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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin is this the end of arms control washington is expected to announce its redrawing from a key nuclear missile treaty this comes a day after the collapse of talks with moscow to salvage the pact to now global fears of a new arms race also coming up like an article it is so flipping called. the people of chicago hunkered down in the brutally cold temperatures there for them to record lows in seven areas of britain live is on the way plus.
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israel gears up to host the sea as euro vision song contest but the event is already surrounded by controversy. and in sport it's crunch time in the asian cup where four time windows japan are facing off against first time finalists qatar as underdogs gutfeld have surprised everyone to reach the final they're facing controversy about some of their stop play as ahead of the big showdown. color will welcome to you i'm under. washington is expected to announce that it suspended compliance with the key arms control treaty the u.s. and soviet union sealed the. to me to dreams nuclear forces and treaty back in one
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thousand nine hundred eighty seven the agreement aimed to eliminate a whole category of nuclear missiles now the americans see a new generation of russian christmas science violate the pact and accusation moscow denies last week bots of the controversial weapon system not publicly displayed near moscow but not the missiles themselves russia accuses the us of also violating the treaty with other weapons systems in an interview with the us as lead arms control negotiator said that the us was suspending the treaty to force russia's hand and allow washington to start developing the type of weaponry banned by the fact we will suspend a six month clock runs if you will during that time russia still can get back into compliance but it frees our obligations under the treaty so we suspend our obligations with the intent to withdraw if they don't get back in compliance but we
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have abided by the treaty entire time and by suspending their obligations that we'll be able to do the research and development of similar systems. in the field. and that was under thompson the u.s. undersecretary for arms control and international security talking to john m. silber let's take a look at how the treaty came to be and why it's so important. nineteen eighty seven and the historic agreements between the saviour's union in the united states when president mikhail gorbachev and ronald reagan signed the i.n.f. treaty marked a change of course after decades of cold war nuclear tension. the roots of the tension was this the soviet s.s. twenty missile a nuclear warheads that could strike western europe at short notice. that worried those european countries on the other side of the iron curtain who were well within
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the missiles reach a five and a half thousand kilometers. the u.s. response to deploy its own midrange pershing missiles in europe was met with protests across the west the protests showed the need for a new direction the result was the i.n.f. treaty. it banned all ground launched ballistic missiles with ranges of between five hundred and five and a half thousand kilometers the soviet union got rid of one thousand eight hundred forty six short and intermediate range missiles in the united states eight hundred forty six before the implementation deadline in one thousand nine hundred one a total of two thousand six hundred ninety two missiles were destroyed. joining me now is russia analysts constantine egg gets a law school a welcome constantine we must all be quite happy with this us free to do as they please always russia be wide open you. well i think it cuts both
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ways and said it is clear that in some respects russia will be happy it will be a bit able to keep the end s.s.e. eight missiles that it has already produced as before the a secular state saying it will also be able to deployed were it wants and i think it was one of the sweeteners that john bolton of the national security advisor to president drum fraught to moscow last autumn when he said ok yes we're leaving the treaty we're sick and tired of you but you can deploy them for example against china which is one of the sort of it's a big white elephant in the room here because this is what america is also interested in deploying these missiles against the chinese on the other hand of course if president putin wants to start a new arms race with the united states we know what the result is going to be is going to be exactly the one that happened in the in one thousand eighties namely russia rules but the u.s.
