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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2019 11:00am-11:31am CET

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i am. i am. this is the w. news live are from the most anticipated witness in the trial be impeachment hearings delivers his testimony u.s. ambassador gordon song and says that the president demanded pressure on ukraine to investigate trump's political rival joe biden and he claims everyone close to the president knew about. me while u.s. democrats spar over their ability to defeat donald trump in 2020 during the last places the debate of presidential contenders demi and donald trump was one point
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they could all agree on. also coming up crowds even the ultimate resignation dr businessman is held in connection with the murder of investigative journalist staff taken i want to get the tie to you was arrested on his yacht allegedly has financial ties to government ministers. plus what do you think is the right age for girl to get married to google should she use dildos sentenced in. 16 years 60 years d.w.i. reports from nigeria where child brides are commonplace. i'm helena humphrey glad you could join me a key witness has given potentially damaging testimony at the impeachment hearings in the united states gordon summoned the u.s. ambassador to europe told lawmakers he followed donald trump's wishes in c.
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he a deal few crane's president to investigate democrat joe biden and in exchange for a white house visit a military 8. he was the most highly anticipated witness that president on all trumps impeachment hearings and ambassador gordon sunderland didn't disappoint in his testimony sunderland told will make his he was pressured to follow orders and ukraine by chaunce lawyer every day giuliani and that washington had pushed t.f. to investigate trump's rival joe biden and his links to ukrainian energy fembot raise money in return for white house access as i testified previously mr giuliani's requests were a quid pro quo for arranging a white house visit for president selenski mr giuliani was expressing the desires of the president of the united states and we knew these investigations were important to the president but was there also
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a quid pro quo involving military aid we learned that the white house had also suspended security aid to ukraine i tried diligently to ask why the aid was suspended but i never received a clear answer i later came to believe that the resumption of security aid would not occur until there was a public statement from ukraine committing to the investigations of the 2016 elections and were recently as mr giuliani had demanded it is not good enough according to republicans you acknowledge that this is speculation right it was a presumption ok but a good enough presumption for democrats hoping sundance testimony will prove that trump's dealings with ukraine are grounds for impeachment. trump himself
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remains defiant before leaving on a trip to texas he angrily tonight pushing for an exchange of faith is with ukraine . i say to the abbesses refund i want nothing i want nothing i want no quid pro quo socialists the president really. did do the right thing i want nothing thank you both set a good time we're going to. say to him the inquiry was over but it's up to house democrats when the hearings will end. well as e.w. reporter peter dali's he would mean this year to analyze what has been going on so peter in your assessment did ambassadress on them deliver the kind of testimony that democrats were looking for i think for democrats this is definitely the closer they they've come to a smoking gun so far that we hurt their song in saying specifically on numerous occasions when asked about whether or not this was
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a quid pro quo yes very clear yes. he repeatedly said it was his understanding that the white house meeting was with. ukrainian president selenski white house meeting was tied to launching investigation into the biden joe biden and his son hunter biden. so i think in a in a lot of instances this was maybe the closes they've they've gotten to dot phrase that they've been you know that they've been chasing all along there was a quid pro quo. more conservatively maybe also for for trump is not just a quid pro quo but also that in this case he for maybe the 1st time he really clearly implicated trump's in a circle that included by his president mike pence secretary of state mike compay oh and acting white house chief of chief of staff mick mulvaney. saying that they
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were everyone was in the loop was his words really saying that this was not just you know giuliani it was much bigger than this this was the entire trump inner circle including drop and despite the scope of that president trump says following that text me that he is committed how does he justify that. while trump what we also heard in that report was also a. song and said well he did not personally talk to trump he never got the. there was no text message saying that this is a quid pro quo so trump really trying to trying to emphasize that there was no quid pro quo there's no prove that this was in any way tied to that to either military aid or white house meeting. on top of that song lynn is has has
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not proven himself to be the most credible witness frankly he was he testified a month ago and after that how to issue a correction and he said his memory was kind of or a lot of holes in his memory he didn't have a clear recollection of a lot of things so what trump has done and quite successfully at least with his own base is to really cast doubt on the credibility of a lot of the witnesses either saying well it's hearsay. is secondhand information that they've picked up from other people who said that they had overheard these phone calls song and is in some ways in a similar predicament and. the trump a minute trump and the republicans have been quite successful these with their own base at heading on that point we should say of course peter that the impeachment proceedings well they figured prominently in last night's t.v. debate between democratic presidential hopefuls let's get a flavor of what they had to say and i'll come back to god i would not direct more justice department like this president does not that make 30 independent judgment i
