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this is d.w. news live from berlin farewell to jumbo jets european aviation giant airbus pulls the plug on its a three eighty the world's biggest passenger planes airlines are not buying enough of them also coming up after almost eight years of fighting in syria the leaders of russia iran and turkey leaves to find a way to end the conflict. and we'll have the latest from the berlin international film festival elisa and marcella tell the story of the first same sex marriage in
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spain more than one hundred years before it was legalized. thanks for joining us i'm mary haven't seen european aviation giant airbus is ending its production of its superjumbo passenger jet the a three eighty after major orders from australia's qantas airlines and dubai's emirates were canceled well it's good news for rival boeing a big blow for airbus the company had hoped the a three eighty would squeeze out boeing seven forty seven and revolutionize air travel but their lives have been cautious about committing to the costly double decker planes the a three eighty took off for the first time in two thousand and eight and seats around five hundred passengers. we'll talk more about this joining me now is debbie's financial
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correspondent who's in frankfurt so there you are really good to see you so the a three eighty in its day was really a major engineering achievement why wasn't that enough to make it a financial success for airbus. well you know the times of passed by and by the way they've also passed the seven forty seven of voting by boeing is easing that i would as well the times when you needed four engines to fly over the atlantic or the pacific or over i remember the first time i went over in a two engine plane i was still kind of scared but you know the modern planes can do that and they're a lot more flexible you don't have to pile in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of passengers at a hub to fly somewhere where they then have to go into another plane to get to their final destination and they just used a lot of fuel they were not as flexible as the smaller planes that are on offer now all right so we want though will this decision how will this decision impact us.
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it'll be good for airbus sure there's a slight moment where there's a loss of prestige with this major product of people are talking of an iconic plane and passengers love that i'd like to fly into myself to the few times i did but you know airbus just reported a huge profit for two thousand and eighteen but it would have even been bigger if there hadn't been losses that had to be subtracted from the a three eighty and the a four hundred military plane so it'll be good for airbus in the long run another story thousands and thousands of workers who are involved alone and for factories and germany there are people who are working on parts of the a three eighty so that has to play i would but you know the demand for airbus planes the other model range is so big that that should not be the greatest problem in the. financial correspondent rebar it's reporting from frankfurt we appreciate it. thank you.
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now three key players in the crisis in syria are holding talks in the southern russian resort town of sochi today the leaders of russia iran and turkey are on opposing sides in the conflict but have previously come together to try and bring about a truce in the ongoing civil war there is said to discuss the situation in the demilitarized zone around the province of lib the last rebel held on klav now that buffer zone was established in a deal between russia and turkey last year but hostilities there have still continued while russian president vladimir putin and he runs hassan rouhani are the main backers of syrian president bashar al assad turkey's president supports rebel forces fighting assad also on the agenda will be the planned withdrawal of u.s. troops from the conflict after u.s. president donald trump made a controversial announcement in december while this will leave kurdish troops who
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are closely allied with the u.s. vulnerable we have this report from the kurdish city of co bani in northern syria leila who visits this grave in cobol and every thursday to pray and all of the memory of her only son wrote he died fighting the so-called islamic state in twenty thirteen as did thousands more kurds. hopes her sons commitment to freedom wasn't in vain it's a hope that unites many mothers who have lost their sons in this region. we'll never forget them it is truly a tremendous loss that we're keeping our composure by remembering our sons and our hometown god forbid that blood has been shed in vain them and lot of people have doubled. but many kurds in northern syria have misgivings this is where the kurdish militia the y.p. ji forced the i asked to retreat in a major offensive in late two thousand and fourteen the price of freedom was high
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a heavy death toll and enormous destruction. today another danger looms from the turkish side. across the border nearby president tycho one views the wife p.g. as an offshoot of the outlawed kurdish workers' party the p.k. k. he's threatening a military offensive on the go to better education vacation of northern syria would be nothing short of colonialism but if we're defending our country here. what does add to one wants here but what does he want from. there to one insists on creating what he calls a security zone along the turkish border he's calling on the y. p.g. to pull out of this thirty kilometer strip if it complies turkey would then control the area for many kurds living in co bana that amounts to a nightmare but it's because i think security zone is the wrong term this area has been secure for
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a long time now the whole world knows that syria's north and east is the safest region in the entire country. but that could change dramatically grieving families like layla's would be all the more and better if turkey were to take control of her fallen son's final resting place. let's turn now to that meeting between russia turkey and iran and for that we're joined now by. who's in sochi hello to you yuri so as we just saw in our report the kurds are very concerned about what turkey might do will today's summit address those kurdish concerns well that will be the main issue here in sochi the future of syria after america always throws its armed forces however there is still no clear understanding of who will take charge in regions previously under u.s. control. to feel the power vacuum but russia into iran have their own plans for syria's
