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managed by for our part. this is deja vu news live from berlin is this the end of arms control the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the honor of treaty effective february second the u.s. says it will pull out of a chain nuclear disarmament act after talks to save it failed will be going live to washington and moscow for the latest also coming up. should.
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israel gears up to host this year's euro vision song contest but the event is already mired in controversy. i'm sorry someone's going to it's good to have you with us the u.s. says it will withdraw from a key arms control treaty secretary of state mike pompei or announced the u.s. will suspend its compliance with the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty i enough with russia tomorrow saturday and will withdraw from the accord in six months if moscow does not end its alleged violation of the pact that the u.s. and the soviet union signed the i.n.f. treaty in one nine hundred eighty seven now the u.s. says a new generation of russian cruise missiles violates the pact here's what u.s. secretary of state my compares said just a few moments ago. russia's violation puts millions of europeans and americans
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a greater risk blames to put the united states at a military disadvantage and undercuts the chances of moving our bow out a relationship in a better direction it's our duty to respond appropriately when an agreement is so brazenly disregarded their security is so openly threatened we must respond. let's get the latest on the story with our correspondents on the ground in washington alexander phenomena and in moscow emily sure one good to see you both alexander let's start with you there in washington we heard mike pompei was saying the u.s. will exit the street in six months does that leave some sort of hope that this agreement can still be saved after all. well secretary said that the u.s. is hopeful that russia. come back into will come back into compliance and your ass is ready to engage in nuclear arms talk with talks with russia however we have
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to say that it's rather on realistic that sort of agreement can be reached within such a short period of time to reason for that two reasons for that first of all the u.s. has been complaining about russia's violation of the treaty for years now the u.s. has been trying to put to russia under pressure to increase of this pressure with diplomacy and sanctions and nothing happens and the second reason is that we have to look who is now the national security advisor in the white house is john bolton who is an outspoken critic of nuclear nonproliferation treaties and at the moment he seems to have the president's ear all right so it doesn't look that realistic that this pact could be salvaged in the next six months and let's come to you in moscow this was expected especially after talks to salvage the agreement failed what is the kremlin saying. well there hasn't been any
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reaction from the kremlin yet but i can tell you it's unlikely to be a positive reaction russia has been saying all along that the u.s. has been addressing it when it comes to the i.n.f. treaty in the language of ultimatums putting it under pressure and that it's not actually willing to talk to russia and i think that is what we saw today this language of all that made him pay is saying russia has six months i think the reaction is unlikely to be good from the russian side especially because they have been denying all along that they are in violation of this treaty at all they presented just over a week ago the actual missile that they say that the u.s. says violates the treaty in order to prove to the world and to the u.s. that it isn't in violation and the russian side says look the u.s. isn't open to our facts it isn't open to dialogue we are open to that and i think that's the line that will continue seeing from the kremlin. alexander let's take
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a closer look at what we've been talking about the scion f. treaty it was signed at the end of the cold war with the goal of eliminating a whole category of nuclear missiles and its breakdown of sparked fears of a new arms race. this is the russian crew smiths on that the u.s. cents by late said joint on this treaty the s.s.e. eight is said to have a range of more than five hundred kilometers which would break the i.n.f. treaty just last week parts of the system are on display near moscow u.s. president donald trump has been threatening to pull out of the pact since the end of last year russia has not one fortunately part of the agreement so we're going to terminate agree but we're going to pull out the u.s. lead ons control negotiate and has told t.w. that the government is using the move to force russia's hand and we will suspend it and then a six month clock runs if you will during that time russia still can get back into
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compliance but it frees our obligations under the treaty so we suspend our obligations with the intent to withdraw if we don't get back in compliance but we have abided by the treaty for the entire time and by suspending their obligations that we'll be able to do the research and development of similar systems that russia now has fully fueled and in the field. which russian president vladimir putin has tonight breaking the agreement and won't budge. it wasn't a historic moment when in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven russian president mikhail gorbachev and u.s. president ronald reagan signed the i.n.f. treaty it marked a change of course off to decades of nuclear tensions during the cold war years. the treaty pantaloon brown deal which to missiles with ranges of between five hundred and five and a half thousand kilometers those who felt most at risk during the cold war were
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countries in western europe. but even germany's foreign minister heiko must recently held talks with america's secretary of state might pump a zero at mit's the. he's no longer working. order going on with the nuclear missile treaty there would be less security but we recognize that this treaty has been violated by the russian side and during the last sixty days unsuccessful attempts have been made to clear up the accusations for more transparency and more information. in so far as this is a treaty between two signatories and that one is in violation of it the treaty is de facto suspended. there's also a cross because the. pressure is mounting on russia to save the treaty but for now it appears to be dead. ok so alexander we have the german foreign minister there are supporting washington's position and a short while ago we heard the secretary of state might compare saying that
