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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2020 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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it was news coming up next it's t w business africa examining how awesome a sort of money's assassination is impacting markets around the world that is next with jenelle do i have a home from home for the whole team hey embodied thanks for watching. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore the mating boards her 2 sides of the. world heritage 3 sixty's get enough now. go to the girl next to you to check. the good part of stewards.
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with the exclusive. must see concerning. your of. to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribers or don't miss out. on us kills a top iranian commander in an airstrike marking a major escalation in tensions between toronto and washington sending tremors across world markets and oil prices surging. and also on the show south africa's credit rating teeters on the brink of junk status amid economic turmoil and expensive bailouts for failing state terms. and germany is said to introduce new immigration rules the track skilled workers to fill. i think out of the labor force
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. this is the business i'm joined now the milan in berlin welcome what a difference a day makes fresh from yesterday's 1st day optimism as the markets reopened for a new trading year they too is looking much legal news of a u.s. air strike killed a top iranian general ratcheting up geopolitical tension in the region has struck fears across trading floors worries over iranian retaliation and further instability in the crude rich middle east oil prices soaring the missile strike that killed iran's most powerful military leader custom soleimani marks a dramatic escalation of tensions between the united states and iran the white house and pentagon confirmed the killing saying the strike at baghdad airport had been carried out under a direct order from the president the u.s. airstrike sparked concerns over an escalation of regional tensions that could disrupt crude supplies on news of the assassination brant crude rose just over 4
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percent spiking at 69 $1.50 a barrel that's its highest since mid september when saudi oil facilities were attacked briefly slashing output in the world's top exporter by. christopher heyns joy now he's a crude analyst from energy aspects in london christopher the attacks obviously haven't had a direct impact on oil supply from iran or anywhere else but risks of an escalation have been enough to push up the oil price what's at stake here for the oil market. yeah that's right i mean i think we've seen the 3 percent bump in the oil price roughly today and i think clearly people are worried about the and he media impacts on supply it's more the potential of how a run is going to respond to this this. i think one of the biggest things here is that the playground well this is happening is in southern iraq that's a very big oil producing region you've got about 33 and a half 1000000 barrels
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a day of oil that come out of that so any kind of threat to any disruption so that in the future is going to be a real problem and i think one of the challenges now is trying to understand when iran might might react to what they might do. but past attacks like the hit on oil tankers in the strait of hormuz last year for instance didn't have a lasting effect on the oil market what can we expect this time around yeah i think this time this is were a little bit different the oil market is slightly tighter so people are going to be very worried about supply disruptions particularly if it's iraqi crude because this is the type of crude the world wants right now if you look at the sanctions that have been put on venezuela on the run this is the same kind of oil very heavy kind of oil so it will be very difficult for the market and really would push prices up if there are disruptions that thank you christopher haynes energy aspects in london
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thanks very much. to south africa now where foreign investors unloaded nearly $10000000000.00 u.s. dollars worth of south african stocks and bonds last year the largest selloff in over a decade president cyril ramaphosa has failed to jumpstart the economy after 2 years in office indications are mounting that the country is sliding into a recession and it could lose its last investment grade credit rating in a matter of weeks. many south africans were buoyant at new year's celebrations in cape town. 29000 was an experience but i expect 2020 to be much better and i have high expectations for 20 twenty's. but investors have other expectations and are bracing for another kind of a bang in february. south africa already has a junk rating at fitch is and standard and poor's and moody's mode its outlook to
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negative at its last review sparking fears the country will be relegated to junk status at the next rating in february the world bank has lowered its growth forecast for the mid-term from 1.3 percent last spring to just less than one percent for last year the job outlook remains weak with unemployment at 29 percent and government debt is now projected to grow to 71 percent of g.d.p. by 2022 up from 57 percent just over a year ago more and more public spending is going to distressed state owned companies like power utility eskom a national carrier south african airways if south africa is rated junk by moody's analysts say it would trigger a massive selloff by institutional investors. germany is hoping for a wave of applicants for hard to fill jobs this year new immigration rules for skilled workers come into force in less than 2 months the reform allows workers
