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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is the news live from the u.s. tells turkey it's incursion into syria could jeopardize the fight against so-called islamic state as turkish forces advance for a 3rd day strongly encourages. syrian kurds in the region you'll hear from our correspondent on the turkey syria border also on the program. prime minister. peace prize for his initiative in resolving the conflict in neighboring eritrea after years of hostility. the international day of the girl child. around the world asking girls about their ambitions.
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i'm from gayle welcome to the program the u.s. defense department is warning turkey that it's an intercessor it could jeopardize the fight against so-called islamic state the pentagon says it opposes what it describes as turkey's uncoordinated actions and called on its nato allies and them day 3 of the offensive has seen thousands of people flee it's also raising fears of an islamic state comeback as kurdish led forces in the region say they can't detain i asked prisoners and hold back the turkish military at the same time. a funeral for a baby boy on mourners in turkey said goodbye to the 9 month old syrian baby killed
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in cross border shelling. as the fighting intensifies in syria turkey is facing heavy criticism her. in istanbul nato calls for restraint the alliance also warned of the reemergence of the so-called islamic state. the few years ago they controlled significant territory in iraq and in syria working together in the global coalition we have liberated all this territory and 1000000 so people. these skeins must not be chipper dorst turkey remain defiant demanding loyalty from its nato allies. it's our most natural and legal expectation that our allies show solidarity. per the principle of the indivisibility of euro atlantic security it is not enough to
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say we understand turkey's concerns we want to see the solidarity very clearly. it should be good of excuse turkey is battling for territory held by its enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces says the offensive will secure turkey's border and create a safe zone for syrian refugees. civilians who once fled the so-called islamic state are again desperately seeking safety as yet another humanitarian crisis looms in syria and many fear the same extremist fighters they defeated and captured will be set loose to terrorize the region. from. close to the syrian border. well i'm about 5 kilometers away from the syrian border which is towards this
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direction everybody here including us journalists has to keep a security distance as the turkish military has continued to hit the area old day they have actually fired the absolutely has actually fired from right behind me to wards at this direction that we heard the shelling the pounding very clearly very loudly today especially in the afternoon now the turkish army says they have taken some villages very close to the border inside syria and they are now surrounding some of the biggest cities especially. and tell. and while the turkish military says they're making progress the kurdish fighters then northeast syria say they have so far been able to repel these attacks so very conflicting information that we're getting that so.
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well up to call it is a very close to the border it's a town of about 100000 people and this is the 3rd day of the operation so you can hear shelling old day basically so this is of course affecting people and then there have been civilian casualties on both sides of the border at least 6 or 7 people were killed inside syria there hasn't been an update of these figures and then there have also been at least 8 people who were killed here on the tacky side because the kurdish militants have been firing mortars and rockets into turkish border towns including actually carlo where i am right now we've just seen the pictures of a funeral that took place here today so many people are angry many people do support the offensive here i've spoken to the mayor of octu khalid little earlier and he said he is sure that this operation is going to be victorious and he said i'll quote him here we're going to charge in this area into a graveyard for terrorists but then there are also people who are afraid some
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people told as many have actually left a town we spoke to one family who sat you know in our apartment building there are 16 families who live there and all of them have left except for us so fia and the general sense of insecurity is also part of the atmosphere here right now. well you know text officials the government and they are very unhappy with the arrest even reactions of international partners the nato the european union who have 0 voice criticism and urged turkey to show restraint here but they are saying and this was the touch foreign minister today who said he expects more solidarity and support from the partners because from a technical point of view this operation is essentially an operation to defend turkey's national security against for taki for text that isn't the very real
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terrorism front well kurdish officials. well this is coming from a spokesperson of the kurdish forces there was also a video that was showing how security kurdish security forces were chasing some ice is family members in one of the largest camp called whole camp that houses about 70000 ice is family members wives and children all vices fighters and now the cars have mentioned this before and they have been warning about this day said you know if we are busy defending. ourselves our territory against a turkish army we can take care of the isis prisoners that we are keeping here so
