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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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the be. the be. the end i am. this is d w news live from london scrambling to escape the flames mass evacuations are underway in australia as people flee the deadly wildfires thousands are on the road others are waiting to be ferried to safety by boats in the hot dry and windy conditions are expected to get worse we'll go to sydney for the latest also coming up turkish awake has voted to send troops to war torn libya and chris says it's protecting its own interest but many fear that the move could escalate the conflict
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in the country. 3 people come forward following a deadly car to germany or horses believed that illegals thailand and as far to blaze that killed dozens of animals in the town of case that on new year's eve. class creating a more sustainable future germany designates 2020 asked the year of the value economy will help more on the campaign to promote green products and services. i have a home for you could join me australian author already is are taking a drastic measures to save lives as some of the worst wildfires on record ravaged the country with 18 people already confirmed dead and thousands of homes destroyed authorities have ordered mass evacuations into. the hardest hit states now the
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worst affected state is new south wales where fires have burned more than 4000000 hectares now to put that damage into perspective for you that is more than 4 times the number of hecht has lost during the 2019 mazin fawaz the state government of new south wales has declared a 7 day state of emergency for a 3rd time in as many months and in a state of neighboring victoria roads have been cut off making it only possible to leave the scene now naval vessels are being sent to evacuate people from. to one of the ports close to melbourne now the evacuations are likely to last for days and make extreme weather conditions. australia's so say eastern coast is now an ever kishan zone people have been told to leave as soon as possible as authorities declared a state of emergency. it is imperative that you look after yourself the responsibility to look after yourselves and your families and you out to those men
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and women who are fighting as far as keeping such a do exactly what i say military ships and aircraft have been deployed to provide humanitarian assistance bringing in much needed food and medical supplies to cut off areas the military vessels will be able to evacuate up to 1000 people at a time from the harbor in the victoria to see journey to one of the designated ever creation ports takes around 17 hours this means that the mass evacuations will go on well into the weekend when weather conditions are forecast to worsen again. the winds are expected to be very strong back to food plus degree temperatures we've got a lot of 4 in the last guy that we've agreed to time. residents are taking the warnings seriously. and for bit odd sight anybody die it's tied to sky. demised tyrants tired to scared just curious. just. over to do
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is put your lot that reason is now. just get out your god. when you say that for a new just now you're not meant to believe it just go. smoke is too sick for helicopters to fly in and help with the evacuations those wanting to leave will now make their way to the ports. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world taiwan's military chief of staff has been killed in a helicopter crash shani missing was aboard a blackhawk chopper when it went down in the mountains north of the capital taipei officials said 7 others aboard also died now the air force general was in command of the on insta fences against china. or thought he's in indonesia say at least 30 people have been killed in severe flooding tens of thousands were evacuated in and around the capital jakarta what's been called the worst rainfall in decades hit the
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region on wednesday schools rivers to overflow and buildings to collapse. lebanon has received an international wanted notice from interpol for carlos ghosn requesting his arrest the 4 minister bail in japan earlier this week and fed to lebanon he was awaiting trial in japan for financial misconduct japanese prosecutors have raided it goes tokyo home for today looking for information on how he escaped the country. well turkey's parliament has passed legislation authorizing a one year deployment of troops to libya turkey supports libby's internationally recognized government in tripoli now the motion gives ankara the green light to send turkish soldiers to the libyan capital it says that the deployment is necessary to defend the government there against forces loyal to the powerful warlord khalifa haftar.
