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our family. starts nov 6th on d w. this is really news live from berlin polls have just closed in the 3 in just state election in eastern germany germany's far right if the party is hoping to make significant gains at the expense of anger americans c.d.u. the 1st exit polls are expected very soon we'll have team coverage of the election's outcome and what it means for the country at large also coming up. the world's most wanted terrorist has died during a u.s. led raid u.s.
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president donald trump confirms that american special forces stormed onto barbara but that is carried out in northwestern syria will get you analysis from our correspondent in washington. great to have you along everyone voting has just finished in the state election of thuringia and eastern germany the state is governed at the moment by a coalition of left wing parties and the greens where the far right a of d. party hopes to make big gains at the expense of. c.d.u. they're well ahead of the vote all the other parties in the state ruled out that they would enter a coalition with the. right time to crunch some numbers for you now we can get you the results of the 1st exit poll. americal
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c.d.u. conservative party has secured 22.5 percent of the vote a very sharp drop of a leaven percentage point the social stuff party which leads the governing coalition at the moment has 29.5 percent the center left social democrat s.p.d. is at 8.5 percent that can't make for comfortable reading for them while the right wing populist a d. which sure was hoping to make big gains at the expense of the c.d.u. is at 24 percent that's a gain of $13.00 percentage points the environmentalist greens have 5.5 percent the business friendly f.t.p. is on 5 percent. very remarkable a remarkable number so let's cross straight to the reporter on your cock she is
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standing by in the city of air force the capital of the state of thuringia 1st off want to get your reaction from the results of this exit poll what do they mean for the state of through and you. what it means that the federal state is looking at an uncertain future what the exit polls show is so us that the current coalition government the left party the social democrats and the s.p.d. and the greens are not having a majority anymore in this parliament and now when we look at the numbers we see that any major party will have a very hard time forming a stable coalition when we look at the numbers and all those exit polls so we have to be a bit careful but when we look at the numbers at the moment i so see only 2 possibilities to form a stable coalition one would be the c.d.u. on the americans conservative party going into
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a coalition with the left party now the c.d.u. has ruled this out before the election night and honestly i don't really see how these 2 parties could go together and not a possibility would be the city you and the far right a d. they would also have that's what exit polls show us a majority here in the parliament but again the c.d.u. has ruled out working together with the 50 so this is a night with a lot of fun certainty for 3 so what can you tell us about the voter turnout. well the voter turnout is higher than expected and higher than it was 5 years ago when people here last went to the polls now we have to see and wait why that is a moment we can only speculate but what i can say is that the election campaign here was very polarized on the one and the far right they campaigned massively the leading candidate beyond hookah was holding our own speeches almost
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every day in different towns of the city that might have triggered voters might have attracted people who didn't go to the polls during the last election but the opposite is also true in a lot of people here where a freight off e d having a strong outcome and that also might have motivated people to go to the polls are at least stand by anya want to bring in at this juncture my colleague is chief political editor mckillop who is also closely watching these results that we have just been reporting the 1st exit poll 1st off do you think anything could happen between now and then and the next exit poll in terms of shifting this outcome well the interesting question will be whether the green party who are also seen as a potential coalition partner for the current left party whether they manage to go beyond the 5 percent threshold this is actually a setback for the green party who could have become
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a potential factor here as well the free democrats seem to suffer the same fate so while we keep reporting how the far right if he is fragmenting the party's scene here in germany the political landscape. seems to be a complete exception potentially if those policies remain at the fringes and don't really get through right 24 percent that is a remarkable number let's talk a little bit about. because we've all let's be honest have been waiting with bated breath to see how they would perform in this very. crucial state election can you explain to our internet and international viewers what the appeal in the poll is of the force a segment of the your german population well it seems to be a lot about the ring is done some sort of research that how that electorate ticks of recent years it's exceptional actually and many. large majority stands in for democracy but there seems to be
