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this is. a german city in shock after an anti-semitic attack a suspect in the. eastern city of holiday killing 2 people and that followed an attempted assault on a crowded synagogue full of worshippers on judaism's holiest day but that attack. also coming up tonight in turkey begins its military offensive in northern syria. kurdish militants in what president is calling operation peace he says he wants to
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prevent what he calls a terror of accord along turkey's southern border. it's good to have you with us tonight germany's interior ministry is calling a shooting that took place in eastern germany today and anti-semitic attack 2 people were killed in the city of hala when an attacker opened fire outside of synagogue and at a nearby shop it happened around 1 pm local time authorities say that the gunman also tried to force his way into the synagogue where worshippers had gathered for young kapoor the holiest day in the jewish calendar police have arrested one person german media are saying that the suspect is a 27 year old white german man with a right wing extremist back. let's take this
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story to hala now my colleague karl nasa is on the ground force going to do you karl so what is the latest now that we have confirmation from the german interior ministry this was indeed an anti-semitic attack that even brand as you can see behind me the police presence is still high here and hollow though not as high as we saw this afternoon and earlier this evening the streets where that synagogue and that shop are located is still blocked authorities earlier today were describing this as a rampage that armed gunmen we now know acting alone attempted to gain access to a synagogue here where some 70 to 80 warship workers were believed to be inside to put that in perspective the jewish community here was only about $800.00 people so potentially around 10 percent of the jewish population in hala were inside at the time as you mentioned he did not make it inside here in germany it's standard practice at community centers and synagogues even jewish schools to have armed
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security and outside of those doors and today was even higher than usual given that it is yom kippur the holiest day on the jewish calendar we know now know that one seed saddam make it inside he the attacker went down the street a few meters ended up opening fire on a woman on the street she was in fact killed and another person was killed in a nearby bomb shop this city was on lockdown brant people were told to stay inside the main train station was closed many roads here were closed as well because there were suspicions of there might have been another suspected attacker we now believe that the attacker did acts alone and now as you can see the streets still quite quiet here and you know and we spoke earlier today carol with one of the eyewitnesses to today's attacks was take a listen to what he said. you come up i'm on one i saw
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a man in the helmet he was right outside a combat shop behind an old lady he was wearing an army uniform everything looks very militaristic he had a weapon in his hand in the mosque on. and it looked like he had a hand grenade of something else maybe if i cracked and he wanted to throw it into the shop. but it hit the door and exploded in front of the old woman with the huge bang then he came into the shop and opened fire. and everyone ran away shouting and screaming towards the staircase which was heading out the back of the shop. and i saw the entrance to the toilets where i he and everyone else tried to find a way out or even a window. that wasn't on that into also going on there was another loud explosion and a lot of shouting opposition that picked. up one by 20 and then suddenly grew silent . i rang the police they said i should stay in the toilet.
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i texted my family and my parents. eventually i heard the police arrive they wanted to know if someone was there they secured the area i yelled out that i was then i held up my arms and they briefly search me and. mr hauck with. you have been horrific experience for that man today and we have also learned deceiving that the gunman that he wanted that horror that terror to be shared around the world he was wearing some type of a good pro or some type of mini cam and he was planning to live stream this killing this mass murder to the world was an. that's right i mean we did see some initial photos and videos leaked online and that's exactly what looks
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like might be happening the alleged attacker was wearing a helmet with some sort of recording device it wasn't clear whether he was recording it or streaming live and now appears that he was potentially doing both and so this attack was meant to be broadcast to the world he was not here to do this in secret he was out in the open there were images and videos going out into the world and this does sound of lots bryants like that attack in christ church in new zealand we saw something very similar happening there and of course it's too early to speculate but on all sorts of internet forums and chat rooms you often do hear of people on the far right discussing potential attacks sharing their motives and their feelings and their frustrations it's not hard to imagine that someone might have been inspired by what place just a few months ago and we don't and we also know that he wanted to get inside this synagogue threw molotov cocktails and it was the security at the synagogue that he
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just couldn't get through right yeah and in germany as i mentioned security is always high at places in the community that are related to the jewish communities of synagogues schools community centers 247 in germany you'll see arms police officers outside of these sorts of locations some synagogues and facts also hire their own private security so this is something that's normal that security would have been beefed up today given how important of a day yom kippur war is it does sound like that security did a heroic job of keeping this attacker from getting inside and this could have been a lot worse yes indeed it could have been promised known the story worse in the german city of hama karl thank you. well joining me here the big table now is rafi obo song a security and terrorism analyst with the german institute for international in
