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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin voting for change in argentina central left candidate about to fernandez has won the country's presidential election in the 1st round these unseated incumbent maurice the old mach 3 who was punished at the polls for his handling of argentina's economic crisis also coming up the world's most wanted terrorist islamic state leader. is dead u.s. president donald trump confirms that american special forces stormed back to east hideout in northwestern syria but it's unlikely to mean the end of the extreme
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ideology of ions. germany's far right parties surges forward in a state election it's a bruising defeat for transfer marco's party knocked into 3rd place. plus lewis hamilton slices through the formula one field in mexico driving master class from the englishman puts him in touching distance of a 6 drivers title as ferrari is left in the pits. so i'm terry martin good to have you with us it was an election dominated by one issue a grinding economic crisis and now voters in argentina are pinning their hopes on a new leader about joe fernandez from the center left with almost all votes counted fernando's has 48 percent giving him an outright victory over the incumbent 3.
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argentina's next president knows height or track the cries. of bear to fernandez cheered on by thousands of his supporters when a site is. he's clear on his plan for the presidency that is where we are of course going to work together as closely as possible. because the only thing that will concern us is stopping the suffering of argentinians once and for all. it's a return to paris for argentina's center left also making a comeback the time as a vice president cristina fernandez stickier she herself was president for 8 years for not just his choice of running mate split opinion among the population but she doesn't see it dividing the country. today
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alberto is president of all argentinean. striking a similarly unifying tone going president machree thanking supporters as he conceded defeat. this is for argentina an orderly transition the bring stability to continue because the most important thing is the future leaders . will remain president until december 10th but handover talks with his successor will start immediately you know he's invited to fernandez for a breakfast meeting at the presidential palace on monday. or earlier we spoke to our correspondent nicole hurley in origin to news capital she gave us this is of victory today argentina chose change looking for a way out of the crippling economic crisis the country turned back to populism
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a very different on it and his running mate x. president cristina fernandez the cargo won by a narrow margin than expected but still managed to avoid a runoff election and his very passionate 1st speech as president elect ferdinand has called for unity and that made it but it cannot make recovery would be an uphill battle he asked for all argentineans to stand together and build a future based on equality and solidarity tomorrow morning he will meet up with the incumbent with mari steel mockery and set up a plan for a smooth and calm true. well everybody in the world is wondering what it will mean for the country's economy how might it really respond to this result the people around here they couldn't care less for then the game might the day back howard and it's at their destiny and they're out here. for more on the election outcome we're joined by latin american foreign policy analyst bill good morning peter so tell us
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who is friend and is what does he stand for he is a parent of course but he's a moderate conus he is a lawyer you know his paralysed main 1st then we are starting to discuss this we. term it. just isn't all that argentina's most important political movements in. a long time. but he is a moderate one he has twice been kevin achieve of former president nestor. but he had been retiring from politics during the last 2 years so he is a guitar player he likes bob dylan he's a moderate guy and he really is a good negotiator ok moderate negotiate good negotiator. the argentinean economy is in dire straits poverty is rampant how will the new administration this new
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moderate incoming president go about fixing that well nobody knows exactly what he's going to do but he there will be a less neoliberal polity policy than the during the last years because this is exactly what because the market has been trying and t.v. when he started his government in 2015 he promised 0 poverty and he promised economic recovery but he he had these towns and he didn't he didn't reach. these objectives so. we don't know exactly what he's going to do but i think there will be a more stayed in the economy there will be a renegotiation of some international. conflicts and. a lot of work to do for sure that department former president cristina care she
