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tv   Doc Film - Resourceful Pioneers - The Innovators Behind New Eco- Products  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm CET

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i'm not laughing at that. because sometimes their place they're laughing with the camera and i think deep into german culture. mutants will take his grandmother they all eat because it's all that who they are in their time rachael join me i mean because everybody of course. the search for a sustainable role materials produce in industrial production and processing is intensifying. we can use this material to manufacture any number of different products saving a huge amount of petroleum based plastics. germany's eco innovators are prepared to travel to the most remote corners of the earth in their hunt for new sustainable
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resources. one can almost anything made from a minimal steel can be made out of bamboo these pioneers want to put the brakes on over exploitation of natural resources especially fossil fuels and their derivatives will reach a limited some point we're already over exporting the planet the search for alternative raw materials is becoming ever more urgent. she curry is one alternative for all material with great potential its leaves are usually eaten but the pioneers are also interested in its roots they usually end up as waste or sent to the bio gas plant.
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professor andrea kreuzer from the university of poor uses these chicory roads they contain a substance that she needs for her research. well this is the bit you eat the vegetable but we want these roots here they contain a storage substance that we can use to make a platform chemical. in other words we can make stockings for example or beverage bottles out of these roots thank you floss and muffins. chicory roots are too bitter to be edible apart from fermenting by a gas there is little else you can do with them that makes them ideal for andrea cruiser and her project. is working this is the first time we've been able to produce this platform chemical from chicory beets or any kind of waste product. that's what makes it special the chemical is called hydroxy methyl for all it's
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commercially available but then it's made from sugar and the production process is rather dirty that we have a clean process using something that is not a food and that's important to us as is interested. in her bar a tree at the university of hall and time crews are spent more than five years searching for the right raw materials chicory is ideal because a substance forms in the root from which they can extract a basic chemical building block simply by boiling it. the chemical is used to obtain additional substances and at the end of the process you have nylon. cruiser believes this could be a real alternative to petroleum based plastics. five
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hundred thousand tons of chicory waste a produced every year in europe alone enough for about three billion pantyhose. it's this it begins we know that oil is limited and in other words it will run out at some point and of course we also have the c o two problem yet. when we use crude oil we also burn it in some form to break it down so to speak that produces carbon dioxide. by then it's the odd and also special thing is when you use biomass it also releases c o two but only as much as the plants absorb while they grow. cruiser hopes that one day plastics will be made from chicory roots those children need more funding to make a project marketable ideas like hers are urgently needed says ben human heart materials expert from the environmental association nabu. on the next and we've all
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seen it. we've all seen news reports of explosions on oil rigs or tankers transporting crude oil on. these kinds of things do catastrophic damage to the environment rushkoff oil is a very problematic raw material. or the extraction causes problems. and even more than that the refining process is very energy intensive and emits a lot of harmful gases it can be a threat to health. for i am doing when the economy's going to have changed. in addition the global population is growing and placing ever greater demands on resources including crude oil yulian less now believes that coffee may be part of the solution. twenty million tons of old coffee grounds end up as waste in germany every day like
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here in cafes. yulian less now is testing methods to turn these coffee grounds into an alternative to oil based plastics. the used coffee grounds have to be dried les mis spent more than a year experimenting with avon's used for baking or drying fruit. he's also started having larger quantities dried industrially. after drying the grounds look like regular coffee again. in fact the coffee brewing process is the first step in lessness production method as. turns out the coffee that has been brutal ready in a cafe or in your kitchen is better suited to production processes. and coffee contains quite a lot of oils those oils are flushed out when coffee is brooder pressed with the
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less oil the coffee grounds contain the better it is for the production process. and it will be shared and it's going to play nice. the old coffee grounds a mixed with cellulose wood and starch to form a granular it just. it has the same properties as petroleum based plastics and can be molded into different shapes. dishware for instance this cup and it's also contains about sixty grams of coffee grounds. less now runs his marketing and sales operation out of the social workshop the product designer believes coffee grounds could be an important new material of the future. you. can ethylene is
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a coffee that the coffee grounds in this hard form could replace traditional plastics. which we can we can use machines that normally process plastics to create my products to. what i've made here could serve as an alternative to a massive amount of petroleum based plastics. and coffee as a consumer product that is the second most traded product in the world there's enough coffee available which in turn could replace quite a lot of other raw materials for and then be turned into new products. so more important and far better. left now is designing other products to the cops were just beginning. his next idea is a substitute for regular paper to go karts. he has to go caps a made out of an organic material that is recyclable biodegradable within a few months dishwasher safe and almost unbreakable.
