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so nothing is just that the children who have always been the way you and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for minds. gamers are spotty pale looking nerds who have no friends and waste their time on stupid online games that make you aggressive and drive you crazy five major prejudices about gaming and how much truth lies behind them i would topic today on him. there are some two point two billion gamers worldwide almost one in three people regularly play on their smartphone computer or gaming console nevertheless
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prejudices about gamers and games remain rampant we want to take a close look at the five most prejudiced number one shooter games make you aggressive. the assumption is that if you kill other people in the game you will be . in real life but there's no scientific evidence to prove this for example a study by oxford university showed that the contents of a game don't make you aggressive but frustrating game mechanics to experts at hamburg's university clinics say people who play action games do not behave more aggressively in the long run other studies show that playing a lot of violent games can leave you emotionally but there is no evidence that violent games make someone more prone to violence so how do our brains really react when we play shooters. that's exactly what daphne from the university of geneva wants to find out she has people play first person shooters while hooked up to
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a magnetic resonance imaging scanner and the results show that in some ways games can lead to structure changes in the brain and in action video game players we know that the structures change and change for the better they communicate better with each other such that for them paying attention is less effort for what we were surprised by that and activities i was saw by society. really conceived as a tool waste of time could have positive effects on something as fundamental as how well you can change the. psychology simona from the monks planck institute has found that playing computer games regularly can even make parts of the brain ground. defining on the brain regions affected are the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex they play a role in spatial orientation like when you're thinking about getting from a to b.
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so by stimulating these regions to a large extent they grow in volume. does that mean gaming makes us mata and we should spend endless hours playing. i'm afraid not what our work shows is that you beg me to play about thirty five minutes per day five days a week and you do that regularly and you season has been official effects so you don't have to go into your basement and hide and play for hours on end actually that may actually be counter productive so not only what you play but also for how long is important i used to love adventure games like maniac mansion they don't cause aggression but i often forgot the time because the game world was simply too exciting that brings us to prejudice number two. gaming can become addictive after all you hear about shocking cases like this one.
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you don't even notice you're getting hooked. and suddenly you're addicted. i only realized that when it was too late. i went from playing four hours a day to eight hours. worse at some stage i go three days without sleeping all i do is drink smoke cigarettes and play. now he's aged twenty one but for five years he spent endless hours playing operation seven. he lost forty kilos over that period and dropped out of school without passing his final exams. i enjoyed competing against other gamers i wanted to be better than them it made me feel powerful. i get forty six hours of sleep per night max i was walking around like a zombie. neurobiologists have found out that the. brain reacts to
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a screenshot of his favorite game in a similar way an alcoholic's brain reacts when he sees a bit. when you win the game it gives you a real rush and in order to experience this feeling again and again you just keep on playing doctor an expert on addiction knows just how common this problem is. about one percent are addicted to games that doesn't sound like a huge number but it's comparable to other psychological conditions we've known about for a long time and so gaming can be addictive but does gaming make people lowness prejudiced number three gamers and nerdy but if you look at the big industry events that doesn't seem to be true at all thousands of like minded people come together at games com or e-sports events to party and have a good time together in a recent survey three out of five british gamers said they play mainly to keep in
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touch with their friends my nephew for example met his first girlfriend playing league of legends which like so many games is all about team play take fortnight for example. one hundred players and whoever manages to survive wins that's the basic idea behind a popular game fortnight battle royal players can also get together with other gamers and play as a team. fifteen year old moritz is one of many fortnight fans he links up with his friends on sky playing. all told. not to people play for tonight there are plenty of k.m.'s it's really fun. it seems many would agree fortnight is currently one of the most popular computer games in the world. in its heyday more than ten million gamers were playing fortnight at the same time. the games left
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a lasting cultural legacy with many people even uploading videos of themselves imitating fortnights famous dances many of these clips went viral my favorite. for something like this so gaming is all about community but who actually plays prejudice number for the game is made i mean aided and hostile to women and twenty fourteen male gamers set up the game i gave hash tag and started to arrest female game designers online this went on for months and there were even rape and death threats things appear to have improved since then but many games still seem to show women in a strange light. it's pretty common to see female computer game characters portrayed as scantily clad sex objects whatever their role in the. cliche figures in the male dominated gaming scene. most major
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games are still developed for an all male audience while only twenty percent of game developers are women. and you know. this is because many of the jobs require technical qualifications we've made a mistake all these years of telling girls and young women forget about tech jobs you're not cut out for this kind of work. this way they don't even consider this line of work and rule it out from the start. that the number of female again is does not justify this discrepancy in fact estimates indicate that they're just as many female. but men tend to prefer the big blockbuster games. for casual and mobile. it's a fact women. play games and that's why they should be developing games too they
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could help create games that appeal to women. the latest installment of the tomb raider adventure game series in the case that things are changing in older versions the main protagonist lara croft used to sport a very skimpy outfits. but now she's a real adventurous with much more modest clothing. more and more games now feature complex female characters. like arisan zero do on where female protagonist alloy grows up in a matriarchal society. or uncharted the last legacy with two female lead characters at the heart of a gripping action adventure story. both games have sold millions of copies so it seems that games don't need sexy female lead characters to appeal to consumers. so gamers simply love exciting stories and intelligent as attainment or does our
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fifth prejudice hold true prejudice number five games are a total waste of time gaming just a waste of time and money well there are plenty of examples to show that isn't true . school kids in atlanta georgia are playing the educational class craft game it resembles a typical fantasy game and is designed to help teachers and encourage students to participate in class. it changed it dramatically because it made me a participant with my students i am others their teacher i'm their game master i control the fun of the classroom. school children can select different avatars in class craft and work together as teams they solve virtual challenges and collect points they can then use them to alter their avatars or move up to a higher level that motivates them to keep learning. class cafe doesn't make it
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seem like i think tess a listener is saying you're probably going into better. and these third graders are using the fun educational software dreambox to help them solve math problems it features game elements and illustrates real world applications. i like it because it. shows like. the math problems grow more difficult as pupils improve that way kids receive the challenges that are best suited to their abilities. so is there any truth to the most common factor this is about gaming does it make people aggressive there is no evidence to show that shooters make anyone go on the shooting spree but gaming can be addictive just like alcohol and other drugs and what about the claim that game as. well that's just nonsense the when it comes to gender equality and sexism
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there's still room for improvement and is gaming a waste of time. that depends entirely on what you play so what do you think about gaming let us know on d w dot com on our new you tube channel where you'll find explain as more about the latest tech trends gadgets and much more see you next week and goodbye from the.
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climate change. the state of belief. environmental projects. give globalization face biodiversity species conservation exploitation quality. human rights displacement polls show the global unheard of local action. global three thousand next on d w.
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one hundred and the goods coming p.o.p.o. new hope for the police twenty no region but just beyond what we hope that you can get our economy moving i mean you do the job you did tough arrived in trentino eight years ago as a refugee now she owns her own business and is helping to turn this region around to integration with goat's cheese and the feel good to me helps them thirty minutes follow w. i think is everything challenging first on her make a muslim. so much different culture between here and there so a challenge in court if the body a. traditional business. i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. or
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larcenous to work as a swimming instructor to share knowledge to children one hundred dollars to smugglers to just discuss. what's your story take part charity on info migrants dot net. oh boom welcome to the labels resales and. swimming with whale sharks is a thrill for tourists in the philippines because it's not so good for the big fish themselves. dangerous talks in the same gem and more time could that be possible we need the variance now fearing for the long term health. of. the east.


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