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a real sentiment that things should not continue as they are right now and this is exactly what the far right if he is promising they come pretty much from a single issue background they were already on their way out from politics when the so-called migration crisis happened and they have been gaining political capital out of that ever since at the same time they seem to be valid the successful particularly in eastern states as they have been in neighboring saxony just a couple of weeks ago where they went beyond the 24 percent in actually tapping into a sentiment of dissatisfaction particularly with the big tent posses under the michaels c.d.u. c.s.u. the conservative and there but also the social democrats germany's oldest party who are pretty much fighting for their political survival right now and are you know i now want to bring you back into the conversation if i can can you please explain the significance of these elections are they more important than the national federal ones. well i think there are important because soaring jazz quite
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a good example a symbol maybe of how fragmented political landscape is in germany since the rise off the a year 50 years i just said it's very uncertain if any party here will actually. actually have your puny opportunity for forming a stable coalition government and we also see that the c.d.u. lost a lot of voters here that's something that i'm going to machall of course we'll be watching very closely and so yeah i think it's a very good example of how the age of 50 has changed the political landscape it definitely has changed the political landscape mckayla want to go back to you if i may why does it matter what happens in the state of the. it matters because in the absence of any kind of general election nearing any time soon despite real instability in the current governing coalition this is an important
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indicator on how things are actually panning out particularly since the arrival of the far right if tea party yes it's more difficult to form coalitions but this could also be a weather bell for under the machall c.d.u. party that it might simply no longer be able to afford to say we won't work with the far right but we also won't work with the left leaning far left either and here's the ringgit is an exception it's the only state that is actually run by a left party state prime you know but he's been very successful at also tapping into that conservative territory he's stressing the whole kind of aspect to be christian in this whole kind of the question of what actually is still conservatism here and in the is something that is currently harming under the michaels c.d.u. party which has to completely rethink how it does coalitions of the future right
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this can't make for comfortable reading for the chance and you want to give you the last word if i may use you spent a couple of days there in the ranger and you've been talking to people you grew up in the state what issue is top of mind with the people of the. well that depends on who you ask if you ask people who support the left party the s.p.d. the social democrats or the greens then they are arguing about the education system about not having enough teachers about infrastructure and opportunities when you of course ask the supporters of you you 50 of the far right they have a have a completely different issue on mine they are always talking about migrants which seems a bit paradox because they are not that many migrants actually living in when you compare it to other regions in germany but that's exactly what people will support of the a 50 say they say they say well when we look at other regions we see how the situation
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there is that's something that we do not want in this country we don't want any in the grants so that's what on top of the mind of those people supporting the f.t. . reporting from air force and with me here in the studio chief political correspondent. ladies thank you both for your reporting. shift our attention now to syria where the leader of the so-called islamic state about daddy has been killed in a u.s. military operation there president donald trump confirms our daughter's death in a special address from the white house he said al baghdadi died in a night time targeted raid in italy a province in the north west of syria trump thanked sources russia syria iraq and turkey for their help what he called taking down the world's most wanted terrorist
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u.s. special operations forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern syria and accomplished their mission in grand style the u.s. personnel were incredible i got to watch much of it. no personal were lost in the operation well a large number of baghdad these fighters and companions were killed with him he died after running into a gate in total whimpering and crying and screaming all the way all right we're now joined by our correspondent in washington pablo fully. public major announcement there by the prison tell us. well you've heard some snippets of it fairly it was a very graphic statement from president trump who said the leader of the so-called
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islamic state of baghdad he died like a dog and a coward now in an almost hour long news conference from president trump and he went into a lot of detail about his death and he said that al baghdadi had killed himself using a suicide vest he also said the test said been carried out on the body and that it was it was him in fact and u.s. forces were in the compound for 2 hours and that also they had seized highly sensitive material and information on the isis president went on to say that he knew with possible successors to diety as leader of the so-called islamic state and the interesting lee you mention that he thanked russia turkey syria and iraq as well as intelligence officials from the united states and also u.s. special forces and also what was quite interesting was how he said that he watched the entire operation and how he said it was like watching a movie. what more do we know about the special mission.
