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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2019 4:00am-4:16am CET

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room. this is day w. news live from berlin firefighters in california struggle to contain 2 separate wildfires the blaze ravaging northern california's wine country doubles in size turning homes and thanked wineries into ashes and a separate fire in the los angeles area forces thousands to evacuate also coming up . in tennis president elect alberto finance his mates incumbent played him her to have monthly too big to begin transition talks he pledges to tackle the country's economic crisis and turn the page on austerity. and fighting
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a ball and we follow a world health organization team that work in the democratic republic of congo where more than 2000 lives have been lost in the latest outbreak of the disease. matheny howard thanks for joining us we begin in the u.s. state of california where firefighters are battling huge wildfires strong winds have been fanning the flames and a statewide emergency has been declared official say the fire ripping through the northern california wine country has now doubled in size with nearly 200000 people on the evacuation orders and further south another wildfire is threatening homes in the los angeles area. the 405 freeway in los angeles the latest front in the california wildfires early monday morning
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a new fire broke out here sweeping through the hills. thousands of people were forced to flee as the fire scorched the wealthy west side of the city authorities urged residents to heed the warnings and get out. if you're in the mandatory evacuation zone and you're still there watching this you're an idiot get the hell out it's way too dangerous people that stay behind or just in danger in themselves and not helping the worst affected area is sonoma county in northern california 88000 homes here are in danger 4000 firefighters are battling to get the blaze under control but there is new hope after days of strong winds conditions have improved but today's focus continues to be perimeter control structure protection but especially during those 24. we currently have a favorable conditions but time is of the essence forecasters are warning that this
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is just a brief rest bite wins us that's a pick up and fan the flames once more. we're starting to get ready for those another red flag vent right now it looks like that's going to start sometime midday tuesday into wednesday morning so we've got a quiet 24 right now and then we're going to go into another critical period. it's now a race against time a battle against the blazes before that next critical period begins. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. right british prime minister barak's junction has lost the vote to hold an early general election on december 12th he called for the vote after breaking his pledge to deliver briggs it by october 31st is government will make a fresh attempt to force a snap election on tuesday. the u.s. congresswoman at the center of a revenge porn scandal has vowed to valid to campaign to end the practice in
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a tearful video katie hill a rising star in the democratic party said she would be stepping down because private photos were being weaponized and used to destroy. and a government protesters have again taken to the streets in the capital santiago despotic cabinet shakeup by president sebastian pinera police clashed with demonstrators in the city center and replaced kevin that ministers in an effort to calm a wrist that has left at least 17 days. to argentina where president elect. has met with incumbent nerds you have monthly to big green to begin a transition period fernandes went to power on sunday on a promise to fix the broken economy but his victory could prove to be a poisoned chalice he now faces the daunting task of dodging it and other damaging default. celebrations in the streets of days happiness and hope sweep over crowds
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supporting the victory in vision a political outsider to fernandez but that was sunday night post-election monday the country's central bank has been the brakes on optimism by limiting the amount of dollars arjan tines can exchange. effective today we have reduced to $200.00 u.s. dollars monthly as the maximum amount that can be purchased by individuals with prior authorization from the central bank i know that this measure even being a temporary one is very strict and impacts a lot of people. the goal is protecting the peso it tumbles sharply in august we're now president-elect bernanke deadbeat president mockery in the primaries fears over a ruling center left government prompted people to sell off their pesos tremendous address those concerns election night that is where to go we are of course going to work together as closely as possible. because the only thing that will concern us
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is stopping the suffering of argentinians once and for all but the morning after brings mixed reactions. that the truth is that i am very happy with the change. we didn't want the government to stay in office and we hope that things change a bit because it has been really hot. not everyone is happy. or sad but it seems to me it's ended up more like a football match than something political for lots of people and that seems really horrible to me it's not the way to vote well that's my way of looking at it. it's all an open question because they still haven't said anything they haven't proposed any policies because moving forward top monday's agenda with the presidential rivals working to calm market jitters showing a smooth transition of leadership it's
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a return to power for argentina center left and a gamble that voters hope will pull the country out of poverty. is no call for a look has been covering the elections earlier we asked her about the challenges the new president is facing. rebuilding an economy in shambles will be the biggest challenge for argentina's new president after riding a wave of popular support toward a comfortable win in the presidential elections alberta fernandez now has to get to work starting with what might be the most complicated task at hand restructuring the country's massive debt with the i.m.f. he has one person in particular to thank for his rise to power and that is controversial former president cristina fernandez de kitchener well now he has to step out of her shadow proving to citizens and bester is alike that it won't be her pulling the strings in their government finally he will have to unite his own party around his more moderate approach to traditional parent ism the friend to todos is
