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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight on the trail of the weapons trade that is fueling a war and killing children in yemen an exclusive investigation by d.w. news shows that german weapons are being used by militia groups and prolonging yemen's for this despite claims by the german government that cells of weapons in the middle east are strictly controlled also coming up president mohamed do boring holes ahead in the nigerian presidential election is supporters are jubilant even though the vote counting is not complete the main opposition candidate wants the
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vote counting stops and britain's prime minister to resign may make some major concessions she's offering lawmakers a chance to postpone the u.k.'s departure from the european union if parliament rejects her breaks it deal yet again. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with the weapons used to wage war in yemen the weapons used in a four year old civil and proxy war that has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis where do those weapons come from where the german government has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of german weapons and technology being used in that war but an exclusive investigation by d.w. news together with other german media outlets casts doubt on that claim here's our
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report. in yemen's brutal war it's the civilians who are bearing the brunt thousands have died millions on the brink of starvation i think the dominant falls has been the saudi coalition the fact that it keeps bombing civilians and civilian infrastructure despite having the best weaponry money can buy. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are both fighting in yemen and it's here at this arms fan abu dhabi that they're shopping for the latest lethal technology both among the german arms industry's top clients but belin has repeatedly denied any knowledge of german made arms employed in yemen. i'm not aware of it we have in our coalition agreement let down so i'm very restrictive rules for further export of military weapons to parties immediately and directly involved in the german
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conflict it is now being implemented i have not had any news about it so for. germany prides itself on these strict export guidelines which ban the sale of weapons to countries involved in armed conflict. but d.-w. and its investigative partners report mentioned stand back and see in light us reports and belling cut trolled loads of phidias photos and satellite images and found evidence that german weapons sold to the emirates and saudi arabia oh in fact being used in the yemen war in the air at sea and on land. this is a german made warship in the port of moscow in yemen it's one of two minds sweepers sold to the emirates satellite images repeatedly showed german made vessels in the eritrean port of a sub sub is the main base for the naval blockade of yemen which has led to
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widespread starvation. this is a convoy of foreign mercenaries in yemen fighting for the emirates in the convoy a german built weapon station mounted on vehicles. these fighters are dancing around the wreckage of a saudi arabian tornado come budget which crashed in yemen tornadoes have many german component woodman's that exported to saudi and india writes that makes a big effect against to many of these that it is the tools of study and emitters to kill the in many ways so i'm calling the west all the mystery and countries to start selling weapons to sell get. back at the defense for the iraq he signed weapons deals worth more than five billion dollars many of them with western companies and those arms too could end up in your brutal conflict.
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and i'm going over the b. table by my colleague and we can read she worked on this story we want to point out naomi that berlin the german government they imposed a weapons export ban to saudi arabia after crown prince mohammed bin salman was implicated in the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi right at the saudi consulate in istanbul but the weapons that we're talking about tonight when were they exported well that's quite a mix some of these weapons were exposed to the ninety's and eighty's that the tornadoes we saw quite a few of them were exported off at the start of the war off to twenty fifteen including helicopters patrol boat. warheads right assistance you know the whole lot the list continues so these were exported well into the yemen well well into all the atrocities that have been documented into the footage of starving children you see so that's important is that we're talking about weapons the exported recently and also of course weapons that were exported decades ago in what kinds of restring
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. shoes are usually in place when we're talking about exporting weapons to the middle east yes i mean the german government prides itself on its what it says are very strict export guidelines which forbid sales and so the country is firstly involved in armed conflicts and on top of that the coalition government last late last year signed an agreement which also forbids weapons exports into countries involved in the yemen was so in theory none of these exports should be happening but they're still continuing to happen as places to mark tobin last year the government agreed sales to the united arab emirates and so i mean we can say that the german government chooses to ignore the guidelines when it feels like doing it and it's important also to say that these guidelines are not legally binding so if it wants to know the guidelines the german government can to say a little bit about the reporting here look you did german weapons military
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equipment being used in germany despite the government claiming to have any knowledge of german arms in yemen how did you do that we spend hours and hours trolling twitter and facebook and you tube and google earth literally looking for needles in the haystack and when we tried to locate weapons and videos we then compared them with other weapons systems and then what we did was we try to locate them if we could do like eight them i.e. find where exactly this is the real number no so for example say this is this weapon system is in this video is clearly. part of aden for example and hold data thereby definitively prove that these weapons were in fact in yemen and we we followed those of different leads some some leads we can actually prove others we did it it's been reported for a while now that german weapons are being used in yemen so what is different about
