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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2020 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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the british presence is unlikely to stop anytime soon. all right you're watching the news brant goff will have more coverage of the investigation into the ukrainian international airlines plane crash in iran coming up at the top of the hour stay with us. every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their home. the consequences to say stress our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises for. fucking thing we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people only if i accidentally i mean i hate. people fear for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of course who stay behind
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and simply. my husband went to peru because of the crisis i wonder if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger on a down. display storage turning every 15 on to. the power of the hour those depend on the water the construction of the ground ethiopian or in a sense a dam as lead to conflict between if the o.p.'s egypt and saddam today the parties will be meeting for talks in the us as if it. had one day off so he told his story to reporters form a car executive call us going to talk to prosecutors in beirut meanwhile the japanese authorities on full call exactness and slammed his actions a shifts. europe of crowds it would keep doing business with iran to preserve
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a critical nuclear deal and offset u.s. sanctions so why is european investment flooding out of. business africa on african our global business affairs. as well. the construction of the ground if you. lead to conflict between if you and egypt and sit down on thursday the parties will be meeting for talks in addis ababa. one wants the others depend on the water finding a breakthrough is said to be a challenge so far it has ignored all protests against against its plans after all reliable possible essential for the country's development. a vast martin textile factory in addis ababa right now ethiopia is doing better economically than almost any other african nation. the government is keen to
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develop a modern manufacturing sector but regular power cuts are making life difficult for companies which is why many ethiopians are eagerly awaiting the completion of this mega project. the grand ethiopian renascence dam is set to go into operation at the end of 2020. wants full the reservoir basin will be up to 120 kilometers long and 50 kilometers wide 16 turbines will then generate around $6000.00 megawatts of hydro power enough to supply all of ethiopia with green power. but the dam could cause difficulties for ethiopia's upstream neighbors like sudan and egypt as much as 90 percent of egypt's irrigation and drinking water supply comes from the nile. egypt once ethiopia to fill the reservoir very slowly to cause the least disruption to its agricultural irrigation system. ethiopia on
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the other hand wants to have the hydro power station running on maximum capacity as soon as possible so far the debates not showing much sign of letup. prosecutors in lebanon have banned carlos' grown from leaving the country after interrogating the foreman this and over the the financial misconduct charges he's facing in japan during his 2 our hearing go on was also asked to provide the address of which he's residing and have to hand him his french passport he has french brazilian and lebanese citizenship gold's lawyer says he is very comfortable with lebanon's judicial system that's a big contrast to what the former car boss said about japan on wednesday. using his 1st public appearance since fleeing the country. beirut's justice palace this is where carlos going was questioned by prosecutors for nearly 2 hours his lawyer says
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go on trust the lebanese justice system. there were 2 sessions one related to the interpol request and another one related to visiting israel will be a communique shortly that will get you a group of lebanese lawyers has filed a formal complaint against gone accusing him of normalization with israel over a visit he made in 2008 lebanon deemed as your own enemy state gone doesn't have to fear going back to japan because lebanon has no extradition agreement with tokyo in japan his arrest triggered a heated debate about the country's justice system on wednesday go and alleged that he was held in inhumane conditions and treated like a hostage he said he had no chance of a fair trial the charges against him include under reporting earnings and misappropriation of company funds from his employer nissen his criticism of japan's justice system has struck a nerve for years a federation of attorneys there has complained that they are not allowed to be present during the questioning of suspects who are put under enormous pressure to
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confess that makes a guilty verdict highly likely. the conviction rate is 99 percent even a judge would think the defendant was guilty or not so right from the beginning even though the defendant's lawyer says he's innocent the judge doesn't think so. when you know something when you and we say that. japan's justice minister rejected the allegations and called on going to submit to her country's justice system. digitalisation is widely thought to be a huge opportunity for africa but for nations to be able to make the most of it internet access has to be reliable and affordable only turns out that in many places it's not let's look at download speeds for example here's how long it takes to stream a high definition movie off of 5 gigabytes in some places in the republic of congo
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it's 734 minutes that's more than 12 hours so it's still an ethiopian in the. guinea it's would take more than 1300 minutes to download that's almost a whole day what's more many of the slow speeds come the highest costs this is the average price paid for a gigabyte of mobile data it's more than $35.00 in tauriel guinea $25.00 in zimbabwe and a bit more than $10.00 in south africa comparatively cheap so let's bring in. from our crowd to talk a bit more about this tell me about where you live how is excess ability in ghana. so it's a mixed situation in parts many parts of the country is difficult for people to access the. you can access the internet but it is for how long.
