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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this estate over here is live from violin the u.s. tells turkey its incursion into syria could jeopardize the fight against so-called islamic state as turkish forces advance for a 3rd day the pentagon strongly encourages. military operations against syrian kurds in the region you hear a correspondent on the turkey syria border also on the program. prime minister of ethiopia wins a nobel peace prize for his initiative in resolving the border conflict with neighboring eritrea i think yes. 127 year old german confesses to
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wednesday's attack against a synagogue and says he planned a massacre 2 days later the people are still coming to terms with the answer since the crime is a shock and. i'm feel gail welcome to the program. the u.s. defense department is warning turkey that its incursion into syria could jeopardize the fight against so-called islamic state the pentagon says it opposes what it describes as turkey's uncoordinated actions and called on its nato ally to end them day 3 of the offensive has seen thousands of people flee it's also raised fears of an islamic state comeback as kurdish led forces in the region say they can't detain i asked prisoners and hold back the turkish military at the same time. a
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funeral for a baby boy on mourners in turkey said goodbye to the 9 month old syrian baby killed in cross border shelling. as the fighting intensifies in syria turkey is facing heavy criticism heard. in istanbul nato calls for restraint the alliance also warned of the reemergence of the so-called islamic state. the few years ago they controlled significant territory in iraq and in syria. working together in the global coalition we have liberated all this territory 1000000 so people these skeins must not be chipper dorst turkey remain defiant demanding loyalty from its nato allies. it's our most natural and legal expectation that our allies show solidarity with us
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part of the principle of the indivisibility of euro atlantic security it is not enough to say we understand turkey's concerns we don't want to see the solidarity very clearly. it should go to because just turkey is battling for territory held by its enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces ankara says the offensive will secure turkey's border and create a safe zone for syrian refugees. civilians who once fled the so-called islamic state are again desperately seeking safety as yet another humanitarian crisis looms in syria and many fear the same extremist fighters they defeated and captured will be set loose to terrorize the region. in the turkish town of chuck close to the syrian border welcome you know what's happening. well i'm about 5
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kilometers away from the syrian border which is towards it this direction everybody here including us journalists has to keep a security distance as the turkish military has continued to hit the area old day they have actually fired the absolutely has actually fired from right behind me to woods at this direction that we heard the shelling the pounding very clearly very loudly today especially in the afternoon now the turkish army says they have taken some villages very close to the border. inside syria and they're now surrounding some of the biggest cities especially. and while the turkish military says they're making progress the kurdish fighters then northeast syria say they have so far been able to repel these attacks so very conflicting information that we're getting them so.
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well up to call it is a very close to the border it's a town of about 100000 people and this is the 3rd day of the operation so you can hear shelling old day basically so this is of course affecting people and then there have been civilian casualties on both sides of the border at least 6 or 7 people were killed inside syria there hasn't been an update of these figures and then there have also been at least 8 people who were killed here on the turkish side because the kurdish militants have been firing mortars and rockets into turkish border towns including actually carlo where i am right now we've just seen the pictures of a funeral that took place here today so many people are angry many people do support the offensive here i've spoken to the mayor of iraq to call it little earlier and he said he is sure that this operation is going to be victorious and he said i'll quote him here we're going to turn this area into
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a graveyard for terrorists but then there are also people who are afraid some people told us many have actually left town and we spoke to one family who said you know in our apartment building there are 16 families who live there and all of them have left except for us so fear and the general sense of insecurity is also part of the atmosphere here right now. well you know text officials the government and they are very unhappy with the even reactions of international partners the nato the european union who have ovoid criticism and urged turkey to show restraint here but they are saying and this was the touch foreign minister today who said he expects more solidarity and support from the partners because from a technical point of view this operation is essentially an operation to defend
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turkey's national security against for taki for terrorist citizens a very real terrorism threat well kurdish officials. well this is coming from a spokesperson of the kurdish forces there was also a video that was showing how security kurdish security forces were chasing some i says family members in one of the largest camp called a whole camp that houses about 70000 ice is family members wives and children all vices of fighting as and now the crowds have mentioned this before and they have been warning about this they said you know if we are busy defending.
