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play. landlady . play. play play. this is steve happy news live from hong kong say to carry lamb ses the territory's controversial extradition bill is today the island's chief executive had hoped the announcement would be enough to end mass precious batch of activists getting ready to return to the streets also coming up with. the italian island off lampedusa has become the frontline in europe standoff over migration and the role of the risky
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ships in the mediterranean it has been to hear both sides of the argument. and meet a 12 year old from pakistan he's a fisherman and one of millions of children who can't go to school because his family is too poor we also why promises by world leaders to change his situation and that of others like him unlikely to be from. hello i'm christine will welcome to the program. protesters in hong kong say they'll take to the streets again even after the territories leader declare the controversial extradition bill dead hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations over the last month there are concerns that the bill which would allow its traditions to mainland china would erode hong kong's judicial
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independence they're calling for legislation to be immediately withdraw that something chief executives carry lamb has stopped short of doing. his or kerry lamb had to say a little earlier now 1st of all the course of all these. grievances and confrontations is an exercise to amend the future to 4 friends ordinance. i have almost immediately put a stop to so the amendment exercise but there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity or where it is whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council so i reiterate here there is no such plan the bill is that joining me now from hong kong is joshua long one of the leading figures of the protest movement and secretary-general of youth activist group demands are still welcome to d.w.
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mr wong so carolan say's the bill is dead you don't believe it really is. ridiculous like especially not with the extradition bill is still exists in the legislative program and basta fact and appeal it will still continue to exist in the program until next year to a large so the french will continue in the next trials months ok years tracing the bit about it not being formally withdrawn but mr wong do you really think that this bill can be reinstated in hong kong's current political climate. hong kong people have no trust on beijing and hong kong government especially if hong kong government is is the one who listen to the warsaw people this bill should not be introduced never be introduced half a year ago and i hope to point out and hope international communities could realise that if it is a must to listen to what some people terminated and withdraw to is the way out even
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carom claim that the bill is thai already is just fit narrative to target an international audience ok as she has since it carol and that will be that she will be meeting with student protesters will you be at that meeting and what will be your message to the closed door negotiation is meaningless especially open dialogue is a way out what we are for is to have to. withdraw extradition and set up the investigation committee on police and in the long term is the time for hong kong to have a free election instead of caroline jones just selected by beijing in a small circle selection. ok mr wong what action will you be taking now protests rally still continue especially after q. 1000000 people come out to the streets last months and on 1st of july hop 1000000
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people joined the rally and on dessen day people will get on street and with residents from different this right to show that we dissent is fight with to announcement of the that extradition bill because the reality is the bills do exist on the legislative program and is just a fake and light narrative to hong kong and international communities ok that's just along from the activist speaking to us from hong kong thank you. 44 migrants have been picked up in the mediterranean sea by german risky ship the. its 2nd rescue operation in 2 days the charity c.i. which operates the vessels it has been working with multitude get the migrants a shawl off to the 1st rescue they were denied entry to the italian order of lampedusa which has become the new frontline in struggle to deal with the migrant crisis. has been to lampedusa to meet some of the people who've made the dangerous
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journey from africa to europe and some of the ivans residents. lampedusa island of recreation highland of red. as the closest european shores of the coast of libya lampedusa takes in several 100 asylum seekers in an average month those who survived the treacherous journey across the mediterranean. no see claims as many lives as this. helps coordinate rescue missions for the german n.g.o.s sea watch he was on my producer when the italian government attempted to block their ship from bringing 53 rescued migrants a short. sea watch was kept and all of our kids defied the italian coast guard on the go and forced their way into the harbor she was arrested for act. what we're seeing is that the criminalization of sea rescue missions isn't stopping people