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i speak and really even within. areas that you cannot access. high speed internet so for many people who really rely on business it's quite challenging to plan with eat and also the cause is that. for some. companies you need over $10.00 to watch as one gigabyte of the issue also is that you need to. pay i think we lost. of the telecommunications and internet access is not very good oh yes ok we try to get back a bit later in the show. and now we come to some of the other global business stories making headlines today the world bank has cut its global growth forecasts for 2020 planning a slower than expected recovery in trade and investment slide fall comes despite hopes of a trade truce between the u.s.
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and china last year the global economy grew at its slowest pace in a decade. chinese inflation has hit a 70 year high due largely to the surge and coal prices after an outbreak of african swine flu because of pork has doubled its authority struggled to contain the disease while maintaining meeting demand. german luxury carmaker b.m.w. sold a record number of vehicles last year sales were up 1.2 percent compared to 20 the result of all this with an overall trend in the car industry which is facing weaker global demand. just under a year ago france and germany created a special investment vehicle to shield e.u. companies in iran from u.s. sanctions the idea to help iran's economy and give tehran more reason to abide by nuclear a bit it hasn't worked out european investment in iran continues to fold and can't
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come close to making up for the country's lost oil sales through the u.s. sanctions now many iranian businesses are wondering if things will ever turn around . entrepreneur your counted on was already has shown many visitors the model of his 58000 square meter production facility he wanted to generate $500.00 jobs in the region and a 3 hour drive from the capital tehran suppliers would account for another 1200 jobs he wanted to begin production long ago but then the u.s. sanctions went into effect the tension could be cut with a knife. if i can understand the top yanks and money transfers make our lives so difficult that we can't pay our suppliers and the suppliers can't even deliver the items we order. we're a german company caught between 2 worlds and we're trying to struggle our way through so i get through thick and thin. down assadi has both german and iranian
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roots he's been a successful automotive components supplier in southern germany for 30 years he initially invested 8000000 euros in games or iran special economic zone planning on entering the renewable energy business after all iran has plenty of sun the plan was to invest much more but then the banks put the promised loans on hold what was meant to be a blossoming business landscape remained a barren wasteland and donald saadi is not alone he knows more european investors who trust the e.u. assurances that they would support investments in trade with iran in spite of u.s. sanctions assurances that now ring hollow. we expected things to go wrong but we knew we had the german government's assurances and efforts so we thought we could make it work because the german government had our backs but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. dagmar bornstein from the german chamber of
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commerce in tehran has paved the way for many german companies interested in doing business in iran the middle eastern country has 75000000 inhabitants that makes the market interesting at least until tensions turn into a war as we have a saying iran is not a market for beginners it's very advanced business people but the advanced business people know i can assure you and they tell me to this day that the market is interesting and the efforts pay off. but only of the investments took place before us sanctions in iran donald zadi doesn't see any chance of building a solar factory he'll now have to go back to concentrating on his components company in germany. and here's a recap of one of our top stories prosecutors in lebanon have banned golan from leaving the country after interrogating the foreman this on chief over the
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financial misconduct charges he is facing in japan and that's all from me and the business african team in berlin and if you want more stories on what's a background check out our website which of course do. business also if you don't already do follow us on social media we're on facebook and twitter. christine milne brushy has news africa for you that's up next right after a quick look at global markets at this hour thanks for.
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clearing international perspectives. savor rattling have culminated in a targeted killing by the u.s. and in this attack by iran either on the brink of war or ready to stand down find out. to the point. to the point the time 60 minutes the t.w. slab. this
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is climate change sex. happiness increase book. this is the book for you. to get smarter for free to go where you go morning. this is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes isn't all a sea of b.s. getting closer to political settlement there's been a flurry of diplomatic engagements but the theater is crowded with foreign actually has to have different interests and back rival policy in the country. and the price of saying i do it in africa i'll be talking to one of donna's most sold off to wedding planners.


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