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russia's missile program is a putting millions of europeans at risk what is moscow's a capacity according to washington well according to senior officials of ministration officials here we are talking here a particularly about one missile system but russia has been accused of having four patel you equipped with this system so that's quite a number but there is also another reason that washington has decided to pull out of this treaty it's not only because it's of course the first reason it's russia's accused violation of this treaty but washington is also saying that it has been constrained restricted by this treaty while russia has not been complying so that's the reason. it's not willing to be restricted by this treaty anymore so now neither side would necessarily be restricted by this treaty emily so does
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russia possibly gain from the u.s. pulling out of the i know. well there's a bit of a difference here between what russia is saying and what could be going on behind closed doors they have been saying that this is a huge blow to the international security national security to nuclear arms nonproliferation and also today the foreign ministry was saying that perhaps another nuclear nuclear arms control agreement the new start treaty could also be under threat but actually experts have said that russia could be just as interested in this i.n.f. treaty breaking up actually putin himself complained about the treaty as early as two thousand and seven he said that russia would leave the treaty if other countries including china were not brought into the treaty so perhaps we could be
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seeing russia kind of having its cake and eating it too accusing the u.s. of really leaving this i.n.f. treaty breaking it up and also getting something that they've been wanting for several years and over at our correspondents and analysts here when in moscow and alexander phenomena in washington thank you both very much as we just heard fears are growing that a europe could be facing a new nuclear arms race as it did during the cold war in the one nine hundred eighty s. back then with missiles from both nato and the eastern bloc deployed nearby east and west germany were the front line of the nuclear arms race as a result hundreds of thousands of west germans protested against the deployment of american nuclear weapons in their country get up is five in five them are travel to the southern city of where american medium range missiles were based in the one nine hundred eighty s. here in this clearing in southern germany american nuclear missiles were stationed during the one nine hundred eighty s.
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the only building left of what used to be the u.s. army vaulted to base this pyrrhic number nine zero one. american soldier larry nichols was stationed here in the eighty's when one of the worst situations imaginable actually occurred on january eleventh one nine hundred eighty five a person two missile exploded one thought it was a nuclear explosion it was a shocker i mean we're talking about a nuclear weapon carrier or rocket motor and for something like that happened here at the height of the cold war. the whole world was alarmed three u.s. soldiers died sixteen were seriously wounded nichols created the memorial in their honor he never got over his fear of nuclear weapons you didn't know exactly what was going to happen but you knew what you had and what you were capable of doing and that was frightening yes. it was only after this
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accident that the people of were informed that nuclear missiles were stationed directly in their vicinity it took another three years for the missiles to be removed after the i n f a treaty was agreed on was the first base in germany to remove and destroy its nuclear missiles he's a dish titan knows the story from her parents and from her high school classes she's a member of the local green party and actively involved in protests against nuclear armaments and have as recently i'm terrified by this i think that there is nothing more important than keeping world peace in particular that no new nuclear weapons are employed also that is he countries as possible have nuclear weapons so that accidents are less likely to happen. she meets larry nichols the former soldier. both worry that history could repeat itself. trump patient has said that he wants to back out of the nuclear missile treaty
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what's your opinion on this. earth new u.s. missiles nichols is unsure how he feels about that america america is in a very very difficult situation at the moment and my opinion is that everyone's fold. in the one nine hundred eighty s. there were massive demonstrations against u.s. missiles across germany including here and. he's a bishop title would attend a protest march if there were one today to rid of him i would definitely go out and demonstrate it's very important to me that peace remains our top priority i would definitely go out and join a protest for this cause. back at the former volatile base the old u.s. soldier and the young pacifist share the same fear that the arms race between russia and the u.s. will start up again and no one will have learned from the mistakes of the past. let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world another democrat
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has announced his candidacy for next year's u.s. presidential election cory booker is a u.s. senator from new jersey before that he was the mayor of the city of newark he joins a rapidly growing crowd of candidates seeking the democratic party nomination. brazilian authorities fear that last week's collapse of a mining dam may have polluted the nearby south river tests show that the presence of metals in the water a spike to unhealthy levels since the disaster one hundred ten people have been confirmed dead another tour than thirty eight are listed missing. customs officers in hong kong have seen a record eight tons of penn golden scales in a container from nigeria the scales of the anteater like creature are highly valued in traditional chinese medicine to towns of ivory tusks were also discovered the find highlights hong kong's role in the booming illegal wildlife trade a man and a woman from a local business have been arrested. residents of a russian town south of moscow are facing harassment and even prison sentences
