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and i work at the just. get out of. this is d.w. news live from berlin protesters in hong kong defy a band to make their voices heard thousands of demonstrators take to the streets for an unauthorized rally undeterred by recent violent attacks on pro-democracy activists also coming up. and other bricks that extension is on the table british prime minister barak's johnson writes to the e.u. asking for him to lay even though he doesn't want one this comes after the u.k.
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parliament voted to put on to ratify his brakes a deal. and travel halfway around the world on just one aircraft and airline makes history setting a new record for the longest nonstop commercial flight. i'm rebecca root is welcome to the program protesters in hong kong are defying police and recent attacks on pro-democracy activists to attend an authorized march police say anyone attending risks arrest protesters have set fire to barricades and tear gas and water cannon have been fired by police demonstrators a pushing for more democratic freedom in the semi autonomous chinese territory tensions are high after a prominent rally organizer and activist handle handing out flyers were brutally attacked earlier this week. over the late has we're joined by day to be
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a correspondent charlotte shell some pill who's in hong kong charlotte tell us what's happening there at the moment. rebecca hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people have been fact on the streets today is really turning into another violent evening we've seen on a news very liberally on the streets with that said blue dye which is so often used here in hong kong designed to stain and mock anybody who is hit sit in a tent to try and identify the parts arrest them later and then of course tear gas as well round after round of tear gas canisters have been fired at protesters now this protest did begin very peacefully we had people of all ages on the streets but then as is the patterson at these protests police moved in cleared the protesters out because after all this is an unauthorized protest left behind the young people
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mainly who are on the front lines who've been engaged in these clashes with police we what we've really seen in the last few hours is that a cat and mouse game between the police and protesters is one follows another to various different locations and just remind us about what happened this week some pro-democracy pro-democracy activists were attacked has that impacted the focus of today's protest. well there are a number of things that really fueling the anger here in this particular process when it was all going to rise it was. under the label fight against the faceless ban which has been introduced by the government but since those 2 attacks which took place earlier this week that really has fueled the anger and among people here those images gruesome images of the 2 attacks have gone viral here on social media is on the everybody's been talking about including pro-democracy goal makers now one of those people who were with attacks was the convener of the civil human rights front that is the organization that regionally planned this rally before it
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was called off by police say the very high profile figure here in hong kong he was attacked with ham is very brutal images that he was hit on the head he is still in hospital he said to be in that it is stable condition at the moment and then last night another protest a stamp to including a in the stomach gruesome images of that one person has been arrested suspected of carrying out that attack you shalen chosen people in hong kong thanks very much for the update. let's turn now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world 3 people have died during protests in chile against public transport fare hikes president sebastian pinera announced the price increases will be suspended following days of violent protests the unrest has been chile's worst in decades. more than $60000.00 passengers a german airports are facing delays and cancellations after cabin crew extended a strike the walkout was called over pay and legal status of the union.
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u.s. president donald trump has abandoned a plan to hold the next g. 7 summit a goal for zork he owns in florida critics accuse trump of misusing his office to personally profit from staging the taxpayer funded gathering. and day off the wants being what was being hailed as super saturday in the british. i meant it looks like another breaks an extension could be on the table u.k. lawmakers voted to postpone ratifying a deal struck between prime minister barak's johnson and the e.u. just a few days ago jumps and then sent a series of contradictory letters to brussels the 1st asking for breaks at delay followed by a later text reaffirming his determination for the u.k. to leave the e.u. by the end of october. mixed messages from british prime minister boris johnson one letter to council president donald tusk requesting a bracks extension but left unsigned. and another letter to tuscon arguing against
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such a delay this time bearing the u.k. prime minister's signature. 6000 side parliament demonstrators cheered as british lawmakers voted to delay the approval of the braggs a deal forcing johnson to send a request to the e.u. hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of london calling for a 2nd referendum. johnson repeatedly said he would not ask for a delay post vote she remained defiant i will not negotiate a delay with yet. neither does the law compel me to do so i will tell our friends and colleagues in the e.u. exactly what i've told everyone in the last 88 days that i've served as prime minister but. they would be bad for this country. and bad for democracy but legal experts and opposition labor party leader jeremy
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corbyn said johnson was legally bound to day is a historic day for parliament because it said it will not be blackmailed by a prime minister who is apparently prepared once again to defy a law passed by this parliament i invited him to think very carefully about the remarks he just made about refusing apparently to apply for the extension which the e.u. number 2 act requires him to do. no matter how the response the prime minister says he's determined to get back to town by the end of the month in the arctic said northern ireland's influential democratic unionist party is still unconvinced over the deal brokered by johnson for. and members have said they'll now consider all previous amendments which includes one backing a 2nd referendum on the prospects of which could further brighten the mood among the throngs still clinging to their european dream. date of unease barber of
