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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CET

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good look at. the end. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin is this the end of arms control washington is expected to announce its ribs joint from the kenya appear myside treaty just a day after talks with moscow to salvage the pact collapsed that the spark yielded fears of a new arms race also coming up millions of syrians hungry and a wintering in texas the u.n. sounds the alarm over worsening conditions and it gives the war torn country spinal rebel stronghold. meanwhile an end in sight to the deadly toll of blast gripping
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america's midwest some places were colder than the surface of mars we bring you the latest from chicago the epicenter of the deep freeze. plus in sports it's crunch time in the asian cup where four time winner has japan are facing off against first time finalist. as underdogs customers have surprised everyone to reach the final defacing controversy about some of this top players ahead of the big showed up. in a warm welcome to you i'm under. washington is expected to announce that it's suspending compliance with the key arms control treaty the u.s. and soviet union sealed the intermediate range nuclear forces in their treaty in
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one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the agreement aimed to eliminate a whole category of nuclear missiles the americans see russia's new. cruise missiles violate the pact because they have a range of more than five hundred kilometers moscow denies this last week parts of the controversial system were shown to the public in moscow but not the missiles themselves for its box russia accuses the u.s. of violating the treaty with other weapon systems. talk the u.s. undersecretary for arms control and international security andreea thompson and asked about washington's intention to good draw from the nine hundred eighty seven pact. suspend it and then a six month clock runs if you will during that time russia still can get back into compliance but it frees our obligations under the treaty so we suspend our obligations with the intent to withdraw if they don't get back in compliance but we
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have abided by the treaty for the entire time and by suspending their obligations that we'll be able to do the research and development of similar systems that russia now has fully fueled it in in the field so russia in this case would have another six months to be in compliance to do. what exactly in question that russia allegedly possesses that are not compliant with the treaty could you could you name right so the associate is the is the de the nomenclature the arms of the russians you know which system it is. we've continued to meet with them and show them intelligence and information on why this system is not in compliance we've continued to show them the test dates locations of when they conducted the tests that our intel. community and our partners we've shared that information as well and they continue to deny that the test results are the same we share this information we work very hard with our intelligence community to
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get the intelligence what they call downgraded so we can share it with our nato partners and share it with other allies and you've seen the results in response all of our nato partners and allies continue to call out russia so the same information they support our efforts to uphold the obligations of the treaty joining me now is of russia and this constant team get from moscow a let them constantly moscow be quite happy with this us move free to do as they please always russia be invited much frets of a new cold war well they get cuts both ways and so it is clear that in some respects russia will be happy it will be a bit able to keep the end this is eight missiles that it has already produced as the as a secular state saying it will also be able to deployed were it wants and i think it was one of the sweeteners that john bolton the national security advisor to president drum throats to moscow last autumn when he said ok yes we're leaving the
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treaty we're sick and tired of you but you can deploy that for example against china which is one of the sort of it's a big white elephant in the room here because this is what america is also interested in deploying these missiles against the chinese on the other hand of course if president putin wants to start a new arms race with the united states we know what the result is going to be is going to be exactly the one that happened in the in one thousand eighties namely russia will lose but the u.s. hasn't completely closed the door as yet we just have the u.s. arms control chief saying that moscow has six months to comply with alleged breaches do you think we put in we'll be listening. i don't think so i don't i don't imagine you're waking up one day and saying well god how couldn't i make good i'm is this charts no way of putting is very much focused on expanding russian
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military arsenal giving the military new much any other new hardware and i don't think he can roll back even jobs because that will mean that we'll he will have to admit that he was lying for a long shot so i can't imagine this happening barring some fantastic sort of developments on some lyrical bit consider mentioning china the elephant in the room but they are those who say washington's move is aimed at china which is not bound by the same thing about to building he didn't range missile has been said in russia i think that many people in russia hold all not that meeting that will share that view you know about china in moscow they speak as they speak about the dead man either good or nothing but i think there's a growing fear of the chinese expansionism of china's growing military might of the chinese very sort of strong arm politics on the global scene so as i said i think that to some extent. quite
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a few people in russia will be happy with that and other issue is whether america and russia will be able to find common ground on the chinese threat if this really happens then of course this treaty will be much less relevant let's put it like that to some extent it is definitely a relic of the cold war but you have to agree with the new products as well and this maybe will be what would be discussed between moscow and course in the coming years maybe again i'm not sure about constantine and us in moscow thank you very much for your analysis later. now if the treaty collapses a nuclear arms race as it did in the one nine hundred eighty s. back then hundreds of thousands of journalists protested against the deployment of american nuclear weapons. did. travel to the southern town of heilbronn where american medium range missile based in the. here in this
