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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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now the challenge for you. to reach him and the real. confusion and the fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei start september 1st t w. the wait is finally over the punters lee get back. before himself at 2 since it's as mark. pointed if you go to escape the throne of reason
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it's totally. new campaign brings plenty of change and many fresh faces including 7 new head coaches one newcomer never played in the bundesliga before. transfer. out with a fistful of new stars. and they're not shy about their title ambitions of one another. they wait until the last minute with their transfers but their aspirations are the same as if you're born into the. move they took on health so kick off has only takes on.
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if biron want to retain the league trophy for yet another season they're going to have to step up a gear. when massively disappointed about the result particularly when you can't get your head around it comes by and had won their last 7 opening fixtures on their way to the title. of us yet it hurts missing out on the 3 points baron had already been under pressure before the season opener with of all bad leaven dosti among those calling for fresh recruits up front fire now have enjoyment of our farm stood guard and lucas hernandez from atletico madrid to world cup winners but both defenders so to bolster their forward line spot in swiftly signed even parazit from interment land plus blood possibly kalki saul's and a slightly higher profile signing. formally to barcelona and liverpool. he's a top player who can play in different positions sometimes 2 or 3 players can make
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the difference over the season for the guns on. those 3 often sieve signings were unavailable against terror but initially at least they weren't missteps byron to control 24 minutes in the hosts just serve as they went ahead through 11 dots. and it was the goal scorer who started the move to deep inside his own half biron were then able to break through the hair to midfield and defense with sayers can now play providing a nice cross for 11 dossie but in the future it could be playmaker patino pulling the strings stirred but not shaken his new coach reconfigured his team setup and style gulf in the millions of photos we switched to 433 doubled up on the wings and that made it possible for us to stop by and more dangerous moves down the left and right here to all most of the least in the band and if we didn't open that change also enabled heritage to get onto the front foot. and in the 36 minutes they were
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level total looking back you want to start a summer signings that immediately paid off even if ishant did take a look at reflection off teammate they that it is a bitch. and 2 minutes later double trouble for byron as marco gruagach brushed off a clash of heads with puff to slide in past manning will neuer after a 12 with the bigs of which. this was practically the same byron line up the one league last season so what was going on . from a southerly year to one down and you have no idea what happened as it was baron seemed to be lacking a bit of focus as well as more options and ideas up front at times they were unrecognizable from their all conquering previous selves. it was no laughing matter . when it came to those crucial spado balls that look like biron and were just
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guessing. whether down the middle or with their deliveries from the wings. but eventually biron did have a dangerous opportunity in the character box albeit courtesy of v.a.r. that's courage dr levin dosti down a pole stepped up himself to make it to 2 that's without levon dosti barton might even have lost an opening match day for the 1st time since 2000 he came close to grabbing a winner but was denied but to flash stock it ended in a draw. a defeated looking byron can look forward to their new recruits but they may take time to settle. even on match day one time is of the essence and in that matter their rivals dortmund are better prepared.
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what kind of dormant side are we going to be seeing this season there have been a few new big name reinforcements to organize upfront gladbach. shows from hoffenheim. you live and breath from later cruises and by the team and the top brass upbeat about that chances. we're going to talk of the title again you. were brimming with confidence ahead of saturday's encounter with alex book they tended to be more modest about that title ambitions in the past they wouldn't want to bite off more than they could chew. thanks just ability in defense they also welcomed back up prodigal son mats hummels back from his 3 years suzhou on fire. but his return did not exactly get off to a romantic stuff. i was about to send a mass medicine to some recruit for a needle x. now i want me to just 31 seconds and seize the top in my own defense to the
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outspoken scored in the last 12 matches against dortmund what's something supposed to change this season. so it was so early on so i didn't think or say anything nice exact and his team didn't seem to let it bother them either soon enough it was james and such a mucker royce to pack a lot think of my business as usual in the 3rd minutes one was doing and have spent 127000000 euros strengthening the squad crucially also retaining last season stall was in fact favorites and there was more to savor for the home supporters in the 2nd half sloppy outspent defending left such as free in the pots i'm to give the host the lead in the 51st minutes was 5 minutes. outputs new keeper chumash come back from both ends of the aisle come
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was that this guy lied to him and when the bruising was the was i there was little talk that could do just a minute later i was out that was left in a case of spice i was off the plane to atlanta when our point i this is came from such as making the englishman i was involved in all 3 moves in that 3 golf club i might sell young blood endorsements can play together with the veterans most played a number of dangerous balls to his forwards including one just before call number 4 . and new defender nico schultz was a constant threat also freeing up space for royce and sanchez. and don't forget about the other newbies had. told when i was out there nice job on the left.
