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plague. this is deja vu news live from berlin botswana's high court to strike down laws against homosexuality the ruling is received with jubilation in the courts it goes against a trend elsewhere in sub-saharan africa where anti-gay laws are still on the books we'll talk to an activist in botswana also coming up the battle against exploitative one as the international labor organization marks its centenary week
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salmon efforts in india to put an end to child labor. to the tourist told that sank into the past and grain from the river down for more bodies have been recovered after the worst disaster on the river and a sense. times to do so much god that's good to have you with us botswana's high court has overturned a colonial era law criminalizing gay sex the ruling makes the country a pioneer in sub-saharan africa where most countries still enforce laws against homosexuality the botswana court said the law should not regulate private acts between consenting adults and that penalizing people for who they are is disrespectful they do netta mostly rejected sections of the penal code that made same sex relations illegal that the law said previously carried a sentence of up to see. 7 years in prison the ruling comes less than
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a month after kenya's high court upheld similar sections of its penal code. let's get the very latest on the story will speak to a cat and yanick. she is a botswana born trends artist and activist and she joins us with more on the story now kat we just saw images of you in the courtroom celebrating give us a sense of what this movie moment means to you. i see and you know i think the wonderful thing about this ruling is that it's been in the works for a very long time and we see that we had the hearing in march and for the ruling to be handed over at what had it down so fast is a sign that it wasn't a thing of a rush to judgment but in fact it had been deeply considered so to us in kabul and into us a possible donna and to us i in the diaspora it really is a marker of
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a movement which we have been expecting to happen albeit with some apprehension as to what could possibly happen we are also in an election year this year so that also adds to the political climate what we were hoping wouldn't stand and change people's minds and the judiciary has proven again that they will stand for human rights in words on a regardless of what is potentially a political issue at hand so you're saying this has been a long time coming for the community there so how much social acceptance is there in society in botswana for l g b t rights. you know there is there are few issues around the idea of social acceptance simply because when we look at the kind as you said in the headline it is a colonial era law and so as a result there are some things that are still part of the colonial hangover which
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influenced your cultural interpretations or perceptions of. class people in the country some of which are still held within the west as well where we've seen progressive legislation being put forward so what we have recognized is as much as we have tried to advocate and educate at the same time we've also had to make sure that we didn't stall the ad. you can see just so that we can see the whole community is with that so one of the things that the judges said in their ruling was that. we cannot wait until we have a blanket acceptance from the community we can actually get this going now and essentially use this to catapult what more advocacy work that will be done and continue to be done with the community as we go forward can't we do have to say that last month there was a ruling in kenya upholding a law banning gay sex so this ruling from botswana today how much of
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a symbol is that for decriminalizing homosexuality across sub-saharan africa. we have similar judicial systems where we don't know so you have similar judicial structures and today i made a concerted effort of wearing a messiah shaka to stand in solidarity with our fellow activists and community within the diaspora but also i mean with across the continent but also in kenya and what we have said today is that as much as we hope that what has happened and what on earth can shine a light for other legal systems across the continent especially in kenya who managed to get their hearing just before us that they got the ruling before us and not in their favor we will continue to stand alongside them and whatever we do from our experience with our expertise and lend it to wards of their advocacy we
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will do with them because essentially there is no such thing as all struggles oeuvre elated me cannot just celebrate on our own we want global decriminalization and we're so happy that it's and has managed to add itself into those countries that no longer criminalize same sex sexual activity and as you say huge plus ok catcall and yanick a simple they will have to leave it there thank you so much for joining us from botswana. thank you so much now to some other stories making news around the world opposition leaders in haiti launched a 2 day strike on monday that paralyzed the country's capital amid another day of protests demanding that the president joe in illinois say resign over corruption allegations schools businesses and government offices were shuttered as the demonstrators blocked roads and set tires a blames across port au prince. and amazon has moved past high tech titans apple and google to become the world's most valuable brand the value of the e-commerce giant's brand surged by 52 percent to $315000000000.00 according to market research