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campaigned with fernandez as his running mate what role is she likely to play in this new government this will be a key question because there are a lot of people who say this has been the 1st time in argentina in history that a wise president has chosen it's president because she and why to tim a bit of an and is a year ago to complain for president and this was a really clever thing she did but it is also clear that a battle for and then this is not a he's a strong political and so he will build the chief that he will. not. he will try to not rule against her. but of course she is commanding about one 3rd of the peronist. movement and she will try to to play who wrote in the government aside from tackling the country's severe economic problems what other challenges will the new government be facing you know that's of cause the
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current situation in the whole let in america with a lot of popular protest we have a look at chile equality as a situation in brazil so i think the new president must manage will all this iteration also believe in his will and situation so this will be a huge challenge to to have argentina. playing a intelligent role in this current latin american scenario it thanks so much for coming in this morning and talking with us latin american foreign policy analyst bill it. let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today argentina's neighbor you're a guy also been going to the polls there the left daniel martinez finished 1st but he fell well short of the 50 percent needed to win outright he's now headed into the runoff against the center right candidate louise. louise. pool on
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november 24th. voters in colombia's capital bogota have elected a woman as mayor for the 1st time lopez who is also openly gay won about a 3rd of the vote the bogota mayorship is considered the 2nd most popular or most important political post rather in colombia after the presidency. and aboriginal communities from the central australian desert region are celebrating the closure of. 2 tourists visitors can no longer climb the famous rock to the national park abolished the practice on spiritual safety and environmental grounds . a painting found in an elderly french woman's kitchen has fetched 24000000 euros of auction the artwork called christ mocked by the italian
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renaissance master chief is in excellent condition the home owner believed the work worthless until an auctioneer advised her to have been evaluated. here in germany voters have flocked to the far right party in a regional election in the eastern state of the ring go the party more than doubled its a boat although it came 2nd to the left party which will now try to form a coalition government chancellor angela merkel's conservatives suffered a crushing defeat to the c.p.u. got 21.8 percent of the vote a drop of more than 11 percentage points the left party is at 30. one percent their best showing ever in the state the social democrats drop slightly to 8.2 percent the far right alternative for germany's served ahead gaining 23.4 percent the greens are at 5.2 percent while the pro-business free democrats are hovering at the 5 percent threshold needed to enter the state parliament well we'll get some
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analysis in a moment but 1st this report featuring reactions from syringes state capital airport. was scenes of jubilation at the left party headquarters the socialists achieved their best result ever topping a state election for the 1st time this saddling up a strong left party is simply the best thing for this state it was a good result for the far left party led by popular perm yeah. but if obama those current governing coalition an alliance with the social democrat s.p.d. party and the greens can't continue as it is the other 2 parties center of left lost considerable ground and up a big win it was the alternative for germany party or a f.t. the far right party is considered particularly radical in. the party's 3 inches leda b.n. hca struck a particularly nationalist tone which won the party 2nd place. in
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the stuffy old system is now being swept away my friends we're now going to take back our country. that was disappointment for the conservatives or c.d.u. party chancellor angela merkel's party came in behind the f.t. and 3rd place. it's a bitter day for the c.d.u. in 3 and a bitter day for the c.d.u. in germany we fight together we win together and just like today we also lose together. mike moldering cd used to lida has already ruled out the idea of forming a coalition with the far right all the far left this means forming a regional government will most likely be an extremely complicated time. our political correspondent husband has been covering this election for us good
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morning has a fractured political landscape there in its orange will it be possible for the triumphant left party to form a government that's going to be a very very difficult task the current premier in the region board obama who is in a fairly comfortable position because he can continue as interim leader until a new leader is chosen whenever that may be so he is not under a lot of time pressure to get together to put together a government but the political landscape is so fractured that he will need to pull together very very diverse parties in order to be able to form some sort of government there is talk of maybe a minority government which is a situation that is very rare in germany i would say that for every decision that is taken in parliament he will have to find a new majority so it's going to be a long process it's going to be a difficult process but at the same time the situation will remain stable for the time being so left party won increased share of bot the far right d.
