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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CET

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biala gassed. managed by for. this is the deadly news live from berlin the most powerful woman in washington says the time has come to begin drafting articles of impeachment against president trunked. house speaker nancy pelosi said the president's actions threaten the heart of the constitution and lawmakers have no choice but to ask democrats charged abused his office by pressing ukraine to get he's leading political rival also on
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the program. french public sector workers stage one of the biggest national strikes for decades protests against proposed pension reform schools huge destruction some of them have turned 40. plus the pacific island state of somalia goes into lockdown mode for a mass outbreak of the missiles weapons the carrying out of merchant sea vaccinations the world health organization convinced by this to confront a worldwide surge in the measles cases with children bearing the brunt of the suffer. a math anyhow and thanks for joining us the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi says that she's ready to draft articles of impeachment against president donald trump the announcement marks the culmination of a month long inquiry into whether trump abused his office in his dealings with you
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cry he is alleged to have held up military idea of an exchange for an investigation into his rival democratic presidential candidate joe biden. nancy pelosi was clear about the way forward with impeachment she said the president's abuse of power with clear and required action is heartbreaking but the president gave us no choice so we're not going to say what we would we would honor our oath of office but but what he's the one who's dividing the country on this we are honoring the constitution of the united states. has asked the house judiciary committee to draw up charges which could include abuse of power and obstruction of justice trumps response was characteristically direct on his preferred communication channel twitter. they have no impeachment case and not demeaning our country he tweeted but nothing matters to them they've gone crazy therefore i say if you're going to
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impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate. his regular cheerleaders supported him calling impeachment is a just the most are we ok with it we think it is a legitimate process it will continue to be americans seeing divided on the issue. i think the evidence is very clear that he put his own personal interests before the interests of our country. i don't find that poley. and i have to say i'm really really disappointed. that the republicans. in government don't seem to be able to put their country 1st. all right quite frankly i think it's very bad timing it's christmas time is going to be you know we have an
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election next year on a wave let the voters speak we don't need her to speak force if the democrats move of a fast in the house then proceedings move to the 2nd stage of the peach mint a try in the senate where the republicans have a majority which could be to trump's advantage while at the end of another significant die on capitol hill day w. washington correspondent all of a cell it sent us his assessment of what comes next in the impeachment perseus the democrats say they have no other choice than impeaching president trump according to the intelligence committee there is overwhelming evidence of president trump's wrongdoing the judiciary committee will now work on articles of impeachment abuse of power bribery and obstruction of justice are some of the potential counts but let's not forget no matter what the evidence suggests we're not looking at a trial and there won't be a formal court ruling the impeachment proceedings are a very partisan process and therefore we can expect lawmakers and senators to very
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much vote in the interest of their party and in the end it's highly unlikely that president trump will be impeached of office. the w.'s of a sell it in washington now to some of the other stories making news around the world. at least 50 people have died after a boat carrying migrants capsized off the coast of mar tiny in northwest africa the report from the international organization for migration says more than 80 people survived and that the vessel left the gambia in late november. a 23 year old woman is in a critical condition she was set a lot on her way to a court hearing in the indian state of topper dish she was going to be hearing in the right that she had previously filed against 2 men who were among the 5 arrested in connection with this latest attack. right having company says it received nearly
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6000 complaints of sexual assault in 20172000 i think in the u.s. it's the 1st time it has revealed the scale of such assaults from passengers and drivers but the company says such incidents are rare noting that people in the u.s. took 2300000000 rides during that period. to france now where a national strike brought the country to a standstill on thursday public sector workers joined mass protests against president. plans to reform the pension system schools and hospitals have been seriously disrupted and some of the protests turned violent. as c.e.o. of strikers it's the largest mobilization across france in decades this time it's all about pension reforms for future generations. their pension it's a converted barely afford to rent who don't have enough to make ends meet and this reform will make things worse. all the defend the nation by my free time myself in
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10 years' time and i'm not sure i'll be able to survive on what my car is proposing is that simple. however by thursday afternoon scenes from paris city center showed increasing violence groups of protesters smashed store windows and clashed with police among them members often anarchist group the so-called black bloc the violence made visible to frustration many strike supporters feel with the french government's. take even if that is it going as is i want to say dani that's who is the one class who paid the price for the cuts unacceptable that's a fact if there's money there the people in power like capitalists have to pay it off they know how to find money for not for the deals it is they've turned the world upside down and they want us to pay even but we don't agree with that you went on in the fight that all. the general strike was called by trade unions to protest the government's plans for pension reform many fear it would increase their
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work time and reduce their pensions to strike has received widespread supports. several forces united for this it's really big there are a students nurses and doctors lawyers and yellow vests like me. union say they might extend the strike as far as monday. earlier we spoke to our correspondent lisa lewis and asked if president should be worried about a repeat of the prolongs $9095.00 strikes that saw the government backed down on pension reform. well he's of the afraid that that might happen again it's crucial for him to push through the pension reform it's one of the centerpieces of what he was running on the platform he was running on when being elected president so he is afraid that this might happen again and it looks like the government is open to negotiations with the protest says he doesn't want to give up on the main p.c.
