal in decades breathing can be painful even dangerous and that's not only the case in america's third largest city six u.s. states have recorded temperatures colder than antarctica weather stations across large parts of canada and the u.s. have registered temperatures at minus thirty degrees celsius or more factor in the wind chill and it's more than minus fifty the culprit for the cold chaos a massive subzero air called a polar vortex so named because it normally stays put around the north pole but this week it's humble people further south. this is that because of this event see that i've got about three different layers on top of the bottom right now so as
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prepared as. this is. it really needs to get here what you're trying to. for the to get to illustrate the effects of extreme cold a chicago based reporter threw a cup of boiled water in the air. the water froze almost instantly and fell back down as snow. temperatures this far below freezing can also have drastic effects on people the homeless are at particular risk cities across the midwest have opened warming centers including police stations and roving buses for anyone seeking shelter from the cold the bone chilling weather has caused more than two thousand flight cancellations school and office closures transit delays and multi-car pileups on slippery roads even the u.s. postal service whose unofficial motto takes pride in all weather work has halted mail delivery in many places the polar vortex looks to be lingering through the rest of the week only then might release millions of people from its icy embrace.
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has ventured out on to the chilly streets of chicago and sent us this update. this is one of the most populous cities in the country and there's barely a soul on the street the ones that we have run into have been warmly advising us to seek shelter as soon as possible it's so cold that exposed skin could frostbite immediately and your hair and even your eyeballs could freeze the chicago river which is a massive body of water right next to me is completely frozen over the cold has also worked at the city's train tracks forcing officials to light the tracks on fire in order to keep public transit running polevoy to see it happen every year but even for the windy city this is extreme or now in some other news germany's parliament has held a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the nazi regime the event marked the seventy fourth anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp the nazis murdered an estimated six million jews as well as hundreds of thousands
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of cinta and roma disabled people and homosexuals over a million people were killed at auschwitz alone the historian and holocaust survivor south freeloader spoke of the atrocities in his keynote address. saul friedlander spent his whole life trying to understand the inhumanity of the holocaust as a young jewish boy whose parents hid him from the nazis in a french boarding school. steps i ran away from boarding school and found my parents in the hospital but how to send me back was going on inside them when they saw their little boy fighting tooth and nail scissors to stay with them as i was removed from their room. because the last time i ever saw them was. this village still.
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in his speech to the german parliament commemorating the holocaust the historian pointed out that millions of germans already knew what was happening in the death camps as early as one thousand nine hundred two his parents were killed in auschwitz at this time friedland himself survived and emigrated to israel in one nine hundred forty eight shortly after the state was founded. israel was a homeland for me and my generation of european jews. at least for those of us who survived. it is this there was a sense of belonging and despite my critique of the government i still believe to this day that it is an inherent moral imperative to defend the right of israel to exist is my. ship if. one is tired president underlined this moral imperative he
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said it is a part of modern germany's d.n.a. . infinitive because. you don't find the term holocaust in the constitution put the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the germans reverberate in it unmistakably in the basic rights that protect individuals from a despotic state and in the legal foundation of a democracy that is capable. of protecting itself and not allowing that democratic freedoms are misused to destroy a liberal democracy has i heard him democrat he misspoke. music composed by victor newman who was murdered in auschwitz in one thousand nine hundred four among the listeners young people from numerous countries when holocaust survivors no longer exist it will be up to the next generations to make sure the atrocities are not forgotten.
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and all of this week we have been bringing you stories of elderly holocaust survivors passing on the difficult lessons of history to today's younger generations our next report takes us to israel where there is a program that brings together young german volunteers with holocaust survivors in the name of peace. they're separated by age and history but together there bridging the gap money and income on those born ninety eight years ago in berlin once a week she's visited. the young terminus doing a voluntary year in israel and it stank is a says everything i think it's very important to deal with history. and after a previous exchange in israel i said that if i take a sabbatical after school i'd like to do voluntary work. of. the organization action be conciliation service for peace has been bringing together young germans
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and holocaust survivors for years the conversations are the most important part of the and counter. kalman witness the rise of the nazis in berlin in the one nine hundred thirty s. when she was a teenager. is informed it didn't happen all at once but from month to month there were new things that jews were no longer allowed to do people would ask themselves or things were really that bad that they should leave and they decided to stay a bit longer and my family was one of those which stayed up until one thirty nine still believing that things couldn't get that bad today wonder how could he be so stupid that the talk was. they were germans like everyone else on to the nazis took over shortly before the outbreak of war in one nine hundred thirty nine movie an uncommon flair to sweden with the help of the zionist used organization her family scattered to other countries in one thousand forty nine she started a new life in israel it wasn't until the early sixty's that she traveled through
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germany again a trip she took with much tribulation. i was shaken and i thought this is a german house this is a german dog and everything that i saw seemed to be labeled by me. and despite her concerns she decided to start a dialogue with the germans it was a highly controversial decision in israel at that time. and when later on my husband and i were back here and ready to talk to germans they attacked us and said they wanted to make soap out of you and you talk to them how dare you but we did it and i still believe that it's the right thing to do. young. well in tears like daniela benefit from her decision to this day it cuts off to the thing that i am one of the last who are able to do this my niece for example won't be able to sit down with a woman who was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty one and talk to her about her history and her time five years but this kind of work allows me to do what i