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hasn't completely closed the door as yet we just have the u.s. arms control chief saying that moscow has six months to comply with alleged breaches do you think that they may put in will be listening. i don't think so i don't i don't imagine you're waking up one day and saying well god i mean how couldn't i make good time is this charts no way of putting is very much focused on expanding russian military arsenal giving the military new much area new hardware and i don't think he can roll back even jobs because that will mean that we'll he will have to admit that he was lying for a long shot so i can't imagine this happening barring some fantastic sort of developments on some miracle that consider you mentioned china the elephant in the room of they are those who say washington's move is aimed at china which is not bound by the street in a building medium range missile is something said in russia. i think
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that many people in russia although not that meeting that will share that view you know about china in moscow they speak as they speak about a dead man either good or nothing but i think there's a growing fear of a chinese expansionism of chinese growing military might of the chinese very sort of strong arm politics on the global scene as i said i think that to some extent. quite a few people in russia will be happy with that and other issue is whether america and russia will be able to find common ground on the chinese threat if this really happens then of course this treaty will be much less relevant let's put it like that to some extent it is definitely a relic of the cold war but you have to agree with the new products as and this maybe will be welcome to be discussed between moscow and course in the coming years maybe again i'm not sure about constantine i guess in moscow thank you very much for your analysis thank you if the treaty now collapses
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a nuclear arms race threatens europe as it did back in the one nine hundred eighty s. at that point hundreds of thousands of germans protested against the deployment off american nuclear weapons and german saw and did have these fabienne funded mock travelling to the southern town of heilbronn where american medium range missiles were based in the eighty's here in this clearing in southern germany american nuclear missiles were stationed during the one nine hundred eighty s. the only building left of what used to be the us army vul tied to base this barrack number nine zero one. american soldier larry nichols was stationed here in the eighty's when one of the worst situations imaginable actually occurred on january eleventh one thousand nine hundred five a person two missile exploded one thought it was a nuclear explosion it was a shocker i mean we're talking about a nuclear weapon carrier or rocket motor and for something like that happen here at
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the hype of the cold war. the whole world was alarmed three u.s. soldiers died sixteen were seriously wounded nichols created the memorial in their honor he never got over his fear of nuclear weapons. you didn't know exactly what was going to happen but you knew what you had and what you were capable of doing and that was frightening yes. it was only after this accident that the people of had been were informed that nuclear missiles were stationed directly in their vicinity it took another three years for the missiles to be removed after the i.n.f. treaty was agreed on was the first base in germany to remove and destroy its nuclear missiles he's a bishop knows the story from her parents and from her high school classes she's a member of the local green party and actively involved in protests against nuclear
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armament we have as recently i'm terrified by this i think that there's nothing more important than keeping world peace in particular that no new nuclear weapons are employed also that is he countries as possible have nuclear weapons so that accidents are less likely to happen. she meets larry nichols the former soldier. both worry that history could repeat itself. from greyhound has said that he wants to back out of the nuclear missile treaty what's your opinion on this. new u.s. missiles nichols is unsure how he feels about that america america is in a very very difficult situation at the moment and my opinion is that everyone. i listened to. in the one nine hundred eighty s. there were massive demonstrations against u.s. missiles across germany including here and high born is a bush title would attend
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a protest march if there were one today she would offer you i would definitely go out and demonstrate it's very important to me that peace remains our top priority i would definitely go out and join a protest for this cause. back at the former volatile base the old u.s. soldier and the young pacifist share the same fear that the arms race between russia and the u.s. will start up again and no one will have learned from the mistakes of the past. now for a look at some other stories making news around the wild the u.s. senate has voted to oppose president donald trump's plans to withdraw american troops from syria and afghanistan sixty eight to twenty three vote came on an amendment to a bill on middle east policy it was pushed by senator public and so i increasingly critical of donald trump's foreign policy. venezuela's opposition to the why me why bill has accused the special police unit of coming to his home and threatening his
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family the alleged encounter came as quadro tries to persuade venezuelan security forces to support him in a standoff with president nicolas. the police deny that offices bent to. him in my lawyers for two jailed to port of safaga an appeal in the country's highest court reporters was sentenced to seven years in prison for violating a man must official secrets act police famed them for reporting on man mass crackdown on the muslim minority. america's midwest is suffering from a deep freeze that has killed at least twelve temperatures plunge lower than those in the arctic bringing daily life to a standstill for tens of millions of people services have also been crippled but for cough now show and end is in sight we have this from a bitterly cold chicago. the windy