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. the research that your team did well when the scale i mean we managed to prove that german weapons and components to so i mean a lot of big weapon companies are multilateral so we're talking about german components part of these weapons being used in the land and on the ground so basically in the attire war that's happening in yemen at the moment and also we were able to produce some of these weapons i mean there's long been talk of german oh of tonight is that how german components been used by the saudi royal air force and we never had proof of this and you've presented your vinings to the german government what's been the reaction not much so far i mean they're watching this report for example they just declined to comment on specific weapon system but i mean we are expecting some kind of reaction maybe tomorrow right here we can really there's always time tonight thank you. and you can find much more about this story
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on our website just go to g.w. dot com and you can also find out more on twitter at d w new. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the united nations says donors have pledged two point six billion dollars in humanitarian aid for war torn yemen a conference on the crisis is taking place in geneva switzerland the u.n. also says that aid workers in yemen have access to vital grain stores for the first time in six months twenty million people still lack stable food supply so there's a confusion surrounding the surprise resignation of iranian foreign minister mohammad just a few negotiating tehran's two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal with world powers a report suggested that president hassan rouhani had rejected sorry resignation and is standing by his moderate allies. hundreds of students in algeria have again taken to the streets to protest a possible fifth term for the president the students boycotted classes in
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university cities across the country the eighty one year old leader came to power twenty years ago his announcement that he would seek reelection has sparked a wave of protests. or vote counting in nigeria has not concluded yet but one of the candidates is already chanting victory incumbent president mohamed who bihari he has taken and a salable lead over top opposition challenger i think you are now shortly after a campaign spokesman announced the unofficial numbers haris of reporters raised to celebrate their candidate's victory outside party headquarters in. doha took office back in twenty fifteen insult a second term with pledges to fight corruption while overhauling the country's creaking road and rail network. and joining us tonight from a budget is our correspondent for needs a chore good evening to you funny reporter the president has taken
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a lead the just can't be beat now in this election what more can you tell us. definitely brown there was some excitement on side of this building outside of the electoral commission where these votes have being. two or two old all of the states that have bringing their results in here because the most populous states kind of state and not states were announced for the p.c. party securing more than one point half million votes for president will higher so that definitely puts him into a lead situation even though there's no bottom line yet no final results yet ever the spokesperson as you just mentioned of the a.p.c. campaign committee has already announced that they are preparing a victory speech for president laurie and also requesting the. teakwood to concede defeat now the reaction of if you see p.d.p. of the challenging parties of course not to accept the result in fact they are saying that the results of four states have to be canceled but also the announcement here behind me it's current you know break the on if it's going to
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break the announcement here behind me has to stop they say until all data is transparently available to all parties so you can tell there's a lot of commotion here in the air and there's a lot off going on before the results are even being announced and if it looks like the incumbent president. is going to be reelected to me what can we say. for the why have people put so much faith in him. right to really ask yourself given the fact there are so many challenging this huge country actually what person told me today is kind of like in the game of thrones biharis seen as the king the indisputable king of nigeria and of course that depends who you ask but of course the president will start on that ticket of integrity even though the government around him is facing a lot of allegations of corruption for example president is standing firm on that ticket that stands with integrity that he stands for fighting corruption and so on and a lot of foreigners i see
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a teco maybe even were worse but i think what may be here is the decisive factor which is the number of people who did not go and cast a ballot in fact the voter turnout is supposed to be the lowest voter turnout since the end of military rule twenty years ago so i think that's going to be a decisive factor is about home what kind of margin president is going to win this president if you really wins it according to official results and not just in office the results that are already circulating here in this room as i am that in absentia flo rida you're bringing us those official results as soon as they come in for me for charge in abuja nigeria on the story for us tonight thank you. well there may be more time. and more turmoil in the brics world after british prime minister theresa may said that she supports a while when parliament to vote to delay britain's exit from the e.u. now may's move comes amid growing fears of economic chaos in britain leaves the
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european union as scheduled on march twenty ninth without a deal and it comes after several government ministers threatened to resign if she did not offer the possibility of more time. prime minister teresa mayes announcement of a motion to the labor exit is actually the announcement of a series of votes and more votes if parliament rejects the deal she is negotiating with the european union it can vote the next day on whether it endorses a no deal bragg's it and if parliament rejects that the government will on the fourteenth of march bring forward a motion on whether parliament wants to see a short limited extension to article fifty. and if that house votes were an extension seek to agree that extension approved by the house with the e.u. and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension. the british pound rose on news of may's motion which called
