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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 11:00am-11:31am CET

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and freedom of press. giving freedom for your global news that matters b.t.w. made for martin's good character. this is d.w. news live from berlin is this the end of arms control washington is expected to announce it has withdrawn from achieve nuclear missile treaty discussions to save the pact have failed there are now global fears of a new arms race. also coming up india's prime minister is ready to spend big with general elections looming the renter modi looks to attract voters with something
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for everyone. israel gears up to host this year's euro vision song contest but the event is already surrounded by controversy. thanks. i'm sorry so much conduct's good to have you with us washington is expected to announce that it is pulling out of a key arms control treaty now the u.s. and soviet union assigned the intermediate range nuclear forces or i.n.f. treaty in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the agreement aimed to eliminate a whole category of nuclear missiles now the americans say a new generation of russian cruise missiles violate the a pact an accusation that moscow does deny now last week parts of this are. virtual
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weapons system were publicly displayed near moscow but not the missiles themselves russia accuses the us of also violating b. i.n.f. treaty with other weapon systems in an interview with the us has lead to arms control negotiator said that the us was suspending the treaty to force russia's hand and allow washington to start developing the type of arms banned by the pact. suspend it and then a six month clock runs if you will during that time russia still can get back into compliance but it frees our obligations under the treaty so we suspend our obligations with the intent to withdraw if they don't get back in compliance but we have abided by the treaty for the entire time and by suspending their obligations that we'll be able to do the research and development of similar systems that rationale has fully fueled it in in the field that was andrea thompson a u.s. undersecretary for arms control and international security talking to. them. now earlier we spoke to russia analyst constantine eggert and we asked him how moscow
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sees this move from the u.s. if they're happy with the freedom to do as they please or worried about the threat of a new cold war. it is clear that in some respects russia will be happy it will be a bit able to keep the end s.s.e. eight missiles that it has already produced as if they a secular state saying it will also be able to deployed were it was that i think it was one of the suites and that john bolton the national security advisor to president drum brought to moscow last autumn when he said ok yes we're leaving the treaty we're seconds out of you but you can deploy them for example against china which is one of the sort of it's a big white elephant in the room here because this is what america is also interested in deploying these missiles against the chinese only adamant that if president putin wants to start a new arms race for the united states we'll know what the result is going to be is
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going to be exactly the one that happened in the in one thousand eight hundred namely russia rules that was russia analyst constantine eckert speaking to us earlier from moscow well if the i.n.f. treaty does not collapse as expected europe could be facing a new nuclear arms race like it did in the one nine hundred eighty s. back then with missiles from both nato and the eastern bloc deployed nearby became the front line of the nuclear arms race as a result hundreds of thousands of the west germans protested the deployment of american nuclear weapons in their country did obvious fabienne find a mark traveled to the southern town of haifa where american medium range missiles were based in the eighty's here in this clearing in southern germany american nuclear missiles were stationed during the one nine hundred eighty s. the only building left of what used to be the us army vul tied to base this barrack number nine zero one. american soldier larry nichols was stationed here in the
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eighty's when one of the worst situations imaginable actually occurred on january eleventh one thousand nine hundred five a person two missile exploded one thought it was a nuclear explosion it was a shocker i mean we're talking about a nuclear weapon carrier or rocket motor and for something like that happen here at the height of the cold war. the whole world was alarmed three u.s. soldiers died sixteen were seriously wounded nichols created the memorial in their honor he never got over his fear of nuclear weapons. you didn't know exactly what was going to happen but you knew what you hit. and what you were capable of doing. and that was frightening you know. it was only after this accident that the people of had been were informed that nuclear missiles were stationed directly in their vicinity it took another three years for the missiles
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to be removed after the i n f a treaty was agreed on the title was the first base in germany to remove and destroy its nuclear missiles he's a bishop knows the story from her parents and from her high school classes she's a member of the local green party and actively involved in protests against nuclear armaments he has recently i'm terrified by this i think that there's nothing more important than keeping world peace in particular that no new nuclear weapons are employed also that is he countries as possible have nuclear weapons so that accidents are less likely to happen. she meets larry nichols the former soldier. both worry that history could repeat itself. from a child has said that he wants to back out of the nuclear missile treaty what's your opinion on this. new us missiles nichols is unsure how he feels about