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security affairs for feels good to see you again we heard you know karl said that we heard earlier tonight from a security analyst another security analyst that this attack today had many of the hallmarks of the christ church massacre that we saw earlier this year in new zealand do you think we are talking about a gunman who was planning on carrying out a copycat crime when obviously looks like it i mean he was just the same way and thank goodness his video hasn't been as available as in the christ church right situation and actually authorities have to take care in the interim period that this couldn't repeat in the same way but obviously this was the ambition of the guy who did this and we heard from horst is a home for the interior minister of germany he's confirmed that this was an anti-semitic attack and people will be asking what does that mean then about the far right seen in this country the neo nazi scene in this country are held strong
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is it well the official figures are it's about $25000.00 people that's the kind of official reports of their intelligence services about half of which are sort of categorized as potentially violent extremists of course within those than around 12000 people you could have wide variety of people and by far without legitimizing them are. very very small minority would be capable of this but yes even so it's clearly a very very see severe threat it's about just about the same number as jihad is for articles and german authorities have been somewhat late to wake up to that kind of same severity of the threat it's been a process of the last 23 years but of course it's been something that's been coming for a long time juror jewish institutions houses of worship in germany they all have police protection 247 and do you think. that the high security that we saw today at that synagogue and hala should that be praised i mean the reports have been that
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a security guard inside the synagogue with c.c.t.v. cameras actually saw what was happening outside and because of that was able to fortify the door to keep the people inside safe i mean that's that's success isn't it obviously i mean thank goodness the passive security held i mean there is always the saying there is no absolute security here and there can always be somebody striking at an unexpected point and the unfortunate possible by who was killed was the victim of that but in these cases i mean these symbolic targets it makes absolute sense to do as much as possible to harden them in most cities there is also a police presence in front of those sites of worship and i've seen reports that this case it wasn't the case but think goodness at least the security within was enough to avoid the worst so this is as much as we can do and of course it's hard to pick up on an individual like that. there will be many many questions of course how many connections they might have had that's the question tonight isn't it what was he
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acting alone or what type of network was he using to get to the point that he got to today well so far we have no further indication that is more than individual but in previous right wing extremist terrorist attacks we've always seen that these people have been intensively in contact either their local networks or online. and this is a growing growing concern that these so-called lone wolves the term is very contested i wouldn't actually want to advocate using this term that these persons are actually very much internationally networked and not just in the national lightning as fast as not acting completely alone in any case feel goes on with the german institute for international and security affairs feel as always we appreciate your insights thank you. all right down to the day's 2nd big story turkey has begun a military offensive in northern syria aimed at crushing kurdish fighters the move
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comes immediately after the u.s. fold its troops back from the area this week turkish jets have been carrying out airstrikes on kurdish positions at the syrian turkish border a spokesman for the kurdish fighters says that several people have been killed including civilians the military operation has drawn immediate criticism and calls for restraint coming from nato turkey is a member of nato. black smoke fills the sky above a line in the town on the turkish syrian border is one of the targets of un chorus bombs. turkish armed forces say the strikes aren't aimed at civilian areas. but despite the assurances many local residents took to the roads to bring their families to safety the kurdish forces here are once part of an uneasy coalition with turkey with both sides working to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria
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however uncorrupt has branded the kurdish led forces terrorists because of their links to militants who have carried out attacks against the turkish government in a tweet turkish president. said his armed forces intended to neutralize the terrorist threats against turkey and set up a safe zone allowing the return of syrian refugees to their homes. she added a kurdish spokesman called on the international community to pressure turkey to stop the bombing saying the syrian democratic forces would be forced to halt their campaign against us to deal with the turkish threat. many of turkey's allies also warn the military campaign could rekindle the fire in syria's civil war it's important to avoid actions that may further destabilization the region escalate tensions on course for human suffering we must not jeopardize the against we have made together against the common enemy isis the european union has called on turkey