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from outside the european union to come to germany for jobs the new regulations give applicants 6 months to find a job here however applicants who not receive any social security benefits from the german state for this period of permanent visa is possible once the applicant has a recognised job qualification can demonstrate sufficient proficiency in german and shows proof of a full time job. it's about people like kerry mom chachi although he came from turkey and found his dream job as an aircraft technician at frankfurt airport he works in the field and with german employers have trouble finding work it's. that procedure 5 or 6 times and. 6 or so i want to sign a contract i got that but during this period rail is hard for for a north because we are not european steers and germany still isn't germany wants to
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attract more skilled workers by cutting the red tape and new skilled worker immigration law will take effect in march. time is running out millions of baby boomers will be retiring and they are leaving huge gaps in the labor market. and. at the beginning of the next decade germany will have 6000000 fewer workers we need to fill those gaps if we want to maintain economic strength which of. of danceable in gold is a ready a lack of young workers in many fields but a lot depends on whether people from other countries want to make germany their home to roll to more as economic prosperity lies in the hands of the youth. earlier we spoke with michel founder kalman who was responsible for the migration and refugees area with the german employment agency we asked them whether the many requirements for applicants are realistic what's called the actual for getting
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skilled labor. to germany the emphasis on skilled labor or fused the people need to get there they had to grease. a check to pull people need to be to learn german as well learning a german language used in the data for cold and for most jobs i would say that a 2 according to the. the framework of learning a language in europe takes about 6 months that starts quite ok for learning that so there are some hurdles but i think that is that is doable chris cyprus and israel have signed a deal for an undersea pipeline designed to move gas from the eastern mediterranean to europe they east medline is intended to provide an alternative gas source for energy hungry europe which is largely dependent on supplies from russia then you trilateral pipeline project comes amid tensions with turkey over its own activities in the area. the signing is
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a defining moment after 10 years of talks between israel cyprus and greece they want to build the longest undersea pipeline in the world the construction they estimate will cost $6000000000.00 this is a story before israel because we're becoming an energy exporter for the 1st time in our is true but it's also. i believe this story for the. partnership an alliance in the eastern mediterranean the almost 2000 kilometer long pipeline will transfer up to 12000000000 cubic meters a year from israel's offshore gas reserves to cyprus the greek island of crete to the greek mainland and then on to southern europe it's expected to supply 10 percent of the use natural gas needs. the project could also accommodate future gas finds in waters off cyprus and greece where exploration is underway but it's under heavy scrutiny from turkey turkey is laying claims to large tracts under greek in
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cypriot control in 2018 turkey sent exploration ships to waters that are part of cyprus accompanied by warships turkish president's recha tie a pair to one said repeatedly no project in the eastern mediterranean can proceed without his consent the u.s. however backs the trilateral project according to the israeli energy minister the building of the pipeline could take up to 7 years that means it's going to be a long time before israeli gas will be flowing to europe. fry an air says it's preparing for further the lase to the delivery of its boeing 737 max airliners as one of the world's largest airlines ryanair has ordered 135 of the jets the airline was meant to receive almost 60 by the summer writing their c.e.o. michael o'leary told a german business magazine he added that it's possible ryanair will only get. the
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1st shots in october the boeing 737 max has been grounded worldwide march following 2 fatal crashes which claimed 346 lives. u.s. electric car maker tesla has reached a new record for the number of vehicle units in a quarter it delivered 112000 units in the last 3 months so 2019 tesla beat analyst expectations for deliveries last year the news which sent the carmaker shares soaring to new heights follows a production milestone tesla's 1st model 3 cars built at its chinese plant in shanghai rolled off the production line earlier this week that could help it solidify its position in china the world's biggest car market. and that's it for me and the business team here in berlin for more do check out our website that's the w dot com slash business you can also find us on social media or on facebook and on twitter we'll leave you now with this quick look at global markets. thanks for
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odd. to coax her. the rain forests in ivory coast are threatened by illegal logging to make room for lucrative cocoa plantations in the new moon but a new has the potential to resolve the conflict it's almost sort of conservation areas in distributing fertile land to farmers. you could go for go in 60 minutes with d.w.p. . good job of coming. to link to school
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africa. or links to exception stories and discussion phone use a visit our website d.w. to come smoke free coffee join us on facebook. for. the truth. this is state of the news out front that coming up in the next 15 minutes is africa's wealthiest woman guilty off that is about dos santos has had her assets frozen in angola the government accuses her off causing the state's losses but she says the charges are politically motivated. as this secretive traditional practice in south africa that's costing young man their lives. then bad for him superstardom ugly feet shows us around his home state.


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