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correspondent daryn jones is on the story for us from istanbul good to see dorian how broad was the support in parliament for turkey's military deployment to libya. well the government only had the support of its coalition partner national action party while all the opposition parties voted against although the government is secure the deployment motion with a comes to majority of well over a 100 but in that the buy in the debate in parliament it was a pretty feisty debate with the opposition accusing the government of risking what they said was muslim blood for an unnecessary operation they said the problem is he should have been allowed to take his course before deploying forces and the obvious question the nature of this deployment motion basically gave a carte blanche a blank check the president wants there's no clear outline of how many soldiers will be deployed and what will be the parameters there are operations as a lot of concern turkey's parliament have now voted on the motion which gives the
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president a free hand to carry out what many people see as probably the most risky military operation of turkish military of carried out for many decades so with all that in mind daryn why you getting involved in its national interests. well president outlined a number of reasons in the run up to this vote he said turkey has a strong connections libya was part of the ottoman empire and president one says there's still a sizeable ethnic turkish population there also turkey has deep trading ties with libya which extend to many billions and billions of dollars in construction contracts which still remain outstanding but the key part of this of this deal and why turkey is deploying a military forces is that they see this libya deal a libyan government offering turkey as a very important strategic agreement which you've given turkey control of a large part of the eastern mediterranean that area is at the moment being hotly
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contested by a number of countries searching for hydrocarbons major gas in the oil fields are believed to be there and also crucially this area that is now on the turkish control blocks of potential pipeline that israel and the greek cyprus and greece want to build turkey says that pipeline cannot go ahead unless turkey agrees to it because of this arrangement it has with libya so in many ways this libyan support of the libyan government is seen as key to turkey strategic interests now in libya as a major staging point for migrants trying to come to your how is turkey's possible intervention going to be received by the e.u. briefly if you don't mind. well there is a great deal of concern that any military deployment by turkey would further escalate the conflict and that could lead to further exodus of libyan refugees many of them believe will be heading to italy it's already suffering from large numbers and the fear is that fervor turkish to pour into military forces would lead to more
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refugees entering europe and that is something that all of europe is very alarmed about daryn jones reporting for us from istanbul thanks daryn. it watching the news still to come what's next for europe's most powerful woman we look at the political priorities of german chancellor angela merkel going into the new year. but 1st a woman and her 2 adult daughters have turned themselves into authorities in western germany following a fire the devastated as to killing dozens of animals but he say that the woman admitted to ordering paper sky lanterns on the internet apparently unaware that they were illegal in germany it's believed the flames from the apple internals course the place. flowers and candles a crayfish zoo more than 30 animals were burned to death here after a fire broke out at the 8 house. among the dead animals are highly
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endangered apes like around the 10s from borneo lower than gorillas from central africa and chimpanzees from west africa. become. a total of 8 apes were killed amongst them massed europe's oldest gorilla he was 48 years old the fire in the ape house broke out shortly after midnight the house was also home to fruit bats and birds they were all killed in the blaze but 2 chimpanzees survived. police say the fire was caused by a sky lantern launch of a new year a mother and her 2 daughters handed themselves in to authorities soon after the fire reportedly unaware that the sky lantern's a band across germany. because. the people wanted to set off these lanterns with good wishes and of course they didn't think that could lead to what happened here. i must say i
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think it's courageous of them to go to the police and say yes we're responsible i find the leak stream me decent and they have my respect. and i was picked while cray film zoo now remains closed investigations into how the fire spread are underway. well let's bring in correspondent donna records who was at the case. a mother and their 2 and had 2 daughters have turned themselves into the authorities now what is likely to happen to them well that's true helena we know that they might be charged with negligent arson and that offense if they are charged with it could carry a prison sentence of up to 5 years or alternatively a fine but as we saw chief investigator and police both. both applaud the woman and her 2 daughters for confessing it and for saving them