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from coming from libya more people are dying and the routes are becoming more dangerous as once migrants arrive on the island most are taken to this immigration center where they are registered and a 1st step toward applying for asylum after being registered the residents are free to leave. at the church in the center of town i meet mahmoud. it early there is. a freak out and leave you and so they're decent to leave you. leave you. as i'm leaving the church square a man begins shouting. i've known i should get out there if it wasn't for the migrants the media wouldn't come to lampedusa. no one cares about us lampedusa and. produces mayor tells me he welcomes those rescued at sea. my father was a fisherman and i am a fisherman. but scott already found one
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a fisherman rescues a person at sea we apply one loan. not the french not the german or anyone else's law. they scuffled a pickle or they don't have to be dying so you don't have to document them insecure that you just saved them on saturday evening another standoff between the rescue boat defies the government's order to stay away it enters the port carrying 41 migrants the vessel is called alex operated by italian angio mediterranean. there is commotion at the dock where locals have gathered to watch a representative from italy's right wing leg a party is here too she wants to send a message to the new arrivals as well as the boat's crew example but get the damn i'm here because we have to fight against those who traffic human beings these people are not save us they are people who traffic human beings on the boat is
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taken into police custody on the other side of the bay. the exhausted passengers wait another 7 hours before they are let off the boat. while many on this island see the rescue missions off the coast of libya as a straightforward issue of saving human lives others see it as a political act and indeed it is political as italy's right wing government slides its cage shut an international network of rescuers is trying to keep those gates from closing for good as the mayor of lampedusa told me immigration to this island is nothing new. he believes the current standoff can only be resolved by european solution. i can now joined by david kemp from the german institution for international and security affairs he specializes in migration policy welcome david why have the europeans struggle to find a solution on migration that works for everybody well it is
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a long story since 2000. tina and we have seen several attempts by the u. commission to come up with new solutions but the member states we're just not willing to form a coalition of the willing and as we have seen more and more right wing governments like the italian government right come up it has become more difficult to find common solutions to this situation in the mediterranean sea ok and speaking of this editions we have a fun decision who's proposed something it's have a listen to that because i want to have you comment on it. and he does voice. states that want to take in migrants like germany and others should form a coalition to quickly accommodate them but at the same time we need concrete like it's really almost to provide a safe harbor in half and so. ok so a coalition of some rather than all states taking in some migrants i mean does that sound plausible to you yes i think it is plausible and it is also timely because as
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i said we have seen 4 years of blocked negotiations on a reform of the common european asylum system and the situation just gets worse as we see that there is no certain rescue in the mediterranean sea so i think the new e.u. commission once in place should certainly follow this this proposal by michelle ward ok so david there is the other side to this argument in his city hearing it from the italian authorities that what these rescue ship engineers are actually doing out there is aiding human traffic his by picking up people who are distant to die on the documents here and i mean do they make a point. well you know this is the pull theory we we are confronted often with their people think if there's no certain rescue then there won't be any boats i think it's a very cynical view to be honest and i think it's it's not living up to the use.
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well used to just say you know no certain rescue then we forgot to forget about the problem so i think it should rather really be on the top a top priority and i think there's also support for that member states like germany to organize a common european search and rescue operation and as i said there's no evidence that supports the theory instead we see that the boats that are rescued by the libyan authorities those migrants are poor back to libya and then they are brought to the detention camps where the situation is really disastrous all right david came from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has said he will no longer deal with the british ambassador to the united states comes off to
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a leak of members by the ambassador describing tram's administration as dysfunctional and inept the ambassador also reportedly wrote that the u.s. president radiates insecurity. coordinated police raids across europe have resulted in the seizure of tons of steroid powder the raids have closed down underground labs that produce the performance enhancing drugs for athletes europol says' it is the largest of all hold off its kind. and france is stepping up european efforts to save the iran nuclear deal the move comes after tehran confirmed its 2nd breach of the terms of the accord by deciding to enrich uranium to 4 and a half percent that's just above the limits set by the deal agreed with world powers in 2015. war torn yemen has seen more than 460000 suspected cholera cases so far this year as shop increase on the 380004 the whole of 2018 the united nations says there have been more than $700.00 cholera dates