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clearing in southern germany american nuclear missiles were stationed during the one nine hundred eighty s. the only building left of what used to be the u.s. army vaulted a base is barrack number nine zero one american soldier larry nichols was stationed here in the eighty's when one of the worst situations imaginable actually occurred on january eleventh one thousand nine hundred five a persian two missile exploded one thought it was a nuclear explosion it was a shocker i mean we're talking about a nuclear weapon carrier or rocket motor. for something like that happen here hype of the cold war. the whole world was alarmed three u.s. soldiers died sixteen were seriously wounded because created the memorial in their honor he never got over his fear of nuclear weapons. you didn't know exactly what was going to happen but you knew what you had and what you were
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capable of doing. and that was frightening you know. it was only after this accident that the people of had been were informed that nuclear missiles were stationed directly in their vicinity it took another three years for the missiles to be removed after the i n f a treaty was agreed on the title was the first base in germany to remove and destroy its nuclear missiles he's a bishop knows the story from her parents and from her high school classes she's a member of the local green party and actively involved in protests against nuclear armament we have as recently i'm terrified by this i think that there's nothing more important than keeping world peace in particular that no new nuclear weapons are employed also that is he countries as possible have nuclear weapons so that accidents are less likely to happen. she meets larry nichols the former soldier. both worry that history could repeat itself. from
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a child has said that he wants to back out of the nuclear missile treaty what's your opinion on this. new u.s. missiles nichols is unsure how he feels about that america america is in a very very difficult situation at the moment and my opinion is that everyone. in the one nine hundred eighty s. there were massive demonstrations against u.s. missiles across germany including here and. he's a bishop title would attend the protest march if there were one today to a few i would definitely go out and demonstrate it's very important to me that peace remains our top priority i would definitely go out and join a protest for this cause. back at the former volatile base the old u.s. soldier and the young pacifist share the same fear that the arms race between russia and the u.s. will start up again and no one will have learned from the mistakes of the past.
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let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world the u.s. senate has voted to oppose president crumb's plans to bring draw american troops from syria and afghanistan to the sixty it's to twenty three vote on an amendment to the bill on middle east policy it was pushed by senate republicans who are increasingly critical of donald trump's foreign policy. rival political factions in lebanon have agreed to form a new government after months of deadlock the country held its first parliamentary elections in nine years in may last year but talks since then have been mired in disagreement celebrations are now underway as the delivery has heightened fears of a major economic collapse. brazilian authorities fear last week's collapse of a mining dam may have polluted the nearby south francisco river tests show the presence of metals in the water has spiked to unhealthy levels since the disaster
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one hundred ten people have been confirmed dead another two hundred thirty eight are listed as missing. to venezuela now where self-proclaimed interim president quite wide though is up in political pressure on the man he wants to replace he says he will not wait for president nicolas maduro to go he's already working on a transitional government why there was speaking to report supporters in caracas as he presented a plan to rebuild the country you also got a boost from the european union's position on the venezuelan crisis. good news for the so proclaimed interim president ongoing job as pressure on turn socialist leader nicolas maduro mounts the european union now says it will have to solve the crisis in venezuela countries such as germany france bolivia and aquittal go in to form a group for ninety days with the aim of pushing for new elections. there
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is full unity on the assessment first of all of the objectives that the european union and its member states have which is the one of having organise whelan's as soon as possible freedom of crowded presidential elections with international guarantees that comes shortly after the european parliament called on member states to recognize quite go and spend as well as acting head of state joining countries like the u.s. and canada well that doesn't mean that the thirty five year old has the official backing of the new it could have to turn the tide in his favor boosting the opposition leader internationally as he drums up support at home. in. this race your hands if your house has no access to water these days the leader asked his audience in the capital caracas elio on thursday. lots of pans in the crowd basic supplies are scarce in this whaler its economy has gone into meltdown
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why don't the transition government his building is devoting itself to improving the situation. there are two key elements for every project time and money but rules government does not have to be there but once the illegal seizures powers over a new democratic government would have not just time but also faith. and the necessary money to drive this country forward that is important. but is to support the military that may be crucial in the power battle between quite joe and. so far differing maint on the side of the embattled president but as international pressure on him ounds become ever more dependent on retaining their loyalty. i. they hear and see about a tear in chief as