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a lot of trouble and a lot of hassle from a potentially very tricky investigation people obviously feel very affected by this tragedy what has been the response. that's right as you can see behind me holding a vigil lighting candles bringing flowers bringing also their children and explaining to them what exactly happened and how and what happened to these animals some people passers by earlier have told me that for them the animals kept here in the zoo in case folks were almost like their relatives like their family members and this is a really really tragic loss not only for those 2 but for the entire city so the mood here is definitely quite grim we're not we're not sure whether or not they will open its gates tomorrow the staff here is still debating it and further details will be clear throughout the day it is absolutely awful miraculously i guess to chimpanzees apparently survived the fire what will happen to them do we
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know. correct we don't know yet what will happen to them what we know that the head the manager of the zoo is very satisfied with their situations apparently they were only lightly affected by this and they're doing fine that's what we know so far we don't know whether or not they will remain under zoo but this is kind of somewhat of an encouraging and encouraging piece of news inside this horrible tragedy all right reporting for us from k. fed down or i guess thanks a lot. now to austria where conservatives have struck a coalition agreement with the green party now the deal follows 3 months of tough negotiations sebastian coats will remain chancellor with the greens entering national government for the 1st time the conservatives previous alliance with the far right freedom party but it collapsed over a corruption scandal. could austria's coalition between the conservatives and
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greens also be a model here in neighboring germany well it's an idea that's being discussed in berlin as political parties especially the conservatives look to the future the armed chancellor angela merkel's tenure americal has said she will not run in the next general election june late next year and now during the remainder of her term mechanize looking to shore up the e.u. as it confronts new challenges. in her natural habitat the most recent e.u. summit here europe's longest serving head of government has been forging compromise for 15 years yet there are telltale signs of a chancellor on her final stretch in office what was supposed to be her latest budget speech became a foreign policy roadmap largely removed from the nitty gritty of domestic politics i noticed that it's very easy to be critical of the u.s. which no longer wants to take on responsibility in the places it used to but 1st information that points back to ers here in europe or m.p.'s increasingly seen
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merkel focused on her european legacy. of her chance or ship out 35 and russia with germany's e.u. presidency coming up in the 2nd half of 2020 machall needs to mend the strategically important marriage with france to fulfill her key aim a united europe that can stand up to an increasingly dominant china back home her own party worry that her refusal to actively back a successor could weaken germany's position. speaking of political leadership i think she should think about supporting someone so to give us. the germans and the europeans and everybody out there who could play also a role for stability that someone is still widely tipped to be his successor as party
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leader anecdotes come catherine also defense minister she recently called for a more active role for german troops on the world stage she offers the kind of clarity even merkel fans have lately been missing at the top i see only one deficiency that's the look of a national strategy which shows more trope france potency about german interests and german strengths and weaknesses the current german chancellor isn't a lame duck yet but the clouds of a long goodbye are hanging over her office in berlin it's an open secret here that the main reason why angola machall continues to ride out her coalition woes back home is her concern over the stability of the european union at the same time many are struggling to imagine what a post merkel germany or europe would look like. our chief political editor there reporting well every year the german government promotes the sciences with
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exhibitions and competitions to raise interest in research and development in 2020 it's all about the bio economy our reporter derek william takes a look at exactly what that means. bio economy describes any part of the economy that could benefit from renewable biological resources it's about promoting materials or energy based on living things like crops forests or microorganisms. one big aspect of the bio economy is improving environmental sustainability for example in areas like aviation the use of biofuels based on crops or crop waste rather than oil could dramatically reduce the sector's carbon footprint but to be an option the technology has to get cheaper as of today biofuels are more expensive than fossil fuels it's a magnitude of 4 times more expensive and that's another reason why we talk about the need for large scale production to get the unit cost down to meet the cost of
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fossil fuel another area is improving quality and food and agriculture and the industrial production of chemicals replacing materials like conventional plastic made from fossil resources with sustainable alternatives grown by microbes in the bioreactor we grow our microbes in the process it's very similar to producing beer in a brewery. using our directors we can produce lots of different molecules polymers. platform carry costs a 3rd area is health care as populations rise the only way to meet soaring demand for vital medicines will be to optimize the bio based systems that make pharmaceuticals. and 28 team researchers in this key field received a nobel prize for pioneering work that helped drive the bio economy forward.