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to stop its push into northern syria what despite the pressure there's been no sign on korea is willing to back down. or let's take the story now to turkey our correspondent dorian jones is standing by in istanbul good evening to you dorian what kind of operation are we looking at here dorian we just saw in that tweet from richard high end of one the goal here is to neutralize terrorist threats but is he talking about the terrorists being the kurds or is he talking about the terrorists being the isis prisoners that are in the area. well if you speak to touch officials they'll say it's both but let's be clear the primary object of this operation is to drive back the syrian kurdish militia that has been on turkey's border for several years. except that this group is a terrorist organization linked to a kurdish insurgency in the site turkey and they say that they have been committed to removing this threat from it and it will point to the fact that it has getting
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support from the international community saying that they are respecting turkey's right to protect its borders now this operation is going to be a major operation this is being in the planning for months he plans to create a 30 kilometer deep. safe zone as president calls it and it's going to be several 100 kilometers along syria's border a massive area to take this area of the syrian kurdish militia and then ultimately to start moving in millions of syrian refugees currently living in turkey the kurdish forces today to fight the turd's every inch not to give up one inch of territory border you hearing from northern syria. forces from turkey able to get today. well this is just it's a beginning this is a bombardment ahead of the expected ground operation which could start in the
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coming hours we have seen the turkish jets taking off from their bases all along turkey syrian border pounding syrian kurdish militia bases and also towns along turkey's border we've heard reports there's been a mass panic in some of these towns reports of civilian casualties and injuries many people are reportedly now leaving the area streams of refugees piling out of these towns of turkey ahead of what is specter to be a very potentially bloody operation given the fact that the kurdish militia saying they are on and fight. took a shit today we also has been pounding this area tombs of black smoke would be pulling up into the sky all along to the syrian border but the major operation is expected possibly the next hours will such think the next day the ground operation is when the real fighting will stop but this is the heart of a very long time operation and one in 2 weeks possibly months and dorian turkish president heir to one says he wants to install what he's calling safe zones for
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syrian refugees who are now in turkey he wants to repatriate them back to syria but in in his a in his mind these areas will only be safe when the kurds are no longer there right so that the ultimate goal is one to repopulate the area demographic engineering and to get rid of the kurds from the area right i mean that there are several goals here. well turkish officials would reject the claim that they are engaged in any demographic changing change in the area they say that they have nothing against the kurdish population living in this area this is all about fighting this militia they call this terrorist organization they say that has to be neutralized or pushed back but they insist that they have nothing against the kurds but it has to be said the fact that the president is talking about returning one to 2000000 of syrian refugees most of them are believed
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not to come from this area sunni arabs where he says there is predominantly kurdish is leaving to the concern that turkey is engaged in demographic changes making the area more secure and from their point of view driving out the kurdish population or certainly diluting it this is against international law and chris very sensitive about this of this certainly is a growing fear that turkey is engaged in this democratic change and possibly leading to a major exodus of kurds from the region creating another refugee crisis in a country that has faced so many it's. also the president who said that u.s. president has now passed the baton to turkey when it comes to leading the fight against the so-called islamic state. reported there inside turkey that now the turks not the americans are expected to lead the fight against isis. all the statements coming from turkey should fischer's
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now talk about this is a war not only against a terrorist organization of the kurdish terrorist group but they also say so against the islamic state and they're very happy to take on this operation because they say it provides legitimacy they see this as legitimizing this turkish operation so they say it's not just against because kurdish terrorists but against all terrorists and that will be something. from the expected growing international criticism that it face when we get growing reports of civilian deaths and fears of a major refugee crisis. with the latest from inside turkey dorian thank you. and here with me at the big table is kristin helberg she is a journalist a syria expert she reported many years from inside syria let's talk about what we're seeing happening right now the turkish president the one he says that this is a peace mission that we're seeing you know but this is about security for turkey
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and even a lot more than that isn't it he's talking about security concerns and they have not been any attacks from kurdish controlled territory from inside syria for the last few months and we know actually what mr erdogan ones from the early operations spente launched in 20162018 because this was more about creating turkish protectorates inside syria and it was about a demographic change in a field specially that was by majority inhabited by took by kurdish people and then he settled arab syrians they answer the kurdish people had to then issue this was demographic engineering already enough this is to be expected in this area and if it was really about security why did he not ask international community for some kind of profit that would be internationally wanted to you know to separate the 2 parts you know turkey and the white forces he didn't do this because he wants to go by himself and control the area at ministries administrate it and then militarily and if there hasn't been