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and your young talent came on and he got a call on contrast on top less than a quarter of an hour into his career with after being subjoin fast i was nearly in front open his accounting stuff to make it 5 what. i had been taken up i wish i was a nasty defeat but people in germany were expecting it they're not opponents we can normally compete with anyway miss newson soil and it's easy to see why when you look at that dortmund squad but also because they've already gel together as a tape. now let's see what kind of stuff the new coach is cut off to in our contact section. expectations were high and. for the standoff between the newly enlisted coaches
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that shall get a mention. david wagner formally of england's huddersfield and marco jose coming from salzburg don't stand for attractive offensive football but on saturday it was perhaps better not to look or even take a short nap. the best 2 chances in the match came from new shells assigning benito thomas and black box allison playing. one thing's for sure both teams need more target practice. to stalemate secured a point apiece to the new man in charge with plenty of work ahead. and to have a new man in charge to watch out for alfred troika. he used to be your knuckles man's assistant coach at hoffenheim before he assisted i.x. last year reaching the champions league semifinals the potential number is finally able to show what he can do when in charge. but only
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36 seconds in the off and i'm hopeful suffered a serious blow. causing him to go with the open up ready well frank but machine was too hot. no matter how hard has been hyped huffed and puffed or how close they came just scoring they couldn't find that elusive equaliser. it could prove to be a tough season for hoffenheim after having lost karen gemma by nico scholz and other key players in the transfer period but it was a decent 1st performance in the post not as many are. while some change can be sweet it's good that some things never change because dance times has been in charge of 5 books since 2011 longer than any other country in this league of college. against mites the fans didn't have much to enjoy for most of. bash other
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than their beloved chinese theatricals of course. that was until freshly stopped on newcastle a lot the party started. to open the file the floodgates but less than 10 minutes to go. you know tension each wasted no time coming up with their seconds. and germany's under $21.00 start to come polish mismated 3 but the food taken penalty. all 3 goals came within 5 minutes giving stride his 1st opening match victory in his long career with the club so it was pretty happy. st helen's phone call is determined to keep dusseldorf in the top flight plan to
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ensure that it is also conceding fewer goals than last season 65. that's why he brought in such stephan on loan from manchester city the u.s. national keeper helped guard for today's end zone from brain and numerous attacks often seen as often far more effective with the eggs. or even heading sweats home with his side's 1st shots on goal one nil. after the restart stephan had little chance to save this header from your hand as a guest star and that even the schools. but brain inskeep they usually have lanka couldn't prevent caning caroline from regaining the lead 5 minutes later fellow turkey international can i have got on the school board to say. i. thanks the site stephens impressive 11 saves loads. and
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a little bit of luck but you know secured their 1st victory in brain and since 1977 . is this out of place looking guy taking a seat at the both sport bench and he's all of a class not formally of austria's lynsey yet another new be in the bundesliga. up against top flight were chinese cologne it looked like lots more was already off to a good start when maximilian are no took the lead 16 minutes in. its last throes 1st time coaching outside his native austria but he's confident his style of play will help for sport continue heading on the track to success. is wolves are starting to adapt to his faster paced high pressing style of play. because he's got robust strikers like out there course you know how to find the net to nil. see montell jordan squeezed in a consolation goal at the last minute but it was too little too late thanks.
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cologne also have a new man at the helm who also looked a bit out of place after him by lord's his debut was a bit disappointing and it was sad way to start colognes comeback season. but now to another side making their return to the top division. this was powder born when the club for promotion to the bundesliga in my a special day for the city. but fans of had to survive a roller coaster journey in recent years. 5 years ago part of made their debut in the top flight came 2 successive relegations and almost the 1st downs when nonprofessional late luckily for them another club took their place after failing to have to. and
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a license. doesn't bomb got to cover at the helm at the clubs like. the bone defy the odds by probably an in direct promotion back up to the 2nd division and then the 1st. the secret to his success. as a falling victim listen to the people who tell you what can't be done over the past 2 years they've been saying we can't say oh we can't do this or that that's a waste of time what was a con. so what can part of born do playing champions league contenders lay vicars and was not really a fair test. part of born pressed and harried that hosts only for defensive merits of perth title against leverkusen fearsome front line kevin fall and teeing up only on bailey to open the scoring thanks frank was the pundits who dismissed by the bones chances in the top flight might have already felt justified. was. time for steph and bam got to get his players believing that nothing is
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impossible. and while levy cruisin score lots of goals that also pretty porous in the back stand michelle pounced on him pumped up against fall back pass and even the school i was getting on was because one of the reasons why the past 166 goals in the previous 2 campaigns is cause i'm got is always telling interview as kids come up trying to score goals i'm not surprised that was but money also not says in the bundesliga part of bones entire squad has a market value that's 24000000 iraqis. so most of what one lady couzin fly a kite ah that's his estimated that. and the 20 year old showed his wife with a lovely love to restore the good sides legs. good news for pacer boss but was it
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good enough. on a bone as we've heard refused to be held when it's when there's a will there's a why. or at least the read i'm of the straight man by the man on the scoresheet i know it would have been michelle had wendell not lost his job with a handful of them. either way perhaps the pundits were now rethinking their assessments of part of all. pious pats hold on but when looking like getting their noses bloodied against the new boys. but with the visit is beginning to tie its was the end of the gang the host of the pressure and disaster of a powder form as kevin fall on his side and for the good side. christopher andrea jane might have had part of her own equalise for a 3rd time but his team which heads home and see. this being the
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bone however we all know about that power was a resurrection. and there are positives they can take away from this defeat right. or this was just what i wanted to say kind of get you game you'll enjoy talking about 10 years from now because of the performance not the result of the from the liason side chinup out of all we likewise looking forward to most spirited displays like this one. did you know kick off is now on you with the world of football. with a quad 1 core of mexico where. we travel the world can really feel how high fences are running i'm going to say no this does make sense and never people the closer and discuss football i am chris here it is. the question.
