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to. go to. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history. in alarm strong was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . augmented reality mobile gaming looks to be the next big thing sometimes like here in angry birds they are it already works pretty well. and i get into developers taking it even further but it is a gaming really cutting edge but just another gimmick our topic unshift today. don't want to spend a fortune on a virtual reality headset no problem all you need for mental reality is
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a reason smartphone and a sense of adventure or mental reality is when the real environment is enhanced through computer generated objects according to the u.s. game developer nyan tick that's the team behind go they are is about to explode and they ended just released wizards unite which they say uses state of the art a arctic the media hype has been huge and the wanda group is all the harry potter fans around the world and the trailer looks fit for hollywood. the game developers have promised play is that they will feel like wizards in the house. the name of the game is to find lost magical objects found a bull's. patient enabled games i'm not telling.
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and points out magical spawns. wizards united is not the couch potatoes expect to walk between 2 and 10 kilometers to get a hold of the important port. once players reach a magical spot their phone camera takes in the real life environment and the object of this next generation with the full 360 degree view these incredible characters and creatures in artifacts from harry potter universe so it's just like the most advanced they are experience today the 360 degree view didn't really work when i tried it out but it's not that important for visitor night anyway and theory i could even turn off the mode which would be good for my phone battery because they are it's up a lot of power to be honest i'd rather stay with the original among go the set up is pretty much the same you have to walk and swipe for the mongo is still
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a huge deal and generates a 1000000 euros per day the makers of was it denied hoping that the new baby but be just as successful. as a very high. publishers of wizards united released in 2016 the game was a global hit the app has been downloaded over 800000000 times and has earned over 2000000000 euros time to even 3 years after its release coca mungo continues to be high up in the charts. jurassic world alive has a similar setup switch on the ion mode lets dinosaurs appear in a play is environment this app is also a huge success it was downloaded over 500000 times in may 29th. to. game design professor thomas frame a says we're still in the early stages of games and the developers are using smartphone. taken famous characters from popular
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culture to reach as many new potential game as possible. pokémon or this harry potter game are basically multimedia collector card games the collector card model is very old and works well and it's now being expanded to include things from real life. good old called lector cots but of many reality offers completely new possibilities to this old concept almost all you're smart phones i create for a hour and there's no need for an extra headset developers help to reach a lot more people this way and tech giants school and apple are working around the clock to develop even better software how does augmented reality work on a smartphone. cameras senses and g.p.s. tracking units these elements make smart phones ideal for playing location based games the camera takes in an environment which is then analyzed and processed by an app. for newer smartphones also have special infrared
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cameras called depth sensors they measure the world basically and thanks to these measurements a phone can locate exactly where it is in a real life environment. so i can move forward or backward or i can turn around. the size of the space is irrelevant it can be the whole world like with ingress one of the 1st games to use g.p.s. tracking it incorporates landmass from the real world to create a virtual game where. all of the space can be restricted to a book. like this award winning adventure game. here to me a medium becomes interactive the camera recognizes the pages and allows the reader to decide how the story should continue using expanded reality.
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it becomes an adventure game depending on what decision the app user makes he or she is forwarded to other pages of the book and experiences the story in a new way. smartphone is constantly being developed and this also makes such sophisticated game related ideas possible take angry birds for example the game 1st came on the scene 10 years ago but now there's an augmented reality version which adds a whole new level to the gaming principle for example i now have to play is the level i want to play in my environment and can then move around it and the perfect spot to launch my attack. microsoft is taking it a step further they bought minecraft the world's most successful computer game in september 24th team for over 2000000000 euros yeah mobile version of the game is coming soon and it looks seriously cool. you can only
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play minecraft if you switch on the function then you need to find a free surface to start building your architectural masterpiece this is your plight because g.p.s. technology is not yet quite sophisticated enough to help design buildings to the exact millimeter microsoft has combined different technologies. one of them is tracking which can help locate free surfaces with the latest functions smartphones camera can identify feature points the idea again in this case the machines can even spill over to beyond the table so to speak. the minecraft tracking combines with mapping so that single objects can be identified the system can recognize a table and mark. then a complex 3 d. point cloud distributed and uploaded to an open source cloud system the app uses the information to find its way in the real world and all gamers are able to see
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the objects in this. game most can work together to create architectural masterpieces but at the same time they're also in directly working for microsoft for free it's no secret that microsoft google and cole collect as much location data as they can through my phone so long as i don't opt out the data collected from minecraft earth is going straight into microsoft's cloud system and is helping create a super precise 3 d. model of the earth this trouble's privacy advocates now microsoft insists that no photos of the gaming environment will end up online only low resolution point but what about if i play minecraft at home will my apartment then be scanned and uploaded as a point cloud. what's clear is that in they are kompany money from personal data as
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well but that's not their only source of revenue. companies that make free to play again such is my turn to go cheap forever plenty of money from pictures says 2017 worldwide pitches revenues reached an incredible 33. why is don't have to find anything but then they will have to be more patient. there's a system of time mechanisms. if i don't want to wait to carry on playing then i have to buy gold or diamonds etc so that i can start playing again faster. and of course there is. not only helps users find their way but also makes shopping suggestions. on hotel. night the placement is a little less. you can sell
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a location so to speak. the company will say if you give us money we'll put something great in front of your business so that many users will go there are no more likely to stop by it's a classic advertising trick which doesn't seem like advertising. one thing i'm especially excited about multiplayer games but the necessary tech isn't quite there yet the problem usually is lacking bandwidth rate because there can't be any leg between different devices players are using otherwise my opponent won't know that i just got it. this works better in ultra fast 5 g. networks but this new mobile network standard is not yet widespread hopefully we won't have to wait too long for 5 g. and in the meantime a eyes steadily improving for instance when it comes to tracking and locating position and pose orientation. it used to be that they are
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always had to have a kind of marker the 2nd generation like pokémon for example recognized the ground and could say our position something there. but this new generation can recognize 3 dimensional objects and move around or enhance them. college has developed an app that objects in a regional context in this case an excavation site in aleppo syria users can move around in the space and observe the objects bringing the historical site and life. managing reality is really exciting and better cameras are making it possible manufacturers investing into depths and says more and more the senses can recognize distance which in turn allows augmented reality apps to locate their position and pose in a given space smartphones have inadvertently become the dream devices of ai create us because uses don't need to buy any additional equipment to immerse themselves in
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augmented reality and of course the more people check out a ya games the more valuable data developers have access to so it's no wonder that game developers are lashing onto already popular characters of pop culture such as harry potter which brings us back where we started what do you think about augmented reality which games do you like in particular let us know on you tube facebook on d w dot com all the best for now phil next that.
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2 their music gives them strength and a glimmer of. the only symphony orchestra in central africa good. hardly any of the musicians have professional training. their one being the symphonic family in which the musicians from kinshasa have found a home. global 3000 next long detailing.
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an impossible journey. nido wants to return to gaza. the german palestinian will be leaving a successful life in berlin or something all i can think about to see my family again but no one can guarantee that he'll be able to see them because in the harvest i'm going to half an hour to be at the border to palestine i hope we get into. the 30 minutes w. . last. democratic mayor will not succeed in dividing us about i'll not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of his dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters.
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made for minds. her 1st day at school in the. first clueless of embedded doors grand moment arrives join the arena tang on her journey to freedom in our interactive dungeon. entering in time returns home. welcome to global street thousands this week we learn why matchmaking agencies a safe in china. we talk to from a zing.


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