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this is news live from berlin charges in a murder case that could bring down a prime minister as his cabinet holds a crisis meeting. businessman is charged in the killing of an investigative journalist has connections to top government officials fuel demands for the country's leader to step down the sister of the late. speaks to be. everybody. possibly has not been identified which is why we're expecting the prime . and on this world aids day introduce you to
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a kenyan man who's doing all he can to ensure his compatriots practice safe sex. you are reading that right he is the annoying to king of contacts. glad you could join us. prosecutors have charged one of those wealthiest people as an accomplice to the murder of investigative journalist duff new. york pleaded not guilty to his alleged involvement in his death police arrested him 10 days ago while he was trying to leave malta on his luxury yacht. was investigating government corruption when she was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago spoke to her sister shortly after fenech appeared in a court. i will be content when every when full justice is finally delivered for
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everybody involved and. and everybody she ever exposed and everybody involved in her to be has not been identified yet which is why we are expecting the prime minister to leave office and parliament and be investigated himself along with his chief of staff. because they may have very well have been involved in the plot to murder. and barbara visual is covering the story for us in malta barbara we hear that there is a government crisis meeting taking place what more can you tell us the question is at this point in time how many hours do you really need to kick out a prime minister who is deeply implicated in an ongoing murder case a murder case of an investigative journalist dead made headlines around the world and that really ruined the reputation offered this island republic because what happened was that she had uncovered deep seated corruption in malta and there was
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the sense that this was all of this her murder the people who did this who were responsible for it and did the wider circumstances were about to be covered up now the cabinet is sitting still the early morning and trying to argue with prime minister joseph muscat that he really needs to go now his own party thinks that he needs to go that he just has to step down immediately back he is killing to see was the chip office fingers because and that is the general assumption he is afraid of investigators getting on to him after he has left office and last immunity was that so we're still waiting for the moment but it seems rather inevitable ok apart from the meeting people the people of malta are coming out to protest now on a daily basis what are they demanding. they are demanding of course that he steps down i mean he is it's unbearable people really talk in the streets about it and
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say you know the man needs to go as quickly as possible and then on the other hand they are of course demanding justice in the fact here we can see the memorial fill definitely. and that is being taken down by security personnel every night and every day volunteers come back up and put up the photos again and the flowers and the lights that are there to remind people of her and it seems extraordinary display of fishel mean mindedness and this whole spirit is what people are protesting against they want a new start for their country they want the deep seated criminality the the whole underworld that has to you know taking root on the silent they want all the surete occasion they want to fresh start and they want a fresh start for democracy because they say the corruption on malta has gotten so bad that is really strangulating the democratic forces here because the police
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justice and just every institution in the country is implicated let's just get back to the legal story for a loan if you don't mind the accused a businessman your going fenech is he cooperating with prosecutors and what might that mean. everybody is still waiting for that but the assumption is yes because he has pleaded not guilty to the charges so how can he sort of prove his innocence if he doesn't at the same time then say to the prosecution it wasn't me but it was these other people it was people close to the government and of course in the center and the focus of all this is he's camry he is the chief of staff of the prime minister who left office just a week ago hurriedly he had been investigated by police then they let him go which led to another surge of public anger and keys to sort of like the man behind a lot of the corrupt dealings on this island he is really deeply implicated and the
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demand is even by the cabinet now the demand is to pull him back in 2 to ask him what he knows about these things and the murder of the journalist because the general assumption is and the idea is that he might directly have to do with it and that would mean that the whole scandal would sort of lead in to the office of the prime minister and that he would have to sort of be counted and that he will have to be investigated in the end to ok he did have you political correspondent barbara thanks for that. the man who carried out friday's stabbing attack on london bridge had served time in prison for terrorism was released early as a result prime minister boris johnson says he'll review the country's criminal sentencing system 28 year old man can killed 2 people and injured 3 others before police shot him dead. police are at the site of friday's attack
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one of the victims has been named as jack merritt he was attending a conference on prison rehabilitation at the time. and 250 kilometers away extensive searches at the home of the attacker 28 year old as mankind he served time for terror fences but was released at least septic to an extensive list of conditions. and it is this revelation that has stirred debate in a country in the middle of a general election campaign. we want to toughen up the sentences for serious and violent offenses and i've said for a long time that i think that the practice of automatic early release where you cut a sentence in hawk them it really serious defenders out early simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that isn't working i'm afraid with this case i think we need to look at what happens in the in the prisons what