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city from above covered in snow a peaceful sight for those lucky enough to be able to board a flight in or out of chicago since tuesday over four thousand flights have been canceled out of the city's two international airports at the same time local services have come to a standstill while the brutally cold weather has killed at least a dozen people. if you want to survive and arctic temperatures here are some tips for chicago and where snow pants wear rubber gloves to keep your hands insulated keep moving or better yet just stay inside this is an area of the country that's very used to cold temperatures but even this is extreme traffic lights around the city are breaking buses and trains are practically empty we're standing next to a major thoroughfare right now in the middle of the day we've seen maybe a dozen cars drive by the city services are also shut down as people just hunker
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down inside to stay safe. the record breaking temperatures were caused by a shift of the polar vortex an arctic wind that normally swirls over the north pole what does it feel like to you being outside it's like an article flipping called. isn't too bad as the wind doesn't blow in the wind isn't blowing you can tolerate it for twenty minutes as long to dress warm you know he's not running around in shorts and a t. shirt. as the icy wind sweep eastwards meteorologists are expecting a rapid thaw bringing spring like conditions over the weekend this could present another set of problems flooding is now a major concern as people in chicago stay wrapped up for the time being. and that was a correspondent or. the geminis largest linda deutsch a bank has reported a profit for the last fiscal year the announcement the first time the bank was in
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the black since two thousand and fourteen according to the bank's numbers dortch of made a profit of around three hundred forty million euros the positive numbers are a slightly bigger and in this expected but still i'm off to turn around in the banks fortunes the again real speculation about a much over jim small a collapse that many say it would still be too small and too weak for competition. for a closer look at the numbers i'm joined by find national correspondent christiane brits in frankfurt. don't you bank is finally made and you profit doesn't mean the bank is still adding things around. us well after a disappointing fourth quarter and twenty eighteen which was bad for a lot of major banks a bank has finally managed important number of finally managed to make
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a profit last year in april the new c.e.o. christians are being set out to restructure to the bank and to cut costs and he has done that and it looks like he's done that effectively he's cut a lot of jobs he's also refocus the bank stopped doing some of the things it did before like commodity trading he's also looked into in the invest in vestment banking sector it's not all great the asset management branch us is not doing so well and customers are actually leaving in droves which is a problem even though the result is positive the big question is that merger starts on the table especially in german politics because the one starring giant behind here just isn't strong enough to compete in international waters it looks like both christian brits on london frankfurt thank you. israel is gearing up to host this is your vision song contest the event is still
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a few months away but already it's surrounded by controversy israel moved to look ation from the contested city of jerusalem to tel aviv to defuse the outcry but the criticism has not stopped what was meant to be a celebration of music bringing nations together threatens to not do quite the opposite. that israel's eurovision song contest last year in lisburn she was the public's favorite with an unusual outfit and distinctive song toy it changed her life as musician. one hundred eighty degrees different i was a blues artists singing and basements and i did my looper stuff at home. who ever have who i wouldn't have imagined in in twelve months. to become that perfect everyone is read the right to host this year's contest for
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the first time in twenty years. in may funds from all over the world are expected to come here to tel aviv where the song contest is being held but despite the end to the awesome helping cause to boycott the event hosting the grand finale in tel aviv rather than in jerusalem a city with internationally contested status has deflected some of the controversy several international artists and celebrities have started petitions to stay away from the event accusing israel of piloting palestinian human rights and its military occupation a lot of people demonstrated in all sorts of countries with in england and ireland against sending some of the singers to israel to the show and no one canceled which is surprising having said that we have three months to go i'm pretty sure it's going to be loud very loud i mean
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a lot of demonstrations letters experience criticism herself on social media and on stage but she prefers to focus on her music and has just released her second single process about. that report by the crema this is when you die you take nothing with you but that's not necessarily the case in countries like ghana where people believe those who have passed should get the best possible sendoff and that often includes an extravagant and creative coffin reflecting something of the person who is being laid to rest did the obvious flourish chiquita has more. maureen is welcoming mourners to our father's funeral he was
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a popular in this church he was trumpets and. trumpets and you know one is doing it you know the trumpets and he puts himself in it i mean he doesn't. you know made this you know decided to use the trumpet to bury him the family had well known coffin copy. a period has been making for more than twenty years. and functionality. he has created thousands in different forms the design of the coffee represents the lifestyle the car the job of the person who was die. trying. to bury. the cost of an elaborate
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coffin depends on the complexity of the design this one could cost up to seven thousand five hundred c.d.'s that's about one thousand five hundred u.s. dollars thirty five times the monthly minimum wage or barry says he sometimes makes up to five coffins in a month evil though the funeral industry is booming there are still only a few people in ghana who do this work it takes many years to learn and these days fewer people are coming to learn because young people want something that can bring in money. if you come back.
