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this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes ah yeah i'm sure a peace deal was signed this is violence in south sudan displaced people are leaving shelters and returning to their homes but i'll say god they really are and what does their future look like. the school kids fighting the funny we have the story of the children checking in to get a deal on this that's wreaking havoc in parts of kenya. that were in abidjan in the ivory coast when young british rangers have been flocking to the west africa's first smartphone film festival. i'm christine wonderwall come to the program i'm glad you're to day and it's been just over half a year now since a new peace deal was signed in south sudan the overall nevels off islands all said
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to have reduced in the country and many displaced people on now returning to their homes one un run refugee camp in the city off while has seen the number of people taking shelter drop from about forty thousand to around fourteen thousand now here's why the last year's peace deal was necessary because in twenty thirteen that's two years off to gain independence south sudan was plunged into civil war the president salva kiir sect he's deputy rick michel who he accused of crossing acute that triggered it ethnically charged fighting to spread across the country tens of thousands were killed and millions forced to flee a twenty fifteen power sharing deal that would turn the shot to the vice presidency the last of only a year and then michelle fled the country this latest polish sharing agreement side last august is the latest attempts to bring stability to the world's youngest nation it's been six months since. it was signed between the warring parties in
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south sudan david sherif is special representative of the secretary general full south sudan and head off the united nations mission in the country david welcome to news africa. let's stop with the fact that people are some people in all states to be returning to their homes how safe do they feel in their country off to what they've been through. well obviously it depends on where they're going to. and i. think. it's going to end on the harmonic effects for many people who are you know i'm open to being back because when they come here they feel over the parish where we're providing services and that you know. are. there i'm very services are part of the problem many of the printed we're going back and forth on. the court
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procedures that we need to go through trauma to social services in that apartment but by that i don't but they come up on the network news so that they will be able to guide magic that's going to slow down. and that's going to be i think it's been longer than the war all right all right so the vice president riek machar he's not yet back in the capital why not first me and and does that bode well for the implementation off this latest peace deal. well when the president was forming the supreme. transitional period. that's. one of the. most insane things that he was in. one of the. side of the tunnel. was the president of.
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the dinner that the little boy was in that part of it is in some of the. a part of the opposition. in the country in the capital of people moving back as he says he says despite. the some of the really close and. peace agreements some of the big box leave the range. you know the bollards the coaches. and sort of. where we should be so you're right we all talking about one of the balls youngest nations are also talking about a country that is very diverse but now how. the conflicts in this country goes beyond the political lines you know because of all of the any fighting that's been
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ongoing in the country can a political peace deal stop that and make line in symmetrical. well i mean maybe the best person for the fact is is that. he has. the area of the country. from what we've seen. over the still so many like minded governor will. move forward now to do. more. for their children. for. most of the. presidents of the. us in the. recent years so i think the share of all the folks in the pool if you. were to view them ok.
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all right many thanks david share a special representative of the secretary general of south sudan and head of the united nations mission in south sudan on a story is in kenya where hundreds of thousands of people of believed to suffer from the condition known as jigga in his station the jig is a tiny sensi that borrows into people's seeds creating serious health problems all reports have been unequal of the ball as if it is school into school where children are being trained to help each other combat the condition. to read up past the loves going to school the best part is being able to concentrate on her lessons but that wasn't always the case the twelve year old speed used to be full of diggers tiny sand fleas that borrow into people's bare flesh causing burning painful lesions. terrible i couldn't play i couldn't
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jump i stretch myself mostly at night for a long time you know all the tools. of the children at this primary school and soon county still suffer from the minute parasite constant aging and severe pain makes it difficult for the infected students to walk and impossible for them to concentrate in class untreated to this can lead to deform claims gang green and fatal tetanus infections. are a wide spread of neglected health problem in africa official figures are hard to come by in the schools here in consumer almost a third of pupils are infected with jake is going to have them. so much pain ever tail was scratching myself. was too painful. i still feel pain. it's not just the pain of the actual infection that's the
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problem but also the teasing and social exclusion by the other children the students here dipankar primary school i've decided to do it differently instead they're helping each other. here in the local ngo has been training these children who've made it their mission to technology guess what's more being treated by their friends and peers has helped fight the fear of the treatment and the stigma associated with the disease. across kisumu students i know how scouts they are challenging the believe that having to give is a poor people's disease and to helping their schoolmates heal and instead of the traditional method of pulling out the fleas which is excruciating they're using a pain free technique where. we start with the ones who are severely infected and we wash their feet we put them in a second basin with fresh water and they stay there with their feet inside for five minutes. then the scouts wipe the whole legs with medicine and we ask them to sit
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in the sun. then the jury does brothers at work and they will last you will soon be to get free then just like the reader will be able to enjoy school again. when you introduce a decus treatment if notice a definite change in the student's performance school generally improved and he scored high in the national exams and seeing them heal and starting to play with each other that has made me happy as a health teacher and. the good treatment has changed these students' lives. and i love going to the river to fetch water i love to study and to play i feel better because i'm here than i can play i can walk properly i can jump us well. three to hopes that obvious girls across the region will adopt this way of dealing with the bigger fleet she wants other pupils to be able to love school as much as she does. to abidjan ivory
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coast bustling economic capital now where a film festival with a difference was taking place this past weekend the bushman film festival is the first of its kind of french speaking west africa it attracted thousands of entries from around the world and they were all films shot with smartphones and tablets is a look at some of the budding filmmakers at work. are these filmmakers a young creative and they understand that a smartphone can help them push past the problem of expensive professional film equipment. business we want to show people that we can make films but unfortunately we don't happen to have the means does that mean we have to stop just because we don't have the means doesn't mean we don't have a dream so we find a way to express our dreamers this is only the second year this festival for films shot purely on smartphones or tablets is taking place it sets no age restrictions
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for filmmakers and it attracted more than five thousand entries from around the world. but compared to t.v. it's a different thing because there's a lot more noise the picture is not clear but it's still good. this film festival is held at the bushman cafe in abidjan a place for actors and directors filmmakers and film lovers to meet network and ultimately get more and better films made. in what we said we support talent and show them that it's not only about getting the films are now simply giving them exposure. it's because of some awards and sponsors we've won that we've been able to support these talents to produce better films get their films launched and get open space to be proved cost on larger platforms so the. mobile phones are now a legitimate an affective tool for low to no budget filmmakers and it's the bushman
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film festivals and aim to bring new talent from west africa in particular to audiences worldwide. and that is that for now from africa you can catch all our stories on our website and on our facebook page now it's all the rock level amongst you we leave you with some music from well that google's rock a welcome festival which was on over the weekend the next time i buy.
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small acts can inspire be changing the people making it possible eco africa fantastic right trying that as they set out to safe environments. learn from one another. and work together for the future. the theists out cooking for go w. . any companies in germany to learn german. english to me. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to southfork p.w. feeling course nikos fic.


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