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is a football kick off on you cheat. by missing it. welcome to me on berlin bundesliga debutantes at a club who have always been a bit different a small club from east berlin is very much of and for the fans. of the club needed to expand its stadium a decade ago the fans rebuilt the place themselves. only on maybe for financial aid but which in community commitment and culture. on sunday they hosted logic the only other club for eastern germany and a world away in terms of money and heritage. from kick off the home fans normally a vocal crowd staged
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a 15 minute silent protest against the visitors perceived commercialism although many found it hard to startle their cheers and one yawn gone off to a lively start. who knew all must just 5 matches last season but now up against champions league qualifiers it's a whole other game. after a quarter of an hour in their home state both were back at full volume. but fortunately that failed to help their team marcel house to their cheeks passing the month of july heat with. all the time in the world to pick a spot. bad luck from the boycotts or just poor defending. aside from new players what's it also recruited julieann novel smart as coach arguably the club's biggest signing this summer. is opposite number of course fish are at their spirits immediately dampened in this 1st point just like
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a fixture not least when seen his keeper roughed out the kid which gets the ball away to marcel housed in there and set up marcel savita just inside the box to know . finish your own site looking at the 2nd goal we basically scored it ourselves the team once able to go forward with any structure. harsh words but truthful ones the spirited east berliners were being played off the park. for all their ruckus 12th man support me on never really got a look in against white 6 defensive prowess which last season saw the concede only 29 times. what's it do you have a problem it's getting team over there on a score of their 3rd on sunday japan and new deal his contract is set to expire next summer and fire and liverpool are among his admirers. awkward for light sake but not the end of the world not when you have just
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a fair and cuckoo in your ranks the french sensation sports with his 1st touch in the full of his league of. whom yawn on the other hand hardly even got a shot in all match. never the serious it is for the bundesliga is a different level together and we showed that today we have to do a quick post-mortem and put it behind us or don't show up parker. but fear not only on a sobering 90 minutes but a team whose nickname is iron will surely show their mettle as the season unfolds. well for the new and it was not the kind of bundesliga debut one dreams about but like to get surely pleased with this successful season start justice dortmund on fire and in contrast a not so happy perhaps it's a sign of a suspenseful season ahead but by and do still have a nice up this late. byron sought after superstar is decided still it could she
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know and he's someone that byron are very proud to announce they have signed. by i don't i'd say that way delight. i have a player of his quality playing here and when i say we i mean not only by and but the entire blunders league your use of your foolishness occurred football superstar advertising icon and brazil international he's been dumped the little magician for obvious reasons the world's 3rd most expensive player when he moved from liverpool to barcelona byron had him on a year long loan move in a deal that includes a 120000000 euro purchase option buyers will be hoping he can work that magic in germany too. in a ball mixed together flower baking powder salt and sugar separate ball mix the milk eggs and melted butter bit by bit mix the drying gradients into the wet ones
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preheat all in the past spring the batter into the pad flip 1st when the bubbles 1st serve with maple syrup the table means diddly squat after one match day so at least you now know how to make pancakes. that's all or nobody knows about the old lover so i be there with the 1st lady. on your fans who didn't live to see this historic day was still symbolically present in the stadium. and despite the 4 nil and result the passion of the new
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young fans celebrated their team's arrival in the bundesliga. i am. i am. was.
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a number of hopes for a cup glory qatar is building stadiums to host of these suckers events of 2020 to 100 peer to be big ships if it's in the state itself of how much progress is really being made behind the scenes i'm extremely surprised to hear that is anything remotely resembling a democracy. lifting the veil in qatar. close up 30 minutes.
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ago india looks for signs of nature make the city of delhi obvious there's plenty of pollution and little foreign missile launches. by n.g.o.s. delhi greens forced to change that. it aims to raise awareness put small eco friendly projects. will its efforts bear fruit. into minutes on d w. s so west europe the european union is in crisis. if it still has a future it will meet champions young champions. trophy and me for answers for each country so for your functions for the dream of the united church. do they stand
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a chance on can they save the european idea of going to the market i'm here to stand up for european values and contribute to something important coming up see if. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. googling to tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. losing interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. i got nothing to look at because sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and thanks the printer jemma culture of looking
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at the stereotypes the question if you think the future of the country that i doubt i. need to take from this grandmother day i am. it's all that. i might tell you i mean for me into sunday. post. defense ministry says 3 people have been killed and 12 wounded in an and strike targeting a turkish military convoy in northwestern syria the convoy was on the way to a key rebel held area where reportedly the syrian army is currently engaged in fierce fighting trying to regain territory at last and 2014. germany has agreed to take in 4 children born to form a fight is from the so-called islamic state that's been living in a.


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