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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2019 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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and you. think you know what time it all voices what. the 77 percent talk about the issues. from the party to flashes from housing boom boom time this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend d w. o 5. in just
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a few old days it's party time the copa america kicks off in brazil and all of south america is caught up in excitement to. the continent's best players including many world stars will be gathered together in a place where unforgettable triumphs and defeats have taken place before when we can sing like a we mean a wrecking ball i think to all of. our reporters of boston zam traveled across all of brazil and also. when it comes to how the reporter juliet comes out of saddam wasn't you're acquiring the fact these small mace rueful folks will kick off a road in south america probably. presume that epicenter of beautiful cocoa the passion. oh. great technical skill. and.
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yes that was yesterday the since 2007 brazil has won and you think ok won the contract cup 2030 and yes one olympic gold in 26 teams but when was the last time that you actually watched a football game it's the olympics. so what was i going to say i have no cup america title since 200-720-0620 extension 10 out of the world cup quarterfinals in 2014 messed up it's home world cup. but i won't crack any 71 jokes i promise. maybe and 2018 world out in the quarterfinals again. that's what the hell has happened so far. as brazil prepares to host this year's cup america i met fans . i met
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a player. i visited brazil's neighbors paraguayan argentina. i wonder. when they come. and i even met a world champion. to find out what he calls the downfall of resilience football and what to expect a cup of america here in brazil time to have a word to brazil. and off we go to. america's opening game will take place on june the 14th from there it's only an hour drive to sometimes the town but brazil's king of football runs strong today every street corner briefs football and so does every texan driver. sometimes. some of the more he does use to make my. name i'm. it's hard not to be reminded here. the days when brazil dominated the world and of
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course neymar also started his career at sometimes f.c. . the local museum documents a glorious history that by then 17 year old pele brazil won its 1st world cup back in 1958 because the song is now lifted the trophy 5 times in total although he'll probably prove to get rid of 6 get the national and group of people who do not think it proper construction interest to get part of the project you can just presume my grandson to be a scarcity some residue that they want to keep and also pope and then how much they can know is that you are not saying come check them somewhat understandable if you have no meeting. next stop soon to see if she stayed you she or i find t.v. teams outside and a memorial service inside the stadium. one of the best partners palais ever had its own tos striker coaching you had died the day before. then for all i assume from you you're not going to be confused i mean if you're not sad and
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they deserve that momentous he's. proud of. the old legends are dying which made me think even more what about today's generation what can superstar neymar deliver. this. decision won't buy the city the mass in the summer but adds you yes you there's no other to give us it is so easy in 3. years don't go 2nd says hold back but is it all really just about one player or are big stars not used to pressure so i leave something behind i have a feeling one has to dig deep for argentina is not as messy brazil is not as neymar let's ask a player from the team that won brazil's last couple. i met the one on the outskirts of rio. after 10 years spent in europe 5 in labor coups and 5 in a row. kwan is back at his home club which is farming go from rio de janeiro.
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for most of the song. doesn't mean. my style. but i was in the. cattails bullshit. in bed to change think of also speaking of the people it's their football passion feeling tect despite their national team's recent lack of success and despite the fact that most young talents leave the country so this is my 1st book and the result ever. i go to see flamengo brazil's most popular club of some 35000000 fans. a great atmosphere at the epic mount i cannot stadium. here the passion is definitely intact. maybe even more than the stadium itself.