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a peaceful funds to help millions of syrians. living in tents or unheated buildings in severe winter conditions mark appealed to the un security council comes amid rising concern over the plight of some three million people in. the last major stronghold of the syrian opposition. really call their seeps through the cracks on child han does his best to insulate but there's only so much he can do to protect his family from the rain and storms. his three children do their best to ward off the freezing temperatures they've been living here for over a year. the family was forced to flee their village of hamas when government troops under the assad regime began bombing they lost everything we had no shit we live to sleep we cook and wash in this tent there's no harder life than here my son has a bad case of bronchitis but we can't afford any medicine we can't afford any food either he or she to be honest we have nothing well in that he only god can help us
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we have absolutely nothing at all no coal nothing to eat and drink at nothing. for weeks the weather has been inclement mix of rain in storms this refugee camp in northern syria has become a mud bath fifteen hundred people fled here from other parts of the country to escape violence. but there's no sign of any aid organization and there is a severe lack of blankets clothes heaters food as well. and now there's also a rising fear of a military offensive directed toward the last rebel stronghold in syria will push out that we're afraid of everything up with grain and wind when it hits a tent but also attackers coming from who knows where but i don't know what something. more and it has become more likely since the salafist jihadists militant group to reroll sham through to control early january these are rare images of an
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otherwise closed society the extremists with close ties to al qaeda were meant to withdraw to a buffer zone and take their heavy arms with them those were the terms of the cease fire agreed upon by russia and turkey instead moderate groups were beaten back and forced to flee. has become a city state ruled by sharia law hundreds of opposition members are thought to have been arrested perhaps it is no wonder that people here are hesitant to criticize to reroll sham an occupation by the syrian army would probably be the greater of two evils. if government troops were to. we would fight back to take our weapons to turkey or europe. we have no other option but to defend ourselves one thing is certain war is coming. the provincial administration is under the control of terrier al shaab the chief administrator criticize the fact that western countries like germany discontinued their aid for that very reason.
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citizens have to suffer dealing with things like. the more they will flee abroad the little people always look for safe places where they will have bread to eat. and if they don't get it here they will look for it elsewhere. it is a struggle for power being fought on the backs of the vulnerable according to the united nations one point six million people in dependent aid for basic food supplies it is a question of survival for many of them survival in the last bastion in syria. america's midwest is suffering a deep freeze that has killed at least twelve people tend to just launched no than those in the arctic bringing daily life to a standstill for tens of millions of people thought the excesses of also being crippled the focus now show and end is in sight we have this from
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a bitterly cold chicago. the windy city from above covered in snow a peaceful sight for those lucky enough to be able to board a flight in or out of chicago since tuesday over four thousand flights have been canceled out of the city's two international airports at the same time local services have come to a standstill while the brutally cold weather has killed at least a dozen people. if you want to survive and arctic temperatures here are some tips from chicago and where snow pants wear rubber gloves to keep your hands insulated keep moving or better yet just stay inside this is an area of the country that's very used to cold temperatures but even this is extreme traffic lights around the city are breaking buses and trains are practically empty we're standing next to a major thoroughfare right now in the middle of the day we've seen maybe a dozen cars drive by the city services are also shut out as people just hunker
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down inside to stay safe. the record breaking temperatures were caused by a shift of the polar vortex an arctic wind that normally swirls over the north pole what does it feel like to you being outside it's like an article it is so flipping called. isn't too bad as the windows and blow in the wind isn't blowing you can tolerate it for twenty minutes as long to dress warm you know he did not run around in shorts and a t. shirt. as the icy wind sweep eastwards meteorologists are expecting a rapid thaw bringing spring like conditions over the weekend this could present another set of problems flooding is now a major concern as people in chicago stay wrapped up for the time being. chilis largest lended to your bank has reported a profit fall loss to fit the last fiscal year they announce among the first time
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the trial of bank was in the black since two thousand and fourteen according to the bank's numbers though it's a bust made a profit of around three hundred forty million euros the positive numbers are slightly below analyst expectations this to mark a turnaround in the bank's fortunes they again raise speculation about a margin over many smaller comments bank but many say it would still be too small and too weak for competition. used to be a powerful symbol of the german economy deutsche bank but it's been in crisis for years the problems are mainly self-made the police raided the company in november the suspicion was money laundering once again a scandal with a german industry leader its reputation is ruined and business is bad also in investment banking. deutsche bank share price fell by more than fifty six percent in twenty eighteen. in the global ranking it's far behind american and chinese