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well what we do know is the president said that he had been under surveillance for several weeks and that there had been 2 or 3 efforts to capture him and that they've been canceled he also mentions how the u.s. special forces new location he was hiding in tunnels and that they had some covert so his capture would have been carried out and like i mentioned before that he thanked turkey he syria and russia as well as the intelligence officials and the u.s. special forces and they have since then we've heard from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces that they tweeted and they said it was a successful joint operation with the u.s. and also we've heard within russia there are reports within the media that the country's ministry of defense wasn't even aware that they provided any assistance to the united states in the operation turkey said there was pressure to help the united states so you know this is all right for president trump is
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a very successful day in what has been you know a tough couple of weeks for him right well in conclusion want to talk to you about that because the timing obviously is very interesting comes just as there is a growing concern about a resurgence in syria because of the president's decision to pull out troops from that country so this is me now mission accomplished case closed. it's very hard to know where president obama particularly with syria he's had a lot of criticism from democrats republicans but it is very positive news for president trump and that is i would say a significant moment for him he's been under a lot of pressure not just because of the ongoing impeachment inquiry that's taking place but of course for that have brought its decision to withdraw troops from syria and abandon that longstanding kurdish ally that they have there so but overall he's taking this as a positive publicly at least reporting from washington thank you.
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when it's i know about some of the other stories making news around the world. protesters formed a human chain across lebanon on sunday to express solidarity with antigovernment protests demonstrators joined hands from tripoli to tire for a 170 kilometer chain that ran through the capital of beirut nationwide rallies marked by proposals for new taxes have paralyzed lebanon asked since their start more than a week ago. consul east used tear gas and water cannon to break up and an authorized demonstration in a waterfront district organizers called the protest to protest called the demonstration rather to protest the police conduct during the months long the pro-democracy demonstrations activists have criticized police for using pepper spray rubber bullets and police dogs. and a special cyanide in the vatican catholic bishops from across the amazon called for
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the ordination of married men as priests they hope the move would address the shortage of priests in the region all the proposal will be presented to pope francis who will take a final decision on the vote total going to be. officials in the u.s. state of california are warning that dangerously strong winds could spread region wildfires the largest blaze is burning in northern california is famous sonoma one region 50000 residents have been ordered to leave their homes there and nearly a 1000000 households are facing power cuts. dry ground and low humidity had already created dangerous conditions for tens of thousands of california residents but just as firefighters looked to be finally getting the better of the situation with a full cost is delivered bad news that would affect many more were expected significant increases in winds loss in some parts of our state $7075.00 by some
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estimates 80 miles an hour as ground crews cleaned up in sonoma county where the fire had already done the damage a tank is worked against the clock to set a containment line with historically dangerous winds on the horizon. we want. our homes out of the area. 60000 sonoma county residents were ordered to evacuate on saturday adding to the growing fear for 37 residents are complications caused by deliberate power outages all just 2 years removed from the loss of 43 lives the winds that we are going to experience. with the utility company fearing power lines being blown down by the wind 940000 homes that you to have their power cut that means as the danger approaches 2000000
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people will be left in the uk. people in argentina are voting for a new president today and it looks like the country is about to change course opinion polls suggest that the center left candidate to finance this is set to defeat the conservative incumbent markets by as much as 20 percentage points while anger over the country's economic crisis and his austerity program as you were to support for the pro business mockery. was. president mauricio mockery striking a winner's pose at his last campaign rally in when as i as both are aware that back here we will turn over the page of frustration we will turn around the election and we will turn around this country forever. murray himself has a lot to turn around as his victory in the presidential election looks highly
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unlikely the man projected to defeat him by a landslide is opposition candidate alberto fernandez he's benefited from the disappointment felt by many arjan times over much chris unsuccessful handling of the economy. came to power in 2015 promising market reforms open door trade policies and strong investment but 4 years on the argentine economy is shrinking and annual inflation stands at more than 53 percent in a primary vote in august seen as a dress rehearsal for the election mccrae suffered a shock a landslide defeat fernandez won by a massive 16 percent polls now predict that fernandez will win the presidency out right without the need for a 2nd round runoff a win for fernandez would also spell the return of argentina's controversial former
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president cristina kirchner who is running for vice president she's a polarizing figure a populist who retains a huge following and is viewed as a champion of the poor yet she also faces investigations into fraud and money laundering. economists are predicting that a win for fernandez could exacerbate economic volatility. after the primary vote financial markets were thrown into turmoil and the peso plunged more than 30 percent. and protests over the worsening economic situation led lawmakers to approve an emergency food law last month. with neighbors chile and bolivia currently suffering protests and on rest could this election push another country in the region into further instability.