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some fears that britain will crash out of the european union in just over a month without a deal some analysts have predicted economic chaos if that happens. several senior ministers had threatened to resign unless may allowed m.p.'s to extend the march deadline and that comes a day after opposition labor leader jeremy corbin supported a second popular referendum on leaving the e.u. if labor doesn't get the deal it wants mass spoke to lawmakers on both sides of the divide well it's good that she's contemplating the possibility of an extension for the first time because the would be the never to be in most people's view but i still think there's very little trust in what the prime minister has to say and i hope that means that this week all of them will take no deal off the table. conceded. tomorrow which may. give us the news that at the end of it that's going to leave about extended period
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and that's. the motion to allow a delay goes before parliament wednesday injecting yet more uncertainty into a process that has exhausted many in britain and in the e.u. and for more on this now we want to pull in our correspondent bill she is outside parliament in london good evening to you charlotte's theresa may she knows that probably tomorrow her withdrawal plan will be rejected again and now she says if that happens you can vote on extending rights or is she making a concession here. well there are a lot of people who are going to see what's happened today as a major concession from ceres in may after all she's been saying for months that there is no way she would back an extension to article fifty delaying the vote and today essentially says that that is now on the table but there are always some
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people could see this announcement today that this deal she's put forward is working in her favor first she's well aware of the euro skeptics within the party have been causing so much trouble up until now know that the chances. he's backing a no deal in parliament a highly unlikely which could then lead them to backing for a delay to gregg's that that might cause them to rally behind the reason maze sealevel forget that is what series a may is pushing for the moment is to get m.p.'s to support the deal that she's already agreed with the european union that perhaps what we've had today could force a strong on murias skeptics to do that the other thing to remember is of course that series made sense to me one more time to negotiations she is still trying to win some concessions from the european union the. happening again some day she you know has an extra couple of weeks perhaps to get the e.u. to back down that said and what she may be hoping for this evening. the main
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opposition announced yesterday that they would support a second referendum under certain circumstances how disruptive would a second referendum be to british british politics right now. if it's not disrupted enough already. well it does exactly i mean it would be hugely destructive but the u.k. is living in disruptive times at the moment and it is still staring down the prospects of a no deal of leaving the european union without a deal which would usually be destructive said by comparison you could argue you could pick people for arguing that a second vote would be the easiest option but let me just lay out some of the huge logistical problems with the second referendum firstly it would take a lot of time to organize that vote and that is something that the u.k. really doesn't have even if there is an extension to the u.k. even the european union theresa may is that though i need one and it will only go
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into the end of june now it's not very long to get this figured out there's also a lot of people asking one earth are you going to put to the british people in a second referendum what will the question be will it means a reason maze deal or remain nobody knows how it's going to cause a big problem here but of course people here don't necessarily want a second vote the polls suggest that. there aren't the numbers necessary for people to vote in favor of remain and not what they do decide to say it kid again cause huge disruption and a lot of disagreement again over the coming months among yeah it looks like the it may get more time just as many more unanswered questions are charlotte just until outside parliament in london tonight charlie thank you. pakistan's army has warned india to expect a surprise after indian warplanes attacked targets inside pakistan india says that
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they were terrorist camps and that its air strikes killed hundreds of pakistan says there were no casualties it has reserved what it calls its right to defend itself tensions between the neighboring nuclear states and been growing since a deadly no what's an attack on indian troops two weeks ago. jubilation across india as news of the airstrikes emerge there have been growing impatience to avenge a suicide attack against indian soldiers in kashmir earlier this month as delhi announced it had targeted the militant group that claimed the massacre celebrations erupted throughout the country. according to the indian government a large number of militants were killed after its warplanes struck a training camp near the pakistani town of balakot the town of some fifty kilometers from the so-called line of control the ceasefire line that is the de facto border in kashmir if confirmed it would be in the deepest cross border raid
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on pakistan indicates new delhi says it launched the air strikes because it had intelligence that the militant group was planning further attacks. the government of india is firmly residually committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the menace of terrorism hence this nonmilitary preemptive action was specifically targeted at the junction moment. but pakistan is disputing india's version of events in a tweet the pakistani military confirmed that india violated the country's airspace but tonight there were any casualties. in response to the incident pakistan's prime minister imran khan called an emergency meeting to discuss further steps islam about accuses delhi of putting regional peace and stability at risk in a bid to gather support ahead of india's general election once again in government how this is open to with. ridiculous. differs.