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because of their efforts to raise awareness of a local garbage they say is making them sick the waste is trucked in from the russian capital and the authorities seem to want people to keep quiet about it. in the early i was secret service agents stormed. his apartment they rifled through the belongings of the thirty two year old office worker and her six year old daughter saying they came at six o'clock in the morning six men. they went through all my personal possessions they were looking for anything illegal it was horrible very discomforting humiliating all this just because i'm fighting for our rights. this isn't the only time the secret service has confiscated computers hard drives mobile telephones and credit cards the same thing happened to fourteen other activists one of them was even taken into custody they
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have one thing in common they're protesting disposal of most of its waste in the city of colombia and they believe landfill guidelines are not being followed they fear for the health of their families and friends. someone doesn't like the fact that we and other activists are demonstrating against the waste disposal and the building of a new waste containment plant we're fighting for our houses some of us have houses only one kilometer from the waste disposal zone where trash is continually being dumped. in the evening the activists meet in a cafe. lawyers advise them. they discuss the next steps they refused to give up despite the secret service's attempts to scare them and this was just simply it's all connected to the protests against garbage dumps it's been a problem for a while and no one seems to be solving it. you know most of this while we were shooting this report in column a week to wish you to weigh. in on some of the police
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took our passports details. it came out of nowhere the police have put one activist behind bars they have confiscated the computers of fourteen activists the activists have been pushing back against mountains of garbage the duck being brought from moscow to this small town truckloads of trash from the capital every single day the activists and thousands of residents were and are worried about the health of their families germany's largest lender georgia bank has reported a profit for the last fiscal year the announcement marks the first time that the troubled bank was in the black since two thousand and fourteen according to the bank's numbers start a bank made a profit of around three hundred forty million euros the positive numbers are slightly below analyst expectations but still market turnaround in the bank's fortunes they again raise speculation about a merger with
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a germany smaller but many say it would still be too small and too weak for competition our financial correspondent paul christian brit's has been covering banks annual press conference in frankfurt i spoke to him earlier and asked him about the talk about possible merger with comments back. yeah that's that's an issue that has come up because deutsche bank's performance really isn't measuring up to international standards if you compare it and specially in german politics german finance minister all of shoals seems to favor that idea of creating a national champion one big national band bank that can. compete in the international game but it is it is very unlikely that putting together two week banks will actually create this kind of national champion investors don't like the idea the bank itself doesn't like the idea its plan is to come to its own strength instead on the one hand you have a bank reporting
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a profit for the last fiscal year but it's also facing a number of scandals how does this all in fact affecting investors. well. c.e.o. kristen's living has inherited a lot of these scandals a lot. came before he even took office earlier last year last year but of course there is still a risk in in the books they addressed this here at the press conference actually today going through the various scandals that are still on the agenda that is the. money laundering issue with the bank there is still with something connected with the panama papers where we saw a raid last year in the fall of last year that also that the bank also felt in its in its earnings because that was missed opportunities and then there is the comics scandal all of these were addressed it was pointed out that they have been there for a long time but that doesn't really see a risk there
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a financial risk it doesn't see its own wrongdoing trying to calm investors there of course over what was the feeling you got there at the press conference how is your framing its performance in twenty eighteen and is that realistic. christians say being made a really strong appearance you know appearing very confident and saying that against all odds the bank has managed to reach its goals mainly by cutting costs but the bank has also lost some of its income through that you know despite cutting six thousand jobs for example and so the stakes weren't or the stakes were high but the goals weren't high to begin with and so really a performance isn't great especially when you compare it internationally. i mean to three hundred forty millions in profit if you compare that to j.p. morgan they made thirty billion that's one hundred times more and that just doesn't
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go to bring just can't compare all right our financial correspondent for us in frankfurt thanks so much the e.u. and japan have created the world's biggest free trade zone it could save european countries billions in duties each year the two sides have agreed to remove almost all tariffs on trade in a move that will affect six hundred thirty five million people has been described as the world's largest free trade agreement it's scraps levies on agricultural and industrial products and opens up the service sector and also. israel is gearing up to host this year's euro vision song contest in may but it's already surrounded by controversy israel move the location from the contested city of jerusalem to tel aviv to appease critics but it hasn't worked what was meant to be a celebration of music bringing nations together is now threatening to become just the opposite tanya kramer sent us this report.