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would not dictate who should be prosecuted for who should be exonerated that's not the role of the president of the united states what we saw today is ambassador signed on by his own words told us that everyone was in the loop that means it is a criminal enterprise engaged in by the president from what we heard today the vice president the secretary of state and the chief of staff of the president who is not only a pathological liar he is likely the most corrupt president in the modern history of america but we cannot simply be consumed by donald trump because if we are going to water we're going to lose the election. and peter of course i think it's fair to say that those candidates couldn't take to the stage last night and not talk about that now the show going on of course the impeachment proceedings but at the same time is there not a danger for them in focusing on just one issue for example impeachment at the
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moment when let's face it those hearings could be wrapped up in a month yeah i think i mean time time is. really the key word i think here the 1st primary election is still a couple months out a month in politics is a very long time a year which is about how long remains to lection day is an eternity absolutely and so much can change how we do what we're definitely seeing is that the public mood does seem to be be shifting in favor of impeachment even of support for removal also seems to be going up. among republicans it's still very stark they're still very staunchly behind behind trump and what democrats need to do is not just you know get their own voters out on election day they also need to get undecided people out so it really i think the pens on where do things stand in terms of the impeachment hearings in a few weeks in a month have the democrats been able to make
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a strong enough case that this warrants not just pietschmann but potentially removal from office. so i think that it really is too early to tell at this point right to report to be to tell thanks a lot peter. more that's taking it now at some of the other stories making news around the world israel is moving closer to its 3rd election in the space of a year off to opposition leader benny gantz wasn't able to form a government for the wednesday deadline no make his now have 3 weeks to rally around against prime minister benjamin netanyahu or another candidate in 04 in order to avoid going to the polls. pope francis has met with the head of thailand's majority buddhists on the 2nd day of his visit to the country the pontiff committed to the catholic church to cooperate with the british community on projects to catch the poor and the environment here francis also urged the thai government to take
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greater action against human trafficking. now in australia firefighters are battling hundreds of bushfires across the eastern and southern regions of the country authorities have issued warnings of severe fire danger smoke from the fires has created the case over large parts of sydney with health officials telling people to stay inside now pollution records show that the smoke is at 5 times the level considered hazardous officials say the smoke is expected to continue for several days. well joining us now from sydney is journalist william broome william you have had no let up there in australia for weeks hundreds of bushfires across the country what's the situation there at the moment. absolutely n n n thanks for having me it's pretty serious at the moment people are saying the pollution is a hazardous levels people are being encouraged to stay indoors people like me with
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ass in the way of being told not to go out and many schools have closed and sydney particularly in the northern suburbs and the c.b.d. to central business district we've been getting quite a lot of the smoke and my view i live in a suburb which is pretty central and it looks out into the central business district and waking up today and yesterday i was met with a haze of smoke so it's pretty serious grey skies and it's just very eerie out there at the moment as you mentioned sydney way you are now it's covered in a thick haze people are wearing face masks school kids are having to play inside how the people that coping. i think a lot of people are getting very frustrated a lot of people are linking it to climate change greenhouse emissions and of coles the prime minister scott morrison is at the moment sort of backpedaling on that and people are saying that certain elements of denial people are saying not enough is being dom a lot of people are not used to this we have bushfires to many years the centuries
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but this really does feel unprecedented and people just aren't accustomed to it and i think a lot of people are feeling very angry but not enough is being done and it's not always being taken seriously enough you know that's a take away from of course the amazing work that emergency services are doing. generous when you bring main sydney thank you thank you who protest is in malta demanding that the government resign off a prominent businessman was arrested in connection with the mud off investigative journalist death any kind of ironic and it's you know the killing 2 years ago spot weld wide outrage in the maltese government has come under scrutiny for its handling of the case which has raised questions about the rule of law and malta. i demanding justice from the justice minister i must hear they shout and shame on you. and our wrist has reignited anger at the murder of