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made up of dozens of splinter groups that all want to push through their own agenda and want to see their ideas reflected in the new government he will have to prove true leadership skills in order to avoid internal bickering that could destabilize his government the iraqi military has declared a curfew in baghdad to quell deadly anti-government protests at the demonstrate decide they want to leave the streets until the motion see government is putting in place they have coaling for an end to corruption and quality of the 230 people have been killed since the protests started early this month. another day of protests in iraq thousands took to the streets of baghdad and other cities on monday angry about corruption and the lack of jobs and public services. and once again they were met with force. security forces fired tear gas at the crowds of people
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marching in defiance of a warning from prime minister. not to join the demonstrations on sunday he said anyone disrupting businesses or schools would be punished protesters tried to cross the bridge leading to baghdad's fortified international zone which houses government buildings and foreign embassies. all demonstrators are protests are peaceful those rulers harm the iraqi people there is no appointments no land to their promises and they're hitting us with tear gas bombs as if we were not iraqi. there are no job opportunities my son stay at home without a hope and that applies to all young people not only my sons this regime has been ruling us for 16 years but they offer us nothing where fed up with them. students in the southern iraqi city of nazareth also took to the streets despite the warning they are demanding changes to the country's constitution and election laws. there
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were similar scenes in the holy shiite city of najaf as well authorities declared a curfew from midnight until 6 am state t.v. said it would be in effect until further notice. the democratic republic of congo is grappling with the world's 2nd largest a bowl the epidemic on record with more than 2000 lives lost and $3000.00 confirmed inspections since the outbreak began in august last year the world health organization says the operate in the congo has slowed but should still be classified as a global emergency the w.h.o. has more than 650 staff on the ground to try and contain the spread of the deadly virus we resisted the love to see if you like a large the locally center gets a call telling them about a 50 year old man who's vomiting and has a fever possible signs of an ebola infection. while
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a driver is sent out a response team travel to the village to speak to the community. doctors. tells them about the risks and tries to find out who the newly infected man had been in contact with sick if you're sick is it don't don't since they had contact with a relative who is showing symptoms we add them to the list a team will stay and monitor their health for 21 days and as soon as they show symptoms we will implement public health measures seno sounds like you like. your sound if you believe. that dr moon b. and her team often meet with resistance in rural communities in the congo where the battle is still rife many are suspicious of western medicine and refuse to come to treatment centers even if they think they might have been infected. health workers have been threatened one locally bola treatment center was recently burned down. you have to feel that to contain
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a disease like you both everybody who has been in contact with a newly infected person should be vaccinated and monitored. while there is no license treatment for the deadly infection yet a newly developed vaccine is already being used here under emergency guidelines in a so-called ring vaccination people who may have been in contact with a newly infected person and who dr moonbase team have traced or offered the vaccine to protect them. and attitudes in the community are slowly changing. i'm happiest when we see a patient cured and living a life because the community believes that when we counted the sign of death it's complicated but when they survive we stand tall or we accompany them sometimes with germs they don't. and with every survivor who leaves the treatment center to the sound of clapping and drum beats the message
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goes out take precautions and get treatment to help contain the spread of this deadly disease. now out of the horse show that takes horse powered so a whole new level of competition in helsinki has shown its environmental preventions by generating all of its energy from horse manure water christians governing body says it proves alternative energy solutions can come from the most unlikely places. at the sequestering show in finland the horses do more than jump over obstacles they're responsible for powering the entire event from the scoreboard to the lights inside the arena. and it comes not from the horse's mouth . but rather it's behind all of them in your produce during the show is corrected up and turned into electricity all the people we get here in there doing that we
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each day we use to get all the energy and electronic music like power they we get the power from my fossil events but plus also pretty much the whole helsinki area finland with it $75000.00 horses is a 1st tile ground for the project the idea to get more from your manure started 5 years ago the waste is transported by a local energy company mixed with woods and then burns to create energy cost man isn't it but for the iraqis comparable to say good by having roughly 1.5 michael tilson thomas me is the. only 2 horses are needed to produce a more definitive that one single father told me if it requires the food. there are more benefits to horse power it generates less carbon dioxide than other bio energy
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sources environmentally friendly excretion that proves the saying you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. you are watching news from berlin business is up next chris is that the helm for that for now. thanks for watching.


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