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future russian deputy foreign minister together she said he and russia today's main question is how to avoid destabilisation and countless on the ground off the american we struggle russia sparking the turkey and iran hope the transition will be stable and stable one but each country has its own plan for how best to manage it these transition. at the very least the three main players in syria russia turkey iran say that they have a common goal to find a long term settlement for the conflict but where are the areas where they disagree on how to get there. well today's partial about optics it's in the best interest of russia and turkey to present a unified front to the world however they are both pursuing different goals in the region the russian support syrian president bashar al assad however turkey would like to see him removed from power iranian support the shia militias fighting on
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the side of a son to be shot posed by easdale however the russian support the israelis and at the same time they are military partners of the iranians in syria so it's a delicate a diplomatic situation for the russians and for iranians and for turkey front to the turks. all right well you mentioned that this is the first meeting since u.s. president donald trump has said he intends to pull out all two thousand u.s. troops for syria if that does happen as he says it will what will that mean for the role of russia iran and turkey in syria with the americans gone. well it looks like russia is trying to be the most influential player in the middle east right now especially now that the americans are withdrawing from syria right now it seems to the carts are in president putin's favor the best is how much is he willing to risk for his geopolitical games and can he sell them to russian citizens
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support for russian intervention in syria has waned as of late and if you ask most russians on the street if they were concerned about as the situation in syria as it would probably tell you know. all right endeavor easier overshadow reporting from such a many thanks indeed. well the situation in syria is also on the agenda at a u.s. sponsored middle east security conference in the polish capital warsaw the event was originally conceived by the us to press its allies to take a more aggressive stand on iran bought the agenda was then broadened to include issues such as the israeli palestinian conflict and the fight against the so-called islamic state u.s. vice president mike pence and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are headlining the meeting foreign ministers from many arab nations are also attending but the meeting is also notable for the countries not sending high ranking
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delegations including france and germany. well western european countries have criticized the trump administration's hardline stance on tehran and the decision to pull out of the nuclear deal with iran iran has called the conference a circus and says it's an attempt to demonize the country our correspondent there is a trial for went out on the streets of tehran to find out what you rainiest think about these talks. so it's time since it will definitely have an impact on our country because america is a superpower. so i'm sure any decisions they make will affect us. and that the old european countries like the netherlands want to talk about iran that might be a good thing. but it's not right for enemies to be involved like america. i don't think they'll be able to do anything against our government. that you know
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what they think you know that you countries that are considered dominant ruled powers dictate and apply policies that in the end will not be good for us. i suppose that will be the case with the warsaw meeting and nothing will come of it to our benefit you know about that. about you know nothing you know let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. judge has ruled that former trump campaign manager paul metaphors intentionally lied to investigators probing russian interference in the twenty sixteen election after being convicted of financial fraud last year when a four promise to cooperate with the probe as part of a plea deal breaching that agreement means he could face a lengthy jail term. but as well as self-proclaimed president one by doe is attempting to wrest control of the state's oil company the national assembly led by a quiet oh has announced its own board of directors to run the vital petroleum
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producer is the latest move by baidoa his campaign to forced. president nicolas maduro from power. at least six people have died during a week of violent protests in haiti demonstrators have repeatedly clashed with police in the capital port au prince the protesters are accusing the government of corruption and calling on the president to resign. in the philippines prominent journalist maria ressa has been released on bail following her arrest on charges of cyber libel on wednesday ressa as head of the news website rappler which has reported critically and president hundred two territory of her supporters say the charges against her as a government attack on press freedom. while staying in the philippines president rodrigo territory attracted widespread criticism in just sumber when he admitted to sexually assaulting a domestic made when he was a teenager that prompted d.w. to investigate the issue of domestic worker abuse in the philippines our
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correspondent anna santos filed this report. lucy was only fifteen when a relative hired her sister domestic worker her parents thought she would be safe with them she wasn't. been send them but they call you and. your fare. and then the lucky bat that you. will do said are lucky. and then that's what we end up buying at the end that will not come. yet and i shall not you. this expand. domestic work is a default job for many filipinos but it can also be dangerous the president of the philippines even weighed in recently on the abuse of domestic help in what many saw
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as a shocking confession on what he did decades ago. when you. news all. the only. good news. in the yeah is there is. one father being president rodrigo that they are there recently confessed to molesting his domestic worker as a teen he reveals a dirty little secret many domestic workers in the philippines are sexually assaulted by their employers. now believe the police are runs a union for domestic workers and was also shocked by the president's admission so an awful lot decision but if i don't think it's sad and degrading. well you know just because workers have a low status. does that mean they can be treated this way.