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now this is a report that's coming from the kurdish side but i have to be careful here we can't independently verify this or this video that has that is out there right now. now ethiopia's prime minister ahmed has been awarded the nobel peace prize for 2019 for his work in resolving the border conflict with neighboring every trial the 2 countries restored relations in july last year after years of hostility was to be took over as prime minister in early 2080. at the met has only been in office for a year and a half but his push for peace and democracy in that short time impressed the nobel committee. even if much work remains. has initiated important reforms that give many citizens hope for a better life and the brighter future. he was awarded for the reconciliation he
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forged with eritrea the 2 neighbors when boiled in a longstanding border conflict. after a war in the late 1990 s. killed an estimated 70000 people they failed to implement a peace deal. but within months of taking office abby met with every trace president 1st summit where they signed a historic peace agreement. it was a moment ethiopians and eritreans had been waiting for for decades the critics say there has been little progress since then on key goals such as economic cooperation . the nobel committee also recognized at the for implementing democratic reforms when jiminy theo paeans respect. he did a lot for example releasing prisoners and granting freedom to people. by look this is the only one year he has brought so much change is the one who made freedom of
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speech possible for ethiopians. he even outside of ethiopia he has a great vision for all africa he believes in peace democracy and equality he's one of the best leaders for africa right now. abby was praised for mediating in other regional conflicts like here in sudan the committee said the prize was intended to encourage abby's efforts for peace and democracy in ethiopia and the region. straight to ethiopia's capital addis ababa that where we joined i did your reporter get me can ask you a welcome maria was this expected. well prime minister abu ahmed was one of the main favorites to win the nobel previous prize this year he was already very known on the internet into international they were making peace with long time eritrea which tracks an important box actually for the nobel committee and also this year
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he played an important role in the sudan negotiations came to a deadlock he flew to khartoum afterwards and negotiations resumed and a peace agreement was reached in one of africa's major political crisis this year so i would say on the diplomatic scene it's not a surprise that he was elected however it is up to debate whether he will live up to the protocol in the coming years yeah so explain to us that the significance of this peace between these 2 countries. well 1st of all the peace deal allowed families that were separated for decades to reunite which was a really strong and important moment for peace people in both countries in addition of course resuming diplomatic relations will have increased economic impact there were some economic benefits for people along the borders however it has been reported that the border crossing points are now being closed again for reasons that are not very clear and some border issues do remain unresolved such as the
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status of by the main which is a very symbolic town it's at the border where the war actually stop started and the prize also recognizes i bathmat for his reforms within the country what has he done that yes well ever since he became prime minister last year he started a series of internal reforms such as freeing many political prisoners and hansing freedom with of expression freedom of the press and he also started reforming many major institutions here in ethiopia however he's also widely criticized for problems at home let's not forget that ethiopia is the country with the most internet the displaced persons the syrian human rights organizations have been criticizing abbie's governments to force these displaced persons to return and also they say that i'm going ethnic conflict in the country are the stabilizing the country as elections are due next year we're talking to them and i get a nice letter and i stop about thank you. we'll take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a course in south africa has ruled that former president jacob zuma will stand trial for corruption rejecting his application to hold the case mr zuma seen here in file footage is alleged to have taken bribes during his time as a provincial economy minister in the 1990 s. and later as deputy president of the building amc he denies the chargers. be a huge chief negotiator has been given the green light by member states to seek a last ditch deal with the u.k. michel barnier he will now go into another round of intense talks ahead of an e.u. summit next week earlier met his british counterpart in brussels and said the meeting was constructive. forces in the u.s. city of los angeles avoided about 100000 people to leave their homes as a wildfire rages out of control on the northern edge of the city authorities say the blaze measures more than 800 square kilometers schools colleges i'm picky roads
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have been closed. a german prosecutors say the man accused of killing 2 people in eastern germany on wednesday has confessed they say the 27 year old german has also admitted to having far right anti semitic motives the city of holiday still in mourning 2 days after a gunman tried and failed to storm a cynical worshipers marking the jewish day of atonement it had killed a woman in front of the building and a man out of nearby kebab shop it's hackers shaken other jewish communities in germany and heightened fears over security the deadly has been to visit the jewish community in the south 50 kilometers away from hala. solidarity with the victims and how the jewish community in neighboring desk is in mourning including aleksandar some on the community's leader.
