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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump threatens iraq with sanctions if u.s. troops are expelled as ron's leaders presided over the funeral of the general assassinated in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad trump said that iraq would also have to pay the cost of an air base if u.s. troops were booked wired to leave also coming up the trial of former film producer harvey weinstein's begins in new york he faces charges of rape and sexual assault after dozens of women including several top hollywood actresses claimed he sexually
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assaulted them and when all that's left are memories australians count the costs of the bushfires that appeal for funds to help save their the meat wildlife but the government warns that the danger is not get over. the world where one african 1917 takes the best drama and best director award still in the top prizes from the night's expected big winner netflix will report from a star studded night. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has vowed to impose severe sanctions on iraq if it expels u.s. troops deployed there are rocks parliament has called for all foreign troops to leave but trump said that baghdad would have to pay for the cost of an air base if that happened meanwhile iran's leaders have presided over the funeral of general the
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money and others killed in the u.s. drone strike on friday. weeping over the remains of iran's top military commander. the supreme leader ayatollah ali hamdani visibly moved as he led funeral prayers for his former close ally. hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to general kasem sulaimani killed in a u.s. drone strike in iraq on friday. i mean if you have a bomb on a peace his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians. speaking at her father's funeral the general's own daughter has promised reprisals positive identify her 5 mother i'd already quite that i had of all the families of american soldiers in western asia have witnessed america's humiliation in syria iraq on
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lebanon afghanistan yemen and palestine not to get the people spend their days waiting for the death of the children. and the anger is spreading across borders in lebanon the iran backed hezbollah militia has threatened to hit american forces in the region. meanwhile the iraqi parliament has voted to end the u.s. military presence in the country some 5000 u.s. troops are there officially to help defeat so-called islamic state u.s. president donald trump has already warned bag that it could be hit by tough sanctions if it follows through with his threat. but it's iran's promise of revenge that's focusing minds tehran has already promised that it will no longer abide by the 2015 nuclear deal raising the stakes even further. let's get more now we are joined by he is an a.f.p.
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correspondent based in tehran thank you for joining us and welcome to the program we've heard that hundreds of thousands of mourners are gathered in comb we're about to see live images in fact of that are you surprised by the size of the crowds. not really honestly because this situation is very similar to what happened back in 2002 if i remember correctly after president george w. bush's speech that branded iran as a part of the axis of evil and in the 22nd of batman parade there was surprisingly a little bit after that in terms of time saying because the enthusiasm was seen by the people of iran and that is because of one the bronze take it as a whole iran as a whole is threatened or if we actually consider right now to inspire present trum
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that has threatened to hit iran's culture so i don't get a sense of how people are feeling about all this that people feel an icon a symbol of the country has been attacked and art is an issue that is in fact has united some are all of your hands people around the slack so that is not particularly surprising and as i talk to protests there is today as i was on the talk to the demonstrators today at people who turned up for the. funeral saying wrong a lot of people were really calling generals for money as their shiro they were saying that he is like and somehow to she rose in the ancient mania epics of people in charlotte people who defended iran or its ballers so it's not something that people would be divided over. and in the meantime we know that the country itself that iran has vowed revenge what kind of revenge could we be looking at here.
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just today we had an interesting laura marclay one of. our revolutionary lord's command here is the irresponsible minder exactly to say that and i paraphrase that . june trump or in and chilling get the secretary of defense of the u.s. will not be prices last trace the actual prize will be for the u.s. to withdraw from the region and so i think the revenge as we've seen as we've heard in recent remarks about iranian decisions makers is mostly that the u.s. will withdraw from the region not necessarily a military conflict or not necessarily a tit for tat or exactly proportionate response that would be an attack on someone else or similar rock so i don't think we exactly get the sentiment here that they do want to escalate this into a military conflict and i think the situation as it is going to if the u.s.
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does will draw from iraq as a starter on the eve that will be when the last for iran. how does a little bit more about you know the enrichment aspect of this because trump has just tweeted that iran will never have a nuclear weapon and walk us through how tehran has ever sponsoring to that. well i don't think the exact response right now was needed so even this not considering the legal response which is against having nuclear weapons if you believe that was you do not believe that that is out there but the same is that iran has always said that is not seeking a nuclear weapon and its program has not been geared since that is no way as based on this technical aspects ever to produce a nuclear weapon or right now the situation with its nuclear slippers and from oh well that is a still not an exit from j.c.
