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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CET

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you my grandchildren were born after the war found born to be free agent 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. and you. are still number 6 on the w. . believe. our report ahead with a valley has been out of work for europe to the max again to find out why he traveled back in time to the middle ages late in the show and with that it's a warm welcome to another edition of your own max let's see what else we have lined
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up for you today. the new book by german photographer called must feel book shows people of all ages and. find out how a personal trainer challenges found easy to pick the studio for tony. our 1st report takes us to 7 italy that shows can be eaten something like knots but you can also use them and lots of different recipes and also for baking but do you know how that shows grow and where they come from you can find out of the small italian town belong to in ne in sicily every year on 2 weekends the local state's a big festival to celebrate the harvest which makes the town so famous. just that shows are cults in bronte every autumn thousands of fans converge on the sill in town for the stuff festival. here they cost $20.00 euro as
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a kid oh that's cheaper than elsewhere and many consider the few stuck if you don't take to be the best in the world. cloudy and u.k. is one of the region's biggest the structure produces he uses them to make delicious pesto screens and candy. the blondes have a stature is characterized by its particularly intense shade of green. or worse you know. they have a resin there's employer roma. and there around taste combines well with many other ingredients. dante lies at an altitude of around $800.00 metres at the foot of mount etna europe's largest active volcano. carts like these ones carry the whole of us down from the mountain no they're just for show. here you can sample the delicacies many are pretty useful oakley.
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like this to start show bristol a classic. there are both sweet and savory products for starches conflated bread and cheese all sicilian salami. or can only. or pancakes and ice cream. but. i can taste service now so all you know is we me it's not really sweet but it's between me and it's fresh so you really want to enjoy everything with the statue here. this does is it originated in the middle east iran is still the biggest producer worldwide along with the us but on so contributes less than one percent of the global. stacia harvest the volcanic soil here is rich in minerals that give the statues their special taste. and they can only be harvested once every 2 years.
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now do you look up grosses the star shines on fields that were once abandoned. these what is special here on earth are the differences in temperature but it's very hot during the day and cold at night and we have a lot of snow in winter. the frost kills pests so we don't need to use pesticides. or you about him. back in there on tape during the festival that that there are also a restaurant serves a special the stuff menu it begins with brisket. then there's pits with the stature similar ina finishing with the statute up to full for deserves. but it's the pass to stand outside that draws the crowds the fresh passes made from
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durham wheat and peace touches now it is produced around the clock. yes same but if you join each time there are more and more people always breaking the previous record time we harvested this year in the pistachios a fresh people know this so they come here to shop. this can also be found in brown 10 it's a sweet. state to browns possible charcoal. and of course it's served with this statue of cream and lots of chopped stuff changes. best enjoyed with friends all the whole family. british farmer. tom camp is used to carrying around heavy things like sex of grain or spare parts for his machinery but that was not enough physical exercise for him camp is a fitness fact who likes to workout even after
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a long day's work it didn't take long and the new business idea was born camp set up a sports studio on his parents' farm and it seems a lot of people enjoy working out in the fresh country people from nearby lawman flock here but relaxing holiday this certainly isn't. on this farm everyone works hard. it might be healthy but they all keep going until they drop. have very little to die for a little bit now because. the keep fit farm is the brainchild of 26 year old fitness coach and farmer tom camp. and it's just fun to be out here training within your team and. been stuck in and
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the gym when you're on. his training grounds or the fields of his parents' farm north of london. tom kemp was born and raised here. he's always trained outdoors with whatever you happen to find on the farm. so you stick on a plan workouts news in. whatever i can find not whether it's a white disco machinery or some talk. i just kind of put together a little walk outs and i hate excessive fear every day. for example all the body's muscles are needed to lift a 300 kilo tractor tire. carrying a sack of grain with arms outstretched is also a good way to keep it. on camp incorporated exercises like these into
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a full body workout and in 2016 he founded his open air fitness studio a successful business idea and international fitness magazine has named one of the world's fastest. most of his clients come from london alia dervish works for a bank she books an individual. reading session here at least once a week this is a welcome change to her air conditioned office and business look i'm happy to get day yeah i much value i'm not in so this you know i work in or i'm out on the floor and being comfortable i want to be out. you know i get bruised i'll get you know hives from the house. i really don't mind but you can exercise here at any time of the year come rain or shine and really give it your all. so here in the background we've got a great example of kind of functional training and it's all over all the sled you walk and your grip strength or strength and your strength as well to get that
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return on the sled and it's a fun way to train as well just to outside just you. know several times a year tom camp holds competitions this time a total of $75.00 men and women are facing off in groups the contest combines muscle and insurance training. it's the 1st time on the farm for dan thomas and mr lee botha from london. i have thought of putting them recently just because it's not new but different so it's kind of cross fit and strong and fitness but i find so it's not just to do something different i'm going to people it's not possible colas and doing things that we don't usually do and across the thames that been pretty good. for 6 hours straight the teams work out using bales of hay and other heavy objects from the farm.