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reason for cures we're all shocked it's awful. many people in our community and they are. sure of that will remain active in. the community has long been afraid of violent attacks by right wing extremists the cons thought saw you arrive at work and you just don't know what the situation might be. you're always afraid that someone might be there you know not exactly for me but such things really do happen. this this so the assassination attempt in hull or just the presence of neo nazis in general. here or here there's always fear. amongst the. death threats images of hitler found in their mayor box this is everyday life for the deaths our community but direct attacks and
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vandalism with swastikas also take place. this is what we have to live with or. recover we can't change the situation. what can we do. the jewish community and how it's small they have no budget for security measures that's why vessel man sent a letter to sex in the un hurts ministry of the interior but it refused to give financial support. removed we have to undertake security measures there's no other option this give is about him and the safety of the school security is expensive but our members' lives are more valuable than security measures. if something should happen who would be to blame. after the attack and how the police car was stationed in front of them getting someone and his colleagues to not know how long it would be that. was part of a disturbing trend with the sort of instances footage of the attack was live
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streamed on a popular gaming site twitch experts fear is part of this. growing trend that social media platforms are struggling to deal with the deadly report called mosman contents were welcomed. with the basics what twitch have you heard of twitter it's a lot of people using this it's a streaming video platform is actually known by amazon this is used by gamers to mostly live stream video games but in this case it was used by the alleged attacker in hollow as as people know he was wearing a helmet with some sort of video camera attached and he streamed this attack allegedly in a 1st person shooter style way to make it look like a video game luckily according to twitch the company only 5 people watched that video live from there here's what twitch says happened with that video this is from their twitter account they say recording now of that stream was viewed by approximately 2000 people on the platform in the 30 minutes then took for the video
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to be flagged and removed by twitch so it was taken down just half an hour later which has actually gotten some praise for the relative speed that the company was able to react and take down that video in fact the prime minister of new zealand just send our dern praise them as well of course many believe that the hollis shooter was inspired by those attacks on the 2 mosques in christchurch new zealand that. massacre was also live streamed in a similar method so in the crush of attacks that was on facebook presumably tech companies have now learned lessons as they have taken some big steps since march when that christ church shooting took place the video of the christ church attack was also only viewed a few times about $200.00 times when it was live the problem was facebook took a long time to react and take that archive video down it was then uploaded more than a quarter of a 1000000 times in different places on facebook it spread all over the internet you
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know after that christ church shooting the prime minister our journey of new zealand she brought together these tech companies at the summit and they pledged to do a better job of combat in this kind of online extremism they poured more money into an organization that's called the global internet forum to counter terrorism so microsoft google facebook and amazon all part of that after this most recent shooting they work together through this organization twitch created something called a hash now this is like a digital fingerprint of a video they shared that with all these other tech companies and that was how they were able to collaborate to find the video and take it down because i think the point that you've made that out of the most is that it's not the live it's the people watching it afterwards i mean it seems extraordinary that tech companies can't stop the 2nd phase yeah i mean there's a lot of difficulties that you know 1st of all once a video is out there it's hard to get things off the internet right the spreads
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into all the dark corners of the internet additionally you know they're being shared now with encrypted messaging apps like whatsapp and those are undetectible you can't go in there and take them down right now twitch like a lot of other tech companies relies on humans to moderate its platform they're looking into developing an artificial intelligence to essentially detect something as it's happening and remove it immediately but if you look at the footage. twitch is all video games a lot of shooting happening computers right now can't tell the difference between a video game and real life violence facebook is struggling with the same problem so the future is going to be artificial intelligence but right now the technology just isn't there to be able to do that. thank you. want to sports on the fallout from the nike coach alberto salazar for doping violations continues to shape the world athletics and nike is world famous or a good project powerhouse for
