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this is t w news live from berlin tonight the future of northern syria germany says it may just have a plan in an exclusive interview germany's defense minister calls for an international presence in a safe zone between turkey and kurdish forces and she tells you w. news that sooner or later those turkish troops in syria will have to go home also coming up the people want more lebanon's government approved sweeping reforms to meet the demands of anti all spirity protesters but the demonstrations today showed
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no signs of stopping plus the tiger let out of his cage legendary golfer tiger woods returns after his 5th round in the surgery and now he's determined to win a limb pick go. i'm burnt off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight germany's defense ministers proposing a plan for the future of northern syria it calls for an internationally patrolled security zone in syria along the border with turkey now this is similar to what turkey says it hopes to achieve with its own military operation but there's a big difference this is own would be under international control and not under the direction of turkey in an exclusive interview with g w news on the great crumb who is seen as
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a possible successor to german chancellor angela merkel she says that she has discussed this idea with merkel and that she's put it to germany's western allies here's part of that interview. my unflushed luck is this via internet my recommendation is that we establish an internationally controlled security zone in cooperation with turkey and russia. and this security zone would seek to resume the fight against terror and against isis which has currently come to a standstill it would also ensure that we stabilize the region so that rebuilding civilian life is once again possible and so that those who have fled can also return voluntarily. could. i want to bring in the w.'s chief political editor of the killer cliff there she
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conducted that interview with the german defense minister because what exactly is a k.-k. what is she hoping to achieve with this proposal well she wants to change the debate she wants to bring the european union out of the defensive from the sidelines as she is self just watching what is president and vladimir putin of russia potentially will map out when they meet on tuesday because that one said he would decide what to do after that well now there's a new factor here this potentially and i think i stress potentially a european proposal on the table saying yes we're looking internationally administered a safe zone that could possibly have troops or forces from the european union and russia how realistic is that well nobody talks about russian forces coordination they want to bring on. a once a bring on board russia and turkey whatever that means in the end when you're
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talking about e.u. forces there's no such thing as a european union i mean this is a very long debate. and i did try and press the german defense minister whether that could potentially mean german boots on the ground to military commitment let's just listen to what she said the fog of. how germany handles this politically and more than anything what this could mean for our armed forces is a question that must be decided by the winter stock was so that's the standard out so that from politicians the parliamentary army everything has to be it has to go through the bonus talk but she did cite the example of iraq would does reconnaissance flights and training so that sounds a lot more soft touch than what she said 1st i mean. still the question does it mean should the german army join this operation. well this is the question she successfully ducked by saying that she acts upon the request of the german
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parliament this is something that has hampered germany in also in nato but in all kinds of alliances so quite clearly this is somebody who wants to kick start a debate also here in germany i think there's a very large proportion of playing this to a domestic oil field or despite being a very international question we can also listen to islam but that we have on that . as a system of this is 1st of all a proposal i'm making his party leader and as defense minister i know it's a proposal that is supported by many defense and foreign policy experts in my party . before going public with this recommendation i informed the chancellor and this will definitely be discussed within the government but we can't simply talk about europe needing to be more than a bystander we must come up with our own proposals to catalyze discussion. and. so this announcement was made not by the chancellor but by germany's defense
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minister should we read anything out of this absolutely not this is the woman who wants to succeed. as the next chancellor i think this is yet another sign that we are much closer to a potential collapse of the so-called grand coalition with the social democrats because i don't see any chance of the social democrats going for this proposal this would mean potentially more engagement she has trouble getting through that 2 percent spending go for nato in the 1st place so clearly this is her stepping out of the shadow of you know trying to her popularity numbers are not that good to her is that another reason why she's being so present with this proposal she said she doesn't have a lot to lose and the popularity is pretty low also she's being attacked from within her own party appealing to the party not to do the kind of infighting that's destroying the social democrats has not succeeded so far so this in the attempt to
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lay down the law to show that she can play tough and that she can do german chancellor right now if you know there's always you go thank you. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has handed back his mandate to form the next government he told israel's president that he has failed to get enough lawmakers to join him in a coalition the president has now asked that. yahoo's wyvil begun to try to form a new government believe he is a president if a morale us is coming under fire for delays in announcing the results of sunday's presidential election arouse his main political opponent is accusing him of trickery to avoid a 2nd round runoff washington has also expressed concern calling on bolivia to act immediately to ensure transparency in the vote. in northern ireland the walls restricting abortion and banning same sex marriage are due to change at midnight local time tonight