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people say that it is simply. getting rid of the limitation on the operational capacity as they are saying themselves so they disagree still there and this ifs that that a lot of people actually were causing to be a lot harsher to be a lot more severe than strange and also among his assassination is was actually pretty new to it you could say and a very shrewd response to the situation because it was a lousy iran to. actually develop pressure on the europe to continue its commitments to actually get back on this committee of commitments rewarding did you see graves at a sinking 30 loss the 20. 2 month limitations it was for. so i don't think that is really want you likely units. and there have asked a.f.p. correspondent in tehran thank you. let's get
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a quick check of some other stories making news around the world islamic militants stormed an army base used by u.s. anti terror forces in kenya islamic county on sunday killing 3 americans pictures purporting to show the fiery aftermath that you can see here authorities say that 5 attackers were also killed in the 1st assault by the out group on u.s. forces in kenya. a man described as britain's most prolific rapist has been sentenced to life in prison and foreign student reinhard sin naga from indonesia was convicted of 159 sex offenses not all of his male victims who he drugged and lord home have been identified the trial of former film producer harvey weinstein has begun in new york weinstein is facing charges of rape and sexual assault brought by 2 women but dozens of other women including top hollywood stars have made sexual misconduct claims against weinstein since details 1st emerged back
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in october 2017 weinstein has denied the charges he says any sexual encounters were consensual. the disgraced hollywood mogul arriving at the new york supreme court in manhattan the 67 year old continues to use a walking frame as a result of what he says was a car accident. when the 6 scandal around harvey weinstein 1st broke in 2017 he was still a cochairman of the weinstein company alongside his brother but. together they produced a number of highly successful movies including pulp fiction shakespeare in love and django unchained. in october 2017 several women many of them actresses came forward to accuse weinstein of sexual harassment allegations spock the global feminist me to movement which soon spread from the film industry to many other aspects of society wants to continue to bring forward one new count after another
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he led me to his bathroom pleading that i just watch him masturbate. my heart was racing and i was very scared i pulled my arm away finally and headed to the door he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob weinstein and i could get a 3 picture deal and that he would green light my script but i had to watch to masturbate about 80 women have spoken out about harvey weinstein among them actresses angelina jolie ashley judd and when the poltroon according to she was 22 years old when weinstein made sexual advances toward her. following the accusations the academy of motion picture arts and sciences which awards the oscars expelled weinstein he was fired from his own company in october 2017. immediately after the scandal broke weinstein's wife to a gina chapman announced she was leaving him. the criminal trial against want stain
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is based on 2 cases of sexual assault and right i think from 20062013 prosecutors will call on several other accusers to establish a pattern of predatory sexual behavior. and for more on harvey weinstein's trial i am joined now by dave you correspondent paula foley l.e.o.'s who is outside of the supreme court in new york pablo welcome to you we know that around 80 women have accused harvey weinstein of sexual harassment sexual misconduct assaults but this trial is about only 2 of those cases how come. that's right sara 2 women are involved in this trial they have made serious allegations against harvey weinstein boots because they took place here in new york among the charges and allegations of against harvey weinstein are 2 kinds of predatory sexual assault one kind of criminal sexual act and 2 kinds of rape very very serious charges
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harvey weinstein who arrived here at the courthouse earlier with the help of a walking frame that was also very controversial because many said that it was sort of part of a sort of an act to sort of get a bit more sympathy and he arrived and then left the courthouse as are saying the charges are very serious if those charges are actually turned into you know a guilty verdict for him he could face life in prison the prosecution are also aiming to and hoping to bring in other women who have made accusations but it did not end up in charges being brought against harvey weinstein brought in as well as witnesses to sort of build a stronger case that this predatory behavior by harvey weinstein is something that has been ongoing over the past decade or 2 so now walk us through then pablo what is set to happen in these particular cases. well today monday sara
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is of course the beginning of the trial night tomorrow a choose day is to beginning of jury selection that's expected to take place over the coming 2 weeks or so once the jury is decided then there will of course be the arguments and in this trial that's expected to take place over the following 8 weeks so that brings us up into march and then of course we have the deliberations so it's going to be a very pretty long and dramatic trial against harvey weinstein here in new york. but lo the accusations against weinstein the really added fuel to the fire of the me too movement. now that we have this trial underway how is that likely to impact the movement going forward. well you know it was interesting to see down here at the courthouse that many advocates of this me too movement came down here to show that they you know remain very angry and they want to kind of be united in
