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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is the news live from berlin donald trump says the u.s. is prepared for an iranian retaliation after he ordered the assassination of iran's top military commander. the us president says his country was acting in self-defense when it carried out the drone strike against general qassam solomonic intact at the killing marks a dangerous escalation of tensions between the 2 countries and in the region. australia calls up 3000 reservists to help deal with the devastating wildfires
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forecasters are warning of more high winds and scorching temperatures topping 45 degrees the prime minister says it's an extremely difficult day for australia. i'm michael thanks for joining us officials in iraq say there's been another air strike north of baghdad this one killed 5 members of an iran backed iraqi militia it comes a day after an american drone killed iranian general cost a missile a money and an iraqi militia militia leader near baghdad's airport so money was the head of iran's elite could force and was seen as the architect of tehran's military operations in the middle east the strike has raised fears of open conflict between the u.s. and iran iran's u.n. ambassador has told brought to. answer c.n.n.
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that quote the response for a military action is a military action the u.s. has ordered its citizens to leave iraq and is sending thousands of extra troops to the region of the iranians took to the streets of their capital on friday in the 10s of thousands. of the was of they chanted no compromise no surrender fight the us the news of general solomon he's killing sparked fury among the protesters who directed their anger at the west. miami could he have the same thing they did to us should be done to them and their leaders should be killed all of them should be killed. military officials also spoke of revenge for the killing of the man who was widely seen as the 2nd most powerful figure in iran. and we know your way out the americans should prepare themselves for a slap in the face that the americans must know now that after this crime that they
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have committed they will face no safety or peace anywhere. this was all that remained of the vehicle carrying the iranian general and the iraqi militia leader after the american missile struck soul of money had just landed at baghdad's airport hundreds was on hand to welcome him both were killed instantly along with at least 5 others of the deaths are a major setback for iran and for iraq which loses an important military ally the moment. the u.s. says the strike was necessary claiming salim money had been developing plans to attack americans in the region president donald trump said he was not seeking a major conflict with iran it's all a made he has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago. we took action less like to stop
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a war we did not take action to start a war. the reaction from tehran was swift and resolute supreme leader ayatollah ali how many issued a statement promising quote strong revenge and ordered 3 days of national mourning he also named a successor to salomone the general's former deputy as male danny. the conflict was already escalating before the latest airstrike on thursday 750 american soldiers arrived in kuwait now washington is directing u.s. citizens in iraq to leave the country immediately. for more on this story i'm joined in the studio by alexander beauty journalist and war correspondent based in berlin alexander thanks for joining us with tehran and washington are both saying that the other has been the aggressor they've traditionally done this sure but but clearly the killing of stolen money has come as
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a shock to many as you see this as a clear escalation as donald trump gone too far well he's clearly crossed a line here at least the. u.s. ministrations has seen sort of money definitely as a potential target but none has dared to him he has been the main full of the new administration's iraq he has been he has caused a lot of bloodshed in syria he's one of the architects behind him and he's definitely one maybe even before him as he's definitely one of the main troublemakers in the middle east and. says that there will be retaliation any clue as to what might fall well customs and money has opened many theaters of war he has opened many places gauge the u.s. in many places and that is the problem the u.s.
