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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2019 12:15am-12:31am CET

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after the break we'll bring you all the action of saturday's bonus league games. league leaders dortmund faced a huge test of their title credentials they were up against frankfurt's formidable attack highlights from that match and the other games for match day twenty coming up on the bundesliga with nick mechanics line. you're watching news thanks for watching. earth. home she moves of species. the holy words if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. to use to cut loose to manage solutions and resources
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should. take root interactive content teaching to the next generation but it took such action. using all channels available to people to take action and were determined to do something here for the next generation gloomily as the environment series of global three thousand on d.w. and all mine. the title race is coming to a head on match day twenty six points that's all that separates by munich and the top of the table can the perennial champions get the job done and david who is in to close the gap. table toppers dortmund face a tough task but owen is to have the best attacking size clashed. with black and yellows look to cement the supremacy against frankfurt with the eagles would not go
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down easy. but what shall cause the poles trying to keep up with the top two they succeeded with the world blues royal upset. welcome to the bundesliga here on the w. i'm nick mechanic line let's start with matt in frankfurt the league leaders have scored fifty goals so far in the bonus to give this season twelve of those coming from the very best marco royce the best we've ever seen the bundesliga but the host ought to be underestimated as they have a cracking attack of their own and the eagles will be hoping that that will see them so it's a victory. it's a long time since dortmund won in frankfurt the only players still around from their last victory there five and a half years ago is marco royce in frankfurt smelled blood and started the game on the front foot and accosted tested and keeper roman bookies early on. but the
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visitors worked their way into the match and broke the deadlock three royce. the captain's thirteenth goal of the season i would much to rafael guerrero's assist. and royce almost doubled his tally but couldn't find the net with either of two chances over the course of three minutes. those misses almost proved to be costly straight away and say rage bungled his way into the box but the croatian forward was also foiled by booking the less. said about philip constant his follow up care for the better grade which went close again when his head a hit the bar when doormen failed to clear the ball they were punished because to cross for a loop to make it more normal in the thirty six minutes. of my the serbian forwards magnificent form continues frankfurt's top scorer now has fourteen goals in this campaign. the second half was low on chances the closest thing the
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game got to a winning goal was a free kick from dortmund pop culture out there one final score. from if you were sent off. to me it felt like easily the toughest game of the season. frankfurt have an unbelievable amount of power going forward for the moment she should phone the phone once again dorman failed to win in frankfurt and dropped two points in the title race. was as we just heard two points dropped the dortmund surely this is biased chance to close the gap at the top the reigning champions were at leverkusen but it hasn't been the most plentiful talk something ground in recent history fine of one just two of the last nine but in this league matches there since the start of two thousand and nine ten season and even more pressure at the task at hand. was missing a vital player. i think closer by and heading into this clash
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captain manuel neuer abstention backup spend all right thrown into the action for the first time this season and with just a minute gone there was already panic amongst the back lot of the coups and demanded a penalty but to no avail despite kevin falling short clearly hitting mats hummels arm bar and took full advantage of the let off as lead gorecki up pounced in the forty first minutes with his full goal in three matches a perfectly timed run meeting thomas miller's inch perfect cross and just before the break robert levin dusty hit the back of the net with aplomb with the offside flag cut short celebrations though by some great plays it was an extremely touch call by end just one goal up half the time. the tide turned in the second half though lay on bailey with a thunderous equalise up by one one after fifty three minutes spent all right left
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wanting. and ten minutes later lay the coups and went from three kevin follow on. ice silky smooth build up giving the hosts a shot to one late. and later cruz and soon secured a with three points a blistering counterattack converted by lucas a lhari of five the brave one the final school maybe couzens revival underpaid her but she is picking up pace. while flying full seven points behind title rivals dortmund. five let's have a look at some of the other matches around the league will start with a late match shocker well and beaten in three bundesliga games and their longest run of the season and a run they would ideally want to extend against. but the visiting folds have their own objective a win to overtake by in the table. an air of optimism around cheika as the club