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go goes keep going it's going. to working out of the open air is less predictable than in the gym. if you want to know what you think things and so on the walk strongest. sense of achievement and effect. are all current have a way working out with your team members as well as you. know mental health. and there are plenty of things on a farm to give you that uplifting feeling. we often take a critical look in the mirror in the morning after all vanity doesn't diminish as we grow older but it is something we all have to come to terms with as the years go by ballin based photographer told must feel like decided to document people of all ages in his book called 100 years of life it shows how over they use life
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beliefs it mocks on all facial expressions. wide eyed and vulnerable children are open to what life will offer them. 30 or 40 years later they become individual characters with distinctive faces. another 30 or 40 years and life has left its mark. 53 year old photographer thomas cura usually works for ad agencies companies and magazines. but his photo album 100 years of life is a project all his own. if we didn't do. what i'd like to show with this book is actually the beauty of every human and at every age. if we look closely we can already see wisdom in young people and the curiosity that lives on in the elderly. but ultimately what i see in their eyes is the magic it's like with me and
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in my view. the photos show men and women from different cultures age between one and 100. the photographer son. at the age of 8. at the book released in berlin he was 3 years older he looks back. i changed a lot on the outside. i've grown older i'm taller my hair is cut shorter. and i've changed quite a bit on the inside to. become more grown up and more serious. and. a photo of 24 year old lena strasburg a snapshot is thought provoking for her. to make you realize how many differences there and how you change through the. early to mid twenty's still really young and just starting out even if sometimes if you much
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older and more grown up in his berlin studio. sets up his portraits against a black background. this object is a veterinarian born 86 years ago in india. except his age with grace and poise. i've lived my life by the i your vet it approach. my practice of yoga and meditation. and i grew old with it. i think the best way to live is naturally. you shouldn't show off but rather keep your feet on the ground. thomas has got to know a lot of the people quite well. he found special value in the experiences of the older people. as a god it's not even. i found the years between 80 and 100 especially exciting
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because i didn't know very many people of that age and i've seen how much is possible in terms of changes and life experience or even a new beginning. an 84 year old started taking tennis lessons and i met a very lively 99 year old. i was surprised and happy to see how much joy and lust for life this still possible at that age. back to the book release. people of every age of come. thomas cure our study of human change touches upon a theme that affects us all. and it's actually i think it's inspiring because you can see yourself in context you see what's yet to come what really moved me about these photos was not so much how faces and appearances are marked by age i think that they gaze as. you think of the evil side the positive sides tend to come to the fore when you're older. you focus more on the
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good side of life. and not only what was good but what still good good is the book captures the beauty strength and vulnerability of every stage in life let anything. for itself is change and when we look back we see what we've already experienced and sense what lies ahead alternately we have no choice so acceptance of change is a basic law of living a happy life. from child to teenager from adult to senior sweeping optical changes occur during a lifetime. but on the inside everyone develops in their own way. a city tour on forums. got the heart even.
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knew how to be cuddly. happy grumbling funny kaput. our leaseholders together there pasqual berlin this series with berlin or bite. on facebook dot com slash d w d r i x. back in the middle ages the huge cost less well without any of the advantages of modern machinery so how did people actually build these mighty fortress where did the materials come from what tools that they use your max report ahead like betting wanted to find out he visits record breaking locations around the continent serious europe to the max and this time he took a trip back in time when he had that's to a very how usual building site in france. certainly
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never far. and up in the current for europe to the max. but here dozens of craftsmen and workers are building a cost of the middle ages. to. get the lowest now europe's biggest medieval costal building project. it's located about 200 kilometers south of paris near the village of teenie in the bergen to region the idea is to reproduce a slice of life in the 13th century. because the never actually existed here before this is a modern day medieval started building on a 70000 square meters site. the plan took shape in the mid 1990 s. historians and medieval enthusiasms came together to find out what building
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a car in the middle ages involved. today some 40 craftsmen are employed here. tom has directed the project since the start in 1997. the one thing. it's a bit like an orchestra with many different instruments of every craftsman is important everyone is needed every day to build this concert to issue i commemorate 2 more and anyone can lend a hand every year 600 volunteers come along to help both and today i one of them i can't show up dressed like this of course. that's better now i'm ready for my 1st assignment in the quarry. you can just hammer away at any of the rocks here. you have to split them carefully it is precise and work. consulates
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were built near a quarry so the heavy stones could be transported as short a distance as possible. as a stonemason it's my job to get the chunks of rock in shape. gives me instructions or. now we can mark the stone. it's done meaning. i mark every staying with my own symbols drawn what my mason is monk is proof of my work in the middle ages we pay for every single stone and appear. i mark my stone with a w. of course. all the materials and tools are produced on site. conferences. boskone weavers a workshop for making pick ones. and this movie. some $300000.00 people visit they get alongside annually their entry fees finance the project.