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a last ditch attempt by conservative politicians to block the legislation failed the changes to northern ireland's laws were set in motion by an intervention from the british government in london. thailand's king has stripped his junior wife of her titles in military ranks just 3 months after giving them to the king has accused her of disloyalty in seeking to undermine the position of his senior wife queen. or 2 nights a world of protests from lebanon to chile demonstrators are out on the streets and they're all for similar reasons in beirut the prime minister has told people that a new package of reforms is on the way to ease the country's economic crisis the move follows 5 straight days of protests against new taxes and corruption and it is the biggest wave of dissent that lebanon has seen in years. monday marks the 5th
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day of demonstrations in beirut and as night begins no end is insight. in the morning lebanon's government herit lee agreed a package of sweeping reforms trying to calm the tensions and promising to end banking secrecy from politicians and cut ministers salaries in half. well isn't that if you have to know your voices being heard and definitely elections. something that you want in order to make sure that your voice is being heard and i said hariri will personally support you in this. prime minister saad hariri ones to peace both the protesters thousands of which marched the streets again today and middle eastern creditors and west and honest who've added their voices to the protests expressing concerns about corruption lebanon is one of the most indebted countries in the world and this religiously diverse nation standing united in its condemnation of high unemployment poor public services and corruption.
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they are trying to fool us it is enough let them leave us alone we need a new life but. if we don't you know nothing and we should stay here in order to accomplish all our goals we should not listen to what this regime is promising us as it never implements his promises we need to see action in order to decide what our next steps will be not a kind of an anomalous from the reform package was meant to calm the situation but protesters said it does not go far enough. and from the middle east to south america chile is reeling after 3 days of deadly protests and looting in the capital santiago at least 11 people would die more than $1500.00 have been arrested the unrest was sparked by a plan to try in the cost of metro tickets that has now been canceled but protesters have bigger concerns about persistent inequality despite economic
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progress and more than $10000.00 soldiers and police officers have been deployed in santiago to keep the peace. another day of protests in chile. thousands have taken to the streets once again in santiago and valparaiso. the military used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowds of demonstrators president sebastian. sent in the troops to maintain order after a weekend of chaos in several cities. there were deaths amid violent clashes arson attacks and looting. the cause was a planned hike in public transport fares angry rioters set this garment factory on fire on sunday 5 people died here the president declared a state of emergency. we are at war with a powerful relentless enemy that the respects nothing for anyone and is willing to
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use violence and crime without any limits. even when it involves the loss of human lives. many residents of santiago tried to get back to normal life the city's metro reopened. as did a small number of supermarkets where people waited in long lines to be let in. motorists also faced long waits to fill up. thank you it's a bit of a quiet morning compared to the previous days at least after everything i hear during the night it looks calm now i imagine it will be worse to be honest. but total calm seems a long way off with the protests showing no signs of letting up. you're watching the w. news from berlin still to come are you a star gazer want to see some real stardust past exposed to earth very soon we'll stay tuned we will tell you where to work. our back on the
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ground in the u.k. there is another twist on that long road to bragg hit the house of commons speaker john bercow today refused to allow a vote on prime minister boris johnson's bragg's withdrawal agreement bercow said that the government's argument for having another vote was simply not persuasive enough as it was too similar to the motion before the house that we saw this past saturday is part of what the speaker said today's mission is in substance the same assess today's mission and the house has decided that matter today circumstances already in substance the same a saturday circumstances my ruling is therefore that the motion will not be dipping today as he would be repetitive and disorderly to do so. and was house of commons speaker john bercow there our one in correspondence with
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lots of points tells us more about how the decision is reverberating beyond westminster. well the government of cause this furious this is i think is 90 feet johnson's 90 feet in palm and in a very short period of time and the conservatives saying that they have very upset about yet another delay about this extension they say we end up in limbo we can't make the deadline i was just talking to a hotline and she was saying that there might be not any any other way out than a general election but of course the opposition labor party for example is quite happy with that extension and with how things are going for them very see a radically the deal could still be ratified by palm and ends by the e.u. parliament in time to make that breaks a deadline on october 31st but in reality it seems very very unlikely this deal would be scrutinized in the house of parliament and we'll probably see that the jackson saga drags on and that we will head into an extension that was the double