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party more than doubled its share of the vote in this election here's the party's leader in thuringia commenting on the election results. in the months and never before in history has a single party and a single person been so defamed in the federal republic like we were. bret's there and yet the 3 engines have made this result possible and the result it says a clear no to our paralyzed party democracy a result that says yes to a new vibrant democracy no new bending to move out. a new vibrant democracy how did her and his party the tea manage to mobilize so many voters to win nearly a quarter of the i think 1st of all you have to say this man is a real fascist. there's even been a court judgment saying that one has a to call him that he's
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a very right wing right wing in this party despite that more than almost a quarter of the voters voted for him the party went very much on a narrative directed at east germans at their feeling of being somehow a 2nd class citizens of not being respected in the whole of germany of not being able to say what they feel in the whole of germany also the issue of migration which elsewhere in germany has is on the back burner is not so current anymore in that region it's still something that the if he can use to mobilize people so it was that combination of playing into the feeling of east germans of being 2nd class citizens together with a migration issue that has been successful there and elsewhere in eastern germany one has to say in recent elections in other it used in june the german regions federal states. very similar results with this kind of structure so the far right after he nearly doubled or more than doubled its vote in the state meanwhile the
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center right c.d.u. party of chancellor angela merkel lost a lot how big of a blow is this to chancellor merkel cd this is a very very bitter result for the chance that america will end her career into a party this used to be the majority party in that federal state until 5 years ago it is now in food plays despite the fact. senior politicians from that property assisted in this election campaign including the new party leader. and a great con card on who was there supporting the local candidate all of that. was for nothing the party lost 11 percent its very very very bad result for the party what if anything does this election result in. tell us about the political direction of germany as a whole i think what you can say in germany as a whole that is reflected in the ranger as well is the fact that the political let's landscape is a lot more fractures they are no longer these 2 dominating parties that we've had
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for decades in germany the conservatives over anglo-american on the one hand and the social democrats on the other a whole lot of other parties have similar sorts of results as these big parties forming governments is a lot more difficult and the question of what does this mean for the coalition governing the governing coalition between the conservatives and the social democrats both of them lost their both of them will be under pressure to try and change something in central government there's not much to change in fact they will have to continue in some way in the way that they're operating at the moment ok the party that won the most votes the left party the incumbent state premier boto romola was quite popular how much of his party's success is attributable to him a very large part i think this is something that has been similar also in other recent elections that the incumbent has gained an extra portion of the helping his party to victory this is that happened elsewhere as well what obama though despite
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the fact that he comes from the left probably is in fact a fairly conservative person he has been running this government for the process 5 years in a very successful man so that was the bone is that he got from that i think. people want him to continue remaining in the premier but he's going to struggle putting together a government and continuing governing still a left party in syringes bucking the trend for the party elsewhere in the country and our political correspondent thank you so much. u.s. president donald trump has announced that the leader of the so-called islamic state of obama is dead trump said back that he blew himself up as american special forces stormed his hideout in province in northwestern syria but islamic state itself is not dead it remains a dangerous threat in iraq afghanistan and deal donald trump said american special
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forces blew open a wall and moved in quickly cornering al baghdadi in a tunnel where he had taken 3 of his children he didn't supposedly blew himself up along with his children the u.s. says he quickly carried out d.n.a. tests confirmed his identity. the american president said he had been after baghdad he says he took office and explained why the u.s. chose to go in because this is the one that built isis and beyond and was looking to rebuild it again very very strongly looking to build it and that's why he went to this province this way he went to this area president trump also said the mission was so top secret that only a few officials knew about it even keeping his allies in the dark. doubt he had started a reign of terror this decade he's believed to have become radicalized while being imprisoned by u.s. forces in iraq in 2004 he then became leader of isis in 2010 he made only one public appearance in 2014 in mosul iraq where he declared himself the
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colleague and announced the establishment of the islamic state as well as declaring a holy war. president trump said the u.s. still has other people there after today's events are another reminder that we will continue to pursue. the remaining isis terrorists to their brutal end that also goes for other terrorist organizations they are likewise in our sights baghdadi and the losers who work for. and losers they are they had no idea what they were getting into the president also defended his decision to pull out u.s. forces from syria saying he didn't want his country mired in the ancient disputes of others but he did say some u.s. forces will stay to protect the oil there. he is washington correspondent public