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baristas wouldn't have to keep replacing the porcelain and at home you could watch the cop outs and keep using its weight or something. coffee ground plastic turns out to be very versatile this skateboard was also made out of it left now has a lot of ideas for new products buttons garbage cans building materials and. the technical university of braunschweig is also conducting research on new roma tiriel on a grand scale. one focus of investigation is the mineral oil free factory institute director christoph hermann is trying to find alternatives that can replace oils in large industrial machines and that's really not our that's
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we're looking for alternatives of course fossil based raw materials including mineral oil are a finite resource mineral extraction also results in a series of environmental impacts that extend across the entire cycle from extraction to processing into mineral oil. it would be a major step forward if we could find substitutes that have a significantly lower environmental impact because the rest of. this machine is being used to test for cooling literature and for a million machines it looks like water but is designed to lubricate remove metal particles and serve as a coolant lubricants like this a usually faced unconventional crude oil in twenty sixteen sixty eight thousand tons of oil we used to manufacture cooling lubricants in germany alone. pioneers like christoph herman and looking for natural alternatives that have properties similar to oil. thievin discovered one day
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weekend in the animal kingdom. was posted i'm just getting on the side what actually happens to all those crab shells. that people consume huge quantities of crabs. so if you're wondering what the raw material looks like you actually already know like. when you order a big seafood plate you end up with crab legs like this. from the king crab you. know this shell which you can't eat is waste that's what it can be processed into are natural polymer called cotton cutters or which is water soluble and can be used as an additive as and it is good looks that got. the crab based additive is tested for its lubricating qualities in at least one water solution to see if it might be suitable for industrial use. one day
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a product like this might replace hydraulic oil. researches are also searching for metal alternatives it's an urgent task so. materials researcher ben human heart traditional steel and metal production consumes a great deal of energy and poses both a social and environmental burden. and if you're an author and i think you were in the one regions where metals are mined often become conflict regions. or these countries also face ecological conflicts because ecosystems are being destroyed. and of course the profits from metals don't always go to the people who are entitled to them by the in the in the i get. steel and iron are produced out of doors which have been mined hearing central germany's hearts mountains for thousands of years geologist free todd has been
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studying the consequences of all mining in the region for decades. although the local metals industry is long gone the scars remain in lead zinc and copper will mine here until the nine thousand nine hundred. the landscape is still dotted with slag capes and toxic mining waste. as the prime not hiding there's no such thing as sustainable mining like when you're intervene in nature like this it's never sustainable that there's mining doesn't just remove soil it removes forest and bedrock to it does permanent damage and destroys the natural environment. it's something your ordinary tourist will never get to see when they visit a historical mine the all i know is stored backwards not hers in the later mr field the metals from the huts mountains were used in many major industries took nahla
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the impact of mining is further proof of the importance of finding alternatives. we have to pursue any idea no matter how our land is for replacing a dryer mentally damaging raw materials are given. the soil here is contaminated with heavy metals even the trees that were planted after the mine shot aren't growing properly. the mines also affected the groundwater this artificial lake is also contaminated with heavy metals for local residents it's a significant health burden for you're in the past when there was a dry summer's day that more dried it was blown about in the wind he'd get it in your mouth and the heavy metals would crunch between your teeth. and you can imagine how the women used to complain. they wrote letters to the editor saying my laundry turns black and i can't get a clane i have to wash things two or three times because of the dust clouds blowing
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off this dangerous waste landfill. today we have two choices. either we leave this waste where it is and secure it properly. or we reprocess it using modern recycling methods. the waste contains high levels of lead zinc copper cadmium indium and other metals that could be recycled under the retired when demanded of your income canelo regularly take samples of the contaminated water it's his job to monitor the pollution that the entire region has been left to contend with. here in keel a role material that could replace aluminum steel or carbon in the future is already rolling through the city center. journalist old scott is
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a pioneer in metal alternatives. is bike fashion it's made of bamboo. this is a great about bamboo is that it makes for a very comfortable ride with bamboo consists of long fibers which absorbs shock that's really nice when you're riding over cobblestones or bumpy ground like i was unless i'm going to misfire three. he's sold about a thousand bamboo bikes since he founded his company four years ago. the bikes are assembled in kiel city and touring bikes and now and he bike to. the frames a made of bamboo most of the other components a missile. accessors without honestly i. buy school
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frames are usually made of steel alum in your more carbon fiber but those are finite materials and their production process also consumes a great deal of energy. using a bamboo frame offers a lot of ecological benefits it's a raw material that grows very quickly in the wild bamboo grows faster than almost any other plant in the world and in vast quantities so we take this role material from nature and then we build the frame by hand which also conserve energy it still needs the same technical specifications as a frame made from a conventional roll material but uses a minimum of energy. the bamboo for the past sickles comes from ghana. together with his workshop manager scholtz good travels to africa several times a year he first discovered bamboo pascall see in twenty twelve since then he's been collaborating with a local workshop. the bamboo is