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from. what mr. bean a different. beast and stability. could be this whatever the real motivation behind the raid pakistan's military is already planning retaliatory measures now it is time for india to wait for the other spots the response to the gum at the point and time of our choosing that over civil leadership decides and it is as a matter of fact has decided it is your turn know too weird and go tour de force of race words of defiance ignored across the border at a campaign rally in raw just on indian prime ministerial brandram modi assured his followers their country is in safe hands. final
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preparations for the second summit between north korean leader kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump have begun the two leaders have arrived in the vietnamese capital annoyed meetings are planned for wednesday when they'll discuss ways to implement pyongyang's promise to give up its nuclear weapons. even washington d.c. alexander phenomenon has been finding out what policy strategists they are expecting from this second summer. when president trump a north korean leader kim jong un met in singapore last year very good very good there was there was a circumstance but not that much stuff. from the exception that they can agreement getting nothing in return says truth coming in are if cia's former deputy division chief of korea comes to meetings and failure has said nothing. since singapore we've had no progress whatsoever on denuclearization in fact north korea
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continues to nuclearize they continue production of fissile material as well as warheads and mobile missile launchers and missiles and indeed they've even expanded and refined the production facilities for all of those components. tromp obvious his strategy is working because north korea has stopped its nuclear and missile tests and allowed the repatriation of the remains of americans killed during the korean war in return the u.s. president canceled military drills with south korea i decision met with a lot of criticism on capitol hill lawmakers there remain skeptical talks are always better than insults and fighting but. i'd like to see a real agenda for this summit rather than just complacency and there is a danger in complacency once you get sick and something more and more talk and hopefully more measurable progress. donald trump desperately needs the recent
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government shutdown was seen as a big defeat for the president his approval ratings remain low the moeller investigation is closing in and the democrats in congress are blocking trump's domestic agenda in this situation a foreign policy success could provide some relief but for that the you ask the president has to get more concessions from kim than during their last meeting in singapore it's a high risk situation but worth trying so smart to call a former state department official and an expert on korea there are two things he will be watching for there's a possibility that we might see. washington first singapore idea of normalizing relations i mean it's time that they actually have something more permanent that could be a big announcement the second one on the peace regime on the peninsula i would be surprised if there was some kind of a declaration of the end of the korean war or peace settlement. can really
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announce at the end of the korean war it would be great t.v. but it wouldn't necessarily mean. an actual a peace treaty would involve thousand korea and china and it could take time so whatever grand proclamations are made a real breakthrough will be part she. was sports news no asia's top men's tennis player corey has won his first match at the dubai championships securing a straight sets win over here and she who already had to battle to win the first set eight points before finally taking control six four things got a little easier for the japanese player in the second set the french opponents serve twice to win six three and confirm his progress the second. are his reminder of that top story we're following for you an exclusive investigation by g.w. has shown that german weapons are being used by militia groups in. and for
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a long in yemen portal civil war that's despite claims by the german government that sells of weapons in the middle east are strictly control. text is kick off with a review of. the latest match day. with more bold news followed by the day to see a bit. because
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