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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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exclusive interview. is the government's silent. he says hundreds of thousands could. enter the country also on the program youth unemployment in the palestinian territories is one of the highest in the world to young people determined to make the best of the situation. and it. seems to david leavitt's of the details of the latest contenders for the top. competition is at the international. peace for you
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a perm ears will bit me because. i'm so welcome to the program. but as well as opposition leader and self-proclaimed of president. has accused the government of nicolas maduro of failing to protect the fans well people's rights to life he told the d.w.p. it amounts to a silent genocide the country is suffering from shortages of medicine and basic supplies more than one hundred tons of u.s. aid is waiting in neighboring colombia the president ordered the military to block the supplies from entering the country describing the night as a trojan horse and part of a u.s. plot to overthrow his government was in fifty countries have not recognized his venezuela's interim president he's repeatedly called on the military to switch
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sides and did so again speaking to lose. a bit of we will always appeal to the conscience of the armed forces ask that they pick the constitutional side we have been very clear with the armed forces that they have to allow humanitarian aid to enter and whoever blocks it will be tried for human rights violations what's happening in venezuela could be considered a silent genocide when you have hundreds of thousands who've died because of a shortage of food and medicine and this regime hasn't protected people's right to life this regime is responsible for direct deaths like in the case of the special forces that killed more than seventy people in a week for protesting and for indirect efforts because they're not doing anything to solve the food and medicine crisis that. interview conducted by us who joins us now from caracas our welcome osca what was your impression is confident that he can ultimately win this power struggle. yes definitely yeah actually one of the things
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he said was that time is playing against the government they're very confident they have said that this is a point of no return for the opposition and the struggle that's been building up for twenty years so they are very confident that there is a welcome change and they swear that they don't know when exactly but they say that time is actually playing against the girl's mother was at this point. and those trucks of a gathering at the border with colombia what is the situation that they are now well i asked him and there was a lot of tension between the border not only between venezuela and columbia but also in brazil because the states that the tension is within the armed forces because he says the armed forces is there is pressure by the government to obey a command and whatever doesn't obey they will go into the prisons and will be tortured which is a lot of what we've seen with people denouncing that this is happening with thing
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out of the military ranks there's a lot of them that have been put in prison for suspicion of uprising and they're being tortured so that's what we can tell from the tension in the border. now germany is one of the countries that has acknowledged mr quite as interim head of state german president from felt my as a neighboring colombia today yes some of what he's been saying that it. is not he haven't got three years of autocracy and mismanagement under the venezuela is on the edge of the a bit this is been caught on the brink of bankruptcy. the situation is catastrophic for the population. and aid is not allowed in by them and drew government do on the. that's why we have to hope the presidential elections will soon be held in venezuela when it's
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you know it's not. oscar flanker in caracas very german president hopes that presidential elections are going to be held soon i'm guessing nicolas maduro holds a contrary view yes of course that is not in the plans of nicolas mother wouldn't you hold elections actually he's up to he said that he would hold elections but for the parliament which is the only democratically elected or recognized democratically elected institution of minutes well of all these countries so there aren't any elections in the near side for us now who are as of yet but that's what the opposition is striving to do you as well they don't have said he's only an interim president and his role is to enact the constitution to allow. elections in thirty days but he can't do that unless by the law steps down
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so it's very it's a very difficult situation because there is a power struggle a very strong power struggle between the opposition and what remains of the support they need as my poor past with dignity institutions. and caracas thank you. and now the trial of twelve consonance separatist leaders has begun in the spanish capital the defendants have been charged with their votes in the twenty seventeen independence referendum that was ruled illegal by spain supreme court some faced decades in prison if found guilty of rebellion supporters and opponents of cotton on independence got outside the court in the trade at the start of a highly charged trial that's expected to last three months. let's get more on this from a journalist to jaime for last question who's been following the action at the supreme court today a welcome at tell us what's been happening inside and outside court well today was
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a day for the bahraini me now questions a preliminary are human subjects and the lawyers of the defense have basically question dame question of the supreme court's in order to rule. out in this. side of court we've seen the early in the morning demonstrators. asking for what they call to be shown as to be released and we've also seen some encounters between pro independence supporters and so on pro-union used in this imagery but not has been quite quite normal and very quiet situation and tell us about the defendant who's being charged with rot. well less basically twelve people sitting on the bench nine of them are
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charged with rebellion and or they are charged with. different like misuse of funds and sedition as well and disobedience we would say that basically we've caught or merab ice president of. us he's going to be charge or he's charged with a rebellion that would face he would face twenty five years imprisonment if he's found guilty and also the speaker of the got so in parliament through a social and political activist and a former members of the cabinets of former president got a list which some want our seat on the bench and thomas opposed himself he is not on trial in madrid he said actually here in berlin he's been speaking at a press conference.
