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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2019 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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come strong. this is d.w. news live from berlin another break that extension is on the table u.k. prime minister boris johnson was compelled to write to the e.u. asking for a delay he also wrote a separate letter saying he doesn't want one this comes after the u.k. parliament voted to put off ratifying his brakes a deal also coming up thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators take to the streets
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of hong kong for an unauthorized rally just find a police van and undeterred by attacks on prominent activists. and after nearly a week of rest in barcelona our reporter on the ground takes a look at how the cattle on independence movement is using new technology to organize itself. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us. the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson says he's determined that the u.k. will still leave the european union by october 31st that's despite a letter he was forced to send brussels asking for a delay which he sent without his signature and johnson was required by law to ask for the delay after parliament voted to postpone ratifying his brakes
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a deal the prime minister also sent a 2nd letter to the e.u. which he did sign saying he was against a delay. mixed messages from british prime minister boris johnson one letter to council president donald tusk requesting a bracks extension but left unsigned. and another letter to tusk arguing against such a delay this time bearing the u.k. prime minister's signature. 6000 side parliament demonstrators cheer as british lawmakers voted to delay the approval of the braggs a deal forcing johnson to send a request to the e.u. hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of london calling for a 2nd referendum. but johnson had initially said he would not request a delay despite the vote that i will not negotiate a delay with the e.u.
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. neither does the law compel me to do so i will tell all friends and colleagues in the e.u. exactly what i have told everyone in the last 88 days that i have served as prime minister but for the 2 they would be bad for this country. they were paid. for democracy but legal experts and opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn said johnson was legally bound to day is a historic day for parliament because it said it will not be blackmailed by a prime minister who is a. prepared once again to defy a law passed by this problem and i invite him to think very carefully about the remarks he just made about refusing apparently to apply for the extension which the e.u. number 2 act requires him to do. e.u. leaders have made it clear they do not want an extension on those who are you going
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to leave because the only issue if we have to do we have to deal with there is no need for. the region which is my view just. now the prime minister is seeking advice as to how he can get back to done by the end of the month but northern ireland's influential democratic unionist party is still unconvinced over the deal and members have said they will consider all previous amendments which includes one backing a 2nd referendum the prospects of which would further break the mood among the throng still clinging to their european dream. barbara faisal is in london and she's been following all the latest brazen twists and turns for us hello to you barbara so 2 letters contradicting one another what does boris johnson hope to achieve by sending these. he is absolutely trying to sort of keep his word on both sides of the divide so to say if we listen carefully to what we
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just say when he said he would not negotiate a deal with the e.u. he was very careful there because there is nothing to negotiate he just simply has to as he did that but now the lawyer was will have to think about what it means is somebody who babies the letter awful law but defines the spirit of the law legally you call that acting in bad face and there will certainly be another struggle about whether this was good enough on the other hand he even sent a 3rd letter to the european union as saying that this 1st letter asking for an extension was just sent. parliament the unsigned right now the speaker could sign it all this is just a lot of formality around the essential battle of the horror of this struggle which is who is going to have court troll of to brag sucrose is parliament wants to take back control managing the next steps the government wants to do likewise we
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don't know yet true is going to be victorious in this all right and yet johnson keeps saying he's determined to make it happen as he agreed by the 31st of october but is he going to be able to get his deal passed without an extension. it is still possible because we have all of next week and we have learned a week can be a very long time in british politics particularly in bricks of politics so what will happen is he might have another go on monday and bringing his bill back but the speaker might not a lot of that but on tuesday then certainly the breaks it was drawled bill that is the legal sort of ackman the implementation off the treaty was the e.u. will be on the table and then the opposition and the rebel army will try to attach further amendments oblige the government to stay with the softer breaks it maybe
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even table in amendment for a 2nd referendum but that is unclear there doesn't seem to be a majority for that anyway this is still all very fluid but boris johnson still has a chance to push this through before the end of the month because at the moment if we look at it he seems to have the numbers for it. barbara faisal reporting for us from london thank you. all right let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world. 3 people have died during protests in chile against public transport fare hikes president sebastian pinera announced the price increases would be suspended following days the violent protests the unrest has been chile's worst in decades. u.s. president donald trump has abandoned a plan to hold the next g. 7 summit at a golf resort he owns in florida critics have accused trump of misusing his office to personally profit from staging the taxpayer funded gathering. australian airline
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quantas has completed the longest ever nonstop commercial passenger flight the boeing 787 dreamliner took off from new york with 49 passengers and crew on board 19 hours and 16 minutes later it touched down in sydney it was part of a test to assess how alter long haul flights affect passenger jet lag and crew fatigue. to hong kong now where protesters are defining police and recent attacks on pro-democracy activists to attend an unauthorized march police say anyone attending risks arrest protesters have set fire to barricades and tear gas and water cannon have been fired by police demonstrators are pushing for more democratic freedom in the semi autonomous chinese territory tensions are high after a prominent rally organizer and an activist handing out flyers were brutally
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attacked earlier this week. for the latest from hong kong we're joined by correspondent charlotte charles impel who's on the line from the city charlotte describe to us what is happening right now where you are. mary and really are running high here and i'm not sure i watched that trait that. we're from where we are to the front lines the questions that have been taking place. for a catch this really the big wheel but it. is going to be here it's already been any fine day date but a very quick clear from the 3 hours that was the case here at. the protect people from the. 6 6 6 heat the right that leaving behind. protesters on the front line to carry on the farm.