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journalist new kind of honor guard a murderer still without a conviction. they say the government is corrupt and want prime minister joseph muscat to step down i their order to get there they must soon their political responsibility and decide. we cannot go on like this. the protests came after an arrest in connection with galaxy is murder. prominent businessman new york unfinished was on his luxury yacht and apparently preparing to flee when armed forces arrested him. for an eco ridgeley ran hotels and casinos but then got involved in a lucrative power plant project 6 years ago. apart from that he said to be the owner of a previously secret company 17 black that aimed to transfer money to maltese politicians via offshore companies and panama. that's what daphne koller won and
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had been investigating. it was 2 years ago in october that the 53 year old investigative journalist was killed in a car bomb attack. she had previously received multiple death threats which she reported to the police. it was a murder that sparked outrage in malta and abroad. 3 men have now been charged with planting the car bomb but it's still not known who instigated the crime. i cannot acknowledge as prime minister joseph muscat appears guarded he has spoken of a person of interest being arrested he's offered a middleman immunity from prosecution he says he knows who was behind the killing but some believe members of his own government may be involved in the crime. the money stashed away it is premature to speculate on anything needs you the media are
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free to reach your own conclusions but i cannot speculate. we have to wait some hours or days it depends i will hold back a few days before expressing myself in the style of. the speech but. scott says he wants to discover the truth about daphne carnegie letitia's death but that doesn't stop calls for him to resign from growing louder. well out of respect to careen avella the sister of the daphne kind of want to get its you know we asked her why she thinks that the government of prime minister joseph muscat has been dragging its feet with the investigation into her sister's. i don't know how much you know. what i do know is it took 2 years to reach a point where the prime minister announced to come between choir 82 that. this is something we should have done 2 years ago another point of public inquiry into a more thorough state looks as if so and so where have we failed what have we done
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well how can we do better how can we protect these houses. believing that the truth . can explain what it was he was afraid of. korean dellosa some of them are journalists want to thank you so very much for coming in to give you news that . well britain's prince andrew says that he will step back from his royal duties because of his friendship with convicted paedophile geoffrey epstein effectively withdrawing from public life and a statement andrew said that the control he had quote become a major disruption to my family's work it comes after he gave a disastrous interview to the b.b.c. in which he failed to ease concerns over his friendship with the american who was found hanged in new york jail 3 months ago. well thousands have been taking to the streets of the georgian capital tbilisi off to
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parliament failed to possibile to change the electoral system to proportional representation this week the police cleared protest is using water cannon and tear gas the demonstrators say the electoral system is unfair it's too much power in the hands of the ruling party and the show which reports from tbilisi. rally 30 nafisi and against the ruling party tatar tester's outside the georgian parliament one snap elections and constitutional reform the protest has united around 20 opposition movements they say the current electoral system favors the ruling georgian dream party which critics argue has too much power for people here electoral reform is much more than a formality this is a very important change. because everybody understands that with the current system there may be no free and fair elections people want something very basic country to be peaceful to be democratic they want their will to be respected they want free
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and fair elections and these are basic constitutional rights of georgian people some protesters are even camping out here to keep up the pressure on the government the ruling georgian dream party had promised a change in the electoral system after protests in june but last week it didn't pass in parliament where the party has a majority we are here for testing. because they lie so us and they made false promise you we're coming from soviet past we don't have proper courts we don't have proper tax and balances so to have a parliament where the forces are represented proportionally is vital for our democracy and people realize that recent surveys show georgian dream is still the most popular party even if their poll numbers have dropped to just 23 percent but the leader of the parliamentary majority insists that most people here appreciate the stability his party has brought to the country and says the protests. aren't representative. of all of them are citizens so. talking about
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56 maybe thought of the people who are. half of them are just activists of the certain political parties talk about the political crisis meanwhile outside parliament demonstrators are keeping watch for another day. these tends to show that the protesters are here to stay but for now both the opposition and the government are standing their ground and the political deadlock here in georgia looks set to continue parliamentary elections are scheduled for autumn next year but protesters don't want to wait and they're planning another large rally on monday. are us going to check now some of the other stories making news around the walls ukraine says that 3 naval ships return by russia this week are in back condition and have been stripped of equipment president below the president skin suspected the vessels upon their arrival back in the ukrainian port area lease is part of efforts to ease tensions ahead of a peace summit between russia and ukraine next month. mexico celebrated
