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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 2:45pm-3:00pm CET

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this is a business. model first in berlin welcome several use states have created a new payment channel in a bid to bypass u.s. sanctions on iran it's called in sticks and germany france and the u.k. behind it it's designed to allow iran access to european markets without having to rely on international banks because banks face penalties under the u.s. sanction regime the new payment system will allow iran to sell products like oil for example to european customs in sticks would then get and keep the payment for it in turn european companies can deliver food or medical supplies to iran while getting paid by instincts that would allow participants on both sides of the system to avoid running afoul of u.s. actions that only forbid monetary transactions with iran which in states circumvents still companies using in states might risk retaliation from the u.s.
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. states will be a topic at the e.u. foreign ministers meeting in the romanian capital of progress today at our europe correspondent barbara of israel is there and standing by for us barbara is this really about business and trade or is in stakes a political instrument. it is a political message of course because we remember that the europeans were quite angry when donald trump the president sort of started mailing them and threatening european banks if they would get get involved in trade with iran they would be severely sanctions we also know that many banks have absolutely pulled back and we're afraid of burning their fingers and they said this can't go on we can't be just pushed around because the europeans this re countries france germany and the u.k. who have been the partners in the iran nuclear deal they still say that iran is
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keeping its side of the treaty it's keeping its side of the deal that maybe concerns about other problems about to human rights about the missile systems bought this deal is still alive in the eye of the europeans and so they are now trying to do something to take a stand and to circumvent u.s. sanctions and to sort of show that they can't be just dealt was like that from the u.s. about where the white house presumably doesn't like this one bit do the european powers behind this expect any u.s. reactions. they do expect some reactions of form of course because all the people who are involved in this in particularly the german director and probably people at the seat in paris and maybe even the british c.e.o. off this undertaking they are going to be issued was diplomatic passports in korea in order to make it impossible for them to sort of be stopped internationally by
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some extradition demands from washington so yes they do expect something do they expect to. come from washington sort of the trade to step up the trade war nobody knows yet but they really felt that they needed to take a position on this because they feel that if they sort of concentrate on humanitarian deliveries at the moment it is something that could not and should not be faulted by the u.s. by based on their book arrest for us thank you. going to india now where the unemployment rate was at its highest in forty five years the national sample survey office assessment shows last year's jobless rate at six point one percent gloomy jobs data has delivered a blow to prime minister narendra modi just months before a closely contested general election opinion polls show the ruling b j p party is unlikely to keep its parliament parliamentary majority of india's fast paced
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economy has been expanding at about seven percent annually on the growth means not enough new jobs are being created. japanese video game make a nintendo reported fiscal third quarter profits jumping twenty five percent boosted by the popularity of games for its switch console for example in terms of total december profit total totals nine hundred and fifty six million dollars and it shows how gaming has become a multi-billion dollar business a good example for that south korea gaming industry that experience an unprecedented rise in the last decade especially in east sports competitive computer gaming east asian tiger economy is a global leader feel the latest trend is mobile in sports professional gaming on smartphones. when south korea's best computer players compete it's more than just a simple game legal for legends the game of choice makes a strategy and role play
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a benz designed perfect for you sports on a sunday afternoon four hundred fans flock to the league of legends e sports arena in central seoul to watch rivals s.k. telecom versus time one gaming church one of my favorite team plays today plus it's my winter vacation i really couldn't wait to get here with my friends i think i spend around one hundred dollars a month on each sport tickets and fan merchandise. twenty two year old east sun york or faker is considered the greatest player of all time experts estimate his yearly income to be three to four million dollars making him the highest paid athlete in south korea teammate came to mean explains the effort involved oh and i usually spend around twelve hours training i started my career when i was very young and other than that it's important to have a strong mindset and willingness to succeed as an east port player game developer
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right games plans to invest one hundred million dollars over the next decade. among the younger generation in career each sport is a sparkler as a traditional sports such as football or baseball. even for a regular league match our stadium was filled to the very last seat the korean e-sports in the street also has its eye on the burgeoning mobile gaming market thanks to state investments and a strong passion for gaming south korea established itself as a mecca for sports with big markets emerging such as china it remains to be seen whether korea can keep its dominant position the growth of mobile gaming however office new opportunities for the industry finnish game developers critical force have created a first person shooter game designed specifically for mobile e-sports in two thousand and sixteen they received a four million dollar investment by a korean game creator and set up a branch office near seoul there is still like only rare occasions for example
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european companies have been able to conquer asia from europe you have to be here where all the action happens fifty seven million people have done out of their game it attracts one million active users every day to finish developers expect the mobile market will soon dominate the industry. the spoils of war made it so popular well i think the thing about korea is south korea really proved to the world that e-sports a competitive computer gaming could be a real spectator sport previously was just something a couple friends did online or maybe at home in a lan party but it really showed that it was viable in a commercial sense that millions of people would come and spend millions of dollars to sit down in a stadium and watch their favorite e sports competitors duke it out i mean it kind of took the world by storm a dozen to korea by storm thirty years ago when war when star craft brewer first came out but it actually goes further than that i mean i've heard it compared often to the german soccer league basically saying a month professionalization among south korean players especially at the league level and at the local level is much much further developed than in other countries
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so it really is kind of what korea did it showed the world that it was a valid valuable and viable spectator sport and also that these people who are trained should really be considered athletes in electronic sense is that limited to korea how is that spread well it definitely spread and you have to remember the two biggest videogame markets in the world are actually the united states and china and we're seeing a lot more stiff competition coming up especially in some of these major tournaments you know that's really kind of the thing a lot of these tournaments have huge prize prizes attached and you know multimillion dollars can be won some of these tournaments and that's really attracting a lot of people are saying ok i'll put in the twelve sixteen eighteen hour days and for the computer i'll train as hard as i need to in order to make that type of money so yeah i really do think this professionalization is spent spreading to these other communities thank you very much for this thank you. just a few days until the chinese year of the pig many believe it will be
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a good year since pigs civilize good fortune satisfaction and wealth in china about pigs especially popular when they're served up on a plate it's roasted for example in the traditional style. here they hang ready to be roasted this restaurant in hong kong offers the only suckling pig to be roasted an underground grill. the veteran chef fire something happens every morning . the pork gets cooked at three hundred sixty degrees celsius. that was the last roasters to roast pigs and wood fired underground barbecue pits a roast pig skin comes out crispy with a deep flavor the meat has a hint of smoky taste which you can't experience anywhere else. once the meat is cooked it gets cut up very carefully. when shopping roast meat it's most important to cut it into neat and even cubes. pork is very popular in
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china and hong kong ten to fourteen pigs are prepared here every day but now in the run up to chinese new year it can be up to one hundred and they're delivered to other restaurants and private customers. but overall meat consumption is on the wane in china too fatty to heavy more and more chinese are adopting healthier diets but the master roaster has other worries. that young people think this job is too hard also if we go out of business one day they won't be able to find a job anywhere else so young people are not willing to join us. but for now grill chefs expect people to really dig into pork during the upcoming year of the pig. oh it's yummy the skin is very crispy delicious. and twenty twenty is the year of the rat but it's unlikely that
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people here will go hog wild for it. yummy and that's it for me and the business as a team check out our website as well the w dot com slash business news and background stories in thirty languages among them chinese bengali garri indian indonesia check it out. that's out in the us right off to check on global markets.
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news live from europe's parliament backs. interim president. pressure on president nicolas maduro across the country venezuelans have taken to the streets calling for him to step down. coming up america's midwest in the grip of a deadly deep with temperatures colder than be arctic our reporters in chicago daily life as.


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