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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2020 6:00am-6:16am CET

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bialik guest. managed by for. a rule. this is to give you news live from berlin iran admits to shooting down an iranian airliner on wednesday iranian state t.v. says the aircraft was brought down by an accident after it flew near a sensitive military site 176 people were killed we'll go live to tehran and washington unveils new sanctions against iran top u.s.
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officials say they are targeting iranian industry and 8 senior individuals the excuse of being involved in an iranian missile strike against american troops in iraq last week. and next by sir welcome to the program iran has announced that its military unintentionally shot down a ukrainian airplane killing all 176 people on board tehran says it was a case of human error western countries based on the evidence including this mobile phone footage had been saying they thought an iranian missile brought the plane down after initial denials iran's military now says the people responsible will be court marshaled. meanwhile iran's foreign minister javadoc reef tweeted a sad day preliminary conclusions of internal investigation by armed forces human
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error at time of crisis caused by us adventurism lead to disaster are profound regrets apologies and condolences to our people to the families of all the victims and to the other affected nations and to dig deeper we are joined now by journalist or is a hostage in tehran and what have you heard. the statement came in the air today finally the confirmation by the contras armed forces. of the contras their deep. differences axes and unintentionally shot down the ukrainian passenger plane. january because the plane has taken the shape. of
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a hostile target. a critical moment sensitive situation following the. strikes the missile strikes on the u.s. base in iraq and iran was expecting you with fire attacking the country's sites and it was a human. they have promised to punish all the culprits and is there any indication why iranian officials initially ruled out a missile strike. well in the statement the general staff of the reigning on forces tries to exonerate the countries of the haitian organization and the government by saying that it can meet board formed by the general staff of the armed forces not including the we asian organization started a probe into the incident immediately after the crash and.
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it tries to say that no one else knew of such an accident so we can say that at least the tolerantly know how their government officials was of. such a human error but for now they they are publicly stating. that initial results of the examinations and the probe is showing that such a human has caused the incident and what effect do you think this admission will likely have on public opinion there are many iranian victims. apart from the hearing in canadians who are whose families are now shocked by the news of losing the dear ones because of the human error the ring in society is very angry even more angry than before that the country's officials.
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denying such a great tragedy and now that they've accepted the responsibility the country the nation expects the government. forces to. show serious reaction by resigning or. prosecuting punishing all the real perpetrators and not just some use of. and do you think this admission could change this standoff with the united states in any way. i don't see many political pull out. because it was really unintentional and i give to other countries would understand china. don't all chomped. in their statements that it was
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probably on intuition no so it's now time for mourning for now and just to go back in time and imagine the resonance this must have i believe as it was in 1988 that the u.s. navy shot down an iranian jetliner killing nearly $300.00 passengers was it does does that lend. a special level of bang bush if you will to the iranian people right now. so far no reaction in comparison made that's been the people shot but it. isn't folks or u.s. military means to bring in. military fighter aircraft ok thanks so much for that as journalists reza hostage in tehran reporting on the iranian government admitting that it did accidentally shoot down the ukrainian
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jetliner on wednesday killing all passengers and crew. 57 canadians died when that ukrainian airliner was shot down many of them were highly qualified iranian canadians who held academic teaching and research posts across canada. this tragedy has his an immigrant community hard the victims of wednesday's plane crash in iran are due to the hearts of many here in toronto. and. many were rainy and or june a rainy and canadian citizens returning from holidays in iran is clear about citizenship what you see is whether or not all these. girls are swearing and. they're greeted by a girl who. is almost willing to. destroy. their
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brother. so the family at last. should. know. the impact of the crash is being felt across regions professions in canada at least 17 universities have confirmed the last stuff for students. since the us hardened its policy towards iran the number of iranian students in canada has more than doubled the disagreements between iran and western countries over what caused the plane crash will be of little help right now. to the victims' loved ones in their grief. to get more insight on this tragedy i'm joined now by paul davidson the president of universities canada the national umbrella organization of canadian universities mr davidson thanks for joining us how how has