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harvested in a remote town of just thousand residents mean. here in this workshop bamboo components are prepared for customers around the world it's the largest workshop for bamboo classical in africa. because bicycle frames a mate here. he comes here every few months to observe the work and brings new tools with him. as with a normal bicycle the bamboo chips come in various suites in pick nesses. ones in here this chub is relatively thin with a relatively thin outer wall we use this for the top tube because it doesn't have
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to withstand as much force then here on the other side we have the lower tubes which are much weaker the outer wall is thicker so it's sturdier. as a natural roll material bamboo is not as uniform a steel most of the plant can still be used. and again we use large bamboo plants about twenty to twenty five metres tall one single plant has all sorts of thicknesses and diameters we cut up the plant and then categorize it according to thickness so we use the entire plant. it's almost top it's time while the bamboo grows in the area surrounding the workshop. the bamboo has a very hard surface and thick outer walls making it a perfect substitute for metal the workers come from the area. because vasco
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factory has created fifty five jobs here bamboozled set to become a material of the future once manufacturers back in europe catch on. was older than him or herself but aren't completely uniform on it's a natural raw material so production processes are more complex than with aluminum or steel using bamboo costs more at the moment but other resources are finite so will eventually be forced to make the switch to renewable materials bamboo will be a very big part of that but one of the. bamboo grows very quickly it doesn't take up much space and it doesn't need much tending and it requires no pesticides. everything here isn't this right here is almost a bamboo tree a big cluster of stems growing wild to hear the whole thing roxanne. in just two or
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three years a tiny bamboo chute can grow to a stem thirty meters tall. also i walk we can make five to seven bicycle friends out of one stem so that's a lot of them again. but. if. the bamboo stems are dried that's how they lose their green color. then kemper op says sultan recycled industrial adhesive a product for which there is no natural alternative yet. using the glue so drop the bamboo in metal parts a join together. that it. was in. when there dried the hardened temp joints a sanded by hand and then vanished. a
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single bamboo frame replaces about two kilos of steel. the finished parts as shipped to kill in ritual fluid was close to about fifty people. drink. about seventy hours of labor and dharma and germany go into a bamboo bicycle in germany they cost upwards of fifteen hundred euros. for it like any bicycle made of steel carbon five are all aluminum the bamboo bikes also have to pass stress tests. but customers are most concerned about a juror ability many is still wary of the new rule material.
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if you couldn't find a zero of them or so many customers wonder whether bamboo was spared enough that the whip put about a thousand bikes in the road and still haven't had any frame breakers just off the surface of the bamboos extremely hard insurable exterior organs of the distance fish. the keel startup has created a market for its products without help from outside sponsors or funding. the climate center in the northwest germantown a very helps fill that gap. they provide a network for entrepreneurs and give them access to technology like three d. printing for example. to help spur innovation direct to mari louisa rotman maya brings bio economists and project managers together finder's made of peppers all pleas for example are already being used to make three d.
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printed products but there's still work to be done. a bend it is a hint at a number of german associations are very committed to this idea but in the netherlands for example they have a kind of credit system to reward products with a positive environmental impact something like that here could help boost the market or we could support baseline production quantities that would really help pave the way for these products. but this kind of political support isn't on the radar yet in germany. the german ministry of research does have a few prototypes on hand and offers many funding programs but it's a bureaucratic operation that's anything but hands on. jesus. and this year in sri are going in this topic is
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a bit abstract for ordinary citizens who have never had anything to do with bio economics. or didn't drink and. we hope to support this work in the future by offering agenda processes and conference programs. vital for in. yonah she told sky is a pressing forward even without political support the new handles that his bamboo bicycles are now made of birch bark not plastic. if there's a mission in and we don't just want to use renewable materials for our frames we want as many of the other components to be made out of high quality renewable materials as possible and. it was a popular role material hundreds of years ago until it was replaced by plastic a new generation of entrepreneurs are trying to bring these natural materials back on the market as quickly as possible.
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in. chicago crime where. there's been an explosion of violence in america's third largest city. in some parts of town drive or fighting over territory and innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire. many local residents say it's time to stop the bloodshed. chicago. fifteen minutes.
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next traffic in video. feeling no they're still. curves with the good morning stephanie. the curtain shut with musicians from around the world. groups every week on t.w. . the munich security conference twenty nine our top story on the c.w. . superpower competition trade. nationalism on the rise. our forces how can the european union compete effectively in this new international order. the twenty million team munich
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security conference today. once upon a time there was a young girl. with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and i always. yearned for being on stage with the musicians and being part of that magic it was a difficult trip the first. real. world famous conductor thanks mom so they're not thanks to. the jury takes on t w.
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d w news live from berlin the u.s. and iran trade verbal blows at the munich security conference draws to an end iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif condemns u.s. policy on iran accusing washington every morning his country's right to self-determination this after u.s. vice president might have demands a tougher stance that.


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