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need to do to act as a bridge to talk with young people about israel politics or whatever is required and that is important to me while i'm still here and can still talk about it him finish. both agree that this person an exchange between the generations is the best way to understand what happened under the nazis and during the holocaust. well now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world at least eighteen russian environmental activists have been detained in this city. one hundred kilometers south east of moscow the activists are protesting against moscow's garbage policy all of the russian capital's waste goes to landfills authorities are accusing the protesters of stirring up mass riots. forty years are turning to drones as the latest weapon in the fight against smog in bangkok hold fleets of the
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military aircraft will be spraying treated water in a bid to help clear the air the type capital has been shrouded in a dense haze for weeks story of widespread fears over public health. now in china tens of thousands have begun flooding out of the capital beijing as the lunar new year holiday approaches at its height the pre-holiday travel brushes considered the world's biggest annual human migration encompassing tens of millions of people across china and asia this year's lunar new year holiday begins on february fourth . you're watching news still to come in the program it's been called the biggest toilet building spree in the world but after five years is the indian government actually fulfilling its promise to install millions of working toilets. but first venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president has revealed the country's political opposition has been meeting secretly with the military officials. trying
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to convince officers to abandon president nicolas maduro and allow humanitarian aid into the crisis ridden country meanwhile across venezuela people have been taking to the streets to call from a resignation. was nicolas maduro surrounded by his troops it was a show of loyalty in shaky times for the embattled president. and it came after his challenger why do you pretend himself interim president last week said he had been holding secret talks with venezuela's on true says it's the support of the military that both men need in their fight for power. and meanwhile protesters once again took to the streets of caracas calling from a duration step down. million to ensuring is one of them she's the
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wife of a prominent opposition leader who's been in jail for four years she told the w it was time for a new government. surplus. thirty six. thirty six this is why we are protesting in the wake of what everybody together parties i demonstrate as okaloosa calling on the military to open venezuela's doors to humanitarian aid that the country desperately needs doctors were protesting against the lack of medical equipment and medicines. we don't have it is true we don't know how to. use. the material to work because it's always here or dying there's no food to give to feed there's no with patients or their like. they have the u.s. on their side washington has recognized claims to lead venezuela on wednesday
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president trump phoned him to reaffirm his support for thought it out that president maduro has warned the americans that intervention may backfire. they don't want to i call upon your conscience akala pun your solidarity be aware of the truth we must not allow a second vietnam to happen this time in latin america if the u.s. intervenes it will be worse for them than vietnam. according to a russian news agency has offered to negotiate with the opposition in an attempt to regain support domestically tulips i know but the people on the street want. that. michael said. i. i took their demand is clear and i'm sure i must die.
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certainly a decisive moment there for venice well let's get the latest on the ground especially for our correspondent in caracas joins us now oscar what can you tell us about the day the day's situation right now for the citizens of that country. well the bait is a situation for people here is finding food and medicine even though of the protests yesterday there's a sense that they were peaceful but today people are taking to the church again this time to buy food and for those who don't live here in minutes and it may seem like a protest in itself because long lines for many people gather to find items like flour milk and hide the food items on the scars right now and that's when i myself after we introduce groceries and it has to be a planned event you hear rumors that a certain stored selling butter for example and you have to rush to find it the situation isn't working out of outside the capital so that's reason we have seen
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a spike in talk of the government and also looting is the big problems the story in the top in the slum areas and adding to that cocktail i mean as you've illustrated there the fact that the economy is on its knees is also the fact that dozens of countries no longer recognize madugalle as the president how much longer can you hold under these conditions. well it's good curtis said today the parliament voted to knowledge and could match them in term of friends were. their. stations a test of their are critical to model of government not only because of the money being frozen in half was because many people many companies will have to think twice before doing any kind of searching. and oil company in particular and from an election here we have only ten days of gasoline. to go by so after these countries
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are over we made a big spike often with that and that could really alter change for one way or another and author and we know that the main support for president maduro it has really been the military we saw him appearing on state t.v. flanked by military leaders but now we have these reports the white house himself is holding meetings in secret with the military what are the chances of him slipping their loyalty. that is very hard to say because the office of focus for middle and low going to military officials to pre-christian and join the opposition to the highways officials are being investigated already for corruption human rights violations and even club traffic is. not an option it's not clear whether y. go will be successful in three militaries a lot of that if it doesn't we can expect environment office things are in caracas thank you. now
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it's being called the biggest toilet building spree in the world in two thousand and fourteen indian prime minister to render modi launched his clean india campaign the aim to eliminate widespread practice of people relieving themselves it open in the countryside five years later is the program working our india correspondents on your phone the car visits a few villages in the northern state of pradesh to find out. it's a must to season with the british the lush fields here harbor a dirty secret. has never had a toilet she has to walk more than a kilometer every day to relieve herself a ritual fought with indignities andrus back to many nights we have to carry a torch and the stick i come here with other women and young children we stand
