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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2019 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a ceasefire in northern syria and what washington calls a breakthrough over turkey's offensive today in a in yet another unexpected turn the u.s. says turkey will suspend military operations against kurdish forces for 5 days and in return ended u.s. will lead to economic sanctions against turkey also coming up. get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy an explosive revelation by a top u.s. official the white house chief of staff admits that donald trump we've held i see
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ukraine to pressure kiev to investigate his democratic rivals. and negotiate is in brussels reach a new brakes in agreement with the u.k. e.u. leaders a given day of placing the deal still needs to get through the british parliament prime minister boris johnson's allies in northern ireland say they will not support it. i'm great thanks for joining me the united states and turkey have agreed to what the u.s. calls a ceasefire in northern syria under the agreement ankara is to pause its offensive for 5 days in exchange for a retreat by kurdish wife page a militia turkey launched its assault on the kurds last week after donald trump announced that we draw. all of u.s. troops from northern syria the u.s.
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had threatened with economic sanctions if it didn't hold the incursion by surprise of the united states mike pence after talks with turkey's leader the us vice president confirmed what up until that moment has been a rumor today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation peace bring. in order to allow for the withdrawal of why p. g. forces from the safe zone. for $120.00 i mean. the americans claims the 5 day cease fire as a diplomatic victory. but it's not clear if the kurdish y.p. team militia will fully abide by the agreement throughout the day there was heavy fighting in the syrian town of ras aligned local humanitarian groups say civilians
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were also pinned in among the fighting the and that it's meant was completely unexpected touches present it added one had previously said he wouldn't agree to a cease fire he's denied removes that might pence threatens tuckey with new sanctions should he fail to support the plan shortly after the vice president tonight it's the cease fire the turkish foreign minister gave the press his government's view of the day's events. do do more of the out of it it's not the end of the operation it's not a ceasefire you can only have a ceasefire between 2 legitimate governments were suspending our operations so the terrorists the targets of our operation can leave the security zone. takesh government also expects the white peachy militia to give up all its weapons and will continue its dialogue with russia. assad's military backed his have moved that forces into position in north in syria in conjunction with syrian troops.
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damascus and moscow so far have shown little willingness to accept techie security . as night fell the fighting in mass on line had almost totally stopped with only a few shots to be heard the wait is on to see how long the ceasefire will must. washington correspondent all of a sound it senses this assessment on what a face a cease fire will have a last minute deal for president trump and what almost turned into a major embarrassment for american foreign policy it was the american withdrawal from syria that made the turkish invasion possible killing civilians driving former kurdish allies into the hands of dictator bashar al assad and causing the relief of hundreds of isis fighters pressure was mounting on the president to find a solution but the ceasefire is above all a maximum victory for turkey all of president wants preconditions were met the
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kurds lose their autonomy and turkey gets a 20 mile safe so defacto all q pyatt corridor while president trump celebrates the agreement as a victory congress keeps pushing for sanctions against turkey the biggest concern is that this could lead to a revival of the islamic state. not to some of the other stories making news around the world today and a fierce gun battle has been raging in mexico civilians find it security services in the capital of sin a low a state home to the notorious drug coghill formally led by the kingpin known as el chapo it's reported that the fighting broke out off to the arrest of one of el chapo sons. protests have erupted in lebanon over the government's plan to impose new taxes during a severe economic crisis in beirut thousands of angry demonstrators tried to storm the government headquarters and blocked roads elsewhere both police and protesters
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have been injured lebanon has suffered from years of instability corruption and mismanagement. and here in germany the trial of a form a nazi concentration camp god has begun the 93 year old is accused of aiding and abetting the militaru of more than $5000.00 jews at the stood gulf camp need get done skim what is now poland the trial is likely to be one of the last legal proceedings of its kind. well a senior white house official has admitted that president donald trump we've held millions of dollars of military id to ukraine over a conspiracy theory involving the 2016 election mick mulvaney said the ag was we've held partly to pressure kiev to investigate allegations about trump's rivals and it being claimed that a computer belonging to the democrats was in ukraine this is been debunked the white house denies any conditions were imposed on the yacht and mulvaney himself
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has since backtracked but let's listen to his comments about trump's decision that he also mentioned to me in past the corruption related to the d.n.c. server absolutely no question about that but that's it and that's why we held up the money. the demand for an investigation into the gross part of the reason you were to withhold funding to look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that is absolutely true but let's dig into this latest development in the trunk. with g.w. will reporter william noah glue cruft william mulvaney mentioned these alleged corruption what's he talking about here right so this we have to remember the mullah report was looking into russia's potential involvement or they found russia's involvement in election fraud and election manipulation in the 2016 presidential election now