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a zillah's covering the story for us in london earlier i spoke to her and asked her what boris johnson is hoping to achieve by sending these 3 contradictory letters to the. 1st johnson of course is trying to scam for the attention of parliament to slow down the whole bricks of process and to force him into more obligations and more promise is put down on paper to for instance keep the safeguard workers' rights environmental and consumer rights off the bricks it because this is basically about a true total breakdown of trust because between the opposition and some of the rebel army off this parliament here and on the other hand the government the opposition really doesn't trust for a subsidy as far as they can throw him they don't believe a word he says and they still are very suspicious off his intentions they fear that he might yet somehow manage to sort of creche out britain without
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a deal if not now at the end of october then next year at the end of the interim spirit when this deal was the e.u. runs out so there is just basic problem involvement is trying to sort of rule us back control from johnson and at least steer the managing of the brakes it was their own hands. you know these bob are available for us in london spain's prime minister has rejected a call for dialogue from the cattle and regional leaders saying he must 1st condemn any violent protests thousands of pro independent act pro independence activists gathered in barcelona for a 6th consecutive night despite some violent clashes saturday night was much calmer than friday which saw widespread on wrist demonstrations started after spain's supreme court handed down long prison sentences to 9 cattle and separatist leaders last monday. our correspondent helen humphreys in barcelona
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covering the events there and she sent us this report on how the pro independence catalan movement has been organizing itself with the help of new technology. the streets of central boss alone are strewn with debris after days of violent unrest locals are left to survey the damage like many here myra says she wants independence for catalonia not at any cost. there were thousands and thousands of people that i've never seen in that street really radical people all cover. i was not identified i mean the bend them and i was not identified with that was that kind of people that i was seeing on the street. had to be as dina has worked with the pro independence council and national assembly in the past and he's helped organize the peaceful demonstrations during the day he says many frustrated protest is feel they haven't been hurt. the
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message that the europe has been sending to catalans is that they've been cheering up for a violent demonstrations such as in hong kong so they didn't really care whether demonstrations where violent or nonviolent so apparently there's a said there's a part of the prime dependent movement that has decided that it's more efficient to start resorting to different ways of mobilization there's another similarity to the movement in hong kong the use of the encrypted messaging at telegram to organize acts of civil disobedience political science professor and recruit hunt has been researching how a new secretive group who democratic tsunami has been using the app to share instructions with protest is. what's quite near 0 about the enemy is that for the 1st time you're going join up but all this or you can join one town without letting where their lives know your phone number so from the point of view of strategy it's
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really good because this state is not be able to know who is following that telegram account. wheezing boil which also means protest is never know who they're receiving instructions from and the movement has no clear figureheads. with 9 separatist leaders now behind bars the independence movement finds itself notchy rudderless with few visible faces to tell angry demonstrators what's acceptable and what's not. that means the violence and destruction on the streets of boston or over the past week could worsen. a strain in airline quantas has made aviation history setting a new record for the longest nonstop commercial flight the journey from new york to sydney was part of a series of test flights to help the airline launch new ultra long haul routes to give the planes sufficient fuel range aircraft took off with a full tank a restricted baggage load and just $49.00 people on board. before the already very
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soft. cup i want to cross place the last touchdown in sydney off to 19 hours and 16 minutes in. completing the longest commercial passenger flight to date and its journey home off way around the globe the quantize boeing 787 dreamliner covered 16200 kilometers. the test flight with 49 passengers and crew on board was conducted to see how ultra long haul and travel can affect pilots crew and passengers. after taking off for new york the crew kept on the company wants to reduce jet lag instead of dimming them as is normally done on a night flight of feeling wonderful because i've followed the passengers of the advice to the passengers which was to immediately go on to sydney at the moment we stepped on the plane in new york we did special exercises in the cabin crew fix
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assizes to refresh and revive the passengers we had special hydration advice. on the picture. the flight was the 1st. step 2 it's quantas goal of operating nonstop flights connecting sydney with new york and london which would save passengers up to 4 hours of travel time so we need to show that this can be done safely the company don't air with with the rest that we have for the pros we believe that this that the this information will help us get there to more research flights a planned and if you're wondering about the ultra long haul flights carbon footprint qantas hasn't given any specifics but said that all carbon emissions from the flight will be offset. you know wanting data over the news coming out next is our borders lake a program by in munich had the chance to take over 1st place on saturday as long as
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a bait struggling for host chris harrington show you how they fared in bringing all highlights from saturday's games in just a few moments on the bundesliga and i'm rebecca it is don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our website that's the date of money dot com thanks for watching. william had to be done to go soccer's world audience hi you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip but you know i would not have put myself and my parents danger to the bottom
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of the duma to put a beautifully the a. mother and son.


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