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boy very. very fair filled with that guy would create the. was a very potent chemical which. 2 2 wants them to the tear gas. being fired 6 6 6. timing is a very fine and. we seem to be having a bit of trouble with the audio but if you can hear me can you remind us about what happened a few days ago when the pro-democracy activists here in hong kong were attacked have those events impacted the intensity of today's protest. activities the images to this time has gone. viral one of the spigots cool people and. one of the things that was attacked as
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you mentioned was jimmy jam now he's the being the civil to my front that people bit which many organize this protest before it was granted commissioned by police he was attacked by a group of the site is yet another way that he was hit in the head. at night and is said to be in a stable condition but that shot many people it was the 2nd time he's been attacked the protests began but this was particularly brutal and then last night. he was. given handing out leaflets with very recently just on social media is that one man in custody back to the. all right he doesn't he is charlotte chiles until bringing us up to date on the developments in hong kong we appreciate your reporting. now spain's prime minister has rejected a call for dialogue from the catalan regional leader saying he must 1st condemn any
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violent protests thousands of pro independence activists gathered in barcelona for a 6th consecutive night despite some violent clashes saturday night it was much calmer than friday which solve violent rioting and widespread unrest the demonstrations started after spain supreme court handed down long prison sentences to 9 catalan separatist leaders last monday. well our correspondent helen humphrey is in barcelona covering events there she sent us this report on how the pro independence catalan movement has been organizing itself with the help of new technology. the streets of central barcelona strewn with debris after days of violent unrest locals are left to survey the damage like many here myra says she wants independence for catalonia not at any cost.
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there were thousands and thousands of people that i've never seen and that's 3 it really is i think of people all over. i was not identified i mean the bend them and i was not identified with that was that kind of people that i was seeing on the street. actually and zena has worked with the pro independence council a national assembly in the past and he's helped organize the peaceful demonstrations during the day he says many frustrated protest is feel they haven't been hurt. the message that the europe has been sending to catalans is that they've been cheering for a violent demonstrations such as in hong kong so they didn't really care whether demonstrations were violent or nonviolent so apparently there's a said there's a part of the prime dependent movement that has decided that it's more efficient to start
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a resorting to different ways of mobilization. there's another similarity to the movement in hong kong the use of the encrypted messaging telegram to organize acts of civil disobedience political science professor and recruit han has been researching how a new secretive group who democratic tsunami has been using the app to share instructions with protesters. what's why neal about dylan i mean is that for the 1st time you're going join up but at this door do gun joy not turn without letting were there to know your phone so from the point of view of that idea that out there gee it's really good because this state is it's not they will always following their lead on lockdown wheezing boil which also means protest is never know who they're receiving instructions from the movement has no clear figureheads. with knowing separatist leaders now behind bars the independence movement finds itself
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largely rudderless with few visible faces to tell angry demonstrators what's acceptable and what's not. that means the violence and destruction on the streets of boston or over the past week could worsen. and that's the latest from d.w. news stay tuned for the bundesliga show with chris harrington coming up next i'll be taking a look at all the topics soccer action from saturday america ever stand thanks for watching. the. sitting rooms are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslim and christian population. areas strangers occupied the city center 17 president to churches.


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