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a threat from the kurds in the last several years then what is the one worry about is this about power it's about creating this border border area that is completely under his influence because on the turkish that the border you have 15000000 kurds living there and he doesn't want the 2 areas to be connected you know in this part of the border of the border was completely closed for many years because he does not want to have the kurdish autonomy on the syrian side to step over to turkish side so this is very important for him and he obviously considers the y.p. g. as a terrorist organization. as of it's links to the pic so he is afraid of weapons going through you know the to me he says helping each other and he's afraid too that the kurds will come together there would be a move for independence but we know that the kurds wanted independence referendum and the americans didn't let that happen not iraq right another is right in iraq
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these attempts to bring unity with the kurds these attempts haven't worked but he has that he has it in his mind that if you give them an inch they will take a mile and that while will go into turkey right and there we're quite successful inside syria during the last few years the elayne's themselves somehow with the assad regime's saying that ok we will not attack the moscow's it's not about for us to regime change in the muscles we take care of this north eastern syria area degraded you know administrative autonomous region and there are quite successful with this and this is considered by other once and of the interim what about the isis is prisoners who are in prisons or in these camps that are in the territories that are controlled by the courage right now. are these camps are they basically going to be open and just you know turned into a free for all if the courage of busy fighting against the church this kind of affects by the s.d.f. but it's not that easy you know there are 12000 isis fighters in 7 prisons some of
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these presents a located in this area that everyone wants to invade now so it's more about you know mobilizing everybody everyone that they have to fight against the kurds at the press and then they will be not able to control these prisons so what might happen is that you have a kind of a chaos that you know it's not that much security's prisons anymore you have camps with the relatives of these isis fighters 90000 women and children right so this might create a very chaotic situation with people you know taking the chance running away and among them 4000 foreign nationals among them give opinions of the european they have to want to have passports they were both what you rock and then they might end up uncontrolled in europe and as you were telling me earlier this week you know the kurds are not in the business of running prisons so this is something that they're not necessarily have responsibility for exactly exactly. as always we appreciate your insights thank you. fights let's take a look now at some of the other news today the nobel prize for chemistry has been
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awarded to 3 scientists who developed lithium ion batteries the swedish royal academy of sciences praised john be good enough and stanley with him and a cure or you know sheena for developing batteries that are lightweight and can be used in many devices from cell phones to laptops and electric vehicles take a look. wireless digital devices are everywhere nowadays and the lithium ion batteries made them possible today the scientists behind the innovation were honored with the nobel prize in chemistry the royal swedish academy of sciences as the today decided to award the thew 1900 nobel prize in chemistry jointly to john the good enough m. stanley whittingham and. for the development of
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lithium ion batteries. back in the 1970 s. and eighty's stanley witting amen john b. good enough laid the foundation for the 1st batteries made from the light metal about to truly take off the technology had to be refined by akido yoshino in the mid eighty's he began experimenting with lithium ion making batteries that were light nearly endlessly rechargeable and safe for everyday use. the impact on industry and society was massive today lithium ion batteries are used in everything from smart phones to scooters and automobiles and because the energy used to recharge them can come from renewable sources they're helping us usher in a more sustainable world even off the grid for years scientists have been looking at new ways of storing energy but nothing has managed to beat the lithium ion battery capacity and reliability it was the development that changed the world.
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this is g.w. news and these are our top stories germany's interior ministry is calling today's shooting in eastern germany an anti-semitic attack 2 people were killed in the city of hala when an attacker opened fire outside of a synagogue and they nearby kabob shop authorities say the gunman also tried to. forced his way into the synagogue where worshippers were gathered for young poor the holiest day in the jewish calendar police have arrested one person they say that the suspect is a 27 year old white german man with a neo nazi background. turkey has begun a military offensive in northern syria aimed at flushing out kurdish militia the move comes immediately after the u.s. pulled its troops back from the area turkish jets have been carrying out air strikes on syrian kurdish positions on the border between the 2 countries the
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military operation has drawn criticism and calls for restraint by nato this is g.w. news you can find out more at w dot com you can also follow us on twitter at the new. you're watching the w. news live from berlin and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day.
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on. this. coming up man and beast in a struggle for survival. india is left appear to be losing that fight. in. the fortunes of their models also coming up a meeting between all weather friends prime minister meets with chinese the does oh .


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