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says people come from different parts of the world to buy his coffins. says she's convinced the family has given the father the sendoff he deserves by burying him with his most prized possession he. at. least if not. with his symbol the symbol is the trumpets. these families that are able to give a grand burial. put all the asian cup draws to a close today with japan taking on cathar in the final while japan are regulars in the latter stages but forget that this is uncharted territory it's ranked ninety third in the world and has had to deal with the india of controversy in the united arab emirates but now they could be on the verge of glory joining me to talk about
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this and to look ahead to this big game is mccambridge on the sports desk welcome ed are you surprised to see either of these teams in the final well like everybody are very surprised seek to have made it they weren't among the tallent favorites of course that you just said ninety third ranked in the world but not only have i made it to the final they've done so without conceding a single goal in this tournament which just goes to show how excellent they've been in this tournament now of course they're hosting the twenty twenty two world cup so you know this form is a huge boost for the nation given a lot of people who've called into question the fact that qatar has the next four cup is that they had i thought for all heritage but it surprised a lot of people is torn now my colleague ali moody has prepared a report for us giving us a bit more background on this final so let's take a look at that now. guitar players are getting ready for the biggest game of their lives the team has reached the asian cup final for the first time ever for
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a country preparing to host the world cup in twenty twenty two it's a chance to prove they belong on the biggest stage in football. this is what reaching the final meant to football fans back in doha. more than just a sporting success the semifinal victory over the u.a.e. had political connotations to the tournament hosts have been involved in a blockade of qatar. and the result sparked fury inside the stadium guitar players were pelted with shoes and plastic bottles after they scored and the end of the game. i think we manage quite well the. the emotions get in the game and on the players the. hormones and in the game that was the most important u.e.a. have since lodged an official complaint alleging two of kids are players are ineligible for the national team that include star striker imo as alley he's the
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top scorer at the tournament with eight goals already but he and his team mates face their toughest challenge yet in the final. japan have won the trophy four times more than any other country and while their form has been unspectacular they have been efficient enough to deal with every opponent they face so far. we're going to have to play an excellent and excellent game who want to compete against them but we are right at this point the players are confident and we're going to try to arrive well they've overcome hostile crowds and beaten some of asia's top teams to get this far another victory would see guitar make history. ok and then they have both mentioned accusations against two have got us fears what exactly. claiming well the u.a.e. claims to be in possession of documents which prove that two of guitars plays now stand out star players at this tournament in eligible to have played this
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tournament now neither player was actually born in qatar that's never been in question are born in sudan and iraq a speck of respectively. but claim that they are allowed to play in this tournament because their mothers were born in qatar now you may claim at least that this is force they say that they have documents which prove that their mothers were born in iraq and sudan as well and not in qatar which would would cost a horrible shadow of a guitar going into this final because like i said if surprised everybody was there for all and this is slightly concerning those stories broken by an australian journalist called scots mcintyre he also claims to be in possession of these documents so while nothing has been proved yet. yet to respond to the allegations it does look as if you know something some files in a play here ok you've got a lot about beefy tell me what are you expecting from japan or japan or what among the pre-tournament favorite so they've won it on that four times and now their form has been a little bit shaky going into this final but i think a lot neutrals at least are expecting them to go on to win another one here ok ed
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mckay mission b w sports desk thank you very much. i'm a touchy mug i do it because you check out our website that's dot com up next business news with stephen beard to stay with us and.
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iran once and isolated. not to cower in the middle east. must continue to grow. economically and above all militarily. does iran truly subtrees opponents who have their doubts iran from theocracy to regional superpower.
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we present europe at its most fascinating and its most exciting. most creative colorful glamorous trendy tasteful innovative brilliant charming exciting. and filesystem will pick out the. stars february second g.w. . once upon a time there was a young girl with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and that i would go to concerts with my parents and. here and for being on stage with the musicians and being part of that magic it was a difficult trip to the first one she really did come oh world famous conductor.
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longer than i. love my stuff. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . germany's largest lender finally get some good news. hosting its first annual profit in four years but is it enough for the embattled bank to stave off a merger with a rival lender. also the latest trade talks between the u.s. and china have ended and the countdown to the next round of tariffs has.


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