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ok doesn't look like we've got clips i will move on. alaska and madrid i want a guilty verdict against the separatists being received in this highly charged trial. well probably depends on who you ask regard in that i'm sure that all the catalan parties sell the nation at least pieties they are probably expecting a guilty verdict to. the independence movement but the can you ask for example all the all the people probably the here in madrid the union east come they will really will be looking for a guilty verdict and the you don't get that verdict probably some people will use that against the government and will say that the judiciary has not been impartial because of course the government needs the support these. groups are in the
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national parliament so it depends a lot from who you ask we know that the only thing we know is that this trial comes with a very very huge political baggage behind good talking to thanks for joining us a homicide press and a madrid. now let's take a look at some of those stories making news around the world for britain's prime minister has asked parliament for more time if the european union to renegotiate her breaks it is to resume a told lawmakers she can still reach a deal on the from the blog so they could support despite their previous overwhelming rejection of the current do britain is shuttle to leave the alien on the twenty ninth of march. at least seventeen people have died in a fire at a hotel in the indian capital delhi most was sleeping when the blaze broke out early on tuesday morning rescuers managed to save thirty five the disaster has raised questions about poor safety status and a lack of government regulation. and the government protests in haiti are growing
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increasingly violent demonstrations took to the streets of the capital port au prince for a fifth consecutive day on monday clashing with police and vandalizing shops the protests all fueled by anger over corruption and the government's handling of the economy. of the palestinian territory of gaza has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world more than seventy percent of young people without work the w.'s tony kraemer has been talking to young gazans determined to make a living. it might not be his dream job but it's better than having no work at all. he helps out in his uncle's carpentry shop having a job in gaza is precious for a young person like him. then the only economic situation today is tough but if you lose your job you won't find an alternative but i don't want to
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give a whole imo who. the twenty nine year old used to work for an ngo but lost his job recently with ethan employment at seventy percent the law says the situation for the young is desperate. if the situation doesn't get better there won't be any future for young people in gaza and all of them will try to live. tight travel restrictions mean many of his generation have never been outside gaza. israel and egypt have sealed off the hamas controlled territory for more than twelve years. those restrictions have led to trying to build a future in the virtual world. here the borders which have been closed for half her life don't matter she's trying to establish herself in online marketing. when at seventy some young people give up after graduation they just hang their certificates on the wall other schiff used to accept this reality and keep trying
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to spite all the difficult circumstances we're not trying to invest in digital media a lot says she won't give up despite her home being a place where conflict can erupt at any time that they say if you lose hope you lose life and ghassan no matter how hard life is the only thing we have is hope. for most young people in gaza crossing borders is not an option online or in real life hope may well remain the only thing they have to cling to for a long time to come. and germany's economy minister peter altemeyer held talks with american officials in berlin today on the possibility of importing more natural gas from the united states l.n.g. is a liquefied form of natural gas it shrinks dramatically when its call to mine is one hundred sixty degrees which makes it easy to ship and trade around the globe despite being the world's largest producer of natural gas the us has only recently broken into the l.n.g. market and is quickly expanding its presence experts say the americans could become
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the world's third largest exporter after qatar and australia by soon as next year the u.s. currently has three l.n.g. loading ports to even louisiana and texas are operated by the company a shenyang. the first in maryland is run by dominion energy more than a dozen other terminals are currently either plot and or under construction receiving terminals in forty other countries including germany are also in the works today's talks come made heightened tensions between the u.s. and the e.u. over energy and trade germany is moving ahead with a controversial gas pipeline with russia which the u.s. opposes saying it would give russia leverage against your will while washington is pushing brussels for a new trade deal and threatening car tariffs against european carmakers all of which makes american l.n.g. sales of important topic for both sides. so let's get more on the significance of
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these talks from yelling back from g.w. business so welcome. firstly why does germany want to import liquefied gas when germany is going to turn off all of its nuclear power plants and twenty twenty two in a few years later germany will also stop using coal as a source of energy now that means that we have to replace more than fifty percent of our electricity demand and that's an enormous task and we need a stable reliable source of energy energy that works when there's no wind blowing and wind turbines don't provide electricity energy that works when the dark when it's dark and solar panels don't provide electricity and that's they will salts of energy is going to be gas gas we get from foreign countries ok you know one of those foreign countries is russia of course the north trying to gas pipeline and i had president putin spokesman saying well why would germany