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since january dramatically higher than the same period last year. representatives of afghan civil society and the taliban have agreed on what they're calling a road map for peace after almost 20 years of conflict in the country the taliban refused to speak with the government but officials attended the talks in doha as private citizens a joint statement issued by the participants said a post war of god has done would have an islamic legal system protects women's rights and ensure equality for all ethnic groups for more on that we're joined by is under peter's mind who has reported from afghanistan for many years and has followed those talks closely good to see is under is this if it can be really see peace in afghanistan have to this conference i would say not anytime soon but i would still say this is a diplomatic success it might pay for the way to
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a future peace process this is just the very early stages the beginning and what's new here is that for the very 1st time in a really formalized framework. government officials from afghanistan have been negotiating though in a private capacity with taliban officials and came up with a declaration and that is a new thing that's the quality of these 2 day talks in doha to be continued obviously. so at these all afghan talks as we understand it really all parties of afghan society had a stake at that table we know women were represented as well we had to tear a picture of what the role of women will be in a peaceful afghanistan a new afghanistan i mean if we look at the 2 page declaration and it was really a rango to get there 13 hours i was told it it took to get here and if you look at article 6 it says here like that had to supply our assuring women's rights in political social economic acute cultural affairs s power within the islamic
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framework of islamic values now who gets to define that and that as i think we're in the future caviar lies this needs to be continued it was the very 1st time the afghan delegation from kabul did include 11 women. the taliban delegation obviously did not include any women so where does it take us in the future remains to be seen as think as for the taliban they still invision an islamic emirate and we all know judging back at that time of rule in the 1990 s. told 2001 that women didn't really play any role in public life ok there are separate talks taking place those talks between the taliban and the us just give us an update on that as we understand they are meant to resume today and just more broadly how do all of these if it's come together the talks that we've had in doha and in the talks between the taliban and the u.s. i mean the talks between the u.s. in doha and the taliban they paused for these 2 days of the in traffic and dialogue
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and we're receiving today i think there a compound in each other i think this declaration really can also influence on what is going to be debated further today be too. in the americans and the title because i mean taliban because really what we're looking at is a broader framework ok that could pay if the wrote to peace but we have to understand that it is only a long road and we will potentially see much more violence as we did see tonight there was an ass trike. hitting civilians there was a raid on a hospital so that all is ongoing and we might see in the course of this week maybe american saying we are going to withdraw our troops and you tell you give us a commitment that you would stay away from terror that you would break away from that and then we can basically get to where we really need to be having afghans talk with afghans on a very high level ok centrifuges and i thank you very much for that it's
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been 4 years since the united nations adopted sustainable development goals meant to improve the lives of millions of people by 2030 but a 3rd of the way towards the deadline a review has found the world is likely to fail to meet its commitments for education and of the sustainable development goals all children should be in school by 2030 but at the present rates of progress 14 percent will still not being education by been on literacy all young people should be able to read and write by 2030 but it's feared that 20 percent will still be illiterate now projections are worse for low income countries pakistan for example has one of the worst levels of out of age primary aged children in the world visited a school there to see what's being done to get kids into school and keep them there . it's easy to clock in the morning and sergeant maha much should be getting ready for school but the 12 year old stopped going
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a few years ago in order to work and support his family. i come here early in the morning and stay till late which is very tiring when i get home i have a bath and go to the mosque we don't have money which is why i can no longer study . sunday situation is the norm for millions of children across pakistan a new report from unesco estimates some $5300000.00 are out of the school and the primary level and goes north of the most going to even posing a man who has children and afterwards going to school pakistan's then been doing education crisis is mainly down to decades of underinvestment and mismanagement of the entire system and fear than politicians to finally improve things is so low that many people are taking matters into their own hands.