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usual approach their reporting from the politics of a different voting has begun in canada's national election it is expected to be a nail biter for prime minister justin trudeau brought his family along with him today as he cast his ballot his reelection campaign that has been hobbled by allegations of racism and ethics violations recent polls showed trudeau's liberals in a virtual dead heat with the conservatives and there could be good news for smaller port we have a look at the problems facing the incumbent prime minister. in the lead up to kind of this elections it's been all but a smooth ride for prime minister justin trudeau his approval ratings drop to almost record lows and his liberal party is engaged in the neck and neck race with the conservatives both are polling around 30 percent. despite
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a strong economy and low unemployment trudeau is popularity dipped after a series of scandals like this old photo of trudeau wearing blackface for his violation of conflict of interest rules. during the last weeks of campaigning to do is been trying to make up for his missteps often attacking his main opponent the conservative party here's the question you have to ask yourself do you want 53000000000 dollars worth of conservative cuts or do you want a progressive government that will continue investing in families and investing in communities that's the choice it's that simple and it's that important. but true those attacks aren't the only worry of conservative leader andrew scheer he is also quite unpopular according to the polls in one of the closest races in recent years most of the conservatives and the liberals may not win a big enough majority to govern alone. this is where
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jack singh leader of the left leaning new democratic party could come into play with approval ratings soaring forest party saying could become the kingmaker of canada's election as a prospective partner in a liberal minority government. let's bring in correspondent. joins us now from downtown ottawa good afternoon to you so we just saw the prime minister there casting his ballot earlier today how was voting going so far today. hi brant well i mean because of the enormity of canada of course stretching across different time zones the way they set it up here is that basically every province permits its citizens to vote for 12 hours so what happens is they tried to sort of wrap it all up more or less around the same time with newfoundland over on the atlantic east opening the polling and then british columbia over in the pacific
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closing at 9 normally the the result is almost decided in the largest province particularly in the toronto area in ontario but this and the action is so tight as we've seen in that report and analysts here are saying that it could come down to a few electoral districts called writings here in canada in british columbia so it's going to be a real nail biter of an evening a close race but some are calling this indecision 2019 why or do you think canadians are having such a hard time making up their mind. well the 1st thing that really struck me is that many people have been asking exactly what this election is all about is it a referendum in the some sort of way of justin trudeau and the liberal party who have been embroiled in several scandals and also have ever seen of criticism from that particularly those who were hoping more environmental measures would be in place let's not forget that just in trudeau's liberals accepted or permitted and
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oil pipeline in the country's west to be built which has really not gone down very well amongst those hoping for a more sort of environmental program from him but it just seems that the smaller parties have struck a chord and in particular amongst younger voters and the n.d.p. have really done a great campaign online with regards to their presence for younger voters and that seems to have struck a chord as have decree as have the greens as well but what's interesting is just across the water and come back. which is a come back and nationalist party have also seen great gains in their support so could be very interesting to see who supports who in a what looks like a minority government either for the liberals or for the conservatives what about the small party the new democratic party some people are saying that this party could be the kingmaker why. you're absolutely right because they've seen
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a real support increase particularly from younger voters who are feeling a little bit jaded and disappointed with the liberals and the conservatives and their their leader judgment seeing seems to be someone who strikes a chord he really you know someone quite charismatic is quite young and he has given a message of hope to people which as you know created some sort of momentum in his party but it's not just his party it's also like i said the greens who seem to have also who could protect potentially be gaining a lot of support but like i said it's going to be a tight race until all the clothes all the polls close we really won't have a clue all right our very own public polling on election watch in ottawa canada for us tonight public thank you a group of leading drug companies in the united states has agreed to a last minute settlement just before the 1st federal trial over the opioid crisis was due to start the $260000000.00 settlement resolves lawsuits brought by 2 ohio
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counties against the companies but thousands more are still pending more than 400000 people in the united states have died from opioid overdoses millions are addicted alexander phenomena reports take it out the box hold your thumb on the bottom of the plunger and press one time and whichever nostril you prefer they are learning how to use narcan and they both pray that can help reverse an opioid overdose 1st responders a social worker especially members one people on the front lines of america's crisis the health the problem and recommends the training to anyone working with the public or were trying to target the mandate community to get them nor can and i know for sure for a fact we have saved several lives just putting this in the hands of those who need it. brian overly completed the training but he tells me he never expected to needed
