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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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up next. has more on the political alcide just sick to be coming to nice years being president i'll be back at the top of the hour you can follow us on twitter at t w news over the details when you talk coming from a great guy but. after
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the fall of 2 berlin. from a night job. this is d.w. news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes a political outside that is set to become 2 news is new president more importantly democracy was also in the mix. and that of all this when in mozambique but big softball warning democracy is under attack. then what is it african time this past weekend so kenya. and bring it cost both smash boundaries and marathons.
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hello i'm kristie want to welcome to the news africa introducing to news is new president say it the 61 year old law professor overwhelmingly won sunday's election the vote was closely watched because it's only the 2nd democratic election since the country's fault the so-called arab spring saeed thanked the country's young people for turning a new page and val to try to build a near to his ear. you know it flowed on the main bull over in. prague hill bedding democracy thousands of sites supporters say breaking the men would they say can keep alive the spirits of the 2011 revolution. young people so they can use their vote to change the system
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several political parties give a lot of money to win the presidency but the people and the young ones who are part of the revolution in 2011 did it again a new revolution this time with a ballot so you. say it is a low profile conservative low professor he campaigned for radical decentralization and pledged to build a democracy that all tunisians including the youth can have a say in. yes because we will face up to all the challenges without blood sweat and that will power especially the economic and the social ones because the chinese ian people expect solutions in this respect. but he will have to work with the parliament where no party has a clear majority the supporters though are hopeful that the independent outsider can convince and succeed. now we need good down south to
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a never election this one in mozambique the ruling party there has never lost a vote since it overthrew portuguese colonial rule 44 years ago but this won't be an easy win for freddie able to. reports. the religious song usually giving things to go but in this campaign version the lyrics have been changed singing the praises of incumbent president felipe in u.c.d. and his freely party president as messiah. and you see. we're voting for president you see on the free my party for the sake of continuity. you see kept his promise. he said every district should have a bank and a hospital and that's exactly what he delivered. he makes everything better i'm going to. 2 sing in the future we can see many projects
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in mozambique. president knows. the men we can shoes is a good president you see is presenting himself as a peacemaker and august he signed a peace agreement with the former rebel group. that was already the peace agreement and once again it is a very fragile one our journey takes us to go on go in central most. this area was devastated by 15 years of civil war which pitted the ruling socialist for a limo party against the opposition was a beacon national resistance or party young people here especially hope that the old conflict over ideologies is now coming to an end soon. if we have peace i will have a better chance to graduate because of the conflict i could not study the economy is down and there is no money being in. prison is again this is
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a much as well the situation appears to be calm and peaceful right here there's still some tensions because not far from here up in the hills this is where some members of the armed opposition are hiding. this is a real now more stronghold of the parties and some resistance fighters are refusing to accept the peace agreement and want to stop the election it was clear to local politician and mr angeleno during the election campaign that the internal conflict could cost in our movie but he's optimistic the party will unite and outrun the free will party i don't wish to. be pushed taking it as a different number wins the elections we will change many things socially economically in all of the areas that affect the mozambican people so that they can finally live freely and happily. leave even that more. inequality is a huge problem here how for almost
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a beacon to live in poverty. the country is only slowly recovering from an economic crisis and president you see his government has recently been plagued by several corruption scandals. the election will be closed and for the 1st time in years and uphill struggle for the ruling for the party. for some more insight into this election i'd like to bring in professor agree and on the whole a political analyst stance based in my porsche welcome to the africa professor here we said that democracy is and a serious attack in what can be quite a you say this democracy it is. the rule of law so when activist particularly. from within the collection are brutally killed. by.
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the possibility to protect lives and target the police when the police is used as a missionary to. clear a democracy it's been attacked because dad it takes the place in a context of a much larger election political violence soon that was the. moment over. violent elections there who are killing over iraq and that's not a relevant. in our attack to the democracy. but there's a lot of people are predicting that the ruling party will win this election would this be good for more than be. for work we are still over 45. i don't think at this point in time.
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curator say that. we will never start really must be you see how a walk in office for good to have seen the damage to corruption. illegal that we need a country to i wouldn't say that iraq has been used for the development of the country that's all right what do you stay healthy off as they stand at the top level you have nearly the been branded unexpected and the effects but then at the crossroads i will there's also some turmoil i think seen in the report what is the state of the opposition. position. which is the former rebel movement and the position privately. and i went to the transition from president elect the way to believe the reason.
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it was not government to have. been led to a dissident group which is in a way she committed. that because regionally attacks. and the new president just you are never it creates. these sort of. difficult generally right from what we have seen in the campaign i think they will . they would perform a look at it. sadly i don't know for that in the portal thank you. ok so kenyans all fost it's official history was made at the chicago marathon on sunday kenyan run a pretty good cause kate crossed the finish line and is now the fastest women on
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this to run a marathon time 2 hours 14 minutes and 4 seconds was more than a minute foster than the record set by british run a point erected back in 2325 year old casey had this year's cheering crowd gave her the energy to run faster. and just a day early a fellow kenyan inuit could chill day became the 1st man in history to run a marathon in under 2 hours clocking one hour 59 and 41 seconds in vienna for him it's not a new record because the time wasn't set in an official race but he's the world record holder anyway so what does he care i'm really feeling the hype here and i can see this through i'm really happy i've. seen you going into been here good going to happen it's good to have done it. until i'm good and i have been talking about relates to my. trying for the 1st time in 2002 and now i have
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a chip on it's not a boat i can be in the hotel in the water and if it's possible when you put in the hot and i'm now joined by the foster and that would be that the money who's drug into syria and i wrote the ok so threats here brit and i'm out of mischief or for this but i mean how people are reacting to this double victory i mean it starts with children brianna if that on saturday. it is absolutely insane and i think that's the best word i can use because not a single english adjective is up to describe the energy that has been going round and i mean it's one thing to be candid and watch it but to be candid and watching the victory or the victory and from kenya was quite something a lot of jubilation and one that euphoria sort of went down it was truly a moment of pause but it makes sense to really think about what your patrol good message was and for him to have come from the country obviously that carries the
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bit a special kind of price but like the rest of the world lots of jubilation here a lot of shock really and excitement excitement and then of course we had a pretty good cause to come to this woman to run a marathon in chicago let's listen to her and then i'll pick up when you needed me i come to run my business i don't depend on. my business so that's why. so it's getting the same attention as. certainly not i mean what could give you something that no human had ever attempted before and so naturally people are still talking about what contributed however there is. quite a lot of celebration for have lost a lot of people think that we need to investigate the sport and make sure that those people who break records come back home to 15 salience who had something like that a more serious conversation but as we said or as you said she was very inspired by
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you keep talking and that's still the scene here in nairobi kenya. money thank you . and that is a news africa as always you can catch the last story on our website facebook page tom it's time. to go. on cool gathers for byron high flying for germany's national t.v. series continues with a minute which could be previously played that's right them plain and clear josh sargent is in the starting blocks ready to go. 60 minutes. in
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a puzzle yourself it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why for i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela. that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. analyzing poverty to fight it more effectively the nobel prize for economics goes to 3 researchers from india europe and the united states will have a closer look at the also coming europeans. a great opportunity for ethiopia to explore explore potential. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program trying to do away with the global poverty is sounds about as easy.


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