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but you would. never do that for the stock says that while rape is the worst that can happen domestic workers faced sexual harassment on a near daily basis by this ox male employer once groped her while she was changing a light bulb she did not complain thinking his wife would not believe her. care pretty as a lawyer who has been at the forefront of women's rights for over a decade sexual abuse among the most workers here in different opinions is very prevalent unfortunately we do not have statistics on that. and this is probably because of the silence of the victim silence of the families because it happens in their families there is a law to protect the estimated one point nine million domestic workers in the philippines but activists say it's flawed domestic workers can be as young as
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fifteen and when people are too young to know their rights and fight back against abuse and violence like the kind lucy experienced over twenty years ago. see that number of. the muscle. lucy endured a lifetime of shame and suffering she hopes that with the president's admission more domestic workers will break the silence on their past so that other women don't have to suffer the united states and china are opening another round of trade talks today was seems to be a much friendlier atmosphere well that's after u.s. president donald trump said he would be open to extending the current trade truce and delaying new tower of for another two months in beijing u.s. treasury secretary steven new chairman and trade representative robert bly ties or
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are meeting with china's top economic official new head on friday chinese president xi jinping will join the talks underlining how important a deal is for the chinese economy has been crippled by the recent trade spat. thousands of people formed a human chain in the german city of dresden to commemorate its intense bombing during world war two british and us bombers dropped nearly four thousand tons of bombs and incendiary devices on the city killing tens of thousands of people. thousands of people gathered interest in to mark the anniversary and to form a human chain intended as a symbol of peace and reconciliation so we don't want it ever happening again. thinking back it was terrible. exactly seventy four years ago allied bombers began pounding dresden most of the city center was destroyed in
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the raids and up to twenty five thousand people died many also gathered for a ceremony of the city's largest cemetery among those invited survivors of the raids students from the united kingdom and visitors from poland is this jesus son of freedom after more than seventy years of peace and contemplation we can be happy that the enemies of the past have become friends of today. so at the same time as europeans we can't forget just how fragile this peace and happiness is. at the city's famous church of our lady there were prayers of hope and compassion which focused on the future and about even to uneasy and at the same time we have to look at today's world with compassion and empathy for those currently facing displacement from war and violence from the toughest in previous years neo nazi groups have tried to instrumental eyes the february thirteenth anniversary by holding political rallies however dressed in its residents have
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managed to block these the last three years. as the berlin international film festival enters its last few days a film about lesbian love is in the running for a coveted golden bear warrant calls elisa and marcella the netflix production is the true story of two spanish women and their desire to be together in conservative spain more than a hundred years ago. time to shine isabel clash it is one of seven female directors in this year's ballon on a competition line up. she was joined on the red carpet by actresses natalia de molina and gretel fernandez who play the main characters. in a time when ilesa and marcella meet in a high school in northwestern spain they fall head over heels in love. it's a forbidden love kept secret in. a relationship that the arch catholic and
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often homophobic population at the end of the one nine hundred centuries doesn't approve of. the movie is controversial not because of its story but because it was produced by the online streaming service netflix cinema owners and distributors fear financial losses and they want the movie out of the line up they say verbally not as a publicly funded film festival should only promote movies that will be released in cinemas. director isabelle question says her film will be shown in spanish sentiments at least the call for a boycott make certain great i just wrote the script i try to have financing for ten years and. nobody really really was interested in doing it the culture has to be about respect the ouster
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and one thing saying the film doesn't deserve to be here it's not respecting the author. and in the movie the two women clinging to their love with a lisa posing as a man the to get married their union was the first same sex marriage in spain more than one hundred years before marriage equality was legalized based on a true story this could have been a powerful film paying tribute to the l g p t communities decades long fight for equal rights. yet the slow and often implausible movie doesn't live up to their promise. it's the most important tournament in european club soccer the champions league and only one talk sports is here to walk us through the big game last night so it was dortmund from germany's bundesliga against top of the english premier league hello to you alina so this was the first of two legs as i understand so tell us what happens in london things started off