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but what do the fans think about the state of national football it's b.p. official about that was there some of the decision making from it is you mean bucket from the budget that goes so he'd be allowed to boys just new york. which they you know. they would all fall by the one don't offer we're just in the point of buzz about the last. year is one of the top talents leaving brazil with a team he joins around madrid and even from an go behind got to see president. bush as our. deputies are useless close to football a month in which for small business. owners don't pick those up with us and she would give these i was at the soup boys don't put off until the boys pick them up i suppose they benefit you most which of all 90 percent of national team coach teaches players currently playing abroad this number could even grow in the future . consequently most of the national team's friendly games do not even take place in
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brazil. for. one thing with a. little a side. of the bit as you. force their living views were there any case that this. was so we all know these epic brazilian football commentators that celebrate every gold with an endless scream right think their own man. not the filter that if. you see ana is one of them how does she feel about copa america. or was. it that she was in there but i was sincere from now. on to speak that you wish. for. my us they were in the us. this copa america will be crucial in
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different ways for brazilian football fans it will set the tone for the next world cup but could also help fight demons from the past. the last big tournament the national side played at home went terribly wrong. at the callier my. support for america 600 ceiling when i want to go united money but i'm going to convert to qatar the 71 semifinal defeat to germany at the 2014 world cup was a nightmare it sent shock waves through the country and deeply damaged the national football pride mighty brazil was suddenly on the level of el salvador in 1082 or saudi arabia 20 years on. early on but a key. join to bush. i know. you for your seeing sick
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way so now. blacks and i did set the form on the way to see you so me that. they engender the. break you will hear from winter when we made our vote the. year before and which in words is a thing to me but i can watch the football. if it's a major chord he said i didn't move my sleeve while it appears for me. to. go into a song. i did for years it's a bazillion. doing over and still i do is. made orogenesis all of them are. by the way for the to accomplish don't when you're the . president certainly not short on talent and it's
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a huge country with over 200000000 inhabitants but i have already heard the brazilians take i also thought it could be useful to ask brazil's neighbors what they think. so why not go to the country of brazil's biggest rival. for. 2 world cup titles 14 copa america wins brazil's ards nemesis. i check in with the man who won the world cup for argentina of methadone 986 form a goalkeeper. in the ocean they say no so can you post those. that what a bunch of stuff see i don't want to go. to argentina beat germany 32 and finally give us some some if it comes through from through the bottom of. the cd case for us and i don't know for several when do you know men in the front you think they will say no i don't see the one doing it she let me kind of show he says he did you receive good luck with that if indeed it will please you and should
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bring down the embassy when you get off it will get. us out of the city you should give me you know if you beginning to need to reach a movie showing a minute of peace away. so it's about systematic education of young players and not selling them abroad for good money also south american football is no longer just brazil europe why argentina or colombia other nations are catching up paraguayan limited brazil twice in a row at the 20112015 copa america confidence is running high here. as street vendor tells me. that i'm going to. go not up to you while.
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i don't know when. he could think i'm a winner. so brace yourself brazil that can rio given all the things i've heard so far do things really look all grim for brazilian football. but. certainly not many brazilians seem to never give up their optimism. you cannot take away the self-esteem of a country where football is so visible in so many places. just davey's see it's almost as bad. here is the positive attitude that is part of brazil's d.n.a. which was vital for previous generations of brazilian footballers who brought titles home. at least this is what i'm told at the house of
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a form of brazilian world champion. the best who won the world cup in 1904 and was runner up 4 years later i. think it. through a useful thank. see . so maybe brazilian players just have to go back to do groups and forget about business interests marketing branding and instagram and at least on the page.
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you have places. that are critical because you. have it as a source of you could be you know germany out on the. back 4 to get. support from the fans surely coming soon as the tournament starts brazilians already seem to be back in attacking mode ahead of copa america. which thank. him using thing this in his song. success is what brazilian football has been hoping and praying for for quite a while now. if it's more than
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a. fair future book you. will be in the us i'm sure it will be an awesome tournament wilbur's will take the title from defending champions chile the hope is definitely alive on copacabana. how secure and why will spoil brazil's policy our reporter juliet gonzalez had on unveils the secret that makes you just strong football make sure. you know. i am here in the life where food to stay view is a national monument in a small country we've become patients and great energy. and nation country then they will win the. sake of america.