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agency cunto or at least apple in 2nd place in last year's top brand google in the . us now to the future of work technology automation and globalization have already affected how most of us work disrupting existing patterns for both the better and for worse these shifts are being compared to the industrial revolution there are also the focus of the international labor organization or ilo conference this week marking the organization's 100th birthday now the main topics at this conference include a future without child labor using technology to guarantee decent work and also ending modern slavery which the ilo says affects some 2025 1000000 people globally well several international leaders are scheduled to address the arlo's conference in geneva germany's chancellor angela merkel stressed the need to balance the opportunities and risks of digital change then she took aim at the world's
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industrialized countries. why for north. there's no doubt that the world's leading industrialized nations have especially benefited from globalization on the international division of labor. and i have been to that's why these countries have a responsibility to ensure fair working conditions to do not take away at home where there is still a lot to do but also wherever global delivery and supply chains are located before and that's a full scale. now india has emerged as one of the key nodes in that global supply chain but the country is also home to a high number of children compelled to work u.n. officials estimate some 10000000 children under the age of 14 are working in india their labor often comes at the expense of a formal education. they work in this scorching he says
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collecting plastic bottles to sell on the off crop these are just 2 of india's 10000000 child laborers some work to support their families. others like rohit have been abandoned. i don't know we have our lives my family through me i wish i was still with them when i was picking up rags then i broke my leg and they threw me yes my brother and 3 or 4 other boys helped me to get treatment and took care of me. one of the biggest drivers of child labor in delhi is migration kids whose parents come to the city in search of jobs are especially vulnerable to being put to work. often not in possession of any papers they are easy for employers to exploit. children's rights activists accuse authorities of failing to address the root causes of the
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problem. is increasing. and i think some of the reasons are the fact that you know governments and you know suicide organizations focus a lot on immediate rescue and immediately have. don't focus much more than the situations or the prevention diamond and i think it's very critical for the government to start focusing on prevention for now the sight of children working remains commonplace not just in india but in many other parts of the world as well a bleak reflection of the reality of child labor as both a cause and a consequence of extreme impoverishment and for more on the story we can speak to bear and die for it lead expert and head of the child labor team from the food and agriculture organization of the un the f a o baron thank you for joining us we just saw the situation there in india how big of
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a problem is child labor still today. well actually globally we still have $152000000.00 girls and boys that are trapped in child labor in the world so while this is a moderate decline to the previous measurement of the ilo it still shows we are far away from the goal in 6 years time to end all choice of labor and 71 percent of all child labor is in agriculture that's why the food and agricultural organization is partnering closely with the ilo and others to really address the situation in the agricultural in particular so the f a o has been looking at this for quite some time this is also been the ilo is agenda for a long time to cut down on child labor how is it concretely being tackled and has that been effective. well there are indeed like we just heard from india. there's often a focus on drawing child labor children from child labor while addressing the root
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causes is really what we need in the long run in particular when we think about smallholder farmers for example making use of child labor they need to have the means to to address child labor so poverty reduction approaches like social protection and others are being used but are not sufficiently used we don't reach the scale that we need and also we need to better move the stakeholder approach tauriel approach because it's not only a question of labor law enforcement but also about sustainable agricultural production techniques that can be used that are not not hazardous labor saving technologies you just mentioned a few examples but it also creates of course of course to the health of the cation sector and even. i should mention trade in infrastructure so a lot of stakeholders have actually a lot that they could offer and bring to the table to really have a sustainable solution but we don't have enough coordination on this speaking of a sustainable solution you touched on this but child labor really is linked in many of these cases to poverty so if parents feel that there is no other way to sustain