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really well for the german side with then two minutes into the second half it was taught in that scored for us all min so on with a delightful finish and that was a game changer after that don't mind just lost their focus they committed so many individual mistakes and of course the team like top them all going to punish you for it and spurs just added a second and then a third in the late stages of the match to see a three nil victory and although taught them also had injuries of their own in terms of harry came down i really think the absence of mark or roy's and possible outcomes here were just way too much for dortmund to handle you know lehman micros is my son's favorite player and i think he'll be very upset to see dortmund losing yet again and it's now they've not one of four games so that's not a good sign that it's not is their coach concerned about this he should be and that's exactly the thing that you're afraid that this might develop into something bigger about that might be a pattern but of course i'll have
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a mountain to climb would be difficult to bounce back from a three no deficit but at least coach lucien frogger has you know he can take some comfort in the first half performances why don't we take a listen. we played well in the first half had a couple of chances and they had very few. we defended really well and played well going forward and at the start of the second half we gave it away. this time you shank. alina we were just talking a short time ago so the luck of the champions league draw meant that this match as the first of three in the round of sixteen featured these bonus league clubs against the much wealthier english premier league sides do the bundesliga guys have even a chance of beating these wealthier british english premier league sides this time
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around i think be a lot more difficult it's not going to be easy i mean you have a struggling show that will meet up against manchester city obviously pep guardiola side a clear favorite and then often the case is made that by and are probably the best you know the only been to see attain with probably a chance to you know be in this competition but even they have it difficult because they will be up against liverpool and one of the reasons why the matches are also this season spread out more with within the weeks is because they also want to give more prominence to each and every game and liverpool by on is going to be a thriller at least on paper. the one more question so the defending champions league champions played last night so it was a real madrid how do they do. i x. x. really where the team with an incredible frest half and they could have easily been up by a few goals to just couldn't take advantage and they too had a goal disallowed and that's important because this was the first time in champion seek history where we had to v.a. are being used to disallow and overturn
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a goal no of course that's not why i axed last reanimate dritte i mean they just a number too high they have the experience and even on a day when it's an off game you have a sense your score the late winner to seal a two one victory all right only one talking of daily sports thanks as always great to talk to you. now the u.s. space agency nasa says its space rover opportunity has completed its mission confirming that the probe is dead after fourteen years of service on mars and that time the opportunity rover uncovered ancient signs of water on the red planet's surface and sent back over two hundred thousand images programmed silent eight months ago after it was engulfed in a giant dust storm that you heard about. let's get a reminder now of our top story. european aviation giant air bus is to stop building it's a three eighty the world's biggest passenger plane airlines have not been buying
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enough of the costly double deckers seat around five hundred passengers. you're watching a new nose coming up next is to focus on american evan steam and all of us in berlin thanks for watching.
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john journey across the show. good seems to us again think you know my god. the seat. come on his from iran he's made it as far as a light brown wants to go to be you came over. here. already tried once but failed. news to d.w. . up
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today don't miss our highlights. programme on line w. dot com highlights. it's time for berlin sixty nine film festival. we give you the lowdown on all the stars. and gossip. twenty one thousand every day on the. crimes against humanity civilians who become witnesses of. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators comb through the flood of
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images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t.w. . hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe with large. we've heard a lot about people leaving britain ahead of brigs it but there are others willing to risk their lives to get to the u.k. before its scheduled departure from the e.u. at the end of march some are crossing the waters at night on inflatable denise.


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