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searched for its fifth home win of the season. the game was evenly balanced until the fifty ninth minute when following this foul childhood goalkeeper alexander nubile saw reds. got back piled on the pressure and substitute christophe school to open up for the fall was. a slight deflection giving ralph famine no chance. in the dying minutes another substitute floyd had no house made it to nail. celebrated their third straight win. on the other hand suffered their first defeat in four matches. played home phone call has just ruled off on track for survival but against hoffenheim they had to deal with an early setback a penalty was awarded for this foul on denis guy guy andrei crime
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a rich took care of the rest one nail for the visitors. to send off for back straight after the break ruben henning's equalising with his third goal of the season in the forty sixth minute. his side held on to claim a valuable point the hard fought and well deserved result for district off and another crucial step toward safety. his goal with us from here victory we really performed well here today and the way we played in the last twenty or twenty five minutes we really could have won the game. a completely different scenario for nuremberg and their coach me koena they'd gone thirteen games without a win before today's toyed with braman and they went behind in the sixty fourth minute when your hand is a good start and punished some flimsy defending i still got hosed threw everything
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forward in search of an equaliser and they got it when mattel yes pereira substitute mikhail ishaq one was on the final score a first point for the relegation candidates in two months. let's take a look at the results or match states wednesday so frankfurt and dortmund let go hungry fans down as they only drew one one and they have it again the big result of the day by an slipping up in leverkusen here in berlin falls forgot the only goal of the game. in the sixty fifth minute was the dutch for its seventh goal of the season side's first victory since the mid season break. but needed two late goals to see off shaka off the home and dispose of share the spoils while nurnberg and braman also drew and in friday night's match leipsic got the better of hanover. back but the visitors in front on the stroke of half time two more goals
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followed in the second half and both of them from captain captain really all done and surprisingly both of them came with his head lives when they're second on the bounce while thomas dole has the worst possible start as an over boss. and down here the boss and you see host might's well stick us face freiburg. let's see how those results affect the standings at the top you have dortmund they now have a seven point buffer over by a lap ahead of by an on goal difference and you have both spoken leverkusen who also move up in the bottom half of the table braman rise to tenth after their draw a valuable point takes just of just that far away from the drop zone and number of places with hanover after their draw had over their rock bottom. it's time for the bundesliga play of the day as voted by you off us on twitter and the winner with fifty two percent of the vote is leon bailey eleven who is in who would smash home
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a sensational free kick it's a level the scores you can't buy on his team went on to take all three points what's a moment for the jamaican and what's the game for the team that is you'll play of the day. wow look at that so from play of the day we go to the goal of the month what do you do you think scored the best goal in january here are the three finalists for you to choose from. my. point. was i was i. was writing. was i was i.
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was. told. i was i was i. so those are the top three goals of the month of january be sure to send your picks the address there on your screen with a bit of luck you could win the bundesliga jazzie of your choice so disappointed by players i hope you are not we with a few back on sunday with wealth of world of the year not even i'm going to be discussing the day's matches and i was fucking sick guts and the rest of match days twenty's talk talking points expedient miss that until then these are all awesome shots the best moments from the wheat. and so far from me and the rest the team here thank you i get by.
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the a. koan. to play. the and. to a. place
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to. sleep. magic casts. some fundamentalists may. be called clinician explosives gemini's i'll call a weekend. here in the winter sports or nature i'll go look up something for a few months. to come. look nicolo schneider's daughter died of leukemia at the age of twenty two and his wife was diagnosed with cancer something him to resign as chairman of germany's lutheran church. overshadowed by desmond freeman. coming up can we succeed in life or are can life remain fair the car can we help others overcome the difficulties the news for instance last for me. in sixty minutes w.
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sometimes books are more exciting than real life. terms. what if there's no escape. list. streets.
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i'm in the south of germany and the foothills of the isle guy alps and this.


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