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their family then sending their own kids to work what more holistic approach can be taken really to support families so they don't have to send their kids off to work . well we have for example seen in brasilia that the bones of a medium program providing questions were as to small farmers who are poor and has made a difference in reducing child labor and that is just one example but but again to reach scale we would want to see that those kind of social protection mechanisms are part of large scale agriculture investments we have whether they are private investments or whether those would be development banks like the world bank or the african development bank or the asian development bank to really see labor prevention as a court cutting cost cutting issue that is integrated in these large scale investment programs because having a few programs in a few districts will not make the difference that we need and then you said that important strides have been made but we're still far away from reaching the goal of
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eliminating child labor so how far off are we actually realistically while at the moment we are 152000000 children away from this so this is a large number so if we have the same speech i don't have not calculated but it will take a long time all right and i've heard head of the child labor team from the food and agricultural organization of the u.n. thank you so much for joining us thank you for inviting me. to hong kong now where many businesses have vowed to shut down on wednesday in a show of solidarity with the movement protesting against a controversial bill seeking to allow extraditions to china hong kong was rocked by a huge rally on sunday vast crowds called on the city leadership to scrap the legislation opponents fear that post law could undermine hong kong's autonomy for mainland china activism groups have called for more protests and strikes from our
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when the bill is expected to be approved by the city's legislative council. terry chan is our reporter from hong kong and she's here with us and yeah actually this is a question that many people are trying not to us this time because in 2014 there was a huge protests and after $75.00 days of demonstrations nothing concrete really came out and by then many people were saying that maybe this is not worth it to spend so much time and money for something that's not going to change anything but then this time people are saying that they just want to do what they think is right regardless of the outcome so regardless of the outcome they want to show their presence and make sure that their voices are heard give us an idea of why people are out on the streets why are people so defied you know about this law what is it that they really fear happening here so people really have trust in chinese government and if this law is passed many people are saying that china would use this as a tool to pursue political opponents and. because of their fist case of kidnappings
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and actions they really fear that the law will be abused and also. so they fear that the law will be abused certainly on the system and they have fear that they would lose the freedom of speech enjoying compared to other cities in china hong kong enjoy a relatively high freedom of speech so this law would mean that it's a blow to the freedom that people in hong kong enjoy and what can be. fact if we're going to see more protests tomorrow we're going to see another huge crowd take to the streets. so for thousands of people have already agreed that they will go on these protests and people who cannot attend the protests they said they would go on strike and so i think this is a very strong reaction that we're seeing here all right a reporter to reach and with us here in the studio thanks so much for your insight . now u.s. president donald trump passed again threatened mexico with tariffs on imports if
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mexican lawmakers fail to approve parts of a new pact with the u.s. on limiting migration the 2 countries announced a deal on friday a truck says some parts of it are not yet public meanwhile in the u.s. state of new mexico armed militia are taking matters into their own hands trying to stop people at the border civil liberties monitors choose the groups of illegally detaining migrants in a personating officers he debuts all over salat spent 3 days with members of the militia he reports from el paso in neighboring texas. militia man jim bandy is beginning his shift its mission to find and stop illegal migrants. every night he and his friends at the guardian patriots gather in the new mexican desert near el paso record they have been described as right wing extremist but the militia insists they are just trying to help the author already or for them this is
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car blonds this is an open border and would border patrol being strained it's an unprotected border so we need to be here we need to back up the border patrol. a piece of wall has been built to control the influx of migrants but it's far from complete. this is where the wall suddenly ends and you can easily walk from mexican into american soil and this is just a very good example why militias think that they are needed to help secure the border critics however say that this should only be in the hands of the border patrol. or they come here part we got to ok so say here at nightfall the guardian patriots are going up into action a group of migrants are just entering american soil and. we got more crossing after stopping the group the militia called border patrol for some try to. scapes of the rio grande.