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that america america is in a very very difficult situation at the moment and my opinion is that it's everyone's fold and surely in the one nine hundred eighty s. there were massive demonstrations against u.s. missiles across germany including here and. he's a bishop title would attend the protest march if there were one today to adelphi i would definitely go out and demonstrate it's very important to me that peace remains our top priority i would definitely go out and join a protest for this cause. back at the form of all tied to base the old us soldier and the young pacifist share the same fear that the arms race between russia and the us will start up again and no one will have learned from the mistakes of the past. let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world the u.s. senate has voted to oppose president trump's plans to withdraw american troops from syria and afghanistan the sixty eight to twenty three vote came on an amendment to
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a bill on little east policy it was pushed by senate republicans who are increasingly critical of donald trump's foreign policies. venezuela's opposition leader why though has accused the special police unit of coming to us home and threatening his family the alleged encounter came as quite though tries to persuade venezuelan security forces to support him in a standoff with president nicolas maduro of the police deny that officers went to quell those homework you know. a panicked leopard injured at least four people as they try to escape crowds in the indian city of jalandhar wildlife officials eventually managed to capture the big cat and take it to a zoo a conflict between wild animals and people have increased in india as people encroach on wilderness areas. now india's prime minister is looking to bolster his political support today with a new interim budget presented just ahead of elections this spring the interim modi is pouring extra money into aig for farmers workers and small business owners now
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the interim budget is usually approved by parliament to keep the government running in the months just for a general election but this party lost in three regional elections in december thanks in part to a lack of support from farmers and workers and in a few short months mo the faces a general election in his bid for a second term. or d.w. asia news anchor be responded to is with us this show will be covering this story in detail tell us about this interim budget this is usually something that doesn't make headlines but this time it has why the simple answer to that is because the good government from is noted from all the has reached into its big finance bag and put it out in a virtual india gift card it's a gift card for all such in the society that matter to the name the more they go to the middle flows the farmers especially and also labor those in the unorganized
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sector this socks that have been promised to these people and they really did need the money but it's the timing of it remember you said the word intended in the interim budget in ten budgets. a number six grand prix is the reason they've been kicked like that by convention is because an election is coming up you don't want to promise things that will help the ruling party but this party has completely up and to the convention and made the interim budget a full blown budget so can we clearly say this is what it appears to be a rupees for votes scheme you can say in many ways because a number of these schemes retrospectively for example the handout the income support to farmers that kicks in retrospect of me from december of last year so basically you have a sector now which was desperately in need of money which will stop receiving money from the government in the car until what is the opposition saying about this well the opposition is clearly not happy to quote the former union finance minister p. chidambaram he called it not a vote on account but an account for votes just for context
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a vote on account is also the another name for the interim budget and the opposition congress is basically saying that. the farmers especially are aware that the more the government orders lie to them and they would see through it that is in the sense of this that you said yourself this is a sector in need of money in need of support and if you look at the numbers and employment in india is that a forty year high so couldn't this very well work it might as well walk but it all depends on how the opposition plays it remember the opposition led by the congress party led by a whole gandhi thems himself promised a minimum support scheme for poor people so in a sense the more the government has beaten him to it and now the opposition is left in this stage in which they can't completely criticize his budget because then they even face our positions of being anti poor so it just we have to wait and see what happens in the next two months and how the b.g.p. government plays this all right interesting stuff they've responded to you have more on this on top of you asia news coming up
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a little bit later in the day thank you very much. well we got some other news now and residents of a russian town south of moscow are risking harassment and even prison sentences to raise awareness of a local garbage dump they say is making them sick the way so struck them from the russian capital and authorities appear keen to keep people quiet about it. in the early hours secret service agents stormed. nina's apartment they rifled through the belongings of the thirty two year old office worker and her six year old daughter. then they came at six o'clock in the morning six men. they went through all my personal possessions they were looking for anything illegal it was horrible very discomforting humiliating all this just because i'm fighting for our rights. this isn't the only time the secret service has
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confiscated computers hard drives mobile telephones and credit cards the same thing happened to fourteen other activists one of them was even taken into custody they have one thing in common they're protesting moscow's disposal of most of its waste in the city of colombia and they believe landfill guidelines are not being followed they fear for the health of their families and friends. if someone doesn't like the fact that we and other activists are demonstrating against the waste disposal and the building of a new waste containment plant we're fighting for our houses some of us have houses only one kilometer from the waste disposal zone where trash is continually being dumped. in the evening the activists meet in a cafe. lawyers advise them they discuss that next steps they refused to give up despite the secret service's attempts to scare them and this will just simply it's all connected to the protests against garbage dumps it's been a problem for a while and no one seems to be solving it. you know most of that while we were