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this front in this this they're hoping that. conviction will be brought against harvey weinstein because they want to send a clear message to other women who find themselves or a find themselves in situations similar similar to the 2 women at the center of this trial who made the serious accusations against harvey weinstein that the criminal justice system will actually help them and will convict people who can carry out serious crimes such as right. you know harassment and so on so they have been very vocal and of course there's a mosque movie a presence as well here because this is you know a movement which has not just being centered on the entertainment industry but many industries across the planet and it seems to have resonated not just here in the united states but of course across the world pablo fully l.e.o.'s in new york thank you problem. venezuela has seen fresh political chaos with 2
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rival lawmakers claiming the post of parliamentary speaker the ruling socialist under president nicolas maduro elected their own candidate in the national assembly but opposition lawmakers reelected their leader one why go to the post after he was blocked from entering the building. venezuela's parliament on sunday amid extraordinary scenes lawmaker luis posada is sworn in as new parliamentary president. i wonder why he's all sorry why don't you as we all did that he needed to be here no one stopped me from coming in and i really didn't have enough votes that's why he decided to stay outside the parliamentary palace. he was . quite oh and his supporters could clearly not get in the man who calls himself interim president even tried to climb the railings members of the national guard
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stopped them entering the building. because people feel the constitution has to be respected today every member of parliament must have the right to vote but we're going to stay here until we get inside. he and his supporters outside who are completely cut off from what was happening inside that they were sure any vote without them would not be valid and you're not there was no way the necessary number of people were in there and they would have never had a majority. parliamentarians were held back by force that prevented the sitting even being properly opened the position of parliamentary president is significant a year ago quite oh declared himself interim president of the country he cited doubts over the reelection of president nicolas maduro the constitution says where there was a power vacuum the parliamentary president should take over quite those declared mission to end madieu is rain and hold new elections but he's failed to get the
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military's backing leaving the country with 2 suppost presidents and in chaos. maduro recently said that the opposition dominated parliament which backs quite oh had only damaged the country do you sell us some lemons you know how much is being abused. a place where conspirators work to damage venezuela financially to create a coup and enable a foreign military invasion that i'm here i may be proud of where now why don't these also talking about a coup against parliamentary democracy for you in the present day that the rule of law was wrecked the republic was killed and that. the question of who is president is just the 1st of many that urgently needs an. australia's government has pledged the equivalent of a 1000000000 and a half u.s. dollars to help communities ravaged by the devastating bushfires the prime minister
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scott morrison warns that the fires would continue burning for months to come at least 24 people have died thousands have lost their homes. returning to the rubble a break in the weather is giving some bushfire victims a chance to reflect on what they have lost. everything is just gone we've got nothing memories. right before the shovel or something in the shade or something but that's about all that but we do have a edibles. so we've just got to be thankful for those videos are still emerging from the recent days of devastation this one from an air force plane trying to deliver supplies to trucks residents it was forced to turn back. here what was once a skiing resort in the snowy mountains is now a child wasteland similar scenes abound across australia's fire ravaged southeast
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and while cooler temperatures and some light showers are providing sprinkles of relief wealth already is worn worse may be said come. we can't be complacent the season will last until at least the end of march and given where the conditions could even be beyond that time the fires is still burning the fires are still burning and they'll be burning for months to come after facing heavy criticism the government now says it will commit billions of dollars to the relief efforts but more helping hands are still needed around the mall rescue shelters caring for injured wildlife seeking donations. this rich country is now fighting to save its natural treasures. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world police in india say that dozens of people were injured when matched attackers set up on students
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and teachers are being well known university in the capital delhi the violence at the university has sparked outrage with critics calling for action to be taken against the perpetrators. in tripoli the 1st funerals have been held following saturday's deadly air strike on a libyan military academy 2 strike killed at least 30 soldiers and wounded dozens more libya's internationally recognized government has blamed the attack on forces loyal to rebel leader. police in the german city of belsen care should have shot and killed a man who attacked them with a knife they say that the man 1st attacked a police car before threatening officers authorities say that the man was mentally ill and have not have ruled out a terrible give. let's take a look at now at how the 1st big hollywood event of the year the golden globe awards played out they are often seen as an indication of what is expected at the oscars which are next month but it was