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to formula one now in red bulls a marks for stopper has been stripped of his pole position at the mexican comprehend given a 3 place grid penalty well it means ferrari's charles in the clinic will start 1st on the grid followed by his teammates about vettel and mercedes driver lewis hamilton or hamilton can now win his 6th drivers' title if he finishes sunday's race on the podium for stuff it was handed his penalty after failing to slow down when terry botha's crashed into the wall finn escaped unhurt. in the bundesliga by munich are back at the top of the table after they beat a union in berlin on saturday when they proved to be a special game for bahrain's star striker robert love and ask his incredible form saw him break yet another record. before kick off the buy in players pay tribute to the injured center backs nicholas and lucas said in the end as they were
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replaced by jerome boa tank and benjamin he provided the highlights of the 1st half with the opening go it was a moment of true quality from the frenchman he pounced on the loose ball smashing home a 1st time effort the combined power and perception to get by in the lead in the 30 minutes. it took them until the 2nd half to double that late with the inevitable go from robert leavened of scheme. it was no surprise that the poll found the net be ruthlessly capitalized on a lucky bounce to become the 1st ever player to score on each of the opening. 9 but does lee get much days. the game looks safer by hand but then a handball in the books by even parachutes handed only on a lifeline. sebastian anderson stepped up and saw his effort saved manuel neuer
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proving it's not just live until thursday he's on for. the other end by and pushed for another goal lead until he went close to making it 3 nil but he inserted every failed to be inspired refound p.k. which union keeper was clearly still hoping for a point to help him celebrate his 32nd birthday and with 5 minutes to go that looked like a possibility of sebastian poulter and the big 4 would roll time in this spot kick to one and that's how it finished mentally how marked are we clearly have a knack of making things tight even in games where we're comfortably the better site this is and not to think of as they are. like we're working on playing better and more effectively it wasn't the convincing victory fans were hoping for but by and faith waited this season was enough to get them back to the top of the table. or go back to our top story your vote counting is under way in germany in the
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eastern state of the range of well let me show you know the exit poll figures that we have at the moment for you on the american conservative city you party has secured 22.5 percent of the vote a sharp drop of 11 percentage points a strong a showing as of yet is the socialist left party which leads the governing coalition at the moment and it's secured 29.5 percent of the votes the center left a socialist democrat s.p.d. is at 8.5 percent a strong performance by the right wing populous a of d. which has made a big gains and more than double their vote they are now on. 24 percent the environmentalist greens who have been riding a wave nationally have only secured 5.5 percent the business friendly is on 5 percent let's take you back quickly now to i know of course who's in the city of
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effort the capital of the state of the rangel where all eyes are focused exit polls show the dean did really really well what does it mean for the state. yeah as you just said the far right populists have more than double its very salt now being the 2nd strongest force here in the federal parliament and we have to remember that the a 50 and 3 into is a very special a f.t.v. a leading candidate b.n. hooka is probably one of the most controversial politicians in germany he has made some very strong remarks upsetting a lot of people in germany one of them for example is he labeled the burden holocaust memorial and monument of shame as i said that has upset a lot of people politicians and also some researchers excuse be on the hook for contributing to hate speech to political violence but it barely every 4th voter in
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syria as easy as seen that differently or isn't bothered by its. reporting thank you so much for that update we'll talk to you in our next bulletin for now i want to remind our viewers of the top story that we're following for you as well this hour u.s. president donald trump has confirmed that the founder and leader of the so-called islamic state is dead trump said i will barker al baghdadi killed himself with an explosive suicide vest as american special forces stormed his hideout in northeastern syria. next up is there a magazine show your max your tweet of the news from berlin and more news coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest headlines and information around the clock on the man by heading it to our website w dot com for now thank you so much for spending this part of your.
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the thing. the feet. from for all and all with care. asterix the famous call it son of raising his 60th birthday. with a new adventure. along for the ride as his body on the lakes. and
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a feisty young woman band at trinity. he has long been a most thorough making station wagons thing you are a sick sons of the most tremendous performance of the film hardly any chance for. such such a mercedes to transit missing between the cars sedan has been an object of love and that no nation for 60 is. driving 60 minutes on d w. earth a home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions and global ideas being by a new series of global 3000 on d
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w and online. after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th on do you w. . you probably recognize this famous face it's mona lisa of course but do you know how she was created here will find out later on in the show. hello and welcome to
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