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but what our laureates this year have done is that they have used this this principle of evolution they have adapted it to have. applied it to their experiments to test tubes and been able to evolve new types of proteins very fast the ultimate goal of the bio economy is to create what's called circularity and consumption that means eliminating waste saving fossil resources beating the world's burgeoning population and taking medical technology to the next level. all right well joining me now is dr christian apart a man described as the father of the bio a condom a concept in europe good to have you with us welcome now replacing fossil fuels with buy materials i mean it sounds great but it would be an enormous undertaking is it realistic well you should not forget that it is not just the area where you get the biomass from it's also the immense immense amount
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of waste which we have a city like frankfurt for example as about 900000 tons of biological waste which you can use as a kind of treasure for the future so you know it is not just you know that we have in fields animals or plants which we use in a more intensive way but that the waste the 2nd generation of it for example is something we really need to use and to optimize i mean even if it is waste let's face it it is expensive how can you make it more attractive financially the industry for example. well industry that's not my big concern because if it pays off because you use less water less resources if they're on huge new features like a longer lifetime for example then the the industry will do it but the question is the consumer and also sometimes the the do is you know who are going to fund
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research that is something which is sometimes really still to be further developed the consumer has the liberty to troops but he must be convinced that it is not just to save the planet that's more important than ever but that there are also things which are good for him that the product rich has is more apt that it has as i said to you a longer life time that it is the surface in a roller office kaito which is more comfortable etc so in addition we also have fiscal means we could have to queue him in public procurement to help and to prefer bio based products to be taken by consumers but to be honest i think that can seem a shop as they are doing enough that they are environmentally conscious already federal politicians and governments for example here in germany be doing more to make sure that these things are actually on the shelves that all these options.
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well options are i think the most important one very clear that you are convinced of something that is not easy because you have a competition of various ideas etc and then there is the general awareness now we have a very good situation at this moment that we have to do something for the planet that we have to do something for our children and grandchildren that is helpful but on the other hand when it comes down to a nitty gritty decision indeed you know it's still not very let me say doesn't work without saying that the consumer will make such a non expensive decision all right doctor because 10 parts a man described as the father all the bio a commie in this new all of by economy thanks a lot thank you. well it annoying has become the 11th us state to legalise cannabis the gov has also pardon thousands of people convicted in the past of low level drug offenses the stroke of midnight it became legal to buy
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cannabis. this is the right way for some the excitement was so high that they forgot to show their id from the 1st of january illinois is 21 and older can legally buy up to 30 grams of cannabis as well as cannabis infused products for many it was worth queuing up in subzero temperatures to get their hands on the state's 1st legal pot. super far and i just you know to do things like part of history for chicago come be a part of it really i was up for so it's incredible it's incredible i just can't believe we're finally here i'm really excited and i know what everybody that i know is really excited as well little surreal it was a little crazy like i'm walking to the counter and then here was everywhere showing me. buying we legal cannabis this is just unbelievable with the legalization also come some 700000 pardons for people with low level cannabis
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convictions and a quarter of the nearly $60000000.00 projected annual tax revenue will go to communities affected by the war on drugs or thoughts these are open about the economic benefits of the new comers illinois is establishing itself as the 1st state in the nation to legalize in a way that truly puts equity 1st illinois joins 10 other u.s. states and the district of columbia where every creational cannabis is legal the u.s. narcotics agency however still considers cannabis a dangerous substance. this is the news these are our top stories australia has ordered mass evacuations of coastal communities as bushfires razor cross the nation at least 18 people have been killed naval ships and aircraft are going to bring food and water to thousands taken refuge on.
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turkey's parliament has authorized sending troops to libya to support the un backed government that the one year mandate will see turkish soldiers head to tripoli to defend the city against forces loyal to rule or top but there are concerns that their presence could have great the conflict. was already in indonesia say that at least 30 people have been killed in severe flooding tens of thousands were evacuated in and around the capital jakarta what's being called the worst rainfall in decades caused rivers to overflow and buildings to collapse. 3 people have turned themselves into police following a deadly fire to german soup with ortiz believe their illegal sky lantern's sparked a blaze that killed dozens of animals in the town of k felt on new year's eve. this is deja news from berlin for more followers on twitter at d
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w news or visit our website it's t w dot com. and just before you go we have you may have seen the spectacular new year's eve far walks around the world but you've probably never seen anything quite like this now these are nearly 2000 drones flying together in the night sky over shanghai the machines are programmed to create different emotions shapes and even words now off to the end of your countdown the show ended with the germans forming the chinese characters all consuming meaning dream chaser. you're watching the news from berlin up next to danger a top moment on climbers in search of the perfect selfie are putting their lives at risk that is next don't focus on europe remember you can always get the latest news on our web site that is d w dot com and have a home free and by then thanks to a company also york city.
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happy new year and welcome to focus on europe nice to have you with us for our 1st show of 2028 the mountains are my favorite place to be during the holidays perhaps you enjoy them to the alps especially our perf.


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