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happens with the patients service and what happens with the role of the parole board in the us and make sure the sentences are appropriate but above all it's what happens inside the prison if prisons continue to be understaffed overcrowded and a lot of prison is not being properly supervised and i think there is a danger to everybody in the future. police say they are working flat out to establish the full circumstances of the stopping and as more details and match the attack is likely to terra into the spotlight in this election campaign. for some other stories making news around the world. demonstrators in hong kong have rallied to thank u.s. president donald trump for backing the territory's pro-democracy movement but also to appeal for more help the march to the american consulate came after trump signed legislation which would sanction hong kong and chinese officials 1st human rights
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abuses in the city. the australian state of new south wales has installed what it says are the world's 1st cameras to catch drivers using mobile phones the technology uses artificial intelligence to detect the illegal use of devices authorities say they hope to reduce road deaths by a 3rd. and today marks world aids day much has changed since the discovery of the hiv virus in 1903 over the last 2 decades the number of new infections has declined significantly and although there is no still no cure a positive diagnosis is no longer a death sentence however hiv remains a major concern the u.n. estimates that close to 38000000 people worldwide are living with the virus about 6 percent of infected people live in western and central europe and north america 15 percent are in the asia pacific region and nearly 70 percent of hiv infected people live in sub-saharan africa which also has the highest numbers of new infections and
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aids related deaths. around the world events are being held to mark world aids day china has launched a national red ribbon alliance to better connect medical facilities helping people living with a disease a hospital in brazil released thousands of red balloons to draw attention to the ongoing epidemic and in south africa an organization that supports mothers and children living with hiv held special events including a performance by this away to a gospel choir and to talk about the situation here in germany joined by holger victor of georgia but which helps people living with aids i the aids welcome holger tell me what are the biggest issues facing people today with aids in germany it's still discrimination in stigma you know you can live with h.l.v. like any other people today therapy is very effective if you couldn't have a normal sex life family life working life everything much you still. can
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experience discrimination against you like in the working place for example people think you can work like other people people say you are guilty person you didn't you know how to protect yourself like that but i thought germany was a pretty open society scientific knowledge is widespread why stigma now is still yeah that's an interesting question i think that is because it is so closely connected to topics like sexuality drug use and so on it's a real always means maybe this person has done something wrong and there are lots of to bruce and lots of there's a lot of judgment about other people and that's a big problem because it's a severe mental burden for people living with hiv you never know what other people think or say or how they will react and it also keeps people from getting tested for each of you it makes it makes a lot of fears because if you know i would be discriminated against if i mention every positive you won't go to the edge of it just lots of people don't and that's
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why 11000 people in. we don't know why that they are living with a chevy and it's that's a real problem because they can get still get aids if there's no medication he was to get aids what about you know there's a new self testing kit that it will can used is that helping people who that's exactly the reason why we have this testing kits in germany now they were illegal for lots of years and now you can buy them in a pharmacy or a drugstore or of course in the internet and that's to make it easier for people to get tested because in case of a chevy it's very important to get tested and treated as soon as possible ok just one last quick question let's say i had a jury the what would be the major challenges 2 or 3 facing me in life germany well the 1st thing is you yourself have to understand that you can live a normal life like everybody else it's not the problem anymore it used to be the 2nd is you don't know how other people will react and you have to find
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a way to deal with it in the self confident way and we can we can help people there are lots of people doing that to be helping each other and very helpful is to know that it's not transmittal but any more under effective treatment this is a very relieving message as a big message ok thank you so much for that from georgia i think that insight and thanks for having me john. german chancellor angela merkel's ruling coalition could be in trouble that's after the center left social democrats are s.p.d. elected 2 new leaders who are critical of the chancellor social democrats form part of the government along with merkel's conservatives know about. and say they want to renegotiate their coalition deal with the conservatives to focus more on social justice and climate policy and they have not ruled out the idea of leaving the grand coalition all together earlier certainly the most important question now will they stay in the coalition with i'm glad america's conservatives they both were
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critical as you sat and they said that they want to renegotiate the coalition treaty the coalition deal with the conservatives the conservatives have rejected it already they said we have this deal and that's the basis for a work together so really next week's party conference of social democrats will show they want to discuss how to continue whether they want to step out of the grand coalition but certainly the prospects of a snap election or a minority government for anglo american have increased with this movement. all right i think you got the message we had a little button pushing snafu that was our political correspondent for having fun about. we turn to sports now and formula one world champion lewis hamilton has claimed pole position at the final grand prix of the season in abu dhabi hamilton wrapped up the world title 2 races ago but he underlined his dominance this season by easily handling the rest of the field in qualifying it could have been different had ferrari's not been slowed down by his teammate sebastian festa is the latest
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mishap to hit ferrari after the pair collided in the last race. and you are of course watching the wus live from berlin coming up to the documentary poverty in the usa next parser thanks for joining us at the top of the next hour. of the adventures of the famous naturalist and external. to celebration. it's 250th birthday. on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage.


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