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a buy from america whether america's prices are so expensive right germany right now gets forty percent of its gas from russia and our demand from washington russia is going to increase especially when we get rid of nuclear power when you get rid of coal. dependency will increase any pendency is of course not good as it could be used for economic or political gains you know president trump already said that germany is kept of russia now here's what the german economy minister had to say about this issue let's listen in. and get this. done for new monday i'm. going to find out for indian. president on his own to get inside poland. well the translation was missing but what he basically said was that germany wants to give a diversify its guess imports from different countries and he's also playing
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hardball showing that germany is not willing to pay more for liquefied gas from the u.s. so what does america get out of this deal besides money presumably that's exactly what it is they are going to be a major ale and you play as we heard earlier before and of course they want to sell their gas to you to do to europe in order to make a profit and giantland younger the head of the e.u. commission already promised president trump that we will buy more liquefied gas from the united states if the u.s. does not increase tariffs on european goods cars cars made in germany for example so there's a mutual interest from both sides of the atlantic thanks for explaining that the translation your view you have from a deed of the business that. stay in the united states where republicans and democrats have reached a tentative agreement on border security to prevent another government shutdown the
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deal includes nearly one point four billion dollars for new barriers along the us mexico border and that's just a fraction of the amount president trump wanted to build his war given that it is not clear whether he will sign this deal. rob. there was no escaping the message at this rally in el paso texas president or no trump has promised to build a wall along the us mexico border and despite a political backlash he says it will still happen. setting the sage was setting the table we're doing whatever we have to do the world's being built it will continue it's going at a rapid pace. the rio grande up and go check it out. what trunk was on stage a tentative agreement was being thrashed out in washington the deal between republicans and democrats will fund fifty five miles of new fencing in the rio
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grande valley to prevent migrants crossing over from mexico but it's far less than trump wanted and has been agreed only to avoid another government shutdown this is very difficult one because the issue is so important and we almost said that we did not want to shut down the government we want to reach agreement. back in el paso one trump was delighting his people across the street a protest rally was being staying just. only. former democratic congressman betterer rule is not only against trump school but he's also a potential rival in next year's u.s. presidential election. we stand for america and we stand against. the if one the world continues to divide the us it looks set to play an even more
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prominent role in the twenty twenty election. of the sixty died berlin international film festival has reached its halfway point. a safe and david leavitt sat down the red carpet so well what's been going on. hey phil we're outside the world premiere of i was at home but by german director i'm going to shonda like she's part of what's called the berlin school of this group of filmmakers that emerged at the early ninety's right after the fall of the berlin wall and brought german center cinema to international acclaim now she's probably the most obscure most art house of them this was a hard film to watch for me if it had a plot and i don't know if i would describe it as such but if it had a plot it comes out very small pieces we see a young boy come home after an unexplained absence he's covered in dirt we never find out what happened to him but it could be explained by the death of his father which we find out later in the story really a snapshot of a family who's going through a rough period there's moments of joy in bonding the mother with her children
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there's also some rough patches some outbreaks but really it's hard to follow i would say as a plot yeah that's because there's very little dialogue the camera barely moves i'm going to have to be real with you phil at some point about half the people around us dozed off now i mean i stayed awake but i have to tell you this is a movie that i would recommend really only into film theory mirror but i wouldn't call myself a film nerd i did appreciate it though there were scenes in the film that somehow i had never seen something like that before i got something out of it critics have called her work more as a like a painting then a film you can take it for what it is. disagree there and congratulations on staying awake while says that's a look forward to today. well there's an italian film puranas by up and coming director claudio jova naisi takes us into the it could be any more different from