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watch first because the children get scared there are wild animals in the fields sometimes there are men around it is scary it's safer to come in a group. levees experience is a chop odds with the government's much touted campaign to eliminate often difficult . signs warn of the health risks associated with the practice and urged people to use toilets. so thailand they need the clean india effort has even roped in bollywood stars to spread the message the government offers twelve thousand that's about one hundred fifty euros want to get your house so it's only in villages. the doggy door as part of the clean india campaign the government claims it's building hundreds of millions of toilets it says it's a completely eliminated open definition in most indian states but in the villages be visited and at the british that's with far from being the case. in one village
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the toilets stand half baked many residency they haven't received the full subsidy the facilities here are missing roofs and seeds and are very obviously not a news. for them it's like this mans that the toilets being built on too flimsy and wouldn't last long but there are allegations of caution to. me that the government did give the money for a story out at a price. the head of the village told us if we don't get toilets made we won't get subsidized food grain those are orders from the more government we're poor people we really depend on the food handouts so i decided to build the toilet. it's. back at the displace another irregularity emerges. the clean india website declares hope ilitch to be free of open difficult with two hundred thirty four toilets installed but that doesn't add up and i doubt there are just about four or
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five people in our village who have toilets you can check yourself how can the government say all of us have toilets that's just wrong there is collusion among the officials no one has ever come here to check. these toilet tales on new for research and as a college he's visited about eighty villages across the state for much cited study on the campaigns and by the corruption story is everywhere you saw for yourself right don't look to don't exist is just on the paper the officials are going to use my me on this bigger talk for themselves to do something really serious. runs the company and not the british he says the ghost story that income of these village definitely need investigation but he insists it's an isolated case it is very serious and we are very very very big restrict actions if somebody is phone
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to give false information or receptive. but i think there's no mother should not be very large in the picture which i'm going to do that this open division almost has come down to. us. as. she stood waiting for her promise toilet a batch for data and i think she's already marked a place for it in front of parole. well now there's been a breakthrough in the search for the footballer emillio sala arjun time player whose plane went missing just as he was starting to play for the english premier league investigators have found two seat cushions that they believe to be from the plane and they say that they will begin searching underwater off the northern french coast players and fans of cardiff city who had just signed him paid tribute to sol at their game against arsenal welsh club paid a record transfer fee to the french side non-tariff just days before he went
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missing. now the super bowl of american football is set for this sunday with the teams from los angeles and boston set to play in one of the biggest spectacles and sports it is also time for the national football league to talk about international expansion and at this time every year fans in europe waits to hear about a possible n.f.l. team relocating maybe to london for example or the league stages three games a year here there at wembley stadium and next season there will be four but us four in london based team in the n.f.l. don't hold your breath. passion. they have. shown the same type of knowledge and interest in our game that we we experience right here in the united states i think the issue for still is can we do this competitively for the team that is based in london but also for the other thirty one clubs. that
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involve scheduling involves a lot of other matters that you don't want to compromise to we can get comfortable with that i don't think will be necessarily n.f.l. ready in london. well now to egypt where a professional swimmer has been racking up an impressive collection of medals at competitions around the world even though the athlete in question is just a few years away from her eighteenth birthday. limbering up at the age of seventy six professional swimmer and is as committed to her sport as ever she trains five times per week at a pool in cairo. and. i'm proof that age isn't an obstacle if you have the will to do it and if you have a positive outlook in life. hold up but won her first medal as a teenager but aged eighteen she stopped competing back then there were no
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championships in egypt for swimmers of both that age but she continued to train in the hope that one day she could represent her country internationally in twenty fourteen did just that and her hard work paid off as she won two meddled with the most in their lives and i waited sixty years for the opportunity to participate in a championship it was inside me for sixty years waiting to be released i participated in the championship with great determination and after having trained very hard in that. coach is delighted with the medal winning after the strife. the heart of a twenty year old she has determination in freezing cold or in hot weather she still shows up every day to train there's no championship that she doesn't wish to participate in feels she has to perseverance determination and heart of a young person. even hopes to add to her medal collection on her next competition in germany. but. all that and not slowing down as you watch if
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you give you news coming up after a short break a special edition of complex out on brags that asking how did we get here we look back at interviews key players on both sides of the debate all that more coming up i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us. have a. clue
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. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful after two years of division and deadlock britain is now bracing to woods its schedule and it is much to leave for european union in a conflict so special we look back at some of the key arguments that have shaped this threats it debate who was telling the truth and who was in. college so
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full. of details. about this issue when i arrived here i slept with the single people in a room very similar it was hard. i even got white hair. but did my language know a lot this keeps me and make up much maybe to entrust the lives of say you want to their story my friends are fighting and reliable information for margaret. stop. picking the music so long gets enough take tax cuts.
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make curves with big old boring and stiff and install. the card in checked with musicians from around the world. make grooves starts february second on t.w. . after two years of division and deadlock britain is now racing towards its deadline in march to leave the european union in a conflict so special this week we'll look back at some of the key arguments for that shaped this often angry debate who was telling the truth and who wasn't.


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