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ourselves our territory against a turkish army we can take care of the isis prisoners that we are keeping here so now this is a report that's coming from the kurdish side but i have to be careful here we can't independently verify this or this video that has that is out there right now. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a new member states have authorized the block's chief president goes asia to seek a last ditch deal with the united kingdom michel barnier he will now hold another round of intense talks ahead of an elitist summit next week where he's british counterpart in brussels today and said the meeting had been constructive. the united states says it has approved the deployment of $3000.00 additional troops and military equipment to saudi arabia it's the latest in a series of what the u.s. says are defensive moves after the attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities in
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september washington and riyadh to blame that attack on iran. iran meanwhile says 2 missiles have struck one of its oil tankers off the coast of saudi arabia near the city of jeddah but no injuries have been reported but iranian state television says the explosion caused an oil leak into the red sea saudi arabia has not commented on the needs of. women in the trump impeachment inquiry former u.s. ambassador to ukraine maria your one of it your van of it has arrived at the capitol to testify in may president trump ordered that she be recalled from her post reportedly because she was blocking efforts to pressuring ukraine into investigating joe biden the president has previously described mr van of bad news. of some good news if you here's a prime minister abu ahmed has been awarded the nobel peace prize for 2019 for his work to resolve the border conflict with neighboring eritrea the 2 countries
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restored relations in july of last year after years of hostility mr abbott took over as prime minister early in $28.00. abbi ahmed has only been in office for a year and a half but his push for peace and democracy in that short time impressed the nobel committee. even if much work remains are b r has initiated important reforms that give many citizens hope for a better life and the brighter future. abby was awarded for the reconciliation he forged with eritrea the 2 neighbors when boiled in a longstanding border conflict. after a war in the late 1990 s. killed an estimated 70000 people they failed to implement a peace deal. but within months of taking office abby met with every trace president 1st summit where they signed
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a historic peace agreement. it was a moment ethiopians and eritreans had been waiting for for decades the critics say there has been little progress since then on key goals such as economic cooperation . they know that our committee also recognized abbey for implementing democratic reforms when jiminy theo peons respect. he did a lot for example releasing prisoners and granting freedom to people. in only one year he has brought so much change hamby is the one who made freedom of speech possible for ethiopians. even outside of ethiopia he has a great vision for all africans he believes in peace democracy and equality he's one of the best leaders for africa right now. abby was praised for mediating in other regional conflicts like here in sudan the committee set the prize was
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intended to encourage these efforts for peace i'm jim ocracy in ethiopia and the region. and prosecutors in germany say the man accused of killing 2 people in eastern germany wednesday has confessed they say the 27 year old german has also admitted to having far right anti semitic motives the city of holiday still in mourning 2 days after a gunman tried and failed to storm a synagogue worshipers marking the jewish day of atonement event killed the woman in front of the building and a man at a nearby kebab shop the attack has shaken other jewish communities in germany and heightened fears over security in dublin has been to visit the jewish community in about 50 kilometers from hala. solidarity with the victims and the jewish community in neighboring deaths how is in mourning including aleksandar some on the community's leader.
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reason. we're all shocked it's awful. many people in our community. and i'm not sure if they will remain active in. the community has long been afraid of violent attacks by right wing extremists the cons thought saw albert on you arrive at work and you just don't know what the situation might be. you're always afraid that someone might be there you know not exactly for me but such things really do happen. this this so the assassination attempt in hull or just the presence of neo nazis in general. hear hear there's always fear amongst the. death threats images of hitler found in their made box this is everyday life for the deaths our community but direct
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attacks and vandalism with swastikas also take place. this is where we have to live with regard to recover we can't change the situation. what could we do. the jewish community and death how is small they have no budget for security measures that's why vesa man sent a letter to sex and the un has ministry of the interior but it refused to give financial support. remove we have to undertake security measures there's no other option so this is good it's about the safety of the schools the security is expensive but our members' lives are more valuable than security measures. if something should happen who would be to blame. after the attack and how the police car was stationed in front of the embedding someone and his colleagues do not know how long it will be that. except for president jacob
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zuma has been told he will face a trial on corruption charges when i can judge that story in detail business africa and i'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site. of the day.


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