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shooting this reporting column not week to wish you to weigh both of those of us with the police took our passport details of. it came out of nowhere the police have put one activist behind bars they have confiscated the computers of fourteen activists the activists have been pushing back against mountains of garbage the duck being brought from moscow to this small town truckloads of trash from the capital every single day the activists and thousands of residents were and are worried about the health of their families not germany's largest lender georgia bank has reported a profit for the last fiscal year the announcement marks the first time the troubled bank was in the black since twenty fourteen according to the bank's numbers stuart a bank made
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a profit of around three hundred forty million euros the positive numbers are slightly below analyst expectations but they still mark a turning around in the bank's fortunes they again re speculation about a merger with germany's smaller comments bank but many say it would still be too small and too weak for competition. let's go right to our financial correspondent paul is in a frankfurt for us hi paul christiane another talk of a merger with us a smaller call mountebank what is behind this talk. yeah that's that's an issue that has come up because deutsche of banks performance really isn't measuring up to international standards if you compare it and specially in german politics german finance minister all of shoals seems to favor that idea of creating a national champion one big national band bank that can you know compete in the international game but it is it is very unlikely that putting together two week
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banks will actually create this kind of national champion investors don't like the idea the bank itself doesn't like the idea its plan is to come to its own strength instead on the one hand you have a bank reporting a profit for the last fiscal year but it's also facing a number of scandals how is this all infected affecting investors. well c.e.o. christians living has inherited a lot of these scandals a lot. came before he even took office earlier last last year but of course there is still a risk in in the books they addressed this here at the press conference actually today going through the various scandals that are still on the agenda that is the. money laundering issue with bank there is still with something connected with the panama papers where we saw a raid last year in the fall of last year that also that the bank also felt in its
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in its earnings because that was missed opportunities and then there's the comics scandal all of these were addressed it was pointed out that they have been there for a long time but that doesn't really see a risk there a financial risk it doesn't see its own wrongdoing trying to calm investors there of course overall what was the feeling you got there at the press conference how is your framing its performance in twenty eighteen and is that realistic. christians say being i made a really strong appearance you know appearing very confident and saying that against all odds the bank has managed to reach its goals mainly by cutting costs but the bank has also lost some of its income through that you know despite cutting six thousand jobs for example and so the stakes weren't or the stakes were high but the goals weren't high to begin with and so really
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a performance isn't that great especially when you compare it internationally. made to three hundred forty millions in profit if you compare that to j.p. morgan they made thirty billion that's one hundred times more and that just doesn't don't you bring just can't compare all right our financial correspondent paul let's for us in the frankfurt thanks so much because. now israel is gearing up to host this year's euro vision song contest have the event is still a few months away but it is already surrounded by controversy israel moved the location from the contested city of jerusalem to tel aviv to peace critics but that hasn't worked what was meant to be a celebration of music of bringing nations together is now threatening to become just the opposite side of his tenure cramer has this report. that is was eurovision song contest. she was the public's favorite.
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food and distinctive song tolly it changed her life as a musician. what a hundred eighty degrees different i was a blues artist singing and basements and i did my duper stuff at home whoever had who i wouldn't have imagined in in twelve months. to become this perfect everyone is where the right to host this year's contest for the first time in twenty years. in may funds from all over the world are expected to come here to tel aviv where the song contest is being held but despite the end to the awesome that's being caused to boycott the events hosting the grand finale in tel aviv rather than in jerusalem a city with internationally contested status has deflected some of the controversy
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several international artists and celebrities have started petitions to stay away from the event accusing israel of piloting palestinian human rights and its military occupation a lot of people demonstrated in all sorts of countries weird and england and ireland against sending some of the singers to israel to the show and no one cancelled which is surprising having said that we have three months to go i'm pretty sure it's going to be loud very loud i mean a lot of demonstrations experience criticism herself on social media and on stage but she prefers to focus on her music and has just released his second single process about.