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a night of upsets with several surprise winner of taking home the evening's most coveted prizes. the red carpet lit up with smiling celebrities and flashing cameras as the stars of hollywood gathered for the golden globes award ceremony it's the 1st big red carpet event of 2020. the surprise when it was directed mentees film $917.00 which won best drama favorites marriage story and joker. quentin tarantino's film once upon a time in hollywood was nominated in 5 categories and the winner of best comedy film could get the coca-cola t.v. comedy quick hit series fleabag scooped top prize while the show's triple talent writer producer and actress phoebe wall of bridge took on the award for best comedy series for what you believe is we were. going to make you know too many people ruined my life with. tom hanks one eyed lifetime achievement award for his decades
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of roles in many well love films. thank you many recipients also used the stage to call attention to care and if intent political issues like gender equality climate change and the bushfires in australia stay together hopefully we can be unified and actually make some changes it's great to vote but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves we don't have to take private jets to palm springs for the words sometimes we're back with these. on the not so many use the platform to give voice to global concerns ricky gervais's used his to us colleagues to done that to a strivings affected by the fires thank you. let's bring in now scott roxboro from d.w. cultured to talk more about the golden globes we have to start 1st it's got a lot talking about the stars really using many of their speeches to get political how significant was this at the golden globes. yeah pretty significant i'd say i
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mean particularly because the host ricky gervais's tried to get them to avoid politics in their speeches just before he opened the ceremony he said keep it short and don't talk politics basically telling the potential winners that no one was really interested in their views celebrities they ignored him and even turned into a very political event is mentioned climate change and the bushfires in australia were one of the topics mentioned by a number of the winners russell crowe who accepted one of his awards in abstinence he mentioned the bush fires and mentioned climate change as a direct cause of the fires walking phoenix as we heard brought up the issue as well but one of i think one of those moving political speeches came from michelle williams who won one of the best actress authors and she talked about needing more support for a woman's right to an abortion which
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a lot of people think is under threat now in the united states i thought was a very powerful and moving speech but i think all these political speeches at the globes show that hollywood thinks at this very politically distraught time that they really need to take a stand have their voices heard and they use a platform of the globes this awards platform not just to celebrate themselves but to really have their these issues put front and center ok meantime another big question is how do you do with netflix is it taking over the big screen scott or are we seeing the film are all the pushback here. well it definitely didn't take over the globes i mean netflix going into this this was supposed to be their big night they had 34 nominations across film and t.v. really led the pack but only came away with 2 golden globes at the end of day for 2 minor categories i think this could possibly appear pushback in the film industry is very upset with netflix because they're disrupting their business model because netflix doesn't give their movies
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a sort of proper theatrical release which is of the basis of the film industries business but this awards ceremony shows that it's not really working out the way netflix had hoped i not sure if this will reflect again on the oscars next month that they'll be further pushed back but i think it does show that netflix is having a trouble getting sort of awards credibility for some of their really great movies in a marriage story an irishman for me were to the best movies last year but somehow they didn't have quite the same half as the sort of big epic cinema releases 1017 once upon a time in hollywood which which one of the golden globes last night these were films big studio films given a big proper theatrical studio release and somehow that carried more weight than netflix very deep marketing pockets the ws got rock star as ever thank you scott. you're watching if you give you news coming up and do you have your news asia a momma's house on a university in delhi leaves india and shop with the finger of blame being pointed
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at the government and the struggle for education in the philippines city that's recovering from the scars of battle. all that more coming right up my colleague there ashburner gee you're watching video views from berlin and i'm sorry kelly for now on behalf of the whole team here thank you so much for joining us on the big one.
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i'm sure that of us are. in support of. what's there. over. the river.
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and. language courses. video and audio. talk. w. media sector. every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their homes nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced the consequences to satirise our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world you know. what a good thing we don't need to i didn't go to university to kill people. or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone to get him and if i don't they'll kill me. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of those who stay behind and say i'll be able my husband went
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to peru because of the crisis. that if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger going on down. just starts trying to take a job. this is the governor's a shop coming up and on president of the mob attacks on him during university mosque goons run right through a prestigious university in delhi students and teachers are enjoyed by on the servants but what prompted the attack and why is the opposition then the government for its class. a city reduced to rubble in an all out battle against isis what would it take to get thousands of children evacuated during the siege back into school.


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