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the tehran plane crash affected the canadian academic community. it's been a very difficult week right across canada on campuses large and small and i what i what i said in all this is for all of those lost loved ones this we. on communion campuses and particularly if you will be sad. and relatively speaking so that we understand what's happened is it fair to say that people iranian descent had a pretty big presence in academia in canada well they do they were making and continue to survive in shooting ways and standing on needed academic research life. has attracted the best in the birth rate is still around the world and this community. hurdle loss the numbers continue to grow over 20 universities in effect and it's it's over for the academics with the loss from all feel some students from
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engineering to physics to chemistry social sciences. and it's snowing students new students and graduates students and it's full professors people of holes there who are working her to solve problems call her out. so the loss is felt. across the country and very appreciative of the messages of condolence speech borrow more so this is a loss not just of human lives but also it will affect research in possible future scientific discoveries teaching of new generations of students is that fair to say . you know all of us that life is tragic but what we're feeling particularly this really is a loss of intentional these were all of these were standing students there are great students great researchers working on tough problems and really advancing knowledge for the public good for the world good but i guess what cuts particularly
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close is that the academic enterprise the research at rutgers the learning enterprise really depends on the flow of people and ideas and when you fall and we've had a major loss as we had it as a result of the crash into. ok thank you for that professor paul davidson of the canadian universities. the u.s. government has unveiled new sanctions against iranian industries and senior regime officials the announcement came from secretary of state mike pump alun treasury secretary steven minucci and he described the sanctions as a response to iran's missile attack against u.s. troops in iraq last week which followed the u.s. assassination of a senior iranian general sanctions target 8 senior officials of the islamic republic who the u.s. says were involved in the attack on u.s. troops were striking at the heart. and let's get the you from the united states now from v.w. correspondent pavel foley in washington
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a pavlo there are already lots of american sanctions against iran what's new this time. you said that there are many sanctions already in place on iran from the united states and this new and fresh round of sanctions focuses on several key industries on areas of the economy the iranian economy financial construction manufacturing textile and mining sectors and also the sanctions also focus on aid to iranian officials involved in what was described as destabilizing activities and the idea behind this is to essentially olf revenue from being generated by the iranian government to the point of billions of dollars so this would add to the already billions of dollars that the iranian government is losing because of the sanctions that are already in place. we understand as well the
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president donald trump has been talking about the reasons why he ordered the killing of general custom soleimani what did he say. well 1st and foremost president trump has followed a policy of maximum pressure so the maximum pressure is related directly to those sanctions that i was just speaking about the idea is to put iran there's so much pressure that eventually they'll have to sit down and renegotiate a deal with the united states and their allies and also just sort of basically put in a final end to the nuclear deal from 2015 that the united states is no longer part of but president trump who is speaking to one of the big networks here in the u.s. fox news was saying that it will tell you that probably was going to be the embassy in baghdad that's referring to these plans the u.s. administration has been talking about that the iranian general had he was they were saying that he was going to be attacking american. targets and now he had
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lob aerated further and said he can reveal that he believes it would have been for embassies and one like i said would be baghdad so this in many respects gives gives president trump in his eyes justification for carrying out this killing and subsequently these sanctions which we're seeing now these new fresh sanctions which have been imposed on iran ok public thank you for the. and a reminder of our top story iran admits that its armed forces shot down the ukrainian passenger plane on wednesday killing everyone on board iran's president hassan rouhani called it a great tragedy and unforgivable mistake 176 people died when the plane came down. up next world stories takes a look at the protest in hong kong and a medical emergency in colombia. and don't forget you can get all the latest news
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and information around the clock on our web site it's to give you dot com spicer thanks for joining us i think i. can i am going to get. sick claims and he still has no interest in new kiran. and james does it can.
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