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sports now in football's asian cup draw to a close today with japan taking on qatar in the final all japan are regulars in the later stages for qatar this is uncharted territory it is ranked ninety third in the world and have had to deal with plenty of controversy in the united arab emirates as well but now they could be on the verge of glory and we have advocate sports with us to talk to us more about the asian cup these two teams are you surprised to see them in the final well i think everybody's. surprised to see qatar they weren't among the pre-tournament favorites like you just said they were ninety third ranked in the world but that surprised everybody and they've made it to the final against a very tough japan sides will be interesting to find out what happens there now they haven't actually conceded a single goal qatar in the lead up to this one which is astonishing. and of course they get set to host the twenty twenty two world cup and a lot of people question their suitability as a host for that world cup because they don't have much football heritage and people wondered whether they can actually compete at their own world cup but i think it showed a lot of people at this tournament that they can compete and they and they have the
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ability to take on some of the big sides and get good results now to give us a bit more background information about this final my colleague ali moody has prepared a short course let's take a look at that now. guitar players are getting ready for the biggest game of their lives the team has reached the asian cup final for the first time ever for a country preparing to host the world cup in twenty twenty two it's a chance to prove they belong on the biggest stage in football. this is what reaching the final meant to football fans back in doha. more than just a sporting success the semifinal victory over the u.a.e. had political connotations to the tournament hosts have been involved in a blockade of qatar. and the result sparked fury inside the stadium guitar players were pelted with shoes and plastic bottles after they scored and at the end of the game. i think we manage quite well the emotions during the game and on the
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players the performance in the in the game that that was the most important u.e.a. have since lodged an official complaint alleging two of guitars players are ineligible for the national team that include star striker imo as alley he's the top scorer at the tournament with eight goals already but he and his team mates face their toughest challenge yet in the final. japan has won the trophy four times more than any other country and while their form has been unspectacular they have been efficient enough to deal with every opponent they face so far. is that. we're going to have to play in an excellent and excellent game who want to compete against them but we are right at this point the players are confident and we're going to try to arrive well they've overcome hostile crowds and beaten some
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of asia's top teams to get this far another victory would see guitar make history. so ed we heard there about accusations being leveled against two. players what's behind these accusations so you know what united arab emirates who host the tournament actually lost to qatar in the semifinal they claim to be in possession of documents which prove the in eligibility of the two players just mentioned there in the reports now there's no question even going into the tournament the two players weren't born in qatar we knew that already there from there they were born in sudan and iraq but it's all registered the players claiming that their mothers were born in qatar which made them eligible to represent the country at the tournament however you claim that they have documents which prove that the mothers were also born in saddam and iraq respectively now that has cost a bit of a show though on this final going into it nothing's been proven yet. and qatar actually the f.a. haven't actually commented on these allegations but i can say is slightly
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suspicious and would be interesting to find out what comes of this ok so that the controversy surrounding qatar what about japan do you see them as the clear clear favorite here what going into the tournament they were certainly among the favorites they have a scored absolutely bursting with talent some internationally known names as well but they haven't really hit form in this tournament just yet but it just just goes to show you that even without hitting top form they've managed to drag themselves to this final and i think a lot of neutrals looking at this are going to think that japan are going to add another asian cup victory they've already won four and i think the favorites for this one as well they're edge of ponting on to qatar in the asian cup final and maclean cambridge friendly to the sports thank you so much. one more sports item for you a bahraini footballer and refugee hakim is facing extradition proceedings in thailand bahrain wants him to return home to face bandolim charges r.i.p. who fled bahrain in two thousand and fourteen and was later granted refugee status in australia was arrested while on his honeymoon in bangkok in november
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a bahrain has sentenced him to ten years in prison for allegedly vandalizing a police station human rights groups are calling for his release saying he has been on lawfully present by thai authorities on the right he will appear in one courts criminal court on monday. our mind on our top story that we're following for you here on the u.s. is expected to announce that it is holding compliance with a key nuclear arms treaty the trumpet ministrations says a new russian cruise missile violates the terms of g i n f treaty signed in one nine hundred eighty seven. and don't forget you can always get out of your news on the go download or out from google play or on the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the d. w. app to send us your photos and your videos. coming
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right up here on didn't you quadriga our debate show will be taking a look at a cool is winning the power struggle in venezuela that's in just a few minutes. oh . boy. oh boy.
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more intrigue international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week this planet is tracing for further protests as its embattled president targets a young leader the many venezuelans hope will break the grip of the corrupt elite google web and the power struggle and at what price that's our topic on trust me
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i'm going to. go next on d w. what lurks beneath mars. what's inside the red planet's. new inside mission moving deeper than ever before. finally fresh medicine space astronauts dreams of gardens and orbits maybe it's become reality. to borrow today's sixty minutes on d w. crimes against humanity civilians become witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe just social media. but what is profit
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can the fictional country want to travel to digital investigators comb through the flood of images they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of priors. forensics between its. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth w. hello and welcome to quadriga venezuela is bracing for further potentially deadly protests as is and battled president targets the young politician seen by many venezuelans as the only hope of breaking the grip of a corrupt elite that has plundered the country president nicolas maduro has
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presided over a dramatic economic collapse declaring that president illegitimate one why dole leader of the democratically elected nash.


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