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this school was established by volunteers in karachi offering feel lessons to the nearby fishing community the classes offered and escape groups you post and hope for a back a future. yet. you will have to open the school as there are no functioning government ones in the area. many of our children are getting into trouble especially with drugs. but we try to get support from the government and press them to help us but heard nothing back this is why we sort of help ourselves. or we play games and really enjoy ourselves they teach as well so we like coming here. bambang oh i want to study to become a pilot when i grow up. they teach us in english and urging i want to learn here and then become a teacher myself prime minister eman han has vowed to prioritise and invest in
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education but the go worming continues to spend less than is recommended by international standards education should be the priority of gone so even if they have that is what i personally feel is. where we fear is when we are implementing it. pings are moving in the same direction i don't think so we'll be able to achieve this dogood within 202030 or we won't be able to achieve. sajid he would love to become up a list man but the only real who he and millions like him have is if pakistan not only seen yes clearly forms of education system but also lives families like started out of all the people who send their children to school the government has its work i'll do according to the latest un forecast one. unfortunately and will not complete their education by going to. form
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a new zealand prime minister helen clark is now an education advise a t unesco earlier she told me about the main issues involved in getting more children and young people educated what's going wrong is under invest with the digital version of the donor community has stagnated what it is investing in poor countries for education over the last 9 years or so and as is the might of that were about $39000000000.00 short on what would need to be spent to really reach those those goals the truth is if we carry on as we are complacency we're walking towards an enormous failure on the goal by 2030 certs wake up time otherwise for 2030 we will still be seeing something close to a quarter of a 1000000000 children eveleigh says and youth out of school. and that was former new zealand prime minister hayden clock speaking with. now to a pop star making a big splash in africa a party or to neither into taina is
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a nigerian performer and songwriter who's also becoming one of the continent's hippest autists the 26 year old also has a missions to conquer the international scene and she thinks she's found the secret to being successful. meets 10 year old up one of the biggest names in nigeria's booming music industry 26 year old has never been scared to stand out she says confidence and believing in what she does is key to her success. if you don't have the mentality. of. success. in stupid you. should be but i don't want to be like me it's are all sent to see along with a striking stage presence it's making have found favor and music festivals like to be fast a major event on the lagos cultural calendar to be models to israel about excitement
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about resuming here on the on the on the radio that is just as good if not better. i got. dr i. like sex in the music industry has also turned her into somewhat of a feminist icon with her uncompromising tomboy style she's hoping to pave the way for of a female artists however they want to express themselves. as labels sign to new artists. and. this was possible to be in the coming post with agent. but. with more than i'm. early in followers on instagram and her you tube videos racking up tens of millions of views tenney the entertainer has truly asserted her presence on the african music scene and that still the international market and
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she's got her sights set on one day filling london's wembley stadium. some sports now and the united states women's national football team has arrived home with the world cup trophy in hand off to beating the netherlands in the final of the champions will welcomed in new york they were happy to pose again with their prize in sango what else we are the champions a ticker tape parade is spread through new york's financial district on wednesday. despite the smiles team usa still has a problem whether to accept an invitation to the white house president trump tweets of the offer and then backtracked when the team's co-captain said she wouldn't go to the team if not everybody i think everybody is with me we don't want to go to the white house so so i figure that's why the invitation hasn't hasn't come in the sense of my mail and it's just sort of slowly to get here but i doubt it but i
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think we will at some point be going to washington we've had so much support from so many politicians from so many people there and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you hong kong's probation chief executive saves a controversial bill allowing extraditions to the chinese mainland is doing it but kerry lamb stopped short of saying she would give in to push this as demands and formally withdrawal of the proposal. the u.n. says the world is in danger of failing to deliver its sustainable development goals and education has promised major progress by 2030 but it looks like the goals won't be mixed. don't forget you can always get news on the good just download our app from to do cocaine or from the app store that will give you x. . here's to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use a digital app to send us photos and videos. you're
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watching news from berlin up next i'll soccer show kickoff with a review of the some most international football tournament stanford and she can get all the latest news and information on the cult that's on our website dot com for myself in the team see you next top model the body. the body.
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the body. so the summer of cups is most finished the women's world cup america and the gold cup. we take stock of the highlights.
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missed opportunities. for the future. of. g.w. . what's it like to work with the harvest hands on italy's best both plan team sense. that this was more than this modern slavery doesn't mean change is what's happening here is ivory dishonest about iran sunny would know he was one of them he was exploited in slaves but today he is determined to fight to end slavery in italy. to see him 60 minutes w. fox.
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will go to the girl next new to travel. goodbye no stupids. with exclusive insights. the must see concerning parts culture team you're a. place to be full curious minds. do it yourself networkers. suck subscribers and don't miss out. so the summer of cups is almost finished the women's world cup the cup america and
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the gold cup are over and we're going to talk about it then you are you ready. so let's start of the women's world cup of.


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