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a training medal and long distance from this is to close in the wake of salazar's for he had bad nike's oregon project has been home to some of the world's greatest athletes for nearly 2 decades british 4 time gold medalist mo farrar is likely the most famous of the bunch trained in oregon from 2011 to 2017 the most successful period of his career but the oregon project is shutting its doors following the doping scandal engulfing head coach alberto salazar he received a 4 year ban from the u.s. anti-doping agency for orchestrating and facilitating prohibited doping earlier this month though salazar has appealed the ban and been publicly backed by the company nike c.e.o. mark parker announced the project would be shut down in an internal memo this situation is a distraction for many of the athletes in his compromising their ability to focus on their training and competition need its successful runners at this month's world athletics competition in like german bronze medalists constanza close to how often
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or netherlands gold winner sits on his son are just 2 of many nike sponsored athletes who will now need to find new coaches in training facilities salazar's case has cast a shadow on results by origin project affiliated runners international olympic committee president thomas buff has called for an investigation into athletes who trained with salazar. quote there any results olympic results have faked it or directly or in directly or with regard to also the principle of. strict liability the u.s. anti-doping agency made it clear the athletes were unaware of the doping which is a major factor in determining suspensions in our opinion the evidence showed they were manipulated certainly many of them thought that into having to go receive medical training treatment from
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a doctor with salazar appealing his ban in the i.o.c. continuing investigations the only thing definite about the situation is that oregon project athletes will need to find a new place to train. to stay with a classic sunderland to gold medalist to early would get choky holds the world record for the marathon and now he wants to do something no one has done before the 34 year old wants to run the 42 kilometers in under 2. years can show gait is the fastest marathon runner of all time he said a new world record in berlin last year clocking 2 hours one minute and 39 seconds a year earlier he came awfully close to breaking the 2 hour mark in an unofficial event missing out by just 26 seconds now he will try it again in vienna. running polydor and crimea and vienna 2 different things. probably. in the world. is going to be for play
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vast amount of them. if he does go on to 2 hours it will be a giant leap forward for the sport but it won't count as a world record as it doesn't meet the governing body i w a f the criteria it's not an official race and peacemakers usually cannot rotate in and out in champions but even the i w f president hopes that may change in the future but it's not something that would be ratified as a world record. and look i have encouraged federations i've encouraged organizations that want to promote our sport to be creative and sometimes think out of the box and. gay is already a distance running champion but he knows success on saturday will make him a legend. today is the united nations international day of the girl child it aims
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to highlight the dress the needs and challenges that girls face while promoting their empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights this is thing is girl force unscripted and unstoppable. d.w. has been asking girls around the world about their lives and their ambitions they don't ask. sometimes i see men on the street who whistle and women like this. sheesh i live. i find it unpleasant. people think it's. bad being a girl because you can't do a lot of things like the boys can do but it's actually in the mindset of people like i mean girls because we can do it. i want to become a plaintiff when i grow up. i want to see you don't like being put off by gym jetstream she's awesome i like being a girl it's nice to be a girl you know. when i mean i don't like
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senator mccaskill's feel very bad when we're given more chores and the boys. i have my men and girls will be respected and their society and that men will. and that they can go on and do whatever they would like to do in the future like they can do anything they want get whatever job they want to be whoever they want i want a man. i knew i knew it things might make it simple as i go i want to be a saint making equal money with like like as boys and. and. this is the w coming up next on news asia who just got a lot of work for the hong kong. times he's chief executive needs to bring same kind of job one tells us how he's got the city out of the crisis. times $100.00 or
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so hot spots for selfie seekers but police are cracking down on the photo craze a site has gone off the right. i was torn city to use asia in just a bit of a good. blaming the.
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odd. welcome to the girl max new to china. goldmine of stood. with exclusive. the must see concerning parts culture keep your eye. to the folks your ears minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribers and don't miss out.
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are always. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. in the muslim. or christian militia. fighters on comedy central now some 17 resident church's response was. never in never let me call a movie a mockery of the reconquest turn to track. the british up all this is not the kind of freedom that much. kind of peak way to islamist terror. until now you see so you've got an emotional issue. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. filipinos in the streets of us
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starts october 24th on d w. this tuesday. coming up does the road to peace in hong kong pass through its highest office. is hong kong and represents bay doing in the chinese but is it time she represented the people of hong kong instead of hong kong. plus. selfie shopped around why police are getting tough on. along this historic income not.


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