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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2019 12:45am-1:01am CET

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that's being given. canadian author and activist and has written books that criticize capitalism and globalization whether you agree with her views or not she has strong intelligent. she's on a book tour promoting her latest tome which is called. the burning case for a green new deal which is advocating a new green contract to save the planet. and viral mental activists naomi klein warns of a total collapse she says politicians are too afraid to take drastic measures out of ignorance and fear of losing at the polls. and big energy companies spend a lot of money on kind of pains and convincing us that the market will fix everything. we have an economic system. that defines success and less economic growth and much of that growth is
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is connected to an ideology of endless consumption and that is incompatible with what our planet can take and so we need a different economic paradigm for this much needed change the renowned intellectual uses a phrase heard a lot these days the green new deal refers to reforms implemented by former us president franklin d. roosevelt a series of strategies that managed to overcome the great depression in the 1930 s. strategies of the green new deal could include investing in jobs agriculture public housing national parks and museums when he talked about the depression he wasn't only talking about the economy being depressed but also people were to press right so how do you lift up the people spirit and part of that was need access to nature and part of that was access to the arts. and also have a kate's improve. community spirit and the strongest social safety net she says
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many environmental policies the lower class the hardest for example in france where fuel tax rises sparked weeks of violent protests along with the climate crisis the social pressure increases clients and populists benefit from that their answer to the crisis being racial and seclusion. i think every human on this planet on some level is aware that our home is in crisis that something is not right in our world that breakdown in within the living systems that support life on earth creates feelings of panic and because we don't have policies on the table that are really solving the problem it creates a very flammable political environment where these figures can come in and pick populations against each other it's time to take to the streets again the climate conference in madrid won't magically solve the crisis and still hopeful she sees
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a chance for a green new deal a real one that deserves the name we just need to be brave enough to look into our green future. clint eastwood obviously has no intention of retiring now $89.00 he's directed an average of one movie a year since he turned 80 his latest is richard jewel the true story of a terrible miscarriage of justice richard jewel was a security guard who discovered a bomb lympics back in 9096 and having raised the alarm and saved lives he was later accused of planting the bomb. when he finds suspicious package at centennial park richard jewel plays the hero out of town of greensburg back for richard crazy. crazy. he's not wrong. his quick thinking saves hundreds of lives but the media thinks richard
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jewel looks more like a dangerous loner goal fits the profile of the lone bomber a frustrated white man who is a police want to be who seeks to become a hero players a former trainer or 32 can play. the f.b.i. to try to pin the chronic one joule. cut. is very important. they catch somebody so they just got somebody new just grabs richard drew. clint eastwood's portrait of an ordinary american hero is brought to life by actor paul walter hauser in a role he was born to play. guys were trying to argue what a man who is convicted in the press before the age of social media script we don't lead on this story what are we doing here ok we're running it turned into until the end jewel believes in the system and they took my babies my disney movie.
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they did it because they want to see if we mount a record of. a political statement so. i do you keep defending these people. just explained well so be it richard jewel was painted with a very unfair brush stroke or 2 or 3. and because of that people never acknowledged his humanity this film. is a q.b. swigs taught tale of a miscarriage of justice feels all too perfect and is certain to provoke discussion and debate long after the fun real. boman soon to new and pork you have 30 minutes . and with me now is the author of that report and a man who swears hat the world premiere along with a lot of other journalists in los angeles scott wrote so scott what was it like to
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feel so basic i mean just to be in the presence of a clint eastwood of course he's a living legend as you mentioned 89 not slowing down i mean this is his 3rd film in 2 years it's incredible and i think it's probably his best film since probably american sniper what i always love about clint eastwood is what a clear structured sense as to his his dose is always very clear what he wants to show what he wants to tell i mean i think law the best parts of this movie are when he takes the f.b.i.'s k. . against richard jewel and sort of odd rivals it piece by piece we saw that the scene the end of the piece where the f.b.i. gets richard jewel to they trick him basically to repeat the real bombers 911 call i also picked out another scene from the film that shows sort of how precise director clint eastwood is and in this in the film the richard jewel's lawyer is going over some of the facts the case when he realizes that his client really is innocent let's take a look we also know that richard was inside the park near the santa light hour at