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has been has been forced to expand their forces in every kind of many areas and these areas the areas where. the or those all the terrorists gauged the striking we'll talk more about the implications of customs the money's death in a moment but 1st let's take a closer look at his significance. in the cassim solomon he was the mastermind behind iran's military engagement in the middle east and a close ally of the supreme leader he oversaw the massive expansion of iran's influence in the region over the last 20 years iran's orders were clear to strengthen its ideological and military allies his influence reach from the shia militias in iraq to hezbollah in lebanon to a sad strips in syria that. he was from a young age a passionate supporter of the iranian revolution he fought in the iran iraq war and
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made a name for himself as a general. at the end of the $996.00 took command of the most important units of iran's revolutionary guard the could forces the elite created after the islamic revolution to protect the leadership. hard solid money as he was called by the regimes in a circle had many supporters not least among young people there were fan pages in his honor on social media and he enjoyed cult status among his supporters observers in iran say his killing amounts to a declaration of war. iran has the ability to fight the u.s. and the americans know that if iran did not the u.s. would have attacked back in president bush's time but because american is worried about iran's reaction and knows that would be a massive response they have so far
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a boy did with iran the. tensions in the region have increased markedly with the killing of general sala money iran has already called on shia militias. to be ready for war. so clearly a significant figure in in that country now iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei has said that the could forces will remain unchanged and named a replacement for stolen money what do we know about this new general well apart from his name and that he worked together with cousins in money very little actually. i think the main point is here that the could forces are going to stay unchanged so the states within the states the elite forces will not change and that plies basically. threatens all that is the u.s. and what is and it shows what is going to come namely there will be probably
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a lot of bloodshed and i take it regardless of who that replacement would be it would be awfully big shoes to fill in that tell you the system is so so we know that obviously iran has a many many regional allies would have they said so far in response to these. letters polis threatening we have all of those militias in iraq who are in more violence who said that they will not rest until the americans are out we have iraqi government saying they want the americans out so this actually the assassination of this foot of this military of this. terrible man probably will push the u.s. out of iraq will probably and even the middle east and cajuns. zana bill are so much for thanks so much for joining us thank you. now to some of the other stories
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making news around the world at least 7 people are dead after a hotel collapsed in cambodia about 18 have been rescued from the rubble a search is continuing for other survivors the hotel came down during construction cambodia's building industry has been booming but is plagued by safety problems. thousands of teachers have rallied in hong kong in support of colleagues arrested or disciplined in the pro-democracy protests their union accuses the government of targeting teachers for attending rallies and speaking out on social media the education ministry denies this. x. nissan boss color's gone has fled japan hidden inside an audio equipment box a turkish private jet company has admitted that one of its employees helped him escape to lebanon go on had been awaiting trial on financial misconduct charges.
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a man wielding a knife has lashed out in a park in a paris suburb stabbing several people before running away police shot the suspect dead one of the victims as also been confirmed dead 2 others are injured. australia has called up 3000 military reservists as emergency services brace for what's expected to be one of the hottest days since the devastating bush fires broke out more than 200 blazes are burning across the heavily populated states of victoria and new south wales it's. been a nightmare scenes like this have driven some people to the sea where they're now being evacuated. many roads are impassable and water is sometimes the only solution the decision is wrenching to survival but at a price a home you may have lost. meanwhile the government is coming under harsh criticism
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from both the public and some emergency service workers for not providing enough relief or doing so too late or both but now there's no middle ground the weather forecast for the next few days is even worse the call for a major evacuation for parts of the torah and you south wales is loud and clear. this is i this is i ferocious fog that is still out there and the conditions are going to be very difficult to contain that in the minix 24 to 40 i doubt that's why the evacuation messages are so incredibly important these fries are to sky. has been cleared on many occasions now and president particularly for this time of year in the length of the process and in the absence of the dancing right ecologists at the university of sydney fear the death toll includes hundreds of millions of animals the places have destroyed more than $1300.00 homes and scorched more than 5 and a half 1000000 hectares an area far greater than the netherlands. now
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a judge in the u.k. has ruled that the guinness them qualifies as a protected philosophical belief under british law paving the way for vegans to sue their employers if they've sealed they've been the target of discrimination. the ongoing case involves a london resident jordie customer who claims he was fired from his job at a charity because of his strict adherence to a vegan lifestyle rejecting all consumption of animal products the charity denied this saying he was fired for gross misconduct the case is still pending but the judge's recognition of egotism as a protected belief is a 1st in british law. the red carpet is being rolled out in los angeles as the film awards season kicks off this weekend with the golden globes and once again the host of the star studded show is grabbing most of the attention he thinks steve and there are already this new steve i. think the
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controversial british comedian ricky gervais's is back for a 5th time handing out awards and insults to hollywood's biggest stars as last few performances at the golden globes have courted controversy and there have been speculation that he wouldn't be allowed back but it seems the barbs will be flying once again this year. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you iran has vowed revenge after u.s. air strike killed one of its top generals in iraq the u.s. has ordered its citizens to leave iraq in deployed thousands of troops to the region as a precaution. you're watching news from berlin up next shift living in the digital age looks at china's great firewall and finds out how much online criticism the communist authorities allow more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around
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the clock on our website. dot com thanks for joining us and we'll see you again more news at the top the hour. by dusty berry muddy tires and drums we deliver urgent lifesaving boxes we give our everything to reach those who need us the most every box feeding their futures. boxes full of our hope of lifesaving food and the so much more down the road with no names we feel asleep to live a relentless in our promise tonight.


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