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holy aaliyah's says the announcement of baghdad his death is welcome news for president trump as he faces an impeachment investigation. the death of the fugitive leader of the so-called islamic state. is being seen by president trump as a major win for him and his administration that this comes after the harsh criticism that he received from democrats and republicans over the rather abrupt decision to pull u.s. forces from syria and abandon their longstanding kurdish allies and critics have said that the pullout would allow isis to strengthen and once again become a serious threat to the united states and other countries but president trump ordered the return of 1000 u.s. troops now he and the u.s. defense secretary marc esper said so much would stay in syria to secure oil fields there and we mustn't forget that syrian oil in the past had been a source of revenue for the terror group that what we do or what we don't know is
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how many u.s. troops will in fact be needed now the president has been pushing for an end to what he calls the u.s. is involvement in endless wars and live up to a promise he made of bringing the troops home now for now trump is focusing on what he believes is very positive news that's the death of one of the most sought after people on the planet and shift the focus away from the ongoing and fast moving impeachment inquiry into him here in the united states. thousands of revelers in mexico city have taken to the streets for the annual day of the did celebrations people paraded wearing costumes and face paint with many dressed the skeletal figure known as the luck of katrina the character was created by a mexican illustrator more than 100 years ago the colorful festivities take place ahead of mexico's 2 day holiday to all or the did was traditionally begins on the 1st. well staying in mexico the formula one grand prix lewis
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hamilton is closer to winning his. 6 drivers title after claiming victory in the race the briton leads the standings by a massive margin and could wrap up the championship at the next race in the us. a ferrari from ray made life difficult for lewis hamilton at the start of this race pushed wide on to the grass by sebastian fatso and straight into a tangle with red bulls max to happen a couple of coolness later the british driver came out of that scrap the better and the same could be said of the pit stops after striking through the field with seemingly listener effort camels and went in for his tires early so he could get ahead of the ferrari's after that stops that strategy cooked up by the miss a these team works and it was helped in part by some mistakes in the ferrari carriage then leader charlotte clare had already made one stop when this happens
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a problem putting on his rear tire. they knew they'd blown it and it was then just left to hamilton to nurse his car over the line. a well earned victory for him in mexico i mean credibly humbled by today's opportunity in a car pulled together as it did in the teams being so sufficient and executing the best strategy. the $612.00 title will have to wait for now but it surely just a matter of time. south africa are in the final of the rugby world cup after beating wales in the semi finals in yokohama south africa's 100 pollard scored a late penalty to break welsh hearts and sealed victory in an extremely hard fought game taking it 19 to 16 the springboks play england on saturday in a repeat of the 2007 final which south africa won. this is d.w.
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news these are our top stories. the center left candidate to front as has won an outright victory in argentina's presidential election with almost all the votes counted fernando's has 48 percent of the vote over the incumbent maurice you mockery. germany's far right has made strong gains in the eastern state of thuringia the alternative for germany party finished 2nd behind the left party chance we're going to michael's conservative c.d.u. suffered heavy losses trailing in 3rd place. the leader of the so-called islamic state is dead after an operation by u.s. special forces in northwestern syria president all trump said. he killed himself with a suicide vest as troops closed in. aboriginal
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communities from the central australian desert region are celebrating the closure of blue route to tourists visitors can no longer climb the famous rock after the national park abolished the practice on spiritual safety and environmental grounds . this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news or visit our website at www dot co. and coming up next we've got the bonus league phoria glove box or looking to get back to the top of the table when they host in frankfurt but did they manage it chris harrington and his guests we'll have that and a complete wrap over the weekend in just a few moments on the phone to study. you're watching t.v. news from berlin so forget you can get all the latest news and information around the call on our web site. www dot com i'm terry march and i'm on twitter at t.m.
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news stream thanks for watching.
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when she was 15 i mean usage discovered a secret as. she was born after her mother was raped during the bosnian war people with such a past are often shunned. for i know it was very painful to learn how she came to be but she's strong and i know fights for bosnia's children of shame in the. 60 minutes on d w. welcome
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to the but is the game here for a. triple play to talk about. this country. more poor. people we have. let's have a look at some of the mess around the need to still shaking that you can breathe a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss this. guy. t.w. . luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fear working conditions and sustainable production. but who is monitoring to some contractors. and investigative
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documentary goes to italy and china and looks behind the glamorous facades of fashion houses. luxury behind them or starts no membership long t.w. . would barge munich's framed at the top the short like leprechaun would it be a trick or treat for gloves but in wolfsburg to home teams hitting the pitch on sunday both have a chance to bump buyers off the top so could they welcome to the bundesliga right here on d w it's time to close out match day not.


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