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here and his library he did when a visitor with symptoms of an overdose was discovered in the restroom the librarian used narcan to save his life we've never had anyone cross this one before we've had to call the ambulance as before we call the police sometimes but we've never had anyone fully pass out like this so it is perhaps more telling of the. epidemic as a whole. that it is now becoming. visible. maryland ranks among the top 5 states in the u.s. in related overdose deaths it has seen a nearly 300 percent increase since 2010 they all sorties believe pharmaceutical companies have been fueling the crisis maryland's attorney general has filed charges against purdue pharma accusing the company of engaging in the sept of trade
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practices to sell highly addictive painkillers such as oxycontin they knew what to do properly and the fact is that many people became addicted to heroin because they couldn't afford oxycontin they became addicted to turn opioid medications and switched to her own because it was cheaper maryland is just one example for how america is struggling with the epidemic cities and counties across the united states have filed thousands of lawsuits over the crisis targeting every facet of the health care industry from drug makers to pharmacists to individual doctors they want to industry to pay up to recoup the costs borne by communities grappling with widespread addiction. communities like this one in maryland where they're desperately need help to fight the epidemic but they also want to pharma industry to admit their wrong doing and stop it. well stargazers are in for
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a special treat tonight one of the most beautiful meteor showers in recent memory is about to peak all you have to do is look up and you might be able to see up to 20 media were zooming through the skies each hour traveling at a speed of 66 kilometers per 2nd 100 kilometers above our heads now if the weather permits that is here's when and where to see nature's fireworks at their best. every october the earth passes through a cloud of space rocks the fragments are remnants of the famous halley's comet which is visible from earth only once every 75 years on its journey through a solar system the comet leaves behind a trail of fine dust the fragments measure only a few millimeters in size but when they enter the earth's atmosphere they burn creating a long bright tail. the best time to spot me or is before dawn the human conditions
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are best in a wide open space in the countryside where there's no pollution by artificial light after half an hour your eyes will have adapted and you'll be able to see the media as the impressive celestial event is visible in both the northern and the southern hemisphere. all right now he's got his eyes on the ball off great tiger woods he's returned to action after 2 months away because of need surgery the injury prone athlete proving he is fit enough at a charity event in japan his pain free return means that tiger is now raring to go as he bids for a 16th major title next year and a 1st olympic gold in a year he's mosses troy rounded off one of the greatest comebacks in sports. now off to a 5th reconstructive knee surgery tiger has
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a long road ahead of him once again he's got the 2020 olympics in his sights he will meet to be on top for the games if he's to take a place on the podium. i did not play well at the beginning i had a lot of bad shots and did not feel well and. once i got in the flow of p.t. and feel the the round and. it's got exciting you know we were. competitive the banter was great the back and forth. what are the holes a number 41 i had the wrong green and then. i had between degrees tell you what it looked kind of like i i kind of didn't know what i was doing tell us still came in a respectable 2nd charity event on monday he returns to the p.g.a. tour later this week now how about this special place for a round of golf take a look with mount everest in the background golfers in
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a paul they are taking advantage of the himalayan scenery on what you have to say is the most spectacular course on the planet there is only real one real way to get to the course and that's by helicopter if your wallet is big enough it's thought to be the 1st golf tournament ever played at an altitude of 4000 meters authors want to have good long. all right after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that will be right the.
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luxury of the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production but who is monitoring the some contractors and investigative documentary goes to cali
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and china and looks behind the glamorous facades of fashion houses luxury beyond the murray starts nov 5th on d w. 2 fronts here and tony and here's a scene he just sits opposite as i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trauma and that's. when i was 8 france is a germany was split into. and remained a virgin for decades. if not enough when your mother was born in 1969 the wall was already 8 years and. my grandchildren who were born after the war felt born in a dream tried to come to from time to time with great joy. 3 generations of one family on a journey through recent german history. and this.
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news has found its still peaceful and every name some for your sinks my grandchildren. the berlin wall. and starts to limber 6th on t.w. . what do metro tickets in santiago and what's app voice calls in beirut suddenly have in common they can quickly become weapons when the state needs more money and weapons of an angry public that says enough is enough on opposite ends of the world in chile and in lebanon on calls for revolution and for politicians to come clean tonight the high cost of living that may now come with a political price too high to pay i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day.


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