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donald trump was very interested in how that how muller's investigation began in the 1st place it's a conspiracy conspiracy theory that has actually no merit no evidence in fact his own national homeland security officials have said this is been debunked that it wasn't russia involved but ukraine involved and not on the side of the republicans but on the side of the democrats that is this conspiracy that has been trying to push and that's what they're trying to that's what he said he was trying to find out about in ukraine which is what this whole thing is now about it's a bit hard to keep up isn't a mole. ne said the aid was partly held up to pressure ukraine he said said the media have got his comments all wrong why have his comments raised eyebrows like this well once again we see the trump administration seemingly dangling a quid pro quo out for everyone to see which of course they backtrack and say there's no quid pro quo the quid pro quo we're talking about here is we we give you military assistance if you help us with our political agenda now the big question here is was this for was this in the name of america's interests or was this in the
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name of donald trump's interest that's what it impeachment investigators impeachment investigators in the u.s. house of representatives are looking at because if this was withholding military assistance to reach some kind of u.s. policy goal that's perfectly legitimate and as mulvaney said that happens all the time in in foreign affairs but if this was being withheld to help donald trump and help his own personal or political interest that is what could be a quid pro quo and what could be an impeachable offense ok what else has happened today in terms of these to impeachment inquiry against donald trump a lot of dominoes are falling we have gordon zombieland the u.s. ambassador to the european union testifying in a closed door a closed door meeting with house investigators and he said that it was donald trump who gave his private attorney rudy giuliani basically. no holds barred sue to pursue a parallel ukraine foreign policy in addition to official u.s. foreign policy and although he had reservations about this and didn't like it went
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along with it and then the other big development is that the u.s. energy secretary rick perry has resigned he's been caught up in this investigation as well it's been rumored for several weeks he might resign if not as i think clear why he chose to resign today but being when he resigns stepping out of the government might actually free room up to be able to speak more freely to investigators ok deal the reporter william noah glued cross thank you very much. britain and the e.u. have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s mean drole from the european union leaders have unanimously backed the agreement here again european council president donald tusk said it would avoid chaos and conflict the agreement still needs to be approved by the british parliament where prime minister barak's johnson has a minority government johnson says he's confident he can persuade lawmakers to back its deal. one step closer to briggs that british prime minister boris johnson was
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in a boy into mood thanks to the new deal on the table this is a great deal for our country for the u.k. i also believe it's a very good deal for offerings in the e.u. and what it means is that we in the u.k. can come out of the e.u. as one united kingdom england scotland wales you'll doll and together the fine print of the deal was approved by the e.u.'s chief bricks to go sheeter mission had been year guaranteeing no hard border on ira's sorel had been the main sticking point but he said they'd found a workable solution for northern ireland which is part of the u.k. norseman island will remain and i and to a limited set of e.u. rules should not every related to goods this means northern ireland will remain in the u.k. customs area no hard border on the island of ireland but you can customs checks at
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british ports on shipments entering northern ireland and for goods that might end up in the e.u. single market you terrorists will be applied. with the european leaders agreeing to back the deal now it's up to the british parliament to give its approval but the deal faces resistance here we believe it is not in the interests of northern ireland either economically and i've explained all of that around a border essentially for not just regulations but for goods we have different rules and we have no effect of consent over any of those really so all of that taken on the right means that we cannot support the state what happens if the british parliament doesn't back this deal back in brussels e.u. commission chief didn't have a clear answer to that question i hope between something visit because i know you test it has to be just when you were there would be no kroger's. the german chancellor was hopeful it would pass on this also. we didn't negotiate this
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deal for it to be voted down boris johnson told us he will do everything to get a majority and if that doesn't happen then we'll have to see the end of it. boris johnson said he would not meet the same fate as his predecessor theresa may who repeatedly failed to get a break the deal approved he has now cleared an important hurdle put the divorce is still far from done. well earlier we spoke with correspondent becket mass and we asked her if boris johnson had to give in to make this deal work he did have to give in when it comes to know all the nolen and this is exactly why would why you will have a hard time and getting this deal through parliament the northern irish party the do you people who's an ally of boris johnson they still think that northern island will be treated differently from the rest of the u.k. and this is what they not want they are a unionist party they want to stay as close the lines as possible to the rest of
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the u.k. and effectively there will be some changes and they fear that northern ireland will in the long run be drawn more towards the european union that do elations the business relations will become stronger with the european union and they would drift away from the rest of the u.k. so this is why they're objecting to it and this is where because johnson had to give in had to make concessions and this is why you will have difficulties getting in through. well don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the guardian just download our out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w.i. to send us photos and videos. you're watching news live from up next tuesday business with christiane that's in
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a few minutes you can go to twitter at g.w. news all. from all i'm worried about. after the fall of the berlin november 9th g.w. . i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard to.


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