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$1257.00 and bill miller called the backpack and he would have to cover that distance in one minute. i mention. here on average one for me. i mean how does he do it yeah i mean he's incredibly fast and how he works i mean it helps that he always use the same camera man the same crew so well oiled machine they know what they're doing but also is famous for never doing more than one take he sets up the shot gets all the actors know what they want to make sure they know the lines does one take gets what he needs and moves on so the actors have to go. now as you know there's been some criticism about how one of the journalists in the movie was portrayed take us through that this is the journalist who's patrolled by libya wild in the film is based on a real journalist who is
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a lantern newspaper reporter and she was the one who originally broke the story that the f.b.i. was looking into richard jewel as a suspect in the bombing now all that's true that's not debated but in the way that you would portray as this journalist he seems to suggest that she traded sex for information some of her with some of her sources now there's 0 evidence for that and the the newspaper newspaper has threatened to sue warner brothers the makers of the movie for the unfair. picture i have to say what if the fact of the case are the trail of the journalist in this film is the weakest bit of the film it's the only point where eastwood sort of slips into lazy caricature and in some ways it's kind of ironic because his whole message with this movie is not to judge people based on on appearances and he seems to be doing this in the case of this this character and this approach film wants that yeah i kind of dismiss that argument i think it has to do with the fact that we're judging everything based on what
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can't people are in and people put clint eastwood in the conservative camp and judge just as proton film i don't see it that way i see it as a really well done movie about an unsung american hero and a warning to not judge based on appearances to not jump to just scott was always very much and we hope that mr eastwood is perhaps nominated with this movie maybe maybe and keeps going with safe sex anyway. gov and a kind of wood carving that 2 years ago was listed as an intangible world heritage by unesco which is trying to preserve and keep traditional skills around the world live and this particular wood carving craft has been combined with modern design by a company called santa at creating completely new furniture which is proving very popular with discerning clients. this method of wood carving by hand is an age old craft. but the pieces in this workshop in conyers and mark antiques and luxury
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contemporary design objects in demand. for hannah and adam exchange run the family owned business in the 4th generation their great grandfather founded it in 1927 of the form of 36 workshops only one remains in conyers the concept has been redefined. furniture is sustainable furniture has created sustainable jobs in. furniture. that help us protect and preserve our culture. does not design concept bring scandinavian minimalism together with traditional southeast european craftsmanship and this symbiosis is no coincidence. the brothers were looking for ways to modernize and in 2014 they turned to
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a swedish designer. internationally renowned designer monica 1st lives in stockholm and normally works for well established brands such as the italian label and the sea she took on the challenge of transporting the traditional bosnian craft into the 21st century. they show. there are a vision of combining the traditional with the modern day creations are one of a kind on the design market. i've looked at it with my sort of scandinavian or more humanistic minimalist and extracted hard the carvings and really applied it in a new way the brothers or han and i had a mix blend of modern design and traditional craftsmanship to become far more than an insider's team. it is an interesting combination.
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full today of course as all web sites from all stories at v.w. dot com slash culture and if you missed any of this show you can actually find that on the website so thanks for watching and until next time.
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caro the future each. sport back is the latest edition balinese life over like. cars on their way home. we'll talk to some experts at the motor show. driving. through the. 250 years of looks like a jewel but a major anniversary. our host look at shooting it travels to be honest he lived here for over 3 decades and grows his masterpieces and he discovers prompts that find history. of a lot of questions that need answering following the footsteps of the great beatle . 90 minutes on d w. staying
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up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. a duel with words. where i come from we don't want a way from a confrontation. when i was 5 years old my father took me to his friends and i was hooked on the spot. a sport that you learn so on and to see also. the fencing as a language and a good sword fight is a conversation. must go opponents and understand the thinking new of the men to get close otherwise you can score a. it's not unlike
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a tough interview really when interviewing politicians or corporate c.e.o.'s you have to wait for the right moment just to get around that defensiveness then make your own fear. yes of taking risks to get was the office. i've got office and i work at the deli. this is g.w. news these are our top stories the u.s. house judiciary committee has approved impeachment articles against president trump that charge him with abuse of power in obstructing congress the house is now expected to vote next week on whether to impeach the president on the 2 challenges . in london hundreds of people have taken to the streets to protest thursday's general election result prime minister boris johnson's conservatives won an absolute majority in parliament while the main.


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