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militia member killed himself son to an illegal migrant from mexico but he wants new arrivals to come to the u.s. the legal way. back in the day you have to pay for your education you have to take yet speak english you have to know the president's you know yeah it's hard but that's a legal way to do it when they just do it legal this way it cost the taxpayer money more. but it's not just the migrants who might be breaking the law the militia has been accused of taking people into custody of gunpoint and illegal act if it's against their will. it's. here or just get ready for shifting these terrorists. came in they came into camp liberty. number got to seal the border network for human rights condemns the guardian patriots presence of the border saying they need lists lee incite fear for
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no real reason it's just children mothers. grandmothers they are just torn in themselves to border patrol because they're looking for help so in that context why do we need. what the we need a militia. but the guardian patriots have no doubt they are needed as long as president trumps wall remains unfinished. until then they say they will continue to watch over the border. salvage crews in the hunt gary and capital budapest have recovered several bodies from the wreckage of a tour boat that sank in the danube river last month in a careful operation that lasted more than 6 hours rescue workers raise the hall of the castle which capsized after colliding with a large cruise ship the accident has claimed at least $24.00 lives making it the worst disaster to occur on the day in half a century. correspondent stefan both is in the hungary and capital covering the
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story for us is at the scene of a salvage operation has been taking place 7 remind us again how this accident actually took place what happened. well it actually happened to be stepped on may 29th small 2 or boat mera mate was a ram by a huge ship and we see in seconds. a sink here behind me and basically it man steps 28 people died and 7 people were rescued now mosul to dictums has now been discovered eason today day found behind me a small girl 6 years old to enter her motor and apparently also to captain and another victim and they are still searching for more victims at this hour what i can tell you is steady operation was very difficult in fact so hard that one of the rescue workers even fell over port and he had to be rescued himself he's lifeless
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they are but it isn't a sport the difficulties they have here with this whole operation today and indeed this is the worst tragedy for hungary only to your bravery in 75 years 7 perhaps up to date on the investigation into what happened and who might be responsible. well what if don't now use day have to change the ukrainian captain 64 year old captain and he has the night any wrong doing they say the captain of the march larches ship was so recklessly to haiti he was responsible for these huge accident that's what's so me that's a gator say oliver dairies also some c.d.o. food which suggests that's actually a small boat went into deposits debt much lot your ship but of course we cannot ask to captain off that boat because he has died as well now we also know
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the depths of the much larger ship is in hungary again to be in vesta gave it to by . police and prosecutors because they really want to know what's the happens in this accident and how to prevent it that's of course in order issue as well all right correspondent stefan both reporting there are in budapest thank you to sports now and at the women's world cup in france the defending champions the u.s. play their 1st game this evening the americans have been the most dominant force over the last 2 decades but they are acutely aware that a 2019 could be their toughest test yet. i will record world champions usa a title defense this summer and france might prove more difficult than ever before . i think it's going to be a remarkable world cup i think the the level of competition 4 years on from the last one has exponentially increased the different teams now rising and it's going
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to be a very open world cup and we're excited to go out there and attack it. but a challenge doesn't daunt the country with nearly half the world's total registered female youth players and things to america's solid infrastructure of club and college of a football coach joe ellis has had a vast pool of players through crude from over the past 4 years her friends found squad has a balanced mix of experience veterans and young talents. like 21 year old super sub mallory pugh she for one college football to play professionally and alongside her role models i was talking to alex like a week ago and she was like whatever role that year like give and just like play i play it the best that you can that's super important because like we need all 23 players to try and win the world cup for the team star alex morgan it'll be her 3rd time playing on the world's biggest stage in 2015 she was coming off an injury but
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this year she's expected to perform at her very. we're just trying to take it one game at a time and we're not focusing on the fact that we're looking to defend anything we're definitely looking to come out with a win but in no way is that about a repeat or anything like that but repeated they might well attended and decisive wins in their preparation games indicate that the usa might continue dominating women's soccer well into the future yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. all right coming up next on news asia india scorching summer turns punishing. temperatures touch the high forty's the cross the north and the west of the country. and an explosive interview with thailand's opposition leader on his hopes of changing the country's political status by.
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those stories and much more coming up on the deed of the unused age up with the responders and don't forget you can always get the latest headlines and stories are by following some twitter handle they're out of the newest and much more porous on our website as well the government dot com thank you for watching. the law but. boy oh boy. oh boy.
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you got. it's $29.00 team couple american football field it is closing in south america and this is close just brazil the pressure is on the plane. you're a glutton another victory comes with. the flow began to play down more.
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true for. more than football online is going to. help my managers to know who to day. you know the banks and why and so was the language of i'm. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for minds. this is the doctor coming up in the program it's the no one wants northwestern endowed regions on that up punishing. water supplies have been affected and so have businesses. take. to be the prime minister stupid. and the reason is. because being a prime minister use know it's good.


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