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banks in eighty ninth place. christiane's even has been the new chief executive officers in april twenty eighth seen he wants to turn the tide and make the bank fit for the future again the political pressure is increasing for the c.e.o. to get his house in order to. put all his asian cup draws to a close today with japan taking on in the final budget than our regular us in the latter stages but forget that this is uncharted territory it's a ranked nineteenth third in the woods and has had to deal with plenty of controversy in the united arab emirates but now they could be on the verge of glory joining me to talk about this and to look. ahead into this big game is mccambridge on the sports desk welcome ed are you surprised to see either of these teams in the
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final well like everybody i'm very surprised to see tar have made it they weren't among the proton favorites of course that you just said ninety third ranked in the world but not only have they made it to the final they've done so without conceding a single goal in this tournament which just goes to show how excellent they've been in this tournament now of course they're hosting the twenty twenty two world cup so you know this form is a huge boost for the nation given a lot of people who've called into question the fact that the next woke up they said they had no feel for all heritage but it surprised a lot of people is torn now my colleague ali moody has prepared a report for us giving us a bit more background on this final so let's take a look at that now. guitar players are getting ready for the biggest game of their lives the team has reached the asian cup final for the first time ever for a country preparing to host the world cup in twenty twenty two it's a chance to prove they belong on the biggest stage in football. this is what reaching the final meant to football fans back in doha. more than just
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a sporting success the semifinal victory over the u.a.e. had political connotations to the tournament hosts have been involved in a blockade of qatar. and the result sparked fury inside the stadium guitar players were pelted with shoes and plastic bottles after they scored and at the end of the game. i think we manage quite well the emotions during the game and on the players the performance and in the game that that was the most important u.e.a. have since lodged an official complaint alleging to have kids as players are ineligible for the national team that's include star striker imo as alley he's the top scorer at the tournament with eight goals already but he and his team mates face their toughest challenge yet in the final. japan has won the trophy four times more than any other country and while their form has been unspectacular they have
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been efficient enough to deal with every opponent they face so far. we're going to have to play an excellent and excellent game who want to compete against them but we are right at this point the players are confident and we're going to try to arrive well they've overcome hostile crowds and beaten some of asia's top teams to get this far another victory would see guitar make history. ok and then the report mentioned accusations against two have got us fears what exactly. claiming well the u.a.e. claim to be in possession of documents which prove that two of qatar's place now stand out star players at this tournament in eligible to have played this tournament now neither player was actually born in qatar that's never been in question are born in sudan and iraq especially respectively. but qatar claim that
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they are allowed to play in this tournament because their mothers were born in qatar now you are a claim at least that this is force they say that they have documents which prove that their mothers were born in iraq and sudan as well and not in qatar which would would cause the horrible shadow of a guitar going into this final because like i said if surprised everybody was there for all and this is slightly concerning those stories broken by an australian journalist called scott's macintyre and he also claims to be in possession of these documents so while nothing has been proved yet. yet to respond to the allegations it does look as if you know something something files in a play here oakley each other a lot about beefy tell me what are you expecting from japan or japan or what among the pre-tournament favorite so they've won the tournament four times and now their form has been a little bit shaky going into this final but i think a lot neutrals at least are expecting them to go on to win another one here ok ed mckay mission leader of the sports desk thank you very much. here's a recap of the top story that they're following for you. the u.s. is expected to announce its courting compliance with the keep nuclear arms treaty
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the trumpet ministration says the new russian christmas savatage the terms of the i.m.f. treaty signed in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. up next we have one regard that seemed obvious political talk show that's coming up just to be if it can get.
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for. more intrigue international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week is tracing for further protests as its embattled president targets a young leader who many even as well. it's hopeless reduce the dreams of the corrupt elite school when the power struggle and at what price that's our topic on
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shut me up to. quadriga next on d w. illness doesn't on the entire us grand hire scheme to jurors or dealing with anyone and then i killed many civilians in the irish coming including my father one of the things i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself latisse to call it a sudden my life became alledge kind of zob. providing insights global news that matters w made for mines. we make up oh but we want tons of food that under such a time we are the civil servants and. they want to shape the continent's future.
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part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent of. platform africa it's hard. to believe. hello and welcome to quadriga venezuela is bracing for further potentially deadly protests as embattled president targets the young politician seen by many venezuelans as the only hope of breaking the grip of a corrupt elite that has plundered the country president nicolas maduro has presided over a dramatic economic collapse declaring that president illegitimate one why don't leader of the democratically elected national.


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