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and that is was eurovision song contest. she was the public's favorite with an unusual outfit and distinctive song tolly it changed her life as a musician. what a hundred and eighty degrees different i was a blues artists singing and basements and i did my looper stuff at home who ever have who i wouldn't have imagined in in twelve months to become that perfect everyone is where the right to host this year's contest for the first time in twenty years. they made plans from all over the world expected to come here to tel aviv where the song contest is being held but despite the end to the awesome that's being caused to boycott the event hosting the grand finale in tel aviv rather than in jerusalem a city with internationally contested state just has to play just some of the
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controversy several international artists and celebrities have started petitions to stay away from the event accusing israel of piloting palestinian human rights and its military occupation a lot of people demonstrated in all sorts of countries where in england and ireland against sending some of the singers to israel to the show and no one canceled which is surprising having said that we have three months to go i'm pretty sure it's going to be loud very loud i mean a lot of demonstrations letters experience criticism herself on social media and on stage but she prefers to focus on her music and has just released her second single sauces about.
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sports now and the asian football confederation has dismissed protests over the eligibility of two qatar players ahead of the team's final against japan that's taking place right now a united arab emirates a loss to qatar in the semifinals complained that i was ali and we should not have been allowed to play they claim to have proof that the qatar lied about the players and just ancestry they are born in sudan and iraq respectively the governing body rejected the complaint without giving any further details. the january football transfer window has closed meaning that clubs can no longer sign players for the rest of the season most teams around europe kept the purse strings tight throughout the window but some big names have made moves over the last month including to the point of. a low key arrival that summed up the january transfer window gone thought the equine joined english side chelsea on loan the london club can make the move
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permanent for thirty five million euros a type of deal that has been common over the last month. so they're reluctant to spend in england and italy and just about everywhere that's partly down to the financial fair play problem many clubs can't afford to buy they can only invest in loans christian pulis sick is another player who's been loaned straight back to dortmund for the rest of the season this after the bundesliga club sold him to chelsea for sixty four million euros that price tag makes his move the most expensive of this transfer window and the biggest move into the bundesliga was amadou haidar as transfer to rb leipsic he cost the club nineteen million euros and treads a familiar path he's the fifteenth player to move from red bull salisbury to red bull owned leipzig youth has been a trend among bundesliga signings league leaders dortmund brought in twenty year
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old argentinian to be as they look to stay ahead in the title race. stuttgart knew center back was on cabot is even younger and another teenager to arrive in the bundesliga is byron's out phone so davies the canadian joins the reigning champions for ten million euros as their only major newcomer but overall it was a quiet transfer window for the bavarians who were unable to make a star signing this january. our minder now of our top story here on g.w. u.s. secretary of state my compost says the trumpet ministration is suspending its participation in a key nuclear disarmament pact with russia the us will withdraw completely from the one nine hundred eighty seven i n f treaty of moscow does not and alleged violations of the pact within six months . coming up next on d w news asia india's government delivers its last budget before a general election there are big bonuses for farmers in the middle class but will
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that sway voters and millions of chinese act trains to try and get home for the lunar new year our reporter is along for the ride in humanity's biggest annual migration. fears about her she will have those stories for you coming right up on g.w. news asia in just a few minutes. to
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be. getting ready for something new t.w. news asia breaking news stories from across the region stories the truth will join us for the new show the wus
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a show. on the fox the crime scene for the victims of the trees. to close the floors window frames. i'm going to call the detectives we have new cases every day for. d.n.a. analysis an effective new tool in the fight against the illegal lumber trade. sixty minutes w. . six. school in the jungle. the first clinging lesson from the doors grand ole miss arrives. joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orang utan returns home on the d w dot com tanks. crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses for. their
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recorded images travel around the globe via social media. digital investigators comb through the flood of images. find sources to try to reconstruct what happened. truth to stars feb fifteenth on t w. m d. this is the the view news asia coming up at the program a budget for the election season india's hindu nationalist government is throwing caution fabio's at the middle class but will this pay off at the bed of box get the novices from serving. bust the rush is on four hundred million chinese are crisscrossing the country to make it home celebrate new year with fine.


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