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i've got to get back to work the stones have to be hoisted up onto the tower and i have to get into the truck we'll. get along team has a revive many long forgotten low tech solutions the work benefits both science and the craftsman. i became a builder here just by chance i was a graphic artist in paris for 20 years after watching a film about a project i said to myself that's what i have to do and here i am helping to finish this castle what i'm doing here is for eternity so just go up when it's on to. the end to the construction work is nowhere in sight. for the workers and get along the journey is its own reward my final task is to work on the roof of the chapel tower i don't know why anyone would choose not to use modern technology but it
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really impressed by the people of good will with their passion and enthusiasm for this project. and you can catch up with all of hendrix adventures and lots more your max reports on our you tube channel now art is not only always there just to be looked at from a distance in a museum and you can touch it and sometimes you can't even sleep in it for example in one of 3 giant artworks in the grounds of the very big a foundation in belgium so what is it like to spend the night in a work of art your own max reports. the walls and rough and white the interior minimal nevertheless this is popular as a honeymoon suite you might think you've seen it all when it comes to original have tell concepts but you haven't. things artistically production of
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a human clone on the fan base have foundation invalid jim. they can even spend the night unsigned int the evans family from england but don't give it a try wow. i can touch my stomach. started. this bed and breakfast is called rather fittingly passing us so why did the evans family decide to say. we've got to stay in places that are more fun make it part of the holiday make it more of an experience that. belgian art collector can't have a cow has a taste for unusual art concepts the 10 metre long fiberglass polyester cast sameness takes pride of place in his collection it's the work of dutch artist filled families how it. is. to sleep in a museum normally in each museum or just sleep in or.
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aside from its 3 sleeping exhibits the fair bank of foundation houses over 5000 other artworks. the museum near unfair has expanded to $20000.00 square metres of covered space and a 12 helped us culture park. it's one of the biggest private collections of contemporary art in europe. patron head to head baker used to lead a very different life as a company owner. of a possible company in the past one day i saw a very big solution the owner said to me i could not trust but this. is a good choice and i think i will do it for you. as your stock which. he still acquiring new pieces like the blog v b 3 space and. belgian couple karren and for how this will be spending the night in this exciting creation. i think it's
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a very special 3 yes it's a make so a lot of animals. their 1st moments of their life in a make so may be makes you think about that. guests don't mind just the basics they can even spend the night up to 12 meters high inside an installation designed by kevin van but. when night falls in the museum piece descends and all you can hear the frogs in the nearby pond. the next morning. i really enjoyed it it was nice being next to the nature is kind of thinking ok i'm lying inside a wreck term listening to the bugs are like the fact that all around us was a war i it was do more you definitely know it's
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a work of art you know it feels like it and how did the neighbors like spending the night inside the annex. it was a bit like in the sleeping in a tent it was still really different from a house really. a night inside an artwork costs up to $120.00 your is including breakfast at the museum cafe harry's going to remember his 9th birthday for a long time how many people can say they slept inside an intestine and. that brings us to the end of another edition of your own max don't forget to follow us on social media and as always you can find all the details on how to end our exciting draw on our website until we meet again from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching by.
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all of those 77 percent talk about issues that. thank. you for because population is rapidly growing. is causing a lot of problems right. that's the core issue and. i want to know what you think. 30 minutes on d w. idiosyncratic folks.
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can see oak on top of its popular cost of the s.u.v. . time emissions from the persian fleets to our way and the goods ecofriendly supermini. drive. 90 minutes on d w. it's all happening the much of it coming. to a link to news from africa the world sure link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to their views after going program tonight from funny to me from the news if easy to our website do debited const mash africa join
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this is deja news live from building in turkey and russia begin joint patrols in northeastern syria the operation imams to move could use militias out of the region turkish president obama plans to resettle about 2000000 people of it but opponents say it's a human catastrophe in the making also on the program. german chancellor angela merkel talks triton security with indian prime minister narendra modi seeking to build close to industrial and.


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