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a german film takes us into the heart of chaotic naples italy we see the story of young boys thirteen fourteen fifteen who get involved in organized crime yeah and most of them are not even actors or rather they weren't actors until they got cast in this film these are locals. look the part they feel the part and the main character fifteen year old nicolai is very smart he's very ambitious he's the kind of kid who under different circumstances probably would turn out to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon but no his main ambition is to take over the mafia to protect his turf and to protect his momma from other mafias and this really straddles childhood and manhood on the one hand he is still young enough that he's fighting with his little brother over who finishes the snacks and on the other hand he is a hardened criminal who is able to shoot someone point blank it's really an intense look at innocence getting its first taste of power and of course there's also
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a love story at the heart of it. really is a compelling film i haven't seen anything yet but that looks like it might take one of the top prizes because this is after all a competition. yeah we've we've got our eyes on a few one of them is system crashers this is a breakouts debut film by the north i think should another german director it's about an emotionally disturbed violence nine year old who gets shipped from one foster home to another and about the caregivers who tried to save her very compelling debut and i think that that will mean a lot to the jury there's also out stealing horses a film by acclaimed norwegian director hans peter mullan starring still in scars court it's all you could want in the region film lots of silence a lot of snow takes us into the story of an older man who who wants solitude to escape his past but he learns pretty quickly that he can't do that. another very strong film very stoic people but it really goes to the heart song of their
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emotional reality even if they're not saying very much like i said i don't come out in such a bit of peace and quiet i can identify with that i mean as if david let's thank you so much. of south africa. you biggest events in professional surfing but local stuff to ride some of the best waves on the planet as well including surface with a physical and mental disabilities one school in cape town is helping to break down barriers for disabled to surfing in susie asked. a feeling pamela hansford thought she'd never get back watching her riding the waves with a smile on her face it's hard to believe the seventy five year old suffered a broken neck a year ago a terrifying collision with a freak wave on the shores of cape town left her tetraplegic but now with the help of volunteers she's enjoying the waves once again and to be in the ward i prefer feel very frantic. it's really special pamela is one of many disabled
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surface getting a helping hand from the surf in poor areas a school which aims to get people with disabilities into the water. kids are welcome to while parents can learn how to take care of them out in the surf. we felt like we were flying it was amazing they showed us how to handle him in the world how to actually hold the surf board and how to surf behind and then it was and then lazing it's. the project is the brainchild of south african surfing champion roxy davis who believes everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the ocean. so it doesn't matter where you are an able bodied superhero somebody with a disability and i just love watching that wave after wave action and the story there with the team weighed one hundred times if we were to very serious time whether they are riding families or friends of mine well back that's the way the story say and then it gives you the same response watching each way that the
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station. making surfing possible and practical for disabled people is a growing trend across south africa pretty soon they'll be no excuses not to hit the way this. is a reminder of our top story this hour. but as far as opposition leader has accused the government of allowing a silent genocide to unfold speaking to d.w. han why does have hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of dying if the president's words over refuses to allow humanitarian aid into the country. coming up next to all d w news asia is india's government putting cows before crops i will meet pharmacies are facing a plague of cattle put top to bottom no. time to indonesian police trying to force a confession with us next hour we'll hear from a lights out because he says this is nothing new. responders they will have all those stories on more are coming up next on cesar asia i'll be back at the top of
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the op a good. food .
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get ready for something new being used asia bringing you stories from across the region stories the truth love join us for the new show teamed up with use a chef. it's time to take one step further and face the possible. time to snatch the no and for the troops. talk to overcome boundaries and connect. it's time for plane to dublin planes coming up ahead of me. it's all
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happening. at the front. door linked to news from africa and the world. your links to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to you to do such a clean program tonight from one to many from the news of these events and i would say debbie to come snatch africa join us on facebook t w africa. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level ok sense to him talk compose a way mutts are. featured in many games his music is bound to cause problems for his fans he opens doors to. sounds
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good. though genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. missed it. coming up on the program the battle against stray cattle farmers are trying to protect their fields against a full protective. hindu nationalists. investigates plus. the fallout from this bottom video from indonesia police officers using a snake to force a confession we look at how the trauma spotlight on the investor. and.


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