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the anniversary of its revolution on wednesday with historical reenactments in mexico city president and that is emmanuel lopez obrador also received a pledge of loyalty from top military chiefs 3 weeks off reports that army leaders were unhappy with his government. riot police in zimbabwe have beaten supporters of opposition movement for democratic change a crowd had gathered in the capital harare to hear a speech by m.d.c. leader nelson chamisa he later said the incident showed the government was afraid of public and about the country's collapsing economy. now child marriage is a widespread practice in many parts of the wall that it's common for example in northern nigeria some parents they give their daughters away because all dire poverty. travel too can do no state to talk to people there who support the
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practice and those who are fighting against it. a muslim neighborhood in kaduna city in northern nigeria i came here to find out about a girl who was locked up in this place for 2 years with not much light or food and left on her own her name is her son she was a child bride these pictures were taken when she was released from captivity just a week ago she was held here by her family because she refused to return to her husband she was only 15 when she was forced to marry a mother of 4 a child bride one of millions in nigeria if you're born a girl here there's a 44 percent probability that you will be married before you 18th birthday. this neighbor knows her santa he says at the age of 15 she wasn't too young to be married he would marry his daughters off much younger. sons and what age
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66. is there is what we had this been saying by the attention gold market share as much or to. this is. a fierce advocate for women's and children's rights she hopes to be free is muslim herself she says the koran does not justify this practice there is no pacific or any findings or any security that proved those things the admin is forced marriages are most of this is not done there's an islamic perspective the add on based on culture and perspective she says education is key to change outdated practices and support women's rights islam is very why does a leader that is not all religion is something that has to do with advancement so are the laws can be amended and can be seen need that kind suited to condition of
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the. child marriage exists elsewhere in nigeria to here in lagos poverty drives some parents to marry daughters of under 18. is privileged in many ways but that doesn't stop the 17 year old from raising her voice against child marriage her son a story makes are angry a lot of nigerians don't view women as human beings view them as. i did and it is to them susan wants to amend the constitution so that it bars anyone under the age of 18 from getting married she and 2 friends have started an online petition to bring the issue to the senate floor the next step would be to get to the root of the problem and try to educate the man the women and everyone perpetrating this. there are millions of girls who are married off every year and if those millions of girls were millions of people out it's nigeria's workforce.
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the g.d.p. and he economy would be in a much better standing than it is now. a son has been transferred to this psychiatric hospital the doctors say it will take months to stabilize her it's unclear paul along the government will finance for treatment and there are family will be held accountable for the damage it has done. this is d w news these are all top stories the u.s. ambassador to europe gordon song and has told an impeachment inquiry that he followed president trump sought is to pressure ukraine to investigate his democratic rival joe biden he said he worked with chums personally norah rudy giuliani to push kiev to publicly commit to an investigation in return for military 8. democrats hoping to replace donald trump have taken part in their t.v. debate they presented a united front against the president amid the public impeachment hearings they clashed over issues such as health care and racial inequality and we're going to.
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police in multan have a rested a prominent businessman in connection with the murder of investigative journalist daphne cutter want to get its young. was detained by the military aboard his luxury yacht want to currently trying to leave the island here. smoke from bushfires his creations a take a is over large parts of sydney australia residents have been advised to stay inside fires along the east coast have been raging out of control for weeks killing 6 people and destroying hundreds of homes. this is the news from berlin for more follow us on twitter news or visit our website dot com. well you are watching the news coming up next it's d.w. business with kris kobach don't forget you can we stay up to date with all of our top stories on our web site that is d w dot com i never know how fran but and thanks for your company and c.c. .
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europe. united. what defines. the. looks of tragedy. what binds the continent together. answers and stories aplenty. spotlight on people.
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60 minutes d w. shit head of things this is the new ball speaking when i come to the show with a ding dong yet ya high end concerts with phil mistress guests. rocky sounds. job. and an incredible location. tonight groups every week on t.w. . and there. isn't calculable. their egos in synch with. their rivalry. 3 princes. who dream of the arab world.
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they're there for power and boundless ambition have come to the middle east into a crisis such as the rising princes of the gold starts nov 27th on d w. it was once the ultimate blue chip a titan of german industry but now steelmaker tristen crop is in crisis and recent earnings figures don't seem to be pointing towards also coming up a free trade deal between the european union and singapore comes into effect linking the city states with the world's biggest market and in bolivia followers of alstead president morales he obstructing delivery traffic on main roads causing severe food and fuel.


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