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doesn't want to give up on that fusion of $42.00 systems into one but there seems to be some leeway for negotiation lisa lewis there our correspondent in paris well an outrage and a collective failure is how the world health organization is describing a surge in the number of people dying from measles their latest report shows that the disease killed about 140000 people in 2019 most were children under 5 the w.r. choice is one of the reasons the number of cases is increasing around the globe is because people are failing to vaccinate their children is a closer look at the at a place rather being devastated by the nasals the pacific nation of samoa. no necessary buying clothes for her son to be buried in. he's one of more than 60 children who has died in the measles epidemic sweeping samoa.
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anything it might be. with cases like as mounting the government has declared a state of emergency vaccinations have been made compulsory in a country where only around a 3rd of the population was immunized against measles. 90 percent need to be vaccinated for adequate protection one reason for the rapid spread of the preventable disease misinformation by anti vaccination groups we've heard. anybody try to make you are going to. force people to come from an area that's free. but the problem each pair of them had to get by right before. we have children. and try to actually. keep. them for so. many of you will.
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be. the government's patience is right now it started a 2 day shutdown of businesses and most government offices and advise samoans to stay indoors. officials have asked residents who've not been immunized to hang red flags from their windows medical teams are going from house to house to administer vaccinations. others are being vaccinated in emergency centers in the tiny island nation is desperate to finally sound the disease. they were on the brink of extinction. but after a concerted campaign the number of mountain gorillas in rwanda has begun to increase the total number has risen from $681.00 dick i had to go to more than $1000.00 to die this status has changed from critically endangered to just endangered so how did it happen is
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a close look. a very rare sight this mountain gorilla is one of just over a 1000 left in the mountain forests spreading across congo uganda and rwanda their numbers have increased significantly in any one decade thanks to close trekking and constant monitoring health births wounds every movement of every single gorillas recorded. is a bit maybe aren't but that bit is on the list to be named. for . groups. every baby gorilla is named in an annual ceremony in one of the villages bordering the forests. these ceremonies have become hugely popular. and that invites celebrities to spotlight conservation work and help people in the villages to learn about gorillas. and.
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we don't want to protect the park with guns. protected of course of this park with people who understand. that it's a possibility that's where and that is. really. true for sustainable conservation strictly regulated guerrilla tourism has created a sustainable income with tourists paying a $1500.00 u.s. dollars per visit government steers 10 percent of tourism revenue from volcanoes national park to build infrastructure and surrounding villages including health clinics and schools to date about $2000000.00 u.s. dollars have gone into funding village projects 21 year old. loves the gorillas in his free time he works as
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a porter accompanying tourist to the guerrillas. once i'm done with my study i want to become a guard i want to make money so i can look after my family. consideration is sprays run for its concerted efforts to save mountain gorillas from becoming extinct but they also warn that after all gorillas are still considered endangered it. now to a seasonal tradition in the ice hockey world the teddy bear toss pennsylvania team the hershey bay's already held the record for the most stuffed toys thrown onto the ice during a home game and this year they beat the best setting and new world record of their 1st goal against top of this weight the best supporters through 45650 cuddly
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toys on to the rink. or it will be donated to the local charities in time for christians it's the teddy that. you are watching the news coming up dr phil documentary series stay tuned for that more headlines coming at the top of the alley and not forget the web site is always there for all the light is that dot com for now on app and how to thanks for joining us. on the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. juice in the bridge clicks on the phone board's 250th birthday we remember going on a voyage of discovery. expedition him good.


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