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rather than go to see the world is. they never would resemble a story out there nor to go on the low life but your sounding. words we just heard it all hey guys i'm just a south american you must recognize as soon as you land in your why you are setting food on sacred it is the only. legal. you're a widens a land asks a clip ground and for a good race and the country not only won the 1st ever war cop but also a hostage back in 1930 that might explain why you are why you so obsessed with who will sacking makes these small nations so successful what do why use carry in their block what is it to leave for football i came to once every day or to find out. that you know the u.s. has 51 caps for why the former captain played. at turn
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a man's. mind and our bodies he's a former footballer intraday she enjoys being one of the fans. and the money on this is a sports journalist commentator and elsewhere of the book the golden generation. and me i recall the many great moments in your wise football history as i stroll through the roof with wilma see i'm 1st of all they were the 1st world cup hosts and the 1st world cup winners. and that's how you're telling me when i put him one way down there. and no way no how do you know i. really. if. you want to be and so one minute i don't. know what i want to know in the in the thing that i saw. in the media for you right know you were following. or does
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it call for since you have already done is he. going to read through. they are. great moments in one of the smaller south american countries bad small he said not a word they know here you always think be. that way this whole began on the local beaches of course where you can find something unique to your. god i chatted awhile since i was a child i've always hard commentaries on t.v. talking about why that attack was as a part of the d.n.a. of true why what that's where you made your wine stall me if i want to find out the truth. i will make make my way to the picture in a minute with a. lot
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of i don't mean a. lot of cake here's how to listen at any minute for the little while your story is how will. you know you and this is going to very. very tricky because i'm not you know who doesn't of us your own heart of a child whatever you could afford washerman you know her well enough to know that miles and miles i'm all for very much you could have been a reminder now but i'm not. the singer so. these speeches it's the way they feel football they way they were dorsey's they way they fight to we face. a little why joy when you're going on all the little kids out what i cannot focus on what it. is not i want to.
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be at the know so that i do it much better because we look at him. and see. that. they're not enough to make up america starts and here was the most 15 titles is here why is 3 more parts of the title realistic. well it's realistic to say don't spoil the party as they tend to do in 2011 they won because after beating argentina in argentina and in 1950 they became more champions by beating breast in wrestling let's do the math so you know why i can afford to share it's pulling a one the population to work tops and 15. between 3000000 people there's an awful glory to go around using their. capital. city that every football fan should visit at least once i headed to the harbor where you can find
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the word space and even when eating the steak you can taste the beef the football. you know she'll be. here with her and full are inseparable they know how to balance with a life when you're a wife but it's also a very traditional way of living. even my jersey caught the attention of rival fans and the waiters have the market. and. you want to. i suppose the only reason that upper food would have to for my they really look like well. how does he get around this again you know part of you know your bicycle would do
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that for you a little some 3rd. party alone so you don't know why. you think i'm good for so long a fool. what is he you watching my strong skull which he has led the national team into the sameas at the 2010 workshops and to victory as they called into a living. can my you sang else i might write you a lot of the song and i do some i will show you all and i can just not i'm going to put on a show for the not at all to look at not looking for you know no more definition. to be getting your butt up a little and put anonymously in for a minute keep us in the solution if we need it you can shrink we're gonna laugh on my baby of no. baby they got them but i mean bad and i mean really good piece you go look then you go and look i think of. that modesty was the most successful south
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american side in moscow in 2018 and on the boat out to our champion friends. gotta tell you why leafs on. sunday go to you you know. you move to get out of. the sorry nobody you see by the way i don't know to. get you my letter you're going to say. that's an exam. i went there for good if you go but i. the small country with a game step up with great champions. and
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. now see that you i have so many great players. but i want that you don't think. so what i'm going to bring mother i wasn't up for . it but what i like i'm sure they like you boy quite a little exchange on. your why is known as a progressive contrary within this reveals that are to who are not mentally able to worship in their own video. store that. they truly want to go they have. it in their luggage or for that i will give.
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this you. and the court a mental d.n.a. . by the way i'm from colombia i know they're for book crazy country but what south american country is in football crazy however if they got a child to watch is a spirit that is unique to your wife. these part of their d.n.a. might lead them to another couple marry got big 3 now and see thanks that he'll be a go get a lot. more to wife. mean
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. they're super shiny very high themselves away the super secretive venue going and going super rich definitely around 20000000000 more like how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they have such
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a low profile we have a snoop around top of the world the description of the super rich $75.00 to. some people don't care about me. because they don't see my beauty. some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. but 2000000000 people do. too then i am everything. their home. be a food. their livelihood. but day by day i disadvantage. and so does everything i keep. 2000000000 people who care about me. me me me. and now. i knew deep.
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it could be green. very green. as blue. yes. why. why he says nothing. definitely. just yet. only a couple of very special to me georgia choose your favorite color the but .
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this is. still fighting slavery after 100 years as the international labor organization says we look at its efforts to bring dignity to work and help the drive for